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10/10/2005 10:16 AM

Hey folks.

Now idea is based upon the work of Steven Erikson, author of the Malazan book of the Fallen series, Gardens of the Moon, Deadhouse Gate, Chain of Dogs, Memories of Ice and Midnight Tides.

Obviously if you have read any of the books then you will have more knowledge about the world and its peoples, the warrens etc.

A brief point to the story will be that the Warrens, are slowing being poisoned by the Chained One, a Fallen God with a bad attitude and bad ass power, for he uses the Warren of Chaos, any mage using this warren has always ended up corrupted and insane.

My character, whose details I shall provide should any interest be shown, is seeking out the Chaos Gates. A portal that will take him to the Chained One, and by whatever means, stop the corruption of the warrens.

A little more info on the warrens.


Warrens are almost like pocket dimensions, whenever a mage wishes to use magic, they must open their warren within them and draw power out to shape the magic they want. There are several warrens, each with a different aspect.

The Warrens accessible to humans are;

Denul  Path of Healing

Driss  Path of Stone

Hoods Path  Path of Death

Meanas  Path of Illusion, child of Shadow

Mockra  Path of the Mind (a very rare warren for a human to use)

Ruse  Path of the Sea (again, a very difficult warren to use)

Rashan  Path of Shadow

Serc  Path of the Sky

Telas  Path of Fire

Tennes  Path of Land

Thyr  Path of Light

Elder Warrens  these are inaccessible to humans, and are used by the elder races.

Kurald Galain  the Tiste Andii warren, Elder Warren of Darkness

Kurald Emurlahn  the Tiste Endur warren, Elder Warren of Shadow, the shattered warren.

Kurald Thyrllan  Elder Warren of Light

Omtose Phelleck  Elder Jaghut warren of Ice

Starvald Demelain  The Eleint warren and Tiam warren, the First Warren

Tellan  The Elder Tlan Imass warren of Fire

Just to give you info on what is available to any mage characters.

Priests can use Warrens also, however priests must obviously must follow the God of that Warren. An example, a Priest of Shadow would use the Rashan Warren and the god of Rashan is Shadowthrone, King of High House Shadow. Another god within Rashan is the Rope, patron of Assassins. The two gods of Shadow were once mortal men whom inturn became Ascendants, and as such Shadowthrone as he is called now claimed the Throne of Shadow as it was vacant. more info will of course be provided should any interest be shown. There is alot of information to take in, so bear with me as it gets typed up!

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