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10/15/2005 1:08 AM

This is loosely based on the books by Laruell K. Hamilton, the Anita Blake Series But loosely I don't want everything happening word for word people!!

I know it's a lot but PLEASE read at LEAST the rules and the info at the bottom of this post about positions and characters...

It takes place in New Orleans some time in the future. Vampires, Fey, Demons and Lycan are well known and legal. Though it's illegal to discriminate against them, it's done anyways. It's segregation all over. Some of the supernatural, however, do not wish to be Legal. It means they have to obey the rules as well... Some miss the days when they could run amuck and not have to keep up with the petty mortals... But on the left hand, many cherish the idea that they may roam free and not be hunted...


The Vampires are under one Leader... The Master of the City.

The Lycans divided into packs...

The Feys in New Orleans are very distant from their Ruler who resides in Montana under the Unseelie or Seelie Mounds.

The Demons have no system of organization.

Some are part of an underground Prenatrual group called "The Hunters" who wish to be no longer legal... Here they reside are equal.

The Humans try to live in ignorant Bliss... But more than a handful are tossed into the deadly dance of the Prenatruals...

Roles to be filled

Master of the City- vampirelcs
Master's Human Servant-- Clevernamepending
second Vampire-
Wolf Pack Leader- ----Dark-Alligence Arion Schwartz
Wolf Second- ----
Leopard Pack Leader- -
Hawk Pack Leader- -----------
Rat Pack Leader- ---------------
Cat Pack Leader-------

Vampires- Because time may be weird... Vamps can walk in day but not in direct sunlight... The Vampires reside in a huge, casino. Half of it is in use and run by the Master of the City. Under the casino is much like a house with a series of rooms and areas... There is no silver in the casino and all crosses are picked up at the door along with any weapons. All the Bouncers are Vampires or werewolves. Humans and werewolves hold down the Casino in day when the vampires are asleep. None are more powerful than the Master of the City. The Vampires also are very sophisticated... not blood sucking animals No Vampire can walk safely in the City without the Master's consent. No Vampire can live in the City without the Master's consent. Silver is the only weapon that can harm them. Crosses burn. Master Vampires, once they reach the age over 500, can call one animal.

Human Servants- these are humans that have been marked by Powerful Vampires. They live as long as the vampire does. If the human servant dies so does the vampire but they have all the same healing powers as the vamps. They also share a mental bond i.e. they can talk through their minds and invade each others dreams. The human servants are in the Vampire's service for life. Only one human per a Vampire.

Lycans- Lycan is a disease. Not something you're born with. It's gained through a were animal biting or scratching your bare skin. Also if you are given a bad batch of vaccine. Whatever animal scratches you that's the animal you become. Whatever the vaccine was for, that's the animal you become as well. They can shift at will but it takes a lot of energy. If they don't stay in shifted form for at least 9 hours it's even more difficult to stay awake and functional in their human state. They MUST change on full moon, none can resist it. They are very respectful to their Heads and the Head's Second if they have on. The only Lycans that ALWAYS have a Second are the Wolves. The only Lycan forms are the ones listed above. All are allergic to Silver.

Feys-They aren't all powerful three inch pixies. Each has one elemental Hand of Power since none are Sidhe. They can also hold glamour which is a magic they can use to disguise anything. Iron is the only weapon that will harm them.

Demons-Their weakness is religion and faith. EXAMPLE: reciting a prayer (any religion) will harm them and ward them off. Otherwise they can come in any form and wield demonic powers... Be creative I'm not that great with Demons...

Humans- they can have small powers such as psychic and necromancy and witchcraft but that's it.

PM ME this form if you want to join. DO NOT POST UNTIL I OKAY YOU Once the positions are filled that's it for the heads and leaders. But you can still be a common or a human or what not. The positions are just for Leaders.


Hand of Power(Fey only):
Animal to Call(Master Vamps over 500 only):
Shifted Form(Lycans only):

-No half breeds!
-No chat speak what so ever... the only thing I will allow is brb and lol for OOC ONLY!!!
-OOC will be in (( )) or something similar but don't stay in OOC the whole damn time!
-Cussing is okay but I'll tell you now I don't like the word Fuck and if you over use it I will ask you to stop. If you don't I will kick your ass out of here
-Do NOT post until I okay you
no god moding but I ultimatly determine the outcome in a fight between two players if they cannot reach a rational decision. unless otherwise planded.
-Don't even ask to join if you're an Illiterate freak. I'll let spelling go but otherwise I want good grammar!!
-Anything else that I don't like and just comes up... ^.^

*thank you who ever wrote part this sorry I don't remember your name.

marks and ect,


* When a vampire wants a human servant, he/she must give their intended four vampire marks. Only a master vampire can have a human servant.
First Mark
The vampire shares his/her "life force" with the human. This makes the human immune to their vampire's glance, voice and mind tricks. However, they might still be susceptible to other vampires. Anita, being a necromancer, became immune to almost vampires with this mark. In addition, it becomes much harder to hurt the human servant.
Second Mark
Two points of flame from the vampire come and overtake the human. They merge into the human's eyes, causing them to glow briefly with color, and then they vanish. After this point, the dreams of the human can be invaded by the vampire. Also, the vampire can feed off the human from a distance, and can sustain their life energy by using the life energy of the human servant as opposed to drinking blood. The human will tend to eat much more than normal and the extra energy is siphoned off by the vampire and the vampire can taste the food that is being eaten.
Third Mark
The vampire drinks the blood of the human, not to death, but close enough. During this time, the initial bite might hurt, but then the scents take over. Depending upon the vampire, or depending upon whether there is another focus (ie a werewolf or some other third in a triumverate) a scent is detected. Sometimes flowers and sometimes earthy, woodsy scents. This establishes a more firm link. Direct mind contact can now be opened between the vampire and his/her human servant.
Fourth Mark
The vampire opens a blood supply, usually in the chest, and the human servant drinks from it. Usually a phrase of power is chanted at the moment of the feeding.
"Blood of my blood, flesh of my flesh, two minds with but one body, two souls wedded as one."

"Blood of my blood, flesh of my flesh, the two shall be as one. One flesh, one blood, one soul."

The human servant is now very difficult to kill and will live as long as the vampire lives. Some human servants have been known to be several centuries old.
* The result is, the human lives as long as the vampire does and possesses his/her strength and stamina, without giving up the daylight. Wounds heal much more quickly and they can withstand greater levels of physical pain. They are linked to the vampire telepathically, but the vampire cannot 'roll their mind' anymore.
* A human does not necessarily need all four marks to become a human servant. For example, Anita Blake was considered Jean-Claude's human servant when she had no marks, and now, with only three of the four marks, she is still referred to as his human servant.

* A vampire can only have one human servant. If the human servant is killed, it is possible to kill the vampire at the same time from the action. However, the stronger the vampire, the less likely he/she will die with the death of their human servant. When a vampire is killed, a human servant will follow him/her to death as well, again, unless they are strong enough to withstand the psychic separation.
* When a vampire makes a human servant, it's not as 'freeing' as Jean-Claude made it out to be. Since Anita is a Necromancer, she has free will within the relationship. Other humans in such a relationship must obey their vampiric masters
* If a vampire has an animal to call, he can bind a lycanthrope of that variety to himself/herself with marks and possibly create a triumverate if they have enough power


A triumvirate is a group of three preternatural creatures who combine their powers in order to create an even bigger whole. When the powers are combined, they create a unified force that is greater than the sum of the parts.* The participants need not be the strongest of their respective groupings, but the higher the level, the more powerful the triumvirate.

* In order to activate the triumvirate, one of two venues are needed: a ritual, or sex. It then must be finished with blood.

Misc, thing's


Dogs originally bred to hunt the Greater European Forest Trolls. They're a rare breed, but best for tracking preternatural bad guys. Unlike bloodhounds, they will attack and kill what they trail .


* The pack hierarchy is established as follows:

Ulfric Wolf King
Can be a female, but rare
Lupa Mother of the pack
Usually the girlfriend/wife of the Ulfric
Sex is integral to the union
Freki Second to the Ulfric
Fenrir Challenger to the Ulfric
Geri Also second to the Ulfric
A pack can have two seconds
SkÃll Head Enforcer
Also doubles as bodyguard for Ulfric
Hati Second Enforcer
Also doubles as bodyguard for Ulfric

* Werewolves have a highly evolved system of laws and rules governing their actions. Pack law stipulates many things:

1) Pack leaders much fight all challenges to their dominance personally, or forfeit leadership.

2) To ask a pack member for their protection is to acknowledge they are of higher rank without having to fight them. The pack must then accept that person as a dominant.

* During the full moon, the wolves gather in a special place of power called the lupanar. Here, they may call upon the munin and shift into their animal forms. This is also the place where formal challenges might be made, like succession fights.

* When a pack member dies, his/her body is eaten by the rest of the clan in order to preserve the munin. Munin was Odin's raven, also known as memory. These are the spirits of the clan which remain behind as "spirit-guide" types, providing wisdom and sometimes power when called.


Over the last six months the first drug that affects vampires was released on the market, no one knows where it comes from or who makes it.

Now it's every where. Not even a hint as to what the drug consists of.

On the street it's known as Vayne..


The three basic functions of the brain are disrupted-the memory, perception and association. Red blood cells decrease to a dangerously low level and the vessels themselves constrict, blocking and causing a much more rapid flow. The inability of the heart to pump an adequate volume of blood sends the user into Anaphylactic Shock when the antibodies failed to give protection and caused a state of hypersensitivity to the substance. Central nervous system is directly affected, certain areas of the brain become overexcited and the adrenaline rush causes the users muscles to contract. Resulting in tearing of the muscles, themselves, and shattered teeth. 'Vayne' can be absorbed into the bloodstream by either direct injection or contact with an open wound. It has been known to be taken orally but can cause rigorous leisures in the stomach and small intestine and severe damage to the liver. In a case in which the user (human) is injected with more then a 16th of a CC the most definite outcome is an extremely painful death.


The hormone levels are disrupted instantaneously, causing the user to lose complete control over involuntary body functions. It also gives the user incredible strength and a hostile attitude, regardless of their will. Their central nervous system is excited with an unnatural stimulate the drug releases, causing heightened senses, and alleviated fatigue. Like cocaine, the drug also creates an overwhelming sense of euphoria normally in the first few minutes of having taken it. During the time in which the user has the drug in their system, unnatural amphetamines decrease hunger and bloodlust, allowing the vampire to go long term (while on the drug) without consuming blood. The sugar that the user has stored in their liver is released all at once at the peek of their strength, giving them a sudden surge of energy in its last minutes. Since the user is not able to gain sugar within food, given their undead state, theyre forced to gain it through the blood of their victims. Causing their bloodlust to skyrocket massively after the effect of the drug has worn off. Stimulants produce, often more powerful, response by increasing levels of the neurotransmitters dopamine in the brain. Behaviorssuch as sexual intercourse, and violent unexplainable outburstsare normally accompanied by positive sensations, which may primarily result from increased levels of dopamine in the system.

The drug also numbs the nerves to certain the element that would normally harm a vampire severely, giving them the affect of PCP and allowing them to feel no pain. In some cases their blood has been known to turn a thick substance and harden when exposed to oxygen, for covering wounds and preventing any severe damage during battle. Their blood resembles liquid glycerol when still running through their veins; tests have proved that the vampires body itself is incapable of freezing when exposed to extremely low temperature; instead the blood in their veins crystallizes and preserves them at 12 degrees below zero. Vayne is extremely addictive, and if taken in doses larger then 10 CCs (for vampire) it can cause drastic changes in their performance. Their bodies become frail and useless, their muscles deteriorate, and they much resemble a heroin addict. Bruises will develop easily, their bones become brittle and easily destroyed and they find themselves no longer being able to be protected from normally harmless elements.

I would like to thank CrumblingUnderland for writing the effects of vayne for vampires and humans.

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10/15/2005 2:01 AM

Name: Lucas De LaFountain
Age: not known precisely *does not mean he's ungodly old*
Race: Vampire
Position: master of the city
Occupation: Owner of the casino
Appearance: strangely tall Lucas seems to Tower over the people around Him though It might just be those games vampires are allways playing. long white hair, blue, green ,eyes
Animal to Call werewolves
History: Although not much is known about Lucas we do know that he came from the area of France though if it was even called that at the time of his blood birth we don't know. he is fierce when crossed and will be sure to keep the one's under his rule in line. About town he Is known for his lush parties with seeming never ending flow of drink and food For New Orleans is His city a city of over endulgence

10/15/2005 3:03 PM

Played By: SanguineSuccubus
Name: Chastity
Age: Born two years after Christs death
Race: After Saint Germain was cursed, he mated with a human, and their offspring developed into a sub-species.
Position: Master of the Citys bodyguards
Occupation: Bodyguard
Appearance: 67, spider-like figure, silver hair, inverted eyes- black whites, black irises, and white pupils, always wears black
Power: Levitation, able to change their bone structure, pyrokenetic *weakness* the longer she dispels fire farther up her arm she gets burned
History: Twin daughters of Saint Germain, they inherited his curse to walk the Earth until Christs second coming. The girls always knew there was some deep controversy, but since they were born shortly after Christs death, they did not know details, or dare ask. Their father kept the knowledge of their curse from them until they stopped aging at 20, when he knew they had reached their height. The daughters turned on Germain when they received the knowledge and attempted to murder him, but since he could not be killed, he fled. The girls emotionally broke down and moved to the most desolate areas of the region for years, never looking older than the night they took the news. After realizing they would never die, at least by natural means, they swore revenge on their father, by whatever means possible. The twins were trapped in a natural disaster, only to be discovered buried under piles of earth, lava and rubble by Lucas De LaFountaine in 1895 A.D.

10/15/2005 3:07 PM

Played By: CrumblingUnderland
Name: Bastivus
Age: Born two years after Christs death
Race: After Saint Germain was cursed, he mated with a human, and their offspring developed into a sub-species.
Position: Master of the Citys bodyguards
Occupation: Bodyguard.
Appearance: 67, spider-like figure, black hair, inverted eyes- black whites, black irises, and white pupils, always wears white
Power: Levitation, able to change their bone structure, hydrokinetic *weakness* the longer she dispels ice the farther up her arm she gets frostbite
History: Twin daughters of Saint Germain, they inherited his curse to walk the Earth until Christs second coming. The girls always knew there was some deep controversy, but since they were born shortly after Christs death, they did not know details, or dare ask. Their father kept the knowledge of their curse from them until they stopped aging at 20, when he knew they had reached their height. The daughters turned on Germain when they received the knowledge and attempted to murder him, but since he could not be killed, he fled. The girls emotionally broke down and moved to the most desolate areas of the region for years, never looking older than the night they took the news. After realizing they would never die, at least by natural means, they swore revenge on their father, by whatever means possible. The twins were trapped in a natural disaster, only to be discovered buried under piles of earth, lava and rubble by Lucas De LaFountaine in 1895 A.D.

10/15/2005 3:48 PM

Yeah You both know your aproved

10/18/2005 4:25 PM

Name: Pennant

Age: Eh, about 70, she is immortal though, so she only looks to be in her twenties. She's also considered to practically be a teenager by Sidhe standards.

Race: Unseelie Sidhe (type of fey)

Position: Master of the cities "human" servant (question mark?)

Occupation: Bar tender/waitress/day manager of the casino

Appearance: Pennant is a small woman, she comes to an un-imposing 5'04, which is short by Unseelie standards, she does however have the slight curves that unseelie women are known for, except, even then, she seems to be just a little more curvy. Her hair falls gracefully down to her knees and is a vibrant ruby red that has highlights that are black as to blond or brown with human red. Her complexion was not that of a "natural" (human) red-head, she was paler. And not a freckle on her lily white body.

Her eyes, like all pure blood sidhe, have three rings around the pupil. The inner most ring is a very pale purple that if on it's own would be hard to distinguish from blue, the next ring is a darker purple, this one only having the slightest hint of blue, and the outer ring a pure amethyst. That's the only part of her other then her height that seems anything but Unseelie

Hand of Power: She has two, the hand of old blood, which allows her to re-open and drain blood out of any body part that has ever bled, and, a hand of healing. Unlike her other hand she can not heal anything major, like a severed limb, but she can make most reasonable wounds heal with a lycanthrope like speed. However, despite having so much magic in other areas, she isn't very good at glamour and is only mediocre at be spelling people.

History: Pennant is the daughter of a Seelie servant and an Unseelie nobleman. Sadly, their tale is not one of love and romance, but of rape. Since abortion was un-heard of and children were sacred, Pennant made it into the world looking very much like she belonged in the Unseelie court, and when her Father heard that his drunken pillage had gotten a girl pregnant, he claimed the child. And, surprisingly, raised her well and lovingly. Although not all the other nobles were so happy about her, as her first hand of power to manifest it?s self when she was 13 was not one of the darker court. It was a hand of healing. Being far too fond of fighting, was determined to avoid becoming a healer. When she turned 19, she lucked in and her second hand of power manifested it's self, the hand of old blood. She was delighted, until it got away from her in battle and, had the man she had been duelling not been sidhe himself, would have killed him.

After that she spent most of her time training with that hand of power. When she turned 30, which would be a teenager by human standards, she decided to go out into the world. Picking a city to go to by throwing a dart at a world map, she ended up with New Orleans. And all too quickly fell in with the were-critters, the vampires, and anything else that came around the seedy places. It also took the aspiring fey less then a year to fall in with Lucas and nearly get killed by one of those few nasty weapons that can do a sidhe in. To save the enigmatic youth, he gave her the first mark. She's gotten more since then.

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10/19/2005 12:06 AM

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She posted! OMFG! SANGUINESUCCUBUS POSTED! WHAT A RARE AND BEAUTIFICUS MOMENT! LETS ALL BASK IN THE GLORY OF HER POST! *drops to knees and praises the holiness that is the first post of SanguineSuccubus*

So.... you're all going to shut up about it now...... I hope?
And yes. It sucks. I know. Shut up. Emo kid.

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10/25/2005 11:22 AM

Name: Arion Schwartz
Age: 28
Race: Lycan
Position: Ulfric
Pack: Ghosts Runners (Commonly referred to as the Ghosts)
Occupation: Head of Big diamond mining company.
Appearance: Short, black hair, which is normally spiked up, and bright green eyes. Hes about 64 and 210 lbs. Hes very handsome (Looks a little like a cross between Brad Pitt and Tom Cruz) There is a scar from his forehead on the right side of his face which swoops down to his chin. He claims to have gotten it in an accident when he was younger. His skin is very pale, for he spends little time in the sun. Hes got a lot of muscles, not scary body builder muscle.
(Wolf Form) Hes a large wolf, which would explain his rank as Ulfric. Hes a big black wolf, whose got many battle scars. He tends to stay out of battles, due to his higher standings in the human world. He spends most of his time in the pack house, sending orders to his mates from there.
Shifted Form (Lycans only): Wolf
History: Arion was born into a wealthy family, and grew up a normal kid. He wasnt spoiled much, and his father taught him to be a leader. Everything changed one night, when Arion met a strange woman. She claimed to be an old friend of Arions family. Reluctant, yet curious, Arion went with her to her home. He ended up staying the night with her. But there was a little problem. Her husband was coming home. (This she had failed to mention) Arion, still a young boy of only 17 was scared, but the woman refused to let him go. When her husband came, Arion was ready, with a gun the woman had given to him. The husband, a brute of a man, stormed inside, and immediately found Arion. He slashed the boys face, from forehead to chin, leaving a big open wound. Blinded by blood, Arion raised his gun and fired, three times. One in the mans chest, a second in his arm and the last in his throat. Afraid of what he had done, Arion fled. There was nowhere the young boy could go, he was a murderer. So he ran to his fathers summer home in the mountains, and hid there. Soon though he was experiencing strange changes. He was stronger, and hungrier then before. His throat leapt every time he heard a wolf howl. He found himself eating his meat rawer. One night, the full moon rose, and loomed, almost as if it was angry with Arion. With much resistance Arion found himself in the forest, running. He couldnt figure what had become of him, he felt strange, powerful, angry. He stopped for a drink, but something was wrong. His face&what had happened to his face? In fear he ran, something was wrong, was his cut really that bad? He needed to find help. But he couldnt. He was a murderer. He had to find someone that could help him. The woman&what was her name. She could help. Shed have to help. He tried hard to remember where her house was, and then that smell&the luscious smell of her body filled his nostrils. Right. He had to go to his right. Soon he found her house. No one was home. Slamming into the door, he broke in, but he was tired now&so tired. Slowly he drifted into a deep sleep. When he woke up a crowd of women surrounded him. Is this really him? They whispered to each other. Finally we will have an Ulfric again. A growl resound through the room, and the women, whimpering, backed away. A great wolf approached. She was beautiful, her sky blue eyes shone with delight as she leapt upon Arion, and licked his face. Arion tried desperately to get the creature off him. Wolves were dangerous. He fainted. Hours later Arion awoke, a woman in his arms, the woman, his woman. Scrambling away from her, he looked around frantically. The wolf&where had it gone? The woman awoke, and questioned Arion, and thus begun the process of explanation. She told Arion all of it, and he took it with great calm. He had killed the Ulfric of this pack&he had mated with the Lupa, and because of both these factors, he was the new Ulfric. Obviously the older males were not excited about this shift in power, and many challenged him. But Arion was strong, and beat most of them into submission, but he never once killed them. He was too gentle and kind hearted. Because of his mercy and strength he was accepted by the rest of the pack, and since then has resided as the Ulfric, with little to no challenges.

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11/03/2005 6:33 PM

Name: Liliana MacFares
Age: 309
Race: Vampire
Occupation: Head of Survailence for the Casino at night.
Appearance: Shoulder length moderate brunette hair, normally wavy and tied back at the nape of her neck. At an average 5'5" and 140 lbs, she can be rather easily overlooked in a crowd. Only her piercing grey eyes and stern way of carrying herself would ever truely draw attention. Olive colored skin gracing a well conditioned and muscled frame.
History: Born the daughter of a Gypsy desent Immegrant and an Irish Merchant, Liliana had always been a rather quiet and reclusive person, what with other children of the port town shunning her for her foreign lineage. One day while driving her family's cart back from a nearby village, she came apon what appeared to be a weary traveller. Offering him a ride into town, she spent the next two days in his company. By the time they arrived, she had fallen deeply in love with the stranger, completely ignoring his odd habits of hiding completely under the cart's tarp during the day, and other such things. A handful of days later, late at night, she heard a whisper come from outside. Going to investigate, she failed to realise that despite the harsh winter winds, she didn't even bother to grab some type of clothing to sheild herself, such was her hurry to heed the call. That was the last night she saw her parents, and the first night of her "new" life. Since then she has left the shores of Ireland and has visited much of the world, yet it is unknown what befell her lover, though every so often she tends to disappear for weeks on end, searching for him.

11/03/2005 8:14 PM

Your in.

12/11/2005 9:27 PM

Well for Chrissakes everyone. Lucas had been bothering me to post and I come back finally to actually do it and no one has posted in neigh on two weeks. Honestly. I'll post more if you do. And if things are actually interesting. Until then, I'm making my own thread. I'll put a link to it when it's up. Those who know me know what it will be. Because "I want champagne, and I want whipped cream and, kidneys and chocolate truffles and baby's-blood ice cream."
Damnit. They forgot the Chartreuse and strawberry wine and chocolate milk. That's okay, I'm sure there will be other things to compensate.

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12/12/2005 2:35 AM

SORRRY every one My life has been a bit busy and I was attacked by a mose.....okay well not really.... Any way Im back now so lets get PLAYING

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Im Sorry, My laptop has died and the two thing's I need to buy in order to fix it are over 300 dollors, So It will be a while before I will be active again.

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