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09/27/2005 11:31 PM

If you came to this thread without viewing the Interest discussion on it -- you will need to view the mounds of setting information posted there. You can find that thread by clicking [url:http://www.rpgconsortium.com/rpgforums/discussions.cfm?forumid=19&topicid=266134&ooc=0&bookmark=1]here[/url].

Everyone else.. here is the template for character bios, and the example bio -- my character Arminas. The RP has not started yet. I will fill out the first post when all characters are accounted for and approved.

[align:center][b]Name[/b][/align] (your character's name)

[i]Ethnicity[/i] (your character's ethnicity, such as Hyborian [Aquilonian] or Ophiran)
[i]Country of Origin[/i] (the country that your character calls home, which does not have to be the same as the country he was raised or birthed in, although if it would be different all relevant countries should be listed)
[i]City/Province of Origin[/i] (if you choose to specify, you may list a city/province where your character was either born or spent most of his life, or where he calls home)

[b]Physical Description[/b]: (Including build, notable marks, tattoos or scars, hair colour, eye colour, skin colour/tone.)
[i]Physical Prowess[/i]: (list whether your character is strong and lean, lean and weak, strong and quick, etc)

[b]General Personality[/b]: (overall notation on how your character presents himself and acts)
[i]Social Prowess[/i]: (note general negotiating, speaking, and social abilities, whether your character has some kind of code of honour, etc)

[b]Religious Leanings[/b]: (note the gods that your character worships. You may also simply note a country if your character acknowledges all of the normal gods of that country, you may list 'West' or 'East' to represent that your character acknowledges all gods commonly known in the West or East, respectively)
[b]Spoken Languages[/b]: (list of the languages that your character can speak and understand)
[i]Literacy[/i]: (Spoken languages that you can also read and write. Note that most tribal peoples, such as Black Kingdom Tribesmen, Picts, and Cimmerians, are usually illiterate. As are a large percentage of the non-nobility in the West.)

[i]Gear[/i]: (Armour/weapons/other items. Don't forget to update this if things change -- for now this equipment represents what you were wearing [b]before[/b] being captured and put into the slave ship -- you'll be able to get it all back from the ship's holds.)

History (a brief history of your character. Make sure to close with an explanation of how your character ended up on a pirate slave ship off the Argossean/Zingaran coast)



[i]Ophiran and Nordheimer (Aesir)[/i]
[i]Born and raised in Ophir[/i]
[i]Resides in the Barony of Terson[/i]

[b]Physical Description[/b]: Arminas is slim and well-built with strong, tightly-muscled limbs and stands at about 5 feet 10 inches - normal height for a well-bred Ophiran male. He has the dark hair of his Ophiran father combined with the pale skin of his Aesir mother. His eyes are a crisp grey and he has a scar beneath his right shoulder-blade.
[i]Physical Prowess[/i]: Of average strength and overall build, Arminas does possess above-average coordination and control, as well as agility, making him a very effective soldier.

[b]General Personality[/b]: Arminas is passionate, but sometimes with a stand-offish exterior. Being raised as a well-bred Ophiran, he is polite, courteous, and generally good-mannered at court or in the presence of those he feels are due an equal or greater measure of respect as himself. With others he tends to be more willing to let fall the facade of etiquette. In battle Arminas is calculating and quick-thinking.
[i]Social Prowess[/i]: Having been 'trained' at court, Arminas is an effective negotiator in many instances, especially those pertaining to the upper classes. However, his noble mein and etiquette can make him seem disingenuous to people of more humble origins. Arminas is very well-spoken and his voice is level. Because he is bound by the strictures of his class and occupation, Arminas does have a high regard for honour and the general rightness of things, so he will feel uncomfortable (or unwilling to participate) around ignoble behaviour or actions. Of course.. exactly what qualifies as 'ignoble' can be confusing.

[b]Religious Leanings[/b]: Arminas respects and acknowledges all of the gods worshipped in the Hyborian West.
[b]Spoken Languages[/b]: Western Hyborian, Northern Hyborian, Eastern Hyborian
[i]Literacy[/i]: Western Hyborian

[i]Gear[/i]: Mail hauberk with coif, mail chausses, brown/tan leather gloves and boots, underclothes, heavy woolen cloak, broadsword, kite shield.

Arminas's father, Osric, was a lesser nobleman in Ophir. According to Osric, Arminas's mother was a young slave-girl of the exotic Nordheimer stock; pale-skinned and fiery-tempered. She died during childbirth and Arminas's father has been less than forthcoming with the nature of his relationship with the girl. And for that matter, he does not speak on why he chose to take Arminas in, rather than declare him the bastard child of a slave.

For whatever reason, Osric raised Arminas in his household. At the age of 8 Arminas was sent, as is commonly done, to the house of another worthy lord -- Conrad. There Arminas learned the way of the sword, sophist guile, and statecraft. Arminas served as a page and squire in Conrad's house until the age of 20. At that time he was knighted by Conrad in the presence of Osric.

Since his knighting Arminas has visited most of Western Hyboria and has staged conflict in Koth, Ophir, Corinthia, Shem, and Argos. Known as a great warrior and a competent commander, Arminas has expanded his reputation in the name of his household, bringing battle to those that oppose Aquilonia, or the houses of Conrad or Osric.

During a conflict in Koth Arminas's horse was stabbed, sending it into a fury and a four-mile gallop from the battlefield and encampments. At some point Arminas was thrown from his mount and knocked unconscious, awaking in the presence of river pirates who had taken his possessions. It has been almost a month now that Arminas has served as a slave-rower on the ship.

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09/28/2005 3:11 PM

[b]Name:[/b] Adalgisa

[b]Ethnicity:[/b] Originally Brythunian

[b]Country of Origin:[/b] Brythunia

[b]Physical Description:[/b] Adalgisa, being one of the Brythunian women, is a rather stunning specimen. She has long blonde silky hair, a rather fair skin, and a near perfect figure. She has blonde eyebrows, misty light-blue eyes. She has a few scars on her arms from past fights, and a large number of scars on her back from her punishment (this will be explained in the history) She is approximately 5' 7", and, while her legs and arms are rather thick from muscles, they are proportionate with the rest of her body, causing her to look rather formidable and delicate at the same time.

[b]Physical Prowess:[/b] She is strong, quick, and lean, but her speed is the most prominent aspect.

[b]General Personality:[/b] She is confident in herself, and rather strong willed. Quick to make friends.

[b]Social Prowess:[/b] She is very influential and, when necessary, will "flaunt what she's got". She had a very high honour as a king's gaurd, but it was lost rather recently (meaning the news might not have spread to other lands yet).

[b]Religion:[/b] Believes in Bori

[b]Spoken Language:[/b] Being a king's guard, she had to know many languages, so she knows Northern, Western, Sourthern, and Central Hyborian,

[b]Written Language:[/b] She only writes in the language of her country of Brythunian.

[b]Gear:[/b] She was captured weaing an open face helm, scale armor, and a pole axe. She had more, but she was in the middle of a long journey, so her more impressive armor was back at her home. [i'm going for a slight swiss guard look here, am i close, or is this way off?]

[b]History:[/b] Adalgisa was born in Brythunia. Her father was rather wealthy and powerful, and worked her way into a government position. She was forced to keep the job, otherwise she would have been traded off as a slave, so she worked hard and eventually became a skilled warrior. She stood at the king's door, and blocked the disgruntled villagers from getting in. One day, however, when she was a little late for her shift, she arrived to find the door open. She ran into his chamber and found him, dead. There were several officials there, examining the body, when they saw her walk in. They saw her as a scapegoat for the crime they had comitted, and sentenced her to forty lashings and banishment from her job, leaving her vulnerable to the slave trade. In fear, she gathered a few quick items and ran before news of the murder had even spread to the edges of the village. She was trying to make her way towards the Gundermen, because they did not like slavery. On her way there, however, she was captured, putting her in her present predicament.

(let me know if anything about this needs to be changed.

09/29/2005 12:02 AM

Not bad, Raven. I do have a list of tweaks, though.

[i'm going for a slight swiss guard look here, am i close, or is this way off?]

You're close. But you need to note whether you're wearing a scale corselet or hauberk. A corselet just covers the torso, a hauberk has sleeves and hangs to the thigh. After that, remember to note what kind of clothes you're wearing, and in what colours. The only reason I didn't fill that out is because my character is wearing so much mail that it's a moot point, as you wouldn't be able to see -any- of it anyway.

And Swiss Pikemen wore breastplates, not scale. But you can wear whatever you want. They did wear bascinets (open-face helms).

[b]Spoken Language:[/b] Being a king's guard, she had to know many languages, so she knows Northern, Western, Sourthern, and Central Hyborian,

There is no Central Hyborian.

As noted in the Interest thread, the languages that I'm using for the RP are:

Northern Hyborian, Western Hyborian, Eastern Hyborian, Southern Hyborian, Stygian, Old Nemedian


A few things about the history that are going to need to be messed around with a bit.

First.. the whole issue with the king doesn't play out right. To start, the idea of having a -KING-'s assassination as just a subplot in a character bio leaves a bad taste in my mouth. But more importantly, the bio doesn't make sense like that. There's no way someone suspected of killing a King would live. The character would have been tortured and killed almost immediately -- especially if it was a 'cover-up.'

I suggest dropping the rank of the mark down to a duke or baron. You could still be one of the King's Guard.. but be suspected of killing his favourite baron, rather than the king himself. It plays out better and makes a bit more sense as to why she wasn't slaughtered outright.

Which brings me to the other problem: Warrioress in Brythunia. There is no sexual equality in Hyboria like there is in D&D-style worlds. Very few women become warriors of any kind, especially not state-sanctioned ones.. and -especially- not in such a high rank.

So you'll either have to work out a very convincing story as to how she got training and arose to a position that normally would be absolutely reserved for men only... or I can dig around in my head to try to remember which civilized countries have any tradition of warrior women (though I know Brythunia is not one of them).

But besides that.. which I consider a short list (I'm just very long-winded about them) -- the bio is good.

09/29/2005 3:43 AM


Born and raised in Aquilonia
Currently calls Shamar home

[b]Physical Description[/b]- While slightly above average strength and moderately trained, Khorstal is a little pudgy. He stands at five foot nine inches with light brown hair and solid slate gray eyes. He would have relatively fair skin, but it stays well tanned. His left arm is nearly entirely scarred from a fire.
[i]Physical Prowess[/i]- While the strength was mentioned above, Khorstal also has incredible vision, which along with a steady hand makes him reliably accurate. He is not very fast though, and has an average agility, but is very sure footed.

[b]General Personality[/b]- Khorstal is mild mannered and quick thinking. He is generally open and honest with people, but when it comes to business, he is very firm and stubborn. He holds an air of confidence that nearly borders cockiness.
[i]Social Prowess[/i]- Being a merchant trader, Khorstal is a strong negotiator and rarely finds himself on the loosing end of a deal. His dealings have also given him an ease when it comes to handling people. However, he is trusting to a fault, unless someone gives him a reason not to be. He upholds his people's traditionally strong views of honor and justice, given to him by his mother.

[b]Religious Leanings[/b]- Khorstal acknowledges Mitra, having been raised in Aquilonia, bus is not overly religious.
[b]Spoken Languages[/b]- I was thinking Aquilonian, Zingaran, and Argossean, but after what you just said, I guess it would just be Western Hyborian.(I'll pay more attention from now on)
[b]Written Languages[/b]- Would have been Aquilonian, but again, it would change to Western Hyborian.

[b]Gear[/b]- Tan leather Jerkin (no undershirt), Brown wool breeches, Leather boots, Leather left handed armguard (I hope that is understood, and FYI Khorstal is right handed), Scimitar, Long bow and quiver (nine arrows remaining)

Amaria, Khorstal's widowed mother, left the Marches with her unborn child, simply tired of the constant skirmishes that took her husbands life. She eventually found her way to Tamasul, where she did anything she could to provide for her child, whom she named after his father.

At the age of 12, Khorstal was given his first bow. It wasn't that great, and the arrows were hardly straight, but he learned to use it quickly and soon made his own. With it, his accuracy and consistency grew, even at greater distances.

When he was 17, his mother was raped and murdered. Khorstal followed the two men south to Shamar where sought them out and killed them both. It was there he met Giltrig, a some what wealthy merchant trader, who allowed Khorstal to work for him for food and shelter. After a couple of years, Giltrig grew fond of Khorstal and decided to take him under his wing, teaching him everything from using a sword to dealing with people, and eventually to read and write. While he didn't pick up on the swordplay as well, primarily learning how to defend himself without hurting himself, Khorstal was quickly proved to be an apt study of the business and of people. Nearly seven years after they had met, a rival had set fire to the ship while it was in the port at Messantia. It was while rescuing Giltrig that Khorstal burned his left arm. Later that day, Giltrig died, but not before leaving instruction that Khorstal was to take over his ship. Now, nine years later, the ship had been attacked while on the way home from a two month trip. He has been on the pirate vessel for five days now.

Well, now you get to find my faults. I kept the format the same, hopfully to make things easier for you. Any changes that get worked out will be edited below here, and then the corrections will be made above when everything is agreed upon.

09/29/2005 6:56 PM


[i]Nordheimer (Aesir)[/i]
[i]Born and raised in Asgard[/i]
[i]Resides in the village of Sigynheim[/i]

[b]Physical Description[/b]: Einreavar stands broad-shouldered and tall at just over six feet tall. The Aesir's eyes are of the palest blue, like chips of ice though they burn with the passion of his Nordheimer blood. His long golden-blonde hair is worn unbound and free in an unruly mane and his body is littered with scars from battles taken in raids as he sought conflict.
[i]Physical Prowess[/i]: Though not considered a giant of a man in terms of build, Einreavar nevertheless is a powerful figure. Despite his height he is quite lithe, though he lacks the speed of the more 'civilised' cultures. His rough upbringing amongst the harsh climate of Asgard has gifted Einreavar with stamina and a hardy constitution.

[b]General Personality[/b]: Einreavar is a solemn individual given to the ideals and beliefs of the Nordheimer people. Einreavar values a man's word and his skill at arms over ability to prattle like a crone. He is a man that values his word and is steadfastly loyal to those who he deems worthy and showing little if any regard for those he does not.
[i]Social Prowess[/i]: Einreavar is not a speaker or negotiator though he is a keen judge of men. The Aesir firmly believes a man's worth is shown through his actions rather than words. That said, Einreavar is not without his own sense of honor, common to those of the barbaric northern lands.

[b]Religious Leanings[/b]: Einreavar worships the Nordheimer god Ymir, the Frost Giant and through that his daughter Atali. This is more than likely out of superstition than of spiritual concerns. He also believes in Valhalla, the place where true warriors go when they die.

[b]Spoken Languages[/b]: Northern Hyborian (Nordheimir), Western Hyborean
[i]Literacy[/i]: Smattering of Nordheimir (Northern Hyborian) though not enough to be considered literate.

[i]Gear[/i]: Bronze scale hauberk, Fur/leather wrapped arm and leg greaves, heavy leather gloves and boots, heavy fur cloak, older style broadsword, heavy-bladed hunting knife.

Einreavar was born to his Nordheim parents his childhood was harsh, as one would expect from the hard lands of Asgard. Like most of his people, Einreavar was taught battle from an early age and by his young teens stood ready to take his place defending the village against raiders while the men were away hunting or raiding.

Under the tutelage of his uncle Grimnir, Einreavar tempered his natural aptitude for battle with a vicious, almost feral cunning that earned him a measure of respect among his clan mates and those of neighbouring clans.

By his late-teens, the young Aesir had raided into the lands of the Vanir, the Picts and the Hyperboreans, his savage sword earning him respect and a measure of fame amongst his kind. It was not long before Einreavar left his native village and sought to trade his bloody skills amongst other Aesir, moving from one conflict to another always seeking the next battle and its rewards.

Over the next few years Einreavar's escapades took him to the lands of Cimmeria and the Border Kingdom where he bartered his crimson-handed trade for what little gold or comforts he could.

A month ago during a raid into Nemedia, Einreavar was taken alive after being knocked unconscious by a sword blow that destroyed his helm, a killing stroke if not for the helm. He awoke beaten and chained in a ship's hold heading south for sale in distant lands.

Hope that works, any problems, let me know and I will make the changes


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09/30/2005 12:40 AM

You've definitely caught my interest with this one. I still have to work up a character, but I'm leaning toward playing a Shemite, if you'll have me.

I do have a question regarding players and magic, though. What if a character has just looked into studying it before? I don't see a scenario coming up where the character I'm fleshing out would actually use magic in the story, but I thought it would be an interesting little twist for him to have studied it and maybe even be repentant because of it.

09/30/2005 2:52 AM

Well, here's a bio for my prospective character. His flirtation with magic, if approved, will be something that weighs on his mind more than anything, so it's not included in the history.

Mahfouz Abdul-Rahim

Born and raised in Asgalun, but last called Shushan home.

Physical Description: Mahfouz is a tall man, standing six feet, three inches tall, but because of the harsh nature of the deserts of Shem, has always been slim. His eyebrows are slim, framing brown eyes. His hair is black, cropped close to his head. Normally he keeps a well-trimmed beard, but now its grown long and wild.

General Personality: Mahfouz is usually a serious man, but enjoys humor immensely. Normally a quiet man, he enjoys stories, the telling a bit more than hearing. His thoughts are most often kept to himself. Though he naturally distrusts others, he has a knack for feeling comfortable around them, or at least appearing that way. Sorrow and guilt tend to follow him longer than most.
Social Prowess: Polite to a fault, Mahfouz is used to deferring to others. He is an honour-bound, well-spoken man. His word is his bond.

Religious Leanings: Though Mahfouz is a believer in all the Shem gods, he has a special interest in Derketo.
Spoken Languages: Western Hyborean, Southern Hyborean
Literacy: Western Hyborean, Southern Hyborean

Gear: No armor, white flowing robes, a white turban, thin white underclothes, sandals, Shemite bow, 14 arrows, dagger.

History: Mahfouz Abdul-Rahim was born in the city of Asgalun to poor parents. The fifth child of servants, he was fully prepared for his first job at the age of seven. He was always especially close to his mother, Amal; something that brought him ridicule from other children. Up to the age of sixteen, he held several jobs, seeing to the needs of the latest to acquire his service. With the newfound pride of maturity, he fled his master and left Asgalun behind for fear of retribution.

It was soon after that, at the age of eighteen, working as a laborer in Shushan, that he'd been repairing a section of the city wall and met Antar, a retired soldier. The man wasn't old by any means, but had fractured his knee, an injury that hadn't healed properly, and walked with a severe limp. Antar's first hand accounts of the battles he'd seen fascinated Mahfouz, until finally he practically begged Antar to teach him to use a bow, the staple of Shemite armies. Antar relented, and showed him as best he could the ways of the bow.

At the age of twenty-six, now a struggling artist, Mahfouz recieved word of his mother's illness. Racing to her, he prayed to Derketo to spare Amal. By the time he reached Asgalun, she was on the verge of death. She only managed a few words with her precious son before passing. He soon came to find all his family had already passed, either by illness or accident.

It was then that Mahfouz entered into his feud with Derketo. He beckoned her for a sign as to why he still lived while all his family had gone. He even challenged her to strike him down so that he could be with them again. When he was certain he'd recieve no answer, he claimed to forsake her.

Bitter of heart, he chanced studying the dark arts in secret, for the sake of consummating his break from Derketo. First on his mind was seeking the power to extend life, in hopes of denying the goddess what she coveted most. In time, he met an old sorceror calling himself Khaj. The man was ancient, on death's door, and claimed to know a way to accomplish just such a feat. In return for Mahfouz's aid in a ritual, the sorceror agreed to teach him.

Setting up for the ritual was a painstaking task, the decrepit old man guiding Mahfouz all the while. Once everything was ready, Mahfouz had to hold the sorceror upright as he went into his cantation. Minutes later, a terrible demon shimmered into existence. The undaunted sorceror bowed to the creature. Mahfouz, on the other hand, fled as Khaj began ranting about living forever. Whatever came of him, Mahfouz never found out. To this day, he's regretted ever meddling with such dark forces.

At thirty-five, he ventured to a village on the Styx River, in search of Surur. Instead, the village was raided by pirates. Mahfouz was taken along with all the able-bodied men and women. The first thing they did was take his turban. For more than five months, he's labored on their ship.
The sad part is, that's the abbreviated version of the history... And, as everybody else has said, feel free to set me straight anywhere.

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09/30/2005 7:26 PM

Edits: She's wearing a hauberk. I was going to use a breastplate, but figured she was on the move, so she could just take the most comfortable thing that still gave her at least mildly adequate protection. She'll be wearing a green, short sleeved, v-neck shirt with a brown thread holding the "V" together a little. Her pants are long, flaring out at the bottom just slightly, and they are brown. Once she got to the new town, she planned on trying to draw as little attention as possible, so she was going to just sell her armor and weapons, keeping only what was necessary when she got there.

How about this. She wasn't a fighter, although she was given training as one, by request of her father, who is a Duke. He paid a high price for her training, so they agreed to help her out.

Instead of guarding the king, she was a servant. She picked up her knowledge of the languages by listening in on meetings while waiting for someone to give her an order. (Since she was only listening in, she knows much less - a list of common phrases used by Northern, Western, and Southern Hyborians.) One day, when the duke was in his bed, he ordered a drink. She fetched him one, and he drank it. He suddenly began to convulse, and was soon dead. The drink had been poisioned. She realized what was happening and fled from the manor. She ran to her house, gathered her things, and flew to the gundermen. Since they respected women more than Brythunians, she decided to live there, hoping to hide from the people set out to kill her.

Is that any better?

10/01/2005 6:37 PM

Name: Khashi

Ethnicity: Hykarnian. His home lies in Khoraf, Hyrkarnia

Physical Description: Kashi is tall and slender, standing about 5 feet 11 inches, and weighing in at just over 150 pounds. His dark skin sets off his piercing green eyes. His brown dreadlock hair falls about to his shoulders, sometimes pulled into a pony tail. He

General Personality: Khashi is a noble and acts like it. He is a bit naive, has a tendancy to be haughty, and his mouth can get him into trouble quite a bit. Despite being noble, however, or perhaps in spite of it, Khashi has a desire to adventure, and the wealth to back his adventuring, which also gets him into many a sticky situation.
Social Prowess: Despite having a biting wit, Khashi is quite the negotiator. He is quite chivalrous.

Religious Leanings: Khashi acknowledges the gods of Hyrkarnia.
Spoken Languages: Northern/Western Hyborian
Literacy: Northern/Western Hyborian
Gear: Khashi carries a Saber and a Stiletto as a backup weapon. He wears a Hauberk at virtually all times, and has a suit of mail armor. He also carries a set of fancy clothing with him, consisting of a green silk shirt, wool pants in a darker shade of green, a feathered brimmed hat, a fur cape, and many pieces of jewelry.

History: Khashi was brought up among Hyrkarnian nobility in Khoraf. His tutelage made it possible for him to accel in the areas of diplomacy and negotiation. As such, Khashi can usually talk people into doing what he wants. As a child, he was the proverbial Tom Sawyer of his time. He usually talked other children into doing what little his parents expected of him. In his teen years, he grew tired of his parents constantly sheltering him. That being the case, he began to delve into adventuring. At first he would merely pay his way into an expidition, but after a while he began funding his own expiditions. On one such expidition, He was captured by pirates. His adventuring troupe was killed off, but he, being obvious nobility, was spared to be ransomed
back to his family.

when I say chivalrous, i mean when it comes to ladies...not so much in a virtuous way. just wanted to clarify. :)
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10/02/2005 6:51 PM

Okay.. let's see...

Lonewolfe & Arandur: Perfect.

I do have a question regarding players and magic, though. What if a character has just looked into studying it before? I don't see a scenario coming up where the character I'm fleshing out would actually use magic in the story, but I thought it would be an interesting little twist for him to have studied it and maybe even be repentant because of it.

You can include this sort of thing in your background story, if you wish. It would certainly be setting appropriate if a character had dabbled in sorcery and is now terrified of it, for example, -- maybe after having seen a demon. But anything more than 'dabbled once and now stays clear of it' would have to be further discussed with me.

So if you want that in your background -- just edit it into your character bio and let me know when you're finish so I can double check it. But if you want your character to actually have some magical talent.. we'll have to discuss that further before implementing it.

Other than that.. your character bio looks good.

Raven: Technically, a breastplate is more comfortable than a scale hauberk.. so you can have whichever one you want, rather than whichever one is 'more comfortable.'

And you can make the appropriate changes to your bio -- it looks good, except for one thing: The daughter of a Duke wouldn't make sense being a servant to the King. I'd suggest changing 'father was a Duke' to 'father was a wealthy Merchant.' It's far more likely that a merchant would try to get his daughter a job as a servant to the wealthy ruling class.

Lockheart: Don't forget you're taking on an important role, and that it's your character that will sort of set everything into motion. The only change you have to make is to your character's literacy and spoken languages -- pop back over to the Interest thread and take note that I've adjusted the languages of Hyboria to make the setting a bit more 'playable' -- I also mentioned that in this thread... these are the new languages:

Northern Hyborian, Western Hyborian, Eastern Hyborian, Southern Hyborian, Stygian, Old Nemedian

10/03/2005 12:36 AM

It would certainly be setting appropriate if a character had dabbled in sorcery and is now terrified of it, for example, -- maybe after having seen a demon.

That was actually just what I had in mind. Just added it in for your viewing pleasure. The two paragraphs above the last one of the bio.

10/03/2005 3:41 PM

I'll post mine during the coming weekend, Damien. :)

10/03/2005 6:48 PM

Just dropping by to let you know that I updated my languages.

10/05/2005 2:52 AM

Thank you, Lockheart.

Unbeliever: Good work.

Caelin... it is now Wednesday.. ;)

Who else are we waiting for? I could have sworn there were more interested parties.

10/05/2005 9:42 AM

I did some of the dirty work for you Dames. The following have yet to check in on this thread:


Mae and Tassa showed interest but were unsure about joining.

~~edited the list with the additions

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10/05/2005 12:40 PM

Caelin... it is now Wednesday.. ;)

*nods* And I posted this on Monday, my friend, so coming weekend would end on sunday the 9th. :p

10/08/2005 5:01 PM


Born and raised in Argos

Physical Description: Diomedes stands at 5'10' with broad shoulders and a stout worthy frame. He weighs 190lbs. He has tanned skin from his time spent out at see. Notable scars are one large one along his back that goes from left shoulder down to right above his right ass cheek and one along his right forearm. Diomedes has Brown hair and brown eyes.

Physical Prowess: Diomedes is strong and can make sudden burst of speed but would not be able to move fast for an extended amount of time. He also has good balance because os all the time he's spent on ships at sea.

General Personality: A blunt person who tells it how it is. For this reason he usually remains logical in situations and wont "let loose" unless he feels it is completely safe and the proper time. He is alert and thinks quickly when dealing within domains he knows such as nautical and combat.

Social Prowess: Diomedes has a powerful and strong voice. He lacks eloquence and is very direct and straight forward with his speech.

Religious Leanings: Diomedes doesn't worship any gods.

Spoken Languages: Western Hyborian, Southern Hyborian, Stygian
Literacy: Western Hyborian

Gear: Broadsword, knife, targe, open helm,leather boots and pants, dark blue cloth tunic.

History: Born and raised to a fishing family on the cost of Argos Diomedes had spent most of his life near or on the sea. Diomedes was somewhat lower class but his family did not struggle to live. His older brother took to the fishing trade and Diomedes knew he could either end up working for his brother or leave now.

So, when he reached the age of 17 he left and joined up with a crew of shippers. From then on he worked up and down the western and southern coasts of Hyboria finding whatever jobs he could. Over the years he gained more experiance in the sea and over some combat. After 4 years, Diomedes found that the real money was found through piratical ways.

Diomedes joined up with a crew of pirates where his life would be somewhat constant for the next two years. One day his ship was tossed violently of course by a storm and the mariners found themselves of the western coast of Kush. They headed north but when they reached the mouth of the river Styx a raiding ship attacked. The ship that Diomedes was on was ridden aground where raiders on the beach surrounded those of the pirate ship. Diomedes along with others were taken prisoner. He has been on the ship for a little over a month now.

I hope I don't have much to fix but yeah, there it is. Sorry I couldn't get it here earlier I had a pretty busy week with school.

10/11/2005 12:34 PM

Ack, RL has been a killer last weekend, but here's the character. Sorry for the delay, folks.

Born and raised in Shahpur
Resides in Shangara

Physical Description: Temudjin is slender and well-built with strong, muscled limbs and stands at 5 feet 10 inches - normal height for an average Turanian male. He has the dark hair and a deep tan due to exposure to the sun. His eyes are of a deep brown hue and he bears no scars.

Physical Prowess: Temudjin is reasonably strong, although certainly not the strongest person around, but possesses a great agility, accuracy and stamina. Everything he needs to be good at his profession.

General Personality: Temudjin is a mercenary in his daily life, but one with a quirk. At the moment he takes on a job, he considers himself bound to finish it, despite what may be offered to him to walk away. This has gotten him in some trouble in the past, which has only made him more picky in his choice, yet stayed to be a man of his word. He is not easily provoked, although he fights with full vigor when he has to.

Religious Leanings: Temudjin respects and acknowledges Tarim, though pays occasional service to Erlik.

Spoken Languages: Western Hyborian, Northern Hyborian, Eastern Hyborian and Stygian.

Literacy: Western and Eastern Hyborian

Gear: Brigandine coat (plates layered between 2 layers of leather), pourpoint shinprotectors (boiled leather with metal strips) and bracers, tan leather gloves and boots, silk shirt, tight woven cotton cloak and breeches, scimitar, kite shield (mostly worn on his back), poniard, open helm, quiver (20 arrows) and a hyrkonian bow.

Already in an early stage of his life, Temudjin learned that wielding a weapon was important to keep him alive in the Turanian society. His father, a merchant of good reputation and an aspiring politician, made sure that his son got the benefit of a good education. After his training, he began working for his father, first as a caravanguard, later leading the caravans to their destination.
Returning one day from a trip, he learned that his father had been killed in his absence, which no doubt was done by a political opponent, (though it remained a question as to who arranged it.) his fathers deeds and assets confiscated.
At this point, with the money from the last trip still in his pockets, he paid what was left of the guards and moved to Shangara. Here he took a small place to live, sparsely decorated and began hiring out his blade as a mercenary.
On his last job, as a caravan guard, the caravan was raided by pirates. During the fight he had been knocked unconscious and as he woke he found himself aboard a ship and forced to row. He has been on board for 3 weeks.

[Edited by Caelin on Sunday, October 16, 2005 1:17 PM]

10/12/2005 2:18 PM

Looks good Flan.

Caelin, I imagine yours is fine, but I don't have time to read it at this moment. I'll come back and edit this part after I do get the chance -- probably tonight.

I'm giving this another day or two to see if the other interested parties are going to show up. If not - -we'll start without them, as hopefully everyone who has already submitted a profile will be here -- which means we'll have at least 7 players right off.

So for those of you that already have approved profiles.. check back on Friday or Saturday -- the RP thread should be filled out and ready to go by then.

10/13/2005 6:02 AM

Had to come up with a name so I put Sakura...

Kuvanu Redeas

Ethnicity: Brythunian
Country of Origin City/Province of Origin:

Physical Description: Kuvanu has Light green eyes and long brown hair extending down to her shoulders barely touching. Her nose is small like a button on her face and her body is small and curvy. She has a small tatoo of a dragon on the right side of her stomach.She is light skinned and Light haired. She has a small scar that trails down her left arm from tring to escape from her entrapment. The scar goes from her shoulder down to her elbow tracing behind her arm.

Physical Prowess: Kuvanu is lightly strong but really fast.
General Personality: Kuvanu is a nice but Flirty woman. She loves to joke around but is Serious when in a tight situation. She likes to hunt and Explore.
Social Prowess: Talkitive But not that good at being a politiction. She is very passionate towards men and very shy around them. She sometimes speaks her mind too openly and embarass's her self too often to count.

Religious Leanings: Kuvanu worships one god, Ishtar.
Spoken Languages: Northern Hyberian.
Literacy: Northen Hyberian.

Gear: **Before being captured.** Kuvanu carried a Shemite bow across her chest ontop of her armor. A black elather quiver was strapped in the other Diagnial. she wore a Scimtar On her right hip and a Short sword on the other. Her Scimitar has a jeweled handle embroided in small Emeralds. And the Cutlass has dragon tails protecting the hand And the ends of the tail have Large Rubies embeded by the feet.
She wore a Light Chainmail that was cut off short on her arms Making it shot sleeved. She wore leather pants and a chainmail top.

History: Kuvanu was raised in the Northern Hyberian Area. she was taken to be a slave at 9 Years old and was kept to serve her every masters need. Her master sent her away on a small ship leading off of the Argossean/Zingaran coast. She has been tring to get free for all her life trying to escape. The dragon tatoo is a reminder that she was a former slave of her former master, His name unknown to her. He was always adressed as "Master or Sire also Sir." He sent her away on the slave ship after wearing her out. Her heart is full of revenge to take him down. She recoverd her fathers lost Items Over time her master giving her a look at each taunting her and filling her with the disire of having them. She Is strong to retrieave her fathers belongings and use them for decent good perposes.

[Edited by Sakura_Shadowstealer on Monday, October 17, 2005 5:10 AM]

10/13/2005 12:57 PM


Ethnicity :

Country of Origin:

City/Province of Origin:

Physical Description: Dark skin, dark hair, green eyes. Hair is short and curly and rough, it does not grow out longer than a quarter of an inch. Standing at six feet and three inches Mandingo is an intimidating man as his build is fit, muscular, lean , and athletic. He has a scar by right eye that runs across his right side almost back to his right ear. Many other smaller scars are across his dark body as well.

Physical Prowess: Mandingo is stong and quick. A good balance of the two, but he can also take some helluva hits.

General Personality: Mandingo just cares to stay alive. He will help others survive as well but drop the extra weight if needed. A quiet fellow that does nearly anything he is ordered. Impartial to many things, so to anger as well. But his emotions are easily told because seldom are any shown.

Social Prowess: None, just keeps quiet and does what he must.

Religious Leanings: Mandingo has no time for gods, hes too busy trying to keep alive.

Spoken Languages: Northern Hyborian, along with some common phrases from Western Eastern and Southern Hyborian.
Literacy: none

Gear: just his leather sandles and cloth skirt


Many people come in and take Zamorans for slaves, but Mandingo was one of the ones who was managed to be taken for a slave by his own kind. Really though he was used for fights, fights where bets would be placed on who would come out alive. All such of these that Mandingo contended in were hand to hand combat only, no weapons. Bought from his parents at a young age of 14 for his good build and than trained up over the years until around age 22 he was cast into his first fight.

His training consisted of being boiled like leather to toughen his hide, to fight and kill persons his owner had captured off the streets, to do arduous manual labor, to be tied to a horse and choose to run or be dragged. With this training it had toughened him against the elements and his opponents. And though he had won all of his fights he had gone into so far, it came down to a matter that he was going to live regardless.

Well an invitation was offered to his owner to have Mandingo fight in a big match, meaning big money, in the city of Messantia near the Argossean coast. Well in escort by his owner they started their trek west ward but ended up having their caravan raided. Mandingos owner was killed and Mandingo was captured. Most likely they were on their way to Zamora when they say the party and decided that a quicker catch would be better than a farther travel. So Mandingo still in bonds went with his captures, not really having much else of a place to go. He notices that they still head south west and soon Mandingo is able to see the sea off the Argossean/Zingaran coast.

[Edited by Aaron on Saturday, November 5, 2005 10:43 AM]

10/14/2005 1:31 PM

Something told me that i'd be seeing you around, Aaron. Welcome to our neck of the woods. ;)

10/14/2005 2:09 PM

Aaron: Not bad! Definitely a bad-ass type. But a word of caution: Any character that can fight and survive in Hyboria has claim to being a bad-ass, so be mindful of that and make sure you don't try to push your character as 'way more of a bad-ass than anyone else.' Not that I think you would... Just be careful not to be so badass that you overshadow everyone else.

In any event.. good character.

Sakura: Some things.

1.) The name. Clearly you're fond of that name.. since you use it everywhere. But it won't do here. I hate to put down on a name, which seems wholly insignificant in the general scheme of things, but the name Sakura Kenoki is so obviously Eastern-inspired as to be quite unfitting for a character from a place like Brythunia, or indeed anywhere in Western or Central Hyboria.

2.) Try not to use the term 'chainmail' -- it drives me crazy. Mail is the appropriate term. And there's no such thing as 'light chainmail.' The type of armour you describe would be a mail shirt, mail corselet, or mail byrnie, whichever term you prefer.

3.) Your backstory is very short and doesn't seem to jive well with the equipment you've selected. How exactly did a broken down slave come into possession of fine equipment like jeweled and finely-wrought swords and expensive bows? You'll either have to revise your equipment to something more along the means of a slave, or revise your backstory to make your means more impressive.

In either case, bejeweled and finely-wrought equipment is very inappropriate for anyone but upper, upper, upper nobility, or extremely wealthy mercenaries and generals. Note that even the more high-born characters listed here aren't carrying any items of such immaculate craft.

4.) Spelling and grammar. I have to stress this. Run your posts through spellcheck programs -- preferrably more than once since spelling obviously isn't your strong point. Likewise, don't overcapitalize.

Both the overcapitalization and questionable spelling can be, and are, very distracting to others. This is something I'm going to be a stickler about now and throughout the RP. Remember the golden rule, if I think anyone is bringing the RP down -- I won't hestitate to kill their character and dismiss the player. So writing in passable English is going to be absolutely necessary.

10/14/2005 11:43 PM

In any event.. good character.

Wow, you know DeD coming from you Im touched.

As for Caelin, yeah Ive found one or two things which have caught my interest.

10/16/2005 10:17 AM

Okay.. I've edited the first post in the RP thread.. everyone with approved bios can start posting now. I figure everyone's first post should introduce themselves, their situation and thoughts, all that stuff. I want to give everyone a chance to get their character noted before the uprising.. so that'll happen after everyone has had a chance to post.

Ready, set.. go.

And as for anyone that wanted to join but hasn't found us until now -- you can still submit a bio and join in when approved to do so. Though depending on when you join, you may not be a captive on the ship.

10/18/2005 6:36 AM

I had to make it somewhat interesting by adding a woman to the ores xD. I thought about it and thought it somewhat fit. (Not really.) but hell. Why not, aye?

10/18/2005 9:29 AM

Sakura.. your bio hasn't been approved yet. Which means you cannot actually join in the RPing yet.

As a matter of fact, you didn't even change half of the things I took issue with. C'mon now. If you're not even going to make an effort....

10/18/2005 3:04 PM

While we're waiting for everyone to get their initial posts in:

Obviously the 'beginner' for this RP is a sort of slave uprising. That means someone has to initiate the fight by punching out/killing a guard or even another slave. This obviously has to be a rower, since everyone else is locked up down below.

(That said -- not everyone has to start out as a rower, anyone is free to describe their character as in the holds trying to stave off disease and hunger.)

I'm sure Wolfe won't mind if he and I initiate the battle.. but I want to give everyone else a chance to speak up. So if anyone has their heart set on starting a fight.. lemme know.

10/18/2005 3:57 PM

Hmm, how I saw it was that the break was going to be tried when the new slaves got onboard. Possibly when new rowers could be chained down. If it wasnt noticed Mandingo is with the 'new' slaves being transported out with the ship.

I wouldnt mind taking part in the break, though I dont think Mandingo would start it.

10/19/2005 12:58 PM

Y'all be my guest in starting the fight, but I want a piece of the guard. ;)

Strangling that one with his own whip seem sooo fitting. ;)

10/19/2005 7:20 PM

I don't mind either way, but I had an interesting idea for starting some ruckus, allowing you guys to start fighting. I (or someone else) could (somehow) find a way to make it look like one of the guards irritated one of the other guards, and they start arguing. One thing leads to another, and soon everyone is at each other's throats. This gives an opportunity for one of them to drop the keys to have the slaves unlock their shackles, or even for us to simply work together when we fight to take out the remaining guards who haven't passed out from a punch or exhaustion. Just a thought though - take it or leave it.

10/20/2005 12:59 PM

I'm open for anything really. My character certainly wouldn't be the one to start it, though, so I'll leave that to someone else. I'd expected to wait until the other ship came, as it would probably not be too difficult with a former captain among us and several able bodies to man the smaller ship to shore. But, not to rely too much on a stupid pun, whatever floats your boat is fine with me.

10/21/2005 1:24 PM

I don't mind either way, but I had an interesting idea for starting some ruckus, allowing you guys to start fighting. I (or someone else) could (somehow) find a way to make it look like one of the guards irritated one of the other guards, and they start arguing.

If you know how exactly that would be accomplished, then I'm listening.

Also, Raven, you might want to edit your post to not be sitting next to a "girl (Sakura)" as it doesn't appear she'll be joining us, since she hasn't bothered to correct her profile or respond to my concerns.

Okay, if no one pipes up about wanting to start the trouble, Wolfe and I will start it. We're both troublemakers anyway, so it wouldn't be much of a stretch.

Is there anyone that hasn't posted yet?

10/21/2005 3:52 PM

Is there anyone that hasn't posted yet?

I know D_Lockheart hasn't posted because he was supposed to be our semi important guy who we were gonna help get back home. Although, you said you would play this character if no one chose to play them.

Okay, if no one pipes up about wanting to start the trouble, Wolfe and I will start it. We're both troublemakers anyway, so it wouldn't be much of a stretch.

I'm sure Caelin and I will be right behind you guys.

EDIT: Sorry Caelin, it's fixed.

[Edited by Flandrake on Saturday, October 22, 2005 2:55 PM]

10/22/2005 1:27 AM

(or someone else) could (somehow) find a way to make it look like one of the guards irritated one of the other guards, and they start arguing.

If you know how exactly that would be accomplished, then I'm listening.

I got an idea of how that could work. I figure it would have to take place between the traders coming with the new shipment and those pirates on the main ship. The traders would basically shove a slave forward and than the slave would fall into one of the pirates..the pirate could think it was a deliberate act by the trader and demand a lower price for the slaves due to the lack of respect...or course the trader not wanting less money argues back with the other traders behind him while the other pirates start to get involved. As for how keys would fall, not sure at what point taht would happen but thats an idea of how a fight amongst the guards could happen.

10/22/2005 1:05 PM

I'm sure Cailen and I will be right behind you guys.

Flan, CAELIN please. :p

10/22/2005 7:18 PM

Okay, if no one pipes up about wanting to start the trouble, Wolfe and I will start it. We're both troublemakers anyway, so it wouldn't be much of a stretch.

You lead, I'll follow, whether it be you signaling and I start it or you start and I join in.

10/25/2005 10:39 PM

Well.. I don't want to let this thread sit too long with nothing going on. That's how threads die.

However, we have 8 approved profiles besides mine, with only 6 people actually posting. Does anyone know where Lockheart and Arandur are, and if they plan to show up? As it stands, I'll leave it until Thursday or Friday and then move on without them. Everyone okay with that?

10/25/2005 10:47 PM

cool by me, end of the week and than continue with what we got.

10/26/2005 11:09 AM

Maybe you should tug on the sleeve of his G/F, to reach Arandur a little faster. ;)

Regardless what will happen, consider me active.

10/26/2005 6:21 PM

I'm still here and ready for whatever.

10/27/2005 3:08 PM

Anything works for me. If someone hasn't made their first post yet, they probably aren't going to be around. No reason to let the thread die because of it.

10/27/2005 5:32 PM

Arandur has not posted in the Firefly RP either.

I'm ready to keep moving whenever everyone else is.

10/27/2005 6:13 PM

Ok, I sort of have an idea for the keys. The pirates could raise some sort of an alarm, sending everyone into a panic. The slaves see a chance for a revolt, so they start trying to fight, and one of them trips the key master, who hits that slave, but then runs to the fight. When he was tripped, he loses his keys. Sound reasonable, or do you just wanna go with the "I'm gonna have someone just start a fight" scenario?

10/28/2005 3:04 AM

just one question on your scenario...

What would bring the Pirates to raise an alarm?

Thats the only thing which makes your scenario different from 'just starting a fight'. Like I said in my example the Traders could push a slave who in turn pushes a Pirate which could start something between the Traders and Pirates. Perhaps that AND an alarm being sounded because they could have drifted too close to rocks could probly create enough confusion.

10/30/2005 1:05 AM

Whatever you have in mind, I hope the thread will continue soon. It is a bit hard to stay in the spirit of things when the story is non-active for a prolongued period of time.

10/31/2005 5:45 PM

They all had the entire week to get their first post in. In my opinion, I say DED pick a plan to get the slaves free, and we just drop whoever didn't post yet. If they are hell-bent on getting in here, DED can think of letting them in later, for whatever purpose. I really want to get this story going, lest people begin to lose interest, killing the thread. Anyone else like the idea?

10/31/2005 6:31 PM

Don't worry, I'll be continuing on with the story sometime tonight.

If anyone wants to join that hasn't joined yet, PM me and we'll work something out to get you into the storyline as soon as possible. I want to fit any newcomers in as smoothly as possible.

11/02/2005 8:39 PM

Since our characters are going to start communicating I figured I would look at the languages spoken by everyone. Western Hyborian is spoke by all but Sakura (who only speaks Northern Hyborian) and Aaron who had Central Hyborian listed as his spoken language, earlier Damien said this was not among the list he had chosen to use.

Figured I'd bring that up now before we get too far in to things.

[Edited by Flandrake on Wednesday, November 2, 2005 8:40 PM]

11/03/2005 11:38 PM

Noted. Thanks, Flan.

Aaron -- you'll have to make that adjustment.

And don't worry about Sakura, she won't be joining us considering she joined the RP before getting her profile approved, and then disappeared entirely.

11/05/2005 10:51 AM

Alright, I updated my language. Its set to Northern and I put taht he knows some common phrases from the other Western Southern and Eastern languages. Its like living in SoCal typically a native American speaker knows also some spanish as well as the english...the city hes from is/ was a major trade stop so thats why I have it as such. So for those who dont speak Northern hed only make out half of what is being said half the time and wouldnt make out the rest of it the rest of the time.

-Como se llama?

-No habla spanish.


11/05/2005 4:41 PM

Just to let you know, the only reason I haven't posted anything in a while is because I'm still looking for an opportunity to jump in. Don't worry, though, I'm still here.

11/05/2005 11:43 PM

Well you'll have to make your own place soon -- I don't know if there's really anyone else left that hasn't posted yet.

Which brings up another point: I don't want the thread to die a quick death, so I'm simply not going to allow weeks at a time to pass while waiting for everyone to post. If someone doesn't post -- the RP will keep going. So everyone needs to get in their posts ASAP -- no excuses. Wouldn't want anyone getting left behind because they took too long.

11/06/2005 6:40 AM

Hey, Dames, I've decided to take you up on your offer and join. I know of a possible reason for the character to be on the ship, but beyond that, I'm stumped.

11/06/2005 8:10 AM

Idaeus Leandros

Resides in Thenitea

Physical Description: Extremely dark brown eyes, so dark they almost look black, short, wavy sandy blonde hair, very light-skinned, stands at about 5'8", somewhat stocky, very muscular, small scar on his right cheek, and a burn mark on his left hand.

Physical Prowess: Despite his build, Idaeus is very light on his feet, knows how to steal things without being caught, and knows just enough about fighting to keep him alive.

General Personality: Idaeus is a fairly easy going guy. Likes to have fun, and will often play jokes on those he considers to be his friends. He knows when to be serious, and tries not to cross the line with anyone once he knows what their personal boundaries are.

Social Prowess: Idaeus isn't very good with his social skills. He prefers action to talking most of the time, but this does not mean he is stupid. If cornered, he can often talk his way out of a predicament, happily resorting to force if need be.

Religious Leanings: Prays to Bori

Spoken Languages: Speaks Western, Eastern, and Southern Hyborian
Literacy: Doesn't know how to read.

Gear: Gambeson underneath cuirass and a full sleeved mail hauberk, under clothes, leather breaches, travel worn leather boots, a buckler, a dagger strapped onto left leg, often hidden by his footwear, and a cutlass, strapped onto his right hip. Was also carrying with him a heavy woolen cloak that he used on cold nights. Open helm.

Idaeus was very close to his mother as a child. He barely knew his father, who was a former soldier turned mercenary. His father often was away from home, and during the times he was there, Idaeus was rarely ever happy. Idaeus learned some of his fighting skills from his father, but most of what he learned was how to hate his father.

Idaeus' father was often drunk, and extremely cruel to Idaeus' mother. No matter how badly the man had beaten her, she never spoke an unkind word about him. When child and mother received word one day that the man they had known as father and husband had died, neither mourned. Idaeus was overjoyed, and swore to himself that he would never become like his deceased father.

Years went by, and one day Idaeus lost his mother due to a strange illness. It was days before Idaeus came out of the house he and his mother had shared all his life. When he finally did come out, he was wearing his gear, and nothing else. The man had inherited his father's cutlass and armour, the only things Idaeus would ever be happy about receiving from the dead man. His dagger had been a gift from his mother.

As fate would seem to have it, Idaeus followed in his fathers footsteps and became a mercenary. He was on a mission protecting a wealthy merchant, when some of the crew he was with revolted and killed the merchant. They wanted Idaeus to claim that bandits had attacked the group, but he refused. He claimed that he would ride into the next town and alert the authorities as to what had happened. The leader of the revolt knocked Idaeus unconcious instead of killing him. After a brief discussion, the group decided to sell him to pirates.

Idaeus woke up when the pirates were arguing over the price for him. He tried to gather the strength and energy to break free, but before he could, an unseen person knocked him unconcious again. When Idaeus finally came to again, he found himself in the belly of the ship, his personal belongings gone, and no idea where he was headed to.

[Edited by Aeramae on Sunday, November 6, 2005 1:34 PM]

11/06/2005 12:23 PM

Looks good Aer. Seems like a good character that might also have the chance to offer some comic relief.

Only two things:

1.) I'd change 'businessman' to 'merchant' just because it sounds more old-fashioned. Haha.

2.) Be forewarned that a gambeson with mail and a cuirass would be very uncomfortable to wear and lug around for extended periods. You don't need to change it, just make sure you mark that fact well -- and keep in mind that during travel he probably won't want to actually be wearing the full harness. Very hot and uncomfortable.

So yeah.. you really don't need to change anything. The thread's already going -- so hop in. I assume by the last sentence there that you're in the ship's holds, and there's already action going on down there from the looks of it.

11/06/2005 1:36 PM

Okay, took care of #1. And I'll keep in mind about the mail & cuirass.

11/12/2005 1:36 PM

Come on kids... ya need to post or the thread dies.

11/12/2005 9:20 PM

Is this thing still alive? Well hopefully alive...

I feel like slamming my head on the computers screan from all that reading I had to do to get the feel of this thing. The night is growing late and I must retire, tomarrow I will join.

If, of corse, it is alright with you, Damien.

11/13/2005 6:46 PM


[i]Ethnicity[/i] Aquilonian/Brythunian
[i]Country of Origin[/i] Pictish Wilderness

[b]Physical Description[/b]: Alanna has a very light build and is 4 feet and 9 inches. Her only really notable mark, until it heals, is a long scratch down the right side of her neck and dissappears into her clothing. She has a tattoo in the shape of a circle in her left palm with three small lines going from the middle of the circle in oppsite directions, ending at the edges of her palm. She has bright blonde hair, that ends somewhere near her rear, with vibrent green eyes and peachy skin that blushes almost too easily. A short button nose and a small splash of freckles decorate her face. Often enough this 21 year old is wrongly mistaken for someone much younger.

[i]Physical Prowess[/i]: Alanna is short but surprisingly strong for her delacate structure.

[b]General Personality[/b]: Alanna is very proud and hates taking orders from someone she doesn't know all to well. She can often be found reading alone in a libruary or asking her stepfather why people act the way they do. Very shy. With almost no temper what-so-ever she is often looked upon as a ball of sunshine; or to those who are angry with her, the little fuking ray of sunshine.

[i]Social Prowess[/i]: With her friends she is a peace maker. She sees both sides of the arguement and helps them work out the problem. Generally she'll treat you kindly but if you do something, to anything, to something, expecally animals, she'll treat you like dirt. Very big beleiver in the saying, "Treat others as you want to be treated." Has a nutrual look torwards laws. Just kinda depends on the situation.

[b]Religious Leanings[/b]: Alanna acknowledges and has only the proper amount of respect to all of the gods worshipped she has come across.
[b]Spoken Languages[/b]: Western Hyborian, Southern Hyborian,
[i]Literacy[/i]: Western Hyborian, some Southern Hyborian

[i]Gear[/i]: Just a staff.

Alanna was traveling with a friends family to a small town on the coast. Their village wanted to do trade with the little coastal town. Alanna went along for the ride. They where just finishing with the trade and where going to head out the next morning. The village was attacked that night. The piraits put the towns few people in a couple houses has they took as many goods as they could find. They would have overlooked her because she was wearing many cloaks and a couple hoods to cover her face but someone pushed her. The hoods fell off and she spotted. It was one of the few times she hated taking after her mother in looks.

With in two days of her capture she got loose. She had no clue where she was headed and being hungry she went to the kitchens, where she found out later, there was only one cook and not one man on the crew was alloud to be in. She stole some string to tie her hair up with and hid. The cook was a fat gready man who was also old. She often got brave and stole some hot food headed to the pirates. She also kept the few drugs that get put in food hidden away, so they wouldn't hurt any more slaves. She has been there no more than two weeks.

I hope that is sufficient, Damien. I look forward to posting soon.

11/14/2005 8:37 AM

That looks good,.. just a few things:

1.) Elaborate on your clothing under "Gear." Part of the reason it's there is so that everyone can get a clear picture of your character without you describing your clotihng every four posts.

2.) Keep a close eye on the spelling.

3.) Elaborate on your character's background. So far you've only included the information directly relevanet to being on board a slave ship.. but you should also try going into some detail about your character -prior- to all this. Look at everyone else's character bios to see what I mean.

11/16/2005 6:52 PM

Things have been really been packed in to my life lately and I'm rather busy. I haven't been able to get online that often this past week and I apologize if this has affected anything drastically. Anyways, I should be able to come back sometime next week so if Diomedes is needed for something someone else can control him for a short bit.

11/17/2005 11:57 AM

I'll take him along, Flan. :)

11/21/2005 11:09 AM

Sorry for the double post, but is someone finally goiing to post in the storyline?

11/21/2005 12:27 PM

I was just about to, but I was waiting to let someone else get something in. If noone else does, I'll post tonight anyway.

11/21/2005 12:34 PM

Oh you're kidding me... I posted like two days ago.. apparently the site was just going down when I did it and the reply was lost.

I'll definitely post later today/tonight when I get home. And that'll teach me to not double-check things...

11/22/2005 11:04 PM

Okay.. the storyline is still going.. Aer.. I got your character an 'in' to join the rest of us in the holds.

Also.. Lockheart, for whatever reason, still hasn't posted.. so I'll be taking over his character for the time being (perhaps permenantly) since he chose the character that was pivotal to the furtherance of the storyline.

I'm kind of disappointed with the turn out though.. more than one person that was supposed to join hasn't posted or posted once and disappeared.. let's try to keep as many people involved as possible, and I apologize for the delay in furthering the story (but as I said above.. I thought I -had- posted).

11/23/2005 10:19 PM

Ok, I probly over read it somewhere but I cannot find where the origional rowers who were chained down together got unfettered from their stations. For it appears that many of the main characters had free leg movement of some sort and then made do with being chained at the wrist.

Just checking to make sure if the rowers are still chained, for those who were chained at the legs. Reason being is that I am playing my character as still chained down in his seat, because I had not seen any saying that a key for the chians had been located. So Ill post after I have a confirmation on that.

11/24/2005 4:09 PM

The general concensus seems to be that during the chaos of combat some prisoners managed to free themselves (or get freed) while others were confined to their stations. So in referencing that, just use your best judgement. If it helps, assume that -most- of the non-player rowers are still chained, possibly even to dead comrades, and that any member-controlled characters somehow managed to get free during the fighting.

Anyone that hasn't posted yet is fair game as a non-player rower.

11/29/2005 1:04 PM

Sorry I've been MIA. I had major issues in the past week. I'll catch-up as best as I can.

11/29/2005 1:19 PM

I was running with the theory that people had gotten free in the chaos, too. Mahfouz was unchained to help with bringing in the new slaves, so with the passage of time, I assumed he was left unchained to help with more menial tasks.

Anyway, I'm liking the story. Another player or two would be nice, but if it's just us, it should work out just fine.

11/30/2005 7:33 AM

Another player or two? We already have like.. .7 or 8 people. I think that's definitely enough. More than that usually means waiting even longer between posts as you wait for -all- the participants to find time to post.

No worries, Wolfe. We've all been a little slack on posting so you didn't really miss too much. And we're all caught up now.

12/02/2005 1:46 PM

Ill post later tonight when I get back from work I just wanted to let Caelin know that Mandingo did not have a sword. Probly poor sentance structure or grammar on my part.

"the man with the sword on the head"

I thinks that how that part of the sentance was.

(the man with the sword)= Caelin

(on the head)= where Mandingo was focusing his strike which would resemble a granny toss in basketball in its motion.

I apoligize for the confusion.

12/02/2005 2:59 PM

I must have misread that, Aaron, do you want me to edit?

I changed the mention of a blade in your character's hands, mate.

[Edited by Caelin on Friday, December 2, 2005 3:03 PM]

12/05/2005 10:17 PM

Flark! You stole half my post! *mumble bitch moan* Get out of my head.

12/07/2005 6:46 PM

Hey, just so you know, I'm going to be pretty damn spotty this week and next week. I just started a new job, and I'm going through training right now. Dames, use my character anyway you need to to keep the story going. I'll will be back on a more solid basis after next week.

12/10/2005 9:39 PM

Flark! You stole half my post! *mumble bitch moan* Get out of my head.

Boy that Flark is some guy huh, being able to steal a post without actually posting!

Sorry about writing the fire description but it was really the only thing I could do to move the story along.

12/11/2005 1:27 AM

lol, I didn't even realize that. * tries to look ashamed* I understood it. I was tring to leave room for others to post about having to row as well as mayhaps bringing up barrels. It's no big deal.

12/11/2005 9:40 AM

Don't worry about it Aer. I've been really busy too. I'll probably post tonight, but it takes awhile for everyone to get in and post, so your absence probably won't make a big splash.

Everyone else just sit tight, and accept my apologies for having to take so long between posts.

12/12/2005 3:32 PM

Okay.. the story has been moved along significantly. Hope no one was really intent on doing anything on the ship that would require more than a footnote.. but I didn't want the RP to devolve into idle conversation on a boat. From here we can really get the story moving. Loosen up your morals.. it's almost time for some horse-wranglin'.

12/14/2005 12:39 PM

Which morals are you talking about? :p

12/15/2005 11:27 AM

Hardy har!

Aer isn't going to be posting anytime soon, I know -- I'll take care of that once everyone else has posted. Who else are we still waiting for -- I want to try to keep things moving as best I can.

12/25/2005 5:09 AM

Everyone take time off for the Holidays or something?

12/25/2005 11:14 AM

LOL, kinda. Im trying to think of how to play it off, seeing as how I left my character chained to his mate. Nothing has come to mind just yet but Im still in the game. I will post by Wednesday though.

[Edited by Aaron on Wednesday, December 28, 2005 2:37 PM]

12/28/2005 2:36 PM

Damien, I was wondering that since I am essentially playing two characters at this point if you want me to draw up a sheet for Mandingos chain mate. Hadnt planned on it being like that but, thats the thing with these stories, unexpected things happen.

12/29/2005 12:21 AM

If you like, that would be fine.

If you'd rather not lug around a second character (playing two full-time characters can be difficult) then feel free to simply kill him off at the next convienent battle and not worry about a character sheet for him.

Has anyone talked to Lonewolfe? I know he was talking about taking a break from the forums, but I'm not sure if he plans to stay in the thread. On that note, we're actually missing quite a few people. Hopefully everyone plans to come back and start posting again once the 'holiday season' officially settles down.

12/30/2005 8:13 AM

Okay, things should start getting easier for me. Now that we have high speed internet, and the computer is moved out of a bedroom, AND I am now set on my permanent schedule. All I got to do is figure out what to do with my character at this point in the story.

01/02/2006 5:57 PM

Yeah I'm back. Just in case you don't see it where I posted it, the idiot Comcast people disconnected the wrong line and we lost our cable for awhile. I really wasn't planning on being gone for that long. I just wasn't going to be on as often.

01/03/2006 4:21 PM

Noting Khorstal's distress at the heat, he offered, "There is more wisdom in my garb in a place like this. Perhaps we should locate more light material. A desert such as this is no place to be traipsing around in heavy cloth and armor."

Um, just a point of notice. Khorstal is not really wearing all that much to begin with. It's nothing real heavy at that.

01/07/2006 1:58 PM

I was going to close the RP down from lack of interest.. but I'll ask you guys if you want to continue.

Aaron and Flan won't be staying with us, and I have no idea where Caelin and Raven disappeared to. That leaves Unbeliever, Wolfe, Aer, myself -- not really a stunningly large cast of characters.

So if the three of you are really intent on seeing it through, we can. If not -- I'll just chalk it up to bad luck and let the RP die (if so, I'll probably make an Interest thread to see if there's any interest in a historical-themed RP to supplant this one).

01/07/2006 3:23 PM

I was still into it, but if we are going to loose half our cast, I don't know. If the remaining ones are willing, so am I.

01/07/2006 6:05 PM

I'm still in. You know, we could always just kill off the ones who won't be playing anymore.

01/07/2006 8:15 PM

Well that's mostly what I'll be doing (I may keep one of the characters around as a sort of NPC -- just to keep up the total amount of characters). The issue is just whether or not there's enough interest, and enough active participants, to warrant continuing on with the basic storyline I had planned.

01/10/2006 3:29 PM

Good point, lonewolfe. I'll have to commit all the bios to memory better. I'll make a small alteration to the post.

And I'm still very much interested in the thread, if we want to keep it going. Of course, if it dies and you post in the Interest Query forum, I'll definitely have a look at that too. I'd prefer to get the chance to flesh out this character more and get more into this particular story, though.

01/10/2006 3:54 PM

Well, I just got back after being disconnected from Dec 14th until this evening, working on the spare comp (my own has a fried mainboard :( ) and having lost over 10 gigs of data, which I was in the midst of sorting out to create a back-up...

In all, I haven't been amusing myself lately... SO YOU'D BETTER NOT STOP THIS THREAD!

I am around more from now on, although my connection is not stable at the moment, but i'll be able to post.... if the damn buttons are showing anyways, which they aren't half the time. ;)

01/11/2006 8:10 PM

Okay.. well that's five people altogether that are still interested. And feel free to ask someone else to join in - I can work new characters in as needed.

Five is enough, so give me a day or two, as I've been fairly busy with other things and I need to get my head around the storyline again since it's been inactive for so long.. and I'll pick it back up and get us going again.

01/11/2006 8:56 PM

We've been waiting this long, a few more days won't hurt. I'm glad we're going to keep going. I want to see where this goes.

01/15/2006 12:48 AM

M'kay.. the new post is up. And in true Conanesque style I wasted no time in starting a new bloodbath. Enjoy.

Anyone who doesn't plan to stick around for the whole RP is free to kill off their character, if they want to, in whatever way seems best. If a character doesn't die by the time a member goes MIA the character will just go NPC and will live or die on my whim.. haha.

Flan and Aaron, I believe, are the only two who have stated they won't be continuing.. if that's still true then this is the perfect opportunity to kill off the character before you leave, if that's what you want to do.

01/16/2006 9:50 PM

I see Aaron has already made his bow out.

I'm in the middle of posting and I had one thought. Where is the Prince in all this? I'm going to continue as I've already thought about it, but if necessary I'll edit my post to mesh.

01/17/2006 7:25 AM

I'm lost. What was supposed to happen to the guy on the boat? The one who was in with all the treasure?

01/17/2006 10:55 AM

I'm lost. What was supposed to happen to the guy on the boat? The one who was in with all the treasure?

He's still there. I just forgot to mention him - keeping track of all this stuff isn't easy, ya know. Just go about your post and I'll sum up what's going on with him in my next post. He's just going to be hanging back - trying to get to a horse without getting killed - just like everyone else.

01/19/2006 12:49 AM

Didn't see your post Aer... I think you were on haitus - just check back through the posts. To summarize: The guy in the treasure room was cleaned up, nursed back to health, and turned out to be a 'great' prince of Hyrkania, and invited all of those who would to escort him back to Hyrkania - to recieve compensation for saving his life.

So now.. we're a few days' march inland from the coast of Stygia stealing horses.

01/29/2006 10:31 PM

Sorry it took me so long. I've been out of it as of late, but I had to get something in there.

02/03/2006 4:17 AM

Don't worry about it. It took me awhile to get a post in too. Real life, and all that.

02/19/2006 12:24 PM

I waited for a while for someone to post, but seeing as nobody did, I made a short post to keep things going.

02/19/2006 1:28 PM

Yeah.. what happened to everyone? Certain players don't seem to be showing up.

02/20/2006 6:37 AM

Sorry, been kinda crazy lately. Lost my old job, searching for a new one, working Ren Faire on the weekends, family, stuff like that.

02/20/2006 11:22 AM

We know you are busy, Mae, good luck on the jobsearch. *hugs*

As for the rest, we have lonewolf, unbeliever, damien, myself. Is that all we have left of the original cast?

02/27/2006 3:34 AM

As for the rest, we have lonewolf, unbeliever, damien, myself. Is that all we have left of the original cast?

Seems about right. I was hoping Lonewolfe would be showing up soon. But we're on the seventh day since the most recent post. So if Wolfe doesn't show up soon I'll just put up a post myself and we'll move on and just hope he resurfaces at some point. I'm thinking of starting an Interests topic to recruit a few more players - see if anyone else is interested in joining so we don't get widdled down to three regulars and two occasionals. I had some good (I think) ideas for this, and I'd like to see it through, but I'd like to do so with enough collaborators to make it interesting.

Any thoughts?

02/27/2006 2:58 PM

Recruiting a few more sounds like a good idea to me. We could rescue them somewhere, or just meet them in another town and let Khashi recruit them. Any way you want to go, I'd like to see the story go on. It's got great potential.

03/02/2006 1:22 PM

Let's keep going with the story, but start up recruitment anyway? ;)

03/02/2006 1:31 PM

I'll get to posting soon - I promise. It's just been [i]one of those[/i] weeks, ya know? A lot going on - packing and all kinds of shit. I'm going to post in the Interest thread now to see if we can drum up another player or three, and I'll post more in the actual thread here as soon as I can sit down with it for a minute and get my shit straight.

03/03/2006 2:18 PM

Perfectly understandable, Damien. I'm sure we'll be here when you get the chance.

03/13/2006 4:34 PM

Haven't forgot that I said I'd post. It's just been -so- hectic. I'm sort of halfway moved into my house, halfway still living in the apartment. Everything is a pain in the ass. I simply have had NO time to post more than a few sentences anywhere on this site in the last like two weeks. But everything should be calm by Thursday or so. We'll see. I'm going to post as soon as I can sit down for ten goddamn minutes.

Thanks for your patience, guys.

03/14/2006 12:01 AM

Take the time to get yourself settled in, buddy. Don't rush it on our account. We've been waiting for a bit, but we can wait a little longer, it's not like we're going to leave you hanging after what we have posted already.

Otherwise, IM me with where you want this to go and i'll post a tieover for you, which would cost less time then 10 minutes. ;)

[Edited by Caelin on Tuesday, March 14, 2006 12:03 AM]

03/15/2006 8:42 PM

Naham, Son of Nahath, Son of Naharai
Note: Nahath is his father, and Naharai his father's father


Country of Origin:
None right now, originally Shem

Physical Description:
Height - 5'11" (177 cm)
Weight - Approx 190 lbs (86 kg)
Hair - Straight and dark, cut below the chin
Eyes - Grey
Skin - Arabian
Age - 27
Naham is of average height and size, although in better condition than most. He sports one visible scar on his face, running from his left cheek down under the chin. Several other scars are visible on his arms and legs. As a nomad, Naham has a rugged look about him, and the years as a mercenary have hardened that visage. Even so, his appearance hasn't been marred so that he looks unattractive... simply gruff and rugged.

Life on the road dictates most of Naham's appearance. Most of the time, a several day growth adorns his chin (with a bald spot left by the scar). The clothes of his homeland are ideal for traveling, and so he wears them often, combining the flowing robes with his armour, and wearing a cloak over it all. Brown is the colour of choice, to hide the dust and dirt from travelling long roads.

Physical Prowess:
Naham possesses strictly average strength and agility. However, his endurance is high, from surviving in the desert. While not impressive physically, he carries an aura of confidence, which any fighter will recognize as the mark of a warrior.

General Personality:
Naham's most defining characteristic is his incredible resolve and determination. Though not the most skilled fighter, quick thinking and a will to survive manage to pull him through most situations. Naham also places high importance on honour, and regards his word as absolute. After giving his word, he will stay bound to it. However, he isn't stupid, and knows many others will betray their own word, and he is prepared to consider his own promises null when one breaks their end of the bargain. This honour-bound attitude extends to his work, and is a great help because a mercenary who gets a reputation for being easily bought out will soon find himself out of work.

For one without education, Naham is abnormally intelligent, and has an instinctive knack for tactics and mechanics. This intelligence is what makes him a good soldier, especially in small battles, where he can directly influence the overall flow of combat. However, as with most people above average intelligence, he sees no need for unwarranted violence, and tends not to engage in combat unless being paid, or in self defense.

Social Prowess:
Naham is completely uncharismatic. He is generally short spoken, and never really talks much about himself. When he deigns to speak, it is generally short and to the point, and often brutally honest. He isn't (intentionally) rude, but his blunt lack of refinement may cause some to take offense. His main plan of action around those of high rank is to stay quiet and hope they don't find his silence to be rude.

Religious Leanings:
None. Naham believes only in his own ability, and the world around him.

His Stygian speech is quite well refined, and he can converse in Northern and Western Hyborian, from learning bits and pieces while travelling through those areas.

Naham has never been formally educated, and is illiterate as a result.

As noted earlier, Naham typically wears a long, flowing robe, tied at the waist, and with a platemail hauberk over top. The sleeves of the robe come to just above the elbow. This may or may not be covered over with a cloak, depending on the weather. He wears only a circlet for head protection, preferring the freedom of movement and vision.

A large wooden shield bound with steel is strapped to his back while not in combat, and Naham is always quick to produce it should danger come near. His weapon of choice is an arming sword, with one short sword, several daggers, and a hunting knife as backup. His right forearm bears a mail and leather bracer, and each hand has a fingerless leather glove.

Naham began life as a nomad, travelling throughout the deserts of Shem. Born as the first child, he was also an only child, as his mother died during childbirth. Naham grew very close to his father, Nahath, and learned most of what he knows from the man. He was taught the use of a bow at an early age, as are most Shemites, but never really had a lot of skill with one. When Naham was 10 years old, his father was killed during a raid on another nomad tribe. After this, he was taken in by an elderly woman of the clan, since he had no mother to take care of him.

Naham disliked the unstable nomadic life, however, and eventually moved to Asgalun to find a different way of life. While in Asgalun, he was assaulted by a roadside robber. The 13-year old nomad made quick work of the criminal, mostly by luck, but caught the eye of a nearby mercenary commander in the process. Not long after, Naham found himself travelling around Hyboria, being sheltered by a troupe of about 20 mercenary soldiers. They attempted to have him fight as an archer, but although he was still better than most, his skill was unworthy of a Shemite. The mercenaries trained him in the use of swords and most other basic weapons after that.

After several years travelling and training with the mercenaries, Naham started getting directly involved with the combat. On the field, he served as an all-purpose fighter, switching between bow and sword as the situation required. For the past 11 years, his life has consisted of travelling from battle to battle with that troupe, with nothing but his scars and his wealth to show for it.


I had originally included an image with BBCode, but apparenty this forum doesn't support it. Check this link for a fairly accurate picture of Naham:


Except more brown, and without the poofy sleeves

Also, sorry for the length, but I didn't realize how long it was as I wrote it, and I'm not sure of what to cut out...

[Edited by Pendragon on Wednesday, March 15, 2006 8:48 PM]

03/15/2006 9:11 PM

Sorry for the double post, but the length of that character bio just disgusts me. Here's the (extremely) synopsized version for your reading pleasure.

Naham, Son of Nahath, Son of Naharai


Country of Origin:
None right now, originally Shem

Physical Description:
Height - 5'11" (177 cm)
Weight - Approx 190 lbs (86 kg)
Hair - Straight and dark, cut below the chin
Eyes - Grey
Skin - Arabian
Age - 27
- Average height and size
- Good condition than most
- Scar from left cheek down under the chin
- Rugged, hardened appearance; but not unattractive
- 3-day beard

Physical Prowess:
- Average strength and agility
- High endurance
- Aura of confidence

General Personality:
- Resolve and determination
- Quick thinking
- Will to survive
- Honour-bound to his word
- Not easily bought off
- Intelligent, especially with tactics and mechanics
- Dislikes unwarranted violence

Social Prowess:
- Uncharismatic
- Short spoken
- Brutally honest

Religious Leanings:
- None

- Stygian
- Limited Northern and Western Hyborian

- None

- Long, flowing robe
- Platemail hauberk
- Optional cloak
- Circlet
- Large wooden shield bound with steel
- Arming sword
- Short sword
- Several daggers
- Hunting knife
- Mail and leather right bracer
- Fingerless leather gloves

- Nomad
- Only child
- Mother died during childbirth
- Not extremely skilled with a bow
- Father was killed during a raid
- Moved to Asgalun
- Joined a troupe of 20 mercenaries
- Trained with most basic weapons
- Fought as a mercenary for the last 11 years

Ah, that's much better. Any advice or criticism from you would be appreciated, Damien. Also, I left the last part of the history very open ended, so it should be easy to just add a few lines to place me in the right area to get introduced to the campaign.

Looking forward to playing with you all.

03/16/2006 1:31 PM

Xanthos Vittorio

Ethnicity: Argossean

Country of Origin: Argos

City/Province of Origin: Messantia

Physical Description: Like most Argosseans, he is short at about 5'7", stocky and broad. His hair is brown and curly, with occasional lighter highlights, and is cut short. He wears a shortly trimmed, but full, beard of the same color as his hair. He has a sharp nose and strong cheekbones, and his eyes are an uncharacteristically light hazel. He has no large defining scars, only the small ones that any person accumulates.

Physical Prowess: He is strong, but not enough to be known for it. He is not the fastest person, but is nearly impossible to knock off balance and he keeps his movements as efficient as possbile. Solid describes him fairly well.

General Personality: He is bitter, bearing a hatred for Zingarans that is unique even for his country. He feels that ill luck has followed him his entire life and so walks around with a chip on his shoulder, a trait that has won him very few friends. He is a competent soldier and sailor, though; always completing his tasks is a point of pride for him. His life's ambition is to restore his family's fortune.

Religious Leanings: West

Spoken Languages: Northern, Western, and Southern Hyborian, Stygian (will be explained)

Literacy: Southern Hyborean, can piece through some of the others

Gear: Wears a Greek-style open-faced helm (no crest, though), a steel cuirass, steel-studded leather bracers and greaves. Uses a broadhead single-sided battle axe, shortsword and poniard for backup.

History: Xanthos was born to what appeared to be a successful Argossian merchant family. He was the second son and the fifth child. He was educated and trained in the things an Argossean merchant would need to know, inculding languages, finances, navigation, and comabt, till he was thirteen. That was when his family went through a string of bad luck that destroyed them. Their merchant fleet consisted of six ships. Over the course of four months all but one had been lost to storms and pirates, and due to the reputation for ill luck that his family had gained they could find no captain willing to take it and had to pay double wages to the crew. His father captained it. Months later, one of the sailors appeared at their door. He told them that the ship had been attacked by Zingarans, and that his father had died defending it. The ship had been sunken, the cargo stolen, and most of the surviving crew had gone to the galleys of the slave-ship. The sailor that reported this had drifted for days on a plank of the ship before being picked up by a trader bound for Messantia.

To finance the last voyage his family had borrowed extensively, and everything he had known his entire life ended up being sold to pay the debts. His older brother was now in charge of the family, and very bluntly told Xanthos that they could not support him. He went to an friend of the family who gave him a job on one of his ships, as a sailor, a position lower than he would have ever expected to have to occupy a few months before.

That was fifteen years ago. He has not done terribly for himself since, establishing a reputation as a solid sailor and soldier, though his terrible attitude has made him few friends and caused him to miss out on more than a few higher-paying jobs.

Hope that works. I have absolutely no experience with this world, so I expect some of it doesn't though. I followed Pendragon's example and left my history open ended, for the same reason.

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