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10/17/2005 9:31 AM

Im looking for a few people to Be "Hero's" Within this story. I need the "Cloaked Figure" You will start out as somone revealing his/her Identity Weather you're a Cleric Ranger, Monk, Warrior, Paladin or Brawler. Elementalist and wizard too.
The classes are the simple :
Cleric, *holy healer. Mends wounds and prays for somones life to be given back.* Ranger: Basicly Elven Hunter, Also human.

Monks are holy light users They can heal some wounds *Light healing.* and Use mostly ligt magic ie.. Rain thunder down from the sky pelting the enemy.

Warrior's: Hit to the front line and Kick ass! Weilder of any weapons from cross bows to Halberds to swords and sheilds.

Paladin: Users of Battle. Frontline men aswell. They fight along side their brothers and sisters to defend their lands. They can mend light wounds.

Brawler: Brawler's are fighters. Bralwers are good at daggers Boxing and clubs. They are Sick of Swords and Sharp slashing weapons. Their religion is against their usage.

Wizard: Uses Fire and Ice based spells. As in Ice spear. Or Lava Burst.

Elementalist: Can summon Earth pets from the ground or Fire pets from the core of the earth. They use the elements to fight.

Their are the basic Classes. I gave brief detail on what they do and thir job.
Here is the character sheet.

Race: Elven Dwarven Human Gnome. Ask for other races.
Physical Discription: *what you're char looks like. Tatoos ect. Scars.

Personality: How you're char acts.

Weapons: Basic weapons. Knife or dagger or w.e If it has a special name, As my staff it will be learned later on into the story.

Rank: King/queen Prince/Princess. That sorta thing.

Ok, Now i need somone to be one of the horse men. And Hopfully I get some people who will want to join. My character is basicly out there. I will do a character sheet aswell.

10/17/2005 9:44 AM

Name: Kuvanu Nemidias
Race: Elven.
Age: 24
Class: Druid/Cleric. *double born heritage from her Father/Mother.
Rank: Princess of a Lost Kingdom.

Weapons: Oak Staff Passed down from her mother. It aplifies her power to a great height. Two short swords at her belt, She isent the best weilder but they serve their purposes.

Personality: Stubborn but loves to hang out and have a good time.

Physical Discription: Is unveiled in the story line.

10/17/2005 11:41 AM

Name: Gurin Mortte
Race: Human
Age: 28
Class: Rogue Warrior
Physical Discription: A fair looking man, with soft features. His pale skin is almost flawless, which is unusual in his line of work. His beauty is only surpassed by the elves, though man have mistaken him for such. Sky blue eyes, sun bleached blonde hair, and a kind grin. He's about 6'5" and 160 lbs. He relies more on his speed then his strength, another thing unusual for a warrior. He's strong, and his muscle are well formed. (Well rounded...not huge like a body builders, but about the size of like a swimmers...or a boxers)

Personality: A kind hearted and goodly man, he spends much time roaming the country side looking for higher. He's not one you would expect to have a sword, and be able to use it well. He's strong willed, and quite stubborn. He's very chiverlis, and a gentleman at heart.

Weapons: A two handed sword he calls Mors Bain and a short sword, which does not have a name. He also has several daggers, hidden on his body as well as a dozen or so throwing knives. He has a shield, which has a silver and gold dragon upon it, his families crest.

Rank: He's nothing more then a warrior...or so we can all assume.

History: Shall be reveiled within the the story :D

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10/18/2005 4:26 AM

Welcome, This is just something for us people who aren't in a current rp that wanna hang out and have a little fun and pratice. ;)

10/19/2005 4:03 PM

Name: Samuel
Race: demon (wanderer not evil)
Age: 18
Physical Discription: blue hair, cat ears and a tail with hair only on the end. 2 golden earing in r ear. long sword like scar on back. has a gem worth over 1,000,000 gold, people are always trying to take it. hes wanted for 50,000 gold as well

Personality: stupid, funny, has no common sence

Weapons: dagger

Rank: wanderer

10/23/2005 5:20 PM

um.... hello?

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