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09/26/2005 2:53 PM

okay, mostly for veteran players, dragon characters please. Non-dragon chars will be considered if there is a well planned reason for their presence....

basically three sides, Good, Neutral and Evil... I'll play 'Glimmer' as well as a couple of her children, I may bring Hiaku and Wylin into this... dunno as of yet... I'm gonna need your help guys on this k??

ALright you veterans... *cough* Arandur *cough* get your butts in here!!

09/26/2005 3:27 PM

Reportin' for duty ma'am *salutes*

Now I need to think up a character. Hmmm, got some ideas and shall post it very soon.

Hey Sparky if your listenin' get yer butt in here too! That goes for the rest of the old writing crew, off yer buttocks and into this thread! :p


09/26/2005 4:03 PM

I'll be running several characters as of now.... *sigh*

Name: Crystalamira/ Glimmer AKA Kalia Majere

Race: Crystal Dragon

Class: Mage (White Robe)

Nature: Lawful Neutral

Demeanor: Caregiver, Crusader

Age: At the end of the War of Souls, approximate age is 420 years. Apparent age in human form is about 25 years.

Height: Dragon~ Approximately 95 feet from nose to tail. (About 29 meters)

Height to shoulder: 18 feet (5 1/2 meters)

Wingspan: 190 feet. (58 meters)

Human: Five feet Six inches. (Approximately 1.8 meters)

Weight: 130 lbs (Approximately 59 kilos)

Appearance: Dragon: Glimmer is unusual for a Krynnish dragon. Slightly larger than her chromatic and metallic cousins, Glimmer is a sight to behold.

Her wings are feathered, not membranous like other Krynn dragons. Each feather is a pure iridescent white. Due to the fact that they are feathered, Glimmer is a stronger flier than most Krynn dragons, with the exception of the swift, strong flying Blues and Silvers.

Each of her scales is a flawless faceted crystal, which easily reflects any light source.

Human: Glimmers human form is known to mortals as Kalia Majere. Slender and pretty with a delicate facial structure that seem more elfin than human. Her hair is the color of burnished silver and her eyes burn golden like the morning sun.

Breath Weapon: Glimmers Breath Weapon is a blast of Cold-Fire. These Icy blue/green-white flames will encase anything it touches and turn it into crystal. The spell of her breath normally wont last long, in fights where she does use the weapon (rarely) she will usually shatter the crystal with a single blow.

History: Crystalamira was raised on the dragon isles, always told that she would one day bring peace to Krynn. Weighed down by the constant reminders of the prophecy behind her birth, Crystalamira fled the isles when she was very young. She chose the name Glimmer in an attempt to hide from her destiny. Not too long after this flight from home she was found and imprisoned by the Dark Queen, Takhisis. Intent on stealing Crystalmiras power for her own, Takhisis imprisoned her deep in the abyss. Her only hope lay in the dragon that was assigned to guard her.

Asylynn was a magical construct. Takhisis wanted a general to help control her armies of dragons. His body was originally that of a white dragon, infused with the magic and colors of all the others. each scale shimmered with blue green and red. His spirit was once as cruel as any vicious black dragon. Glimmer pleaded with him till finally his heart was swayed.

They fled the Abyss, and Asylynn led Glimmer back to the Dragon isles. It was there that the Gold Matriarch decided that Crystalamiras power had to be sealed away, for her own protection as well as for Krynn itself. Glimmer reluctantly agreed, though she had no idea what the aging gold dragon had in mind. When the mists of dragon magic faded, a human baby lay in the circle where Glimmer had once stood. Asylynn was given the child and was told to find a suitable home for her among humans. Humans that would probably accept him as well, for he was to be her true guardian.

So Asylynn brought his charge to Solace, and landed at Crystalmir Lake. The Villagers raced out with swords and such at hand, but Asylynn ignored them all, merely defending himself without causing harm to the village. When the human he sought came forward, the burly Caramon Majere, Asylynn turned his violet eyes towards him. Caramon Majere, I have traveled far to ask a boon of you... This child is in need of a home. She is destined for greatness, and your reputation cannot be denied. I cannot raise her the way that she should be raised, and I ask you. I will remain in Solace Vale, for the Dragons will forever be her guardians. Asylynn had held the babe wrapped in soft silks and furs, her golden eyes wide and bright as she stared at the humans around her. Caramon had walked up and rested his large hand on the babes head, caressing the wisp of silver-white hair. With only a nod, he picked the baby up and cradled her in his arms.

Thus began the story of Kalia Majere.

Stories she participated in:

Our Hero ~Joe Ghostbuster

Sins of the Father (?)~ Pyranthas

Full Circle I ~(myself)

Gem of Wayerth ~ Ontarys

Caramon the Conqueror ~ Ontarys

The Seduction ~ (Myself)

Full Circle II ~(Myself)

Name: Kiyomi Amara Seimiya (will usually go by Kiyo)
Race: Steel Dragon (Actually a half breed, daughter of Hiaku Seimiya, and Wylin Majere)
Class: Ranger
Nature: Chaotic Neutral
Demeanor: Seeker
Age: 15
Height: Dragon: Kiyo doesnt assume her dragon form much, as she doesnt even need to do so to invoke her inherent power.
Shes about 50 feet in length ( about 15 meters)
height to shoulder: 6 feet (1.8 meters)

Elvin: Kiyo also prefers an Elvin form and is about 56 (1.6 meters)
and weighs about 120 lbs (54 kilos)

Appearance: Kiyos dragon form is the bluish gray color of burnished steel. She looks much like her father in dragon form, but has feathery, wispy white wings that are purely ornamental in nature.

Kiyos Elvin form is very much like her Father. Long black hair, and almond shaped blue eyes that she inherited from her mother. She will wear a short traditional Kimono of blue and silver silk, half of her black hair twisted into a bun and held in place with a jeweled silver pin.

History: Kiyo doesnt have much of a history at this time, as shes only shown in a couple stories, and only as cameo appearances.

Stories She has shown in:

Full Circle I
Full Circle II
War with the TyNari
(All of these are brief cameos of her using her abilities as a planar traveler that can travel time easier than space.)

Name: Hiaku Seimiya

Race: Oriental/Planar dragon
Class: Fighter/Alien Mage
Nature: Neutral
Demeanor: Teacher/Nice Guy
Age: Approx 300
Height: Dragon: 63 feet from nose to tail (approx 19 meters)
Height to shoulder: 7feet ( approx 2 meters)
Wingspan: None

Human: 5 11 (approx 1.8 meters)
Weight: 179lbs (approx 81 kilos)

Appearance: Dragon: Hiaku is a dragon from our own earth, an oriental dragon. His colors are blue and silver, his belly is silver and it darkens gradually to a dark violet blue on the furred ridge on his spine. He is long and sinuous, like all oriental type dragons. he has a planar traveling ability, though he cannot move through time easily, he can move through in an instant if he chooses, but the ability drains him and he cannot do it often.

Human: Hiaku looks Elvin by Krynnish standards, save for his rounded ears. With almond shaped gold eyes, and long black hair, he is quite handsome. He will normally wear his hear loose and unfettered, and dresses in his traditional cut silk clothing. He does wield a sword, but prefers to attack in his true form.

History: As mentioned, Hiaku comes from our own world, and was a River Guardian. When his river was destroyed by humans, he set out wandering, in search of a new home. He was found and tricked by the demon Zakuro Shijima. Thus enslaved he was used to try to bring the powers of Krynn to their knees. During an attempt to escape, he met up with Wylin Majere and her aunt, Karina. Thus began a strife-filled relationship wrought with betrayal, intentional and unintentional.

Stories he has appeared in:

DL Legacy: New beginnings
Full Circle II

Name: Skytouch /Silar Majere

Race: Gray Gem Dragon

Class: Ranger/Mage

Nature: Chaotic Neutral

Demeanor: Guardian

Human: 61() Weight: 195
Dragon: Length: 65 feet from nose to tail/Height to shoulder: 12 feet/wingspan: 130 feet

Human: Silar has a muscular build, and though he looks human, he has silvery hair the color of burnished steel. His blue eyes are inhumanly bright, and he moves like a predator.
Dragon: Silar is the twin brother of Wylin (Windrider) Majere, and his appearance as a dragon is identical of hers except for his size, same breath weapon as well.

History: Silar is the twin brother of Wylin Majere, and has shown to be a reliable person. His power as a mage can be formidable, though he rarely uses it, his skill with a sword is amazing. during his only appearance in DL Legacy Silar attacks Hiaku, seemingly because Hiaku left his sister alone when there was danger near. Silar was testing him, his tests and tricky mannerisms offer us some insight on his personality.

Character insight: Silar was the first of the gray gem siblings that I actually developed, even though Wylin, his twin is more developed personality wise than he is. He has this no-nonsense attitude about him that can get annoying at times. He is also extremely protective of Wylin, much to her disdain. Silar is the type that when hard times come, he accepts it as something that was meant to be, or even deserved, and that we have to come to terms with our own problems before we can attempt to save the world from theirs. He seems to be pessimistic, but he does this to make people realize that there is hope, no matter how tiny that spark seems to be.

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09/26/2005 4:08 PM

Blasted glitch... I'm not fixing those commas, periods and qotation marks..... blast..... I am not sure as of yet when or if I'll bring in Wylin... I may make her a P.O.W.... :P

09/26/2005 4:26 PM

Damn that's a flight of Dragons there Kalia! ;) I was thnking of playing a few myself but here is the first...


Alias: Golandar, Gildenscale, Ashai'iryon

Race: Metallic (Gold Dragon)

Gender: Male

Age: Ancient

Alignment: Lawful Good

Physical Description (Dragon): In his natural form Golandar stands just shy of fifty-five feet, his draconic build more powerful than sinuous for a dragon of his kind. From the tip of his golden snout to the end of his tail he measures almost ninety feet, with scales that almost look like liquid gold when he moves his frame. His horns and spikes, which run the length of his spine and skull, are all of a pale ivory and his underbelly runs to a platinum colour as do the folds of his massive wings. For want of a better physical description, Golandar harkens back to his draconic ancestors of old, able to trace his proud lineage to the first dragons created by Paladine when the world was young. His form and bearing the very ideal of what a gold dragon was perceived to be. Despite his many battles and scars which have all but healed with time, Golandar's face is marred by an ancient battle wound, a twin slash of claws which almost took his left eye in an ancient battle with a great red of yore. The scar itself has paled and faded though the scales are still broken and have run to a platinum colour along the scar.

Physical Description (Humanoid): Though a form hardly used by Golandar in the last few centuries, he prefers to appear as an almost human figure standing just over six feet in height with long blonde hair and a broad shouldered frame. For clothing the dragon chooses to wear a hauberk of burnished golden scale-mail that falls to his ankles and belted with an ornate sword belt depicting the holy symbol of the All-Father Paladine. His scars are still evident in his human form though they are faded and pale.

Personality: Loyal and compassionate and dedicated to those dragons who would walk the Path laid down by Paladine. In times of war, Golandar can seem cold and somewhat distant, knowing that what must be done to save dragonkind may not be in the best interests of all.

Bio: Born to the ruling lineage of Ao, the Dragon Isle, when the Gold dragons ruled the Isle as kings before the founding of the Council of Wyrms where Dragons of all colours are able to cast a vote in Draconic affairs. Golandar has spent the last 200 odd years as the First Guardian of the Dragon Isle while his hatchling-sister Iliondari'irya has sat upon the Council as representative of Gold Dragons.

Also is anyone playing the Evil Shadow Dragon as yet?


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09/26/2005 4:35 PM

leave that one to me ;) I've got my plans :P

09/26/2005 4:45 PM

oooh plans huh? Someone is inspired. Was it the cherubic hymns of debauchery? :P

I was thinking of bringing Falagar into the game but I am not sure how he would fit. But the second dragon I was thinking of bringing into the game was a lieutenant of the Shadow Dragon, an ancient red dragon...


09/26/2005 4:49 PM

thats fine with me :D

09/27/2005 11:59 AM

ok guys i have 5 dragon chars that i have used in the past... 2 blue, 1 black/obsidian cross and her twin 1 copper, and 1 ice/white.. how many are you looking for?

09/27/2005 12:48 PM

as many as you like, we need chromatic as well as metallic dragons... :D

09/27/2005 12:51 PM

Sounds very interesting. Mind if I join? I currently have one dragon character but I am thinking about making another. Anyways I'll post my dragon later on when I know its okay to do so.

09/27/2005 1:12 PM

*nod* all veteran players are welcome :D

09/27/2005 1:26 PM

ok i will type up their info tonight and post it in the morning ;)... i think i will just use the ice/white, and the twins they have a bit of conflict (one being black and the other copper) yet a family loyalty that might add an interesting bit to the story

09/27/2005 2:16 PM

Alrighty... time for me to gather my flight *cracks her knuckles* I have some good and some evil, so bear with me while I sort them out, m'kay? :D Also, just as a quick little note here, all of my neutral characters will be played as their qualifier; chaotic neutral as evil and lawful neutral as good.


Name: Kilairiandralsilvantaslik

Alias: Airiana / Airi

Race: Metallic/Chromatic Dragon (Silver/Red)

Gender: Female

Age: Ancient

Alignment: Neutral Good

Physical Description: In her True form (dragon form), Airiana stands tall at about sixty feet. In length, she is about seventy-five feet from snout to tailtip. Her scales are a silvery-red or reddish-silver (whichever way you prefer to say it&) and she has large, silver eyes. Her horns, spines, etc. are all a dark gray color and her underbelly and wings are tan.

In her Elven form (the form she prefers when not able to be in her real body) she appears to be a Silvanesti elf with long, jet-black hair and those unmistakable silver eyes. Her skin, unlike most Silvanesti, had a dark tan. Around her neck perpetually hangs the Heart-Emerald, its color indicating the feelings of its bearer. She generally wears velvety robes that shift from a brick red to silver, depending on the light. Over that she wears a red, velvet cloak, only a shade darker than her robes and knee-high black leather boots. Around her waist are various pouches that seem to shift color with the robes they are on.

In Human form (which she rarely takes), she has long, wavy auburn hair, and most all other attributes discussed in the Elven form remain the same.

Personality: Generous and kind; she will do just about whatever she can to help those in need. She seems to take a liking to outcasts and other "Untouchables" like herself. She is very intelligent and wise.

Bio: Born a Silver/Red, she was considered an abomination. Her mother tried to kill her and all of her siblings; the Silver dragoness succeeded in killing all but Airiana, who hid and was forgotten. The Silvers taught her enough to survive and sent her out into Krynn, to live her life alone. Stupidly, she attempted to find her father, and was almost killed in the process. While the Metallics will banish a hybrid, the Chromatics would rather kill it. Since then, she has grown to be one of the oldest, non-senile, dragons still living, even out-living those who banished her from the Dragon Isles. She has made her way through Krynn and a few other worlds, and loves to travel. While her lifemate, Matthiass, also a Silver/Red, chooses to remain at their home in Fernwood Village minding a magic shop that he runs there, Airiana is almost always out and about, traveling here or there.

Weapons/Powers: With her being a dragon, and an ancient one at that, Airiana is quite adept in the ways of magic and illusion, usually needing to only say a few arcane or draconic words and possibly make some gestures to get whatever it is she wants. She is both telepathic and telekinetic. Due to her half-Chromatic parentage, she can radiate Dragonfear. Her breathweapon is called fiery ice. Whatever is blasted with it will first be burned and then immediately thereafter frozen (if not causing immediate death, it usually causes it eventually--the weapon kills body cells and they rot, spreading throughout the body).

Name: Shantakalin

Alias: Wynter

Race: Silver Dragon

Gender: Male

Age: 755

Alignment: Lawful Good

Physical Description: In dragon form, Shantakalin is around 50 feet tall and about 100 feet long. In human form, Wynter is tall and appears to be in his late twenties. He has long silver hair that he keeps tied up in a leather thong and piercing, steel-blue eyes. His eyes, in any form, are his most consuming feature. They make most people stare at him until he looks at them, at this they oftentimes shrink away, looking somewhere else, ever though the dragon means them no harm. He wears simple clothing and tries not to attract too much attention to himself. He prefers instead to watch others.

Personality: Calm and quiet most times, he likes to be in the background when around mortals. He is highly intelligent, as most dragons are, and is very kind. It would not be uncommon for him to help anyone that he senses may be in danger.

Bio: Lived most of his life on the Dragon Isles, honing his magical skills. He has recently decided to come to Ansalon, wanting to find out as much as he can about the mortal races of Krynn and heeding Crystalamira's call. He favors human civilizations.

Name: Taetialreore

Alias: Taet

Race: Metallic (Silver) Dragon

Gender: Male

Age: 75

Alignment: Lawful Good

Physical Description:
Dragon Form: Taet has flawless silver scales and is twenty-eight feet from snout to tailtip, standing at about eighteen feet tall or so. His eyes are blue-gray and his claws, spikes, and horns are all ivory white. His underbelly is a gray only a shade or two darker than his silver scales.
Mortal Form: Taet appears as a human male in his late teens, early twenties. His hair is long and ivory white. He keeps it in a long braid down his back at all times. His eyes are the same blue-gray as in his true form, and his skin is very pale. He wears simple clothing in different shades of blues and grays usually, even down to his gray kidskin boots.

Personality: Taet is a self-righteous, honorable person with a very strict code of honor. He is very well mannered and honest to a fault. In a lot of ways, he mirrors the truth and integrity that was once so highly valued among the Solamniac Knights.

Biography: Born and raised in Fernwood Village with his brother and sister, Taet always felt a little different among his siblings, as well as most of the rest of his lineage, being that he was wholly a silver dragon, whereas his kindred were not. Because of this, he always felt a little superior to his siblings. After his mother left Fernwood for good, Taet began training himself to fight in the mortal way, with sword and shield, receiving some help from the other, older residents of Fernwood. Once he deemed himself old enough, he went out on his own to find his place in the world.

Weapon(s)/Power(s): All the usual weapons of a dragon--the inherent magical ability, the natural weapons of claws, teeth, and tail, as well as his breathweapon of frost. As well, as with all other land-based Krynnish dragons, he can fly. Taet is learning the different languages of Krynn, although he does not have nearly as good a grasp on them as do other members of his family. He fights well with any kind of sword, and is a fair aim with a bow as well.


Name: Liekelatier

Alias: Lieke

Race: Silver/Black Dragon

Class: Dragon Magus

Gender: Female

Age: 75

Alignment: Chaotic neutral

Physical Description:
Dragon-form: She is nearly twenty-five feet from snout to tail tip and stands about fifteen feet tall. Her scales are the color of hematite stone, while her eyes are a dark, ruby-red. Her underbelly and wing webs glitter with far more silver than black, while all of her claws and spikes are as deep black as ebony.
Mortal form: She takes the shape of a teenaged human girl of about 5'6" in height and a slender 125 pounds in weight. Her skin is very dark and her eyes and lips ruby red, as her eyes always are. Her hair is long and silver, though streaks of both red and black can be seen here and there, and it is bound in a single long braid that falls midways down her back. She wears the robes of a mage that are as dark as ebony. The runes sewn into its edges are of silver and red, and the rich velvet whispers softly around her boot-clad ankles as she walks. From each barely-pointed ear hangs a dangling earring that shows the three moons: Solinari is full, before it hangs Lunitari, which can only be half-seen, and then Nuitari is in the fore in its crescent phase. She wears a ring on each ring-finger of silver; one holding an onyx stone while the other a ruby.

Personality: Lieke generally expects the worst-case scenario in any given situation. She is sarcastic, pessimistic, and secretive. Despite this, she generally cares for the people she allows to get close to her, though she doesn't even like them to know it. She is very intelligent, as most dragons are, and is honor-bound, despite her mixed heritage.

Biography: Lieke was born the second dragonet in a clutch of three to her parents Calistanoanlikathlik (a Silver/Red dragoness) and Zynx (a Silver/Black dragon). Her brothers are the Silver Taetialreore and the Silver/Red Shradilogonowit. She grew up just outside of Fernwood Village, spending most of her time there until her mother denounced dragonkind and her grandmother, Kilairiandralsilvantaslik, lost her life trying to prevent the War of Souls. Since then, she had moved away from the rest of her family and traveled the world of Krynn. Recently, she met up with her mother at the Tower of Wayreth (where her mother has become a Magus of Nuitari), and was told that she must go to the Dragon Isles and be Recognized by the Council of Elders, as all dragons with Metallic heritage living outside the Veil are supposed to do. Since her recognition of the Elders, and her meeting of Kethrevaris, she has journeyed back to Ansalon.

Weapon(s)/Power(s): She is very strong, though physical strength is not something she generally takes advantage of, preferring magical strength and mental ability. She uses magic far more than anything else, and will always use it first in a battle. She inherited the acidic breathweapon of the Black dragons, though she uses it only as a last resort.

Other(s): This particular dragoness has a disadvantage against anyone who could be considered fast, and absolutely hates to admit when she's wrong. Also, for this version, Airiana shall be played as if she never died. As well, Calista will return to dragonkind, but has much animosity for her mother.

Name: Mantassaleekavahntos

Alias: Vahntos

Race: Green Dragon

Gender: Male

Age: 780

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Physical Description: In dragon form, Mantassaleekavahntos is around 50 feet tall and about 100 feet long. In human form, Vahntos is tall and appears to be in his late twenties. He has long black hair that he keeps tied up in a leather thong and eyes that are greener than the deepest emerald. He always wears the colors of his God: deep brown and black, and wears a necklace with Morgion's symbol around his neck. If need be, he will cover the symbol, so as not to draw attention to himself, but this is rare indeed.

Personality: Sinister and suspicious, as well as arrogant and deceitful. He takes pride in anything he accomplishes and is constantly scheming to gain more power. He does not, under any circumstances, trust those in his command, and will just as soon kill one of them as an enemy, if given even a whisper of a reason to do so. Is completely devoted to Morgion and all the powers he possesses. Vahntos has the intelligence known among dragons and uses his senses to his advantage.

Bio: The green dragon was born before the first Cataclysm, and watched the trials and tribulations of mortals on Krynn with much amusement throughout his youth. He broke away from Takhisis in favor of serving the Black Wind, the God of Disease and Decay, Morgion, shortly before Takhisis's demise during the Chaos War. The green has served Morgion faithfully from that day on, and as the god's scion, spent much time conquering Krynn. Now that his conquering days are over, the green still feels the need for battle, and eyes the dragons of good with hatred and bloodlust.

Weapons/Powers: Vahntos has all the perks of being a green dragon: dragonfear, his breathweapon (chlorine gas), ability to see past illusions, sheer size and raw power of being a dragon of his size, as well as an almost inexhaustible amount of magic at his disposal. In addition to these abilities, Vahntos has a link with his God, making him able to speak with Morgion at the speed of thought. Also, he once used this link, during his conquering times, to call upon his God to help spread plagues and other weaknesses against those rebelling against his rule as well as the forces of Mishakal, who he fought for control of Krynn.

Name: Calistanoanlikathlik

Alias: Calista / Cali

Race: Metallic / Chromatic Dragon (Silver/Red)

Class: Dragon Mage

Gender: Female

Age: 226

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Physical Description:
Dragon Form: Calista glimmers a silver-hued red from snout to tailtip, the distance being around forty-five feet in length. She stands at around thirty feet tall. Her underbelly and wing membranes are both a tan color, while her claws, horns, and spikes are a dark gray. Her eyes, like her mother's, are silver, no matter her form, though they may dull to gray if necessary.
Mortal Form: She generally appears as a half-elf who looks to be about forty years old (comparable to a human of around twenty-five years of age). She has long, wavy auburn hair and tanned skin. She wears the black robes of the dark magi and a necklace with three teeth. Upon closer inspection, the teeth become recognizably those of baby dragons. They are the first tooth lost from each of her three children, respectively. She is about 5'4" tall and slim at 110 pounds.

Personality: Calista is a dragoness of varying moods and personality shifts. At once she is kind and charming, and in another instant she may kill something.

Biography: Raised in Fernwood Village, Calista spent a great part of her life there. After returning from her almost wanderlust-like tour of Ansalon, she returned to the village and met her mate, Zynx. There in Fernwood, they raised their three children, Lieke, Gonowit, and Taet. After the children were old enough to begin taking care of themselves, Calista set out again, needing to travel. A violent feud with her mother, which neither will disclose the nature of, and her own observations led Calista's already darkening disposition to become even worse, and the dragoness denounced the rest of dragonkind, but most especially the Metallics. Since, she became a mages of Nuitari, and has only recently allowed herself to associate with her own kind, though she still has a passionate hatred of the Metallics, other hybrids, and most especially her mother.

Weapon(s)/Power(s): All the usual weapons of a dragon--the inherent magical ability, the natural weapons of claws, teeth, and tail, as well as her breathweapon of fire. As well, as with all other land-based Krynnish dragons, she can fly. She speaks most languages native to Ansalon, and those she does not know completely, she has at least a small grasp of.

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09/27/2005 2:47 PM

suppose I should bring in Keth as well.... suppose he could be on the neutral side....

Name: Kethriveris
Race: Dragon (Blue/Gold hybrid)
Age: 77
Alignment: Chaotic Good

History: Keth is the estranged mate of Lieke, and while he is good in nature, he is often dragged into things not-so-honorable by Lieke. He too was raised shunned by felow dragons, barely tolerated by the metallics, and hunted by the chromatics when found.

Keth is an acomplished fighter, lithe in flight as well on the ground. Is faster than many dragons in the air, with narrow wings for quick flight and awsome aerobatics.

His scales are blue edged in gold, while his wing membranes are a transparent gold edged in blue.

09/28/2005 11:52 AM

Name: None given
Alias: Klarmeir
Race: Fire Dragon
Class: Dragon Psychic
Gender: Male
Age: As old as the world
Alignment: Chaos

Physical Description:
Dragon form: In his dragon form, Klarmeir is a great, glowing dragon with large, black stones for scales and a hide that acts much the same as firm, living magma. He is about 113 feet in length and has, usually, no wings to speak of unless he needs them. When he does, his wings grow from his back and give him some flight abilities, though nowhere near the freedom most dragons have in the sky.

Humanoid form: In his mortal form, Klarmeir becomes a pale-skinned silvanesti with long black hair and black leather armor; the image of the mortal that had tried to kill him but had failed miserably (a dragonsbane, though he does not know it). He stands about 5'9" and carries no weapon to speak of. His eyes go from coal-black to a flaming orange when a strong emotion is felt.

Personality: Sarcastic, quick-witted, and completely un-dragonlike, Klarmeir enjoys nothing more than spreading discord between friendships and forcing enemies to rely on each other to survive.

History: Stripped of their magical abilities and their god, the Fire Dragons hid themselves away from the world, living their lives, if they could even call it 'life' in the red-hot fire sea deep underground. But Chaos had imbued a part of himself into these dragons- an innate hatred for all creation. The dragons grew restless in their warm home and soon rose back to the surface, hiding themselves as mortals and raising themselves to places of power in mortal society. They have since been working to bring their god's wishes even in his absence.

Klarmeir, himself, though, is searching for a way to return his God to the world, without, of course, looking to attract the attention of any other God in the process.

Weapons/powers: During Chaos' freedom from the jewel, Klarmeir possessed magical abilities that could intimidate even the most magically talented dragons of the past. However, with Chaos gone, Klarmeir relies on his psionic and dragonic abilities to aid him. His breath weapon is a wave of pure heat mixed with flecks of magma and can come out, concentrated, from his mouth, or from his entire body. In mortal form he is generally confined to using just his psionic abilities, which place him on par or above with most dragon magic-users. His mortal form can activate a few of his dragonic abilities, but it is at peril to himself.


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09/28/2005 12:10 PM

Awsome Dan-san! :) Glad to have you aboard!

09/29/2005 8:10 AM

Got room for another chaotic neutral silver dragon? Thinking about playing myself as a dragon.

09/29/2005 3:49 PM

Here is my first dragon. I might play more but for now here he is...

Name: Darallackurus
Alias: Dar
Race: Metallic/Chromatic Dragon (Silver/Blue)
Gender: Male
Age: 5th generation dragon
Length: 57 feet
Weight:653 lbs.
Description: In his dragon form, his scales are silver with blue tips. He has blue eyes and his spines, horns, etc. are a greyish color and his wing-webs/underbelly are a light blue color.

In his human form (the form he likes when he is unable to be in his dragon form) he has short silver hair with blue tips and his blue eyes. His skin is tan and he wears a sliver cloak. Underneath his cloak he wears light armor.

Personality: He is calm and cooperative. He also is kind to others unless he thinks they are an enemy. He is not very trustworthy and takes awhile to trust people. Although, he trusts other outcasts faster than anybody else.

Bio: He wanted to learn everything from both sides of his family so he spent more of his life learning from his parents. For his parents left the Isles to be with each other and teach their children, though most of them left and were killed in battle or by Chromatics. When he had learned everything they gave him his own spellbooks and he left to wander Krynn and become stronger. Also to go on any adventure he possibly can.

Weapons/Powers: Seeing as how he has spent many years learning magic he is quite adept at it and can say very few arcane and draconic words and maybe very few gestures to get whatever he wants. He also has telekinetic and telepathic abilities. And being a half Chromatic dragon, he can radiate Dragonfear. Having two breath weapons he can switch between either one, whenever he likes. He also uses a katana in his human form.

10/01/2005 9:42 AM

DarknessFalls please post your character in this OOC thread thanks mate!


10/07/2005 8:12 AM

here we go... i will work on my ice dragon this weekend... and a few more details on the "Twins" background as well

The Twins&.


Though they were born of the same mother the twins are anything but alike&

Katyannaesilradu : (kahteeahnnaisillrahdoo)
Alias: Katya, Kat

Race: Black/Obsidian

Gender: Female


Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Physical description (Dragon): obsidian/black& chrome spines, horns, wing tips and eyes, pewter breast/underbelly plates that fade into silver edges. She measures a total of 75 feet from muzzle to tail tip. Black/obsidian body scales with medium sized chrome spines that run down her back growing a little larger on her shoulder area. Two brilliant chrome horns sprout from the top of her head just behind her eye ridges. The underside of her wings have a faint metallic hue with the wing tips a brilliant chrome much like the horns on her head. With pewter breast/underbelly plates that fade into silver edges that contrast her metallic obsidian scales, she can hide in darkness almost invisible to any eye. She is slightly larger than her twin sister, but not as quick.

Physical description (Humanoid): standing about 57 Kat is thin and sinewy, with a delicate yet commanding grace she moves. Her beautiful yet finely featured face is framed by a long silky fountain of snow white locks that cascade down to the small of her back Her searching eyes are smoky-grey colored with hints of chrome. Dressed in a flowing ebony gown adorned with onyx crystals around the high-neck collar and around the trimming of the large belled sleeves she looks less of a threat than she truly can be. A pendant made up of half gold and half onyx hangs around her delicate neck.

Personality: Kat is very cynical and narcissistic and holds no allegiance to anything but her ties to her sister to which she is fiercely protective over. She has no time or patience for lesser beings and couldnt see wasting any of her time on them or their petty little squabbles.

Krystiannaesilradie: (khreestiahnnaisillrahdee)

Alias: Krys (krees), Krystian (kreesteeahn)
Race: Copper Metallic

Gender: Female


Alignment: Chaotic Good

Physical description (Dragon): copper body scales with medium sized gold spines that run down her back growing a little larger on her shoulder area. She measures a total of 65 feet from muzzle to tail tip. Two brilliant gold horns sprout from the top of her head just behind her eye ridges. The underside of her wings have a faint golden hue with the wing tips a brilliant gold much like the horns on her head. With bronze breast/underbelly plates that fade into brass edges, she has the ability to temporarily blind an opponent by using the glare of the sun. Slightly smaller than her twin sister she is quick in the air and quicker with her wit.

Physical description (Humanoid): standing about 57 Krys is identical to her sister in form, with that same delicate yet commanding grace she moves. Her beautiful yet finely featured face is framed by a long silky fountain of bright auburn locks that cascade down to the small of her back Her soft eyes are pale golden colored with hints of deep copper. Dressed in a silken gown of a pale gold she wears one solid pendant half gold and half onyx around her long delicate neck.

Personality: with a love for practical jokes and mental torment on lesser beings Krys never seems to take anything seriously. Though refined in her own right she is a vicious contender when angry. Despite her jovial and chatty personality she holds no allegiance to anyone but her sister.

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10/15/2005 11:05 AM

I had considered a non-dragon character.... shall I just post the details and see what you think Heather??

*cheesy smile*

10/17/2005 2:44 PM


Dude, you have to post a character sheet before you start in on the thread. You've been asked to do this once already, and yet you've posted again without doing so. Please post character sheets for Darkness and Onyx. I'm sending this to you also through IMail just in case, for some reason, you have not checked the OOC section of this thread (though you most definitely should on a regular basis!)

10/17/2005 5:50 PM

Arandur, Dude... where did you dissapear to?? *Poke* We need you! here and in Destiny Upheval.....

10/19/2005 4:01 PM

Sorry about that Airiana, I havent checked out the OOC section in a while. Well here it goes.

Name: Darkness

Race: Human

Class: Black Robe Mage

Nature: Lawful Neutral

Demeanor: Keeper of the Balance

Age: Age is not totally known, but has been around since sometime before the first Cataclysm.

Height: 6'2'

Weight: 160 lbs

Appearance: Long flowing black hair, pale skin, black eyes with no whites, slender figure. Darkness has been around for centuries by using Fistandantilus' technique of stealing life, but he instead used it on a dragon, giving him eternal life. He was once a student of Raistlin Majere, but after Raistlins departure from the world he changed his demeanor from evil to neutral. He tries to keep the balance between good and evil equal at all times taking the side which needs to be tipped.

Name: Onyx

Race: Onyx Dragon

Class: Dragon Mount

Nature: Lawful Neutral

Demeanor: Protector (of Darkness)

Age: About 250 years

Height: Approximately 150 feet from nose to tail.

Wingspan: 200 feet.

Breath Weapon: Fire, Onyx shard storm

Appearance: Blue eyes, and sharp scales created of solid onyx. Onyx is the only onyx dragon ever created. Having many enemies amongst the dragon kind, Darkness discovered a great Onyx geode near Thorbardin and using ancient magic he breathed life into the dead geode. He gave his creation a human mind, and the body of a great dragon. Since her creation, Onyx has yearned for a mate, but her master has put it off in fear of losing her as a companion. She does not realize that her master loves her, so she serves him nonetheless hoping that someday their pact will be honored.

There, I hope that suffices, but if you want or need more just reply to this and Ill post it as soon as possible.

10/27/2005 6:21 PM

Kalia, if you want me to change that bit with Keth, just let me know.

10/28/2005 5:26 PM

Nope :) works fine for me :D

10/28/2005 6:45 PM

Elsewhere, scattered across Krynn, other dragons heard the call...but for different reasons. This time it wasn't the call of evil and destruction... but blood calling to blood.

Just to clarify... is this more of the "evil" call, or is this the call for the good dragons? I wasn't exactly sure...

10/29/2005 4:58 AM

remember, all dragons can hear it, but most will not heed it because of the evil behind it. When I mean Blood Calling to Blood... Remember Navarre is the sire of most of the dragons I posted (Save for Hiaku and Kiyomi, even though Kiyomi is also related by blood.)

10/29/2005 12:06 PM

Ah, I see. Sorry... blonde moment ^.=.^;;

11/04/2005 10:01 AM

An old character I'd like to revive, you might remember him Kalia! Let me know if its ok? If not, no bother honey.

Name: Du'Kuli Stormbringer

Race: Silvanesti Elf/Elemental

Age: 403

Appearance: Sound of build, though not overtly muscular, he bears the natural grace of his people, walking and running with an elegance that one can only be born to. Tall and lithe, with stark white hair that falls to his shoulders, Du'Kuli's skin holds the faintest hue of blue to it, giving him nothing more than an appearance of being permanently cold! Sparkling sapphire blue eyes are held within a comely and youthful face, however small lines marr the corners of his eyes, giving him an older visage sometimes. When touching his power, storm clouds seem to fill his eyes and they give off a white aura.

History: Du'Kuli's story is a long and pained one. A youth during the first Cataclysm, he watched as many of his family and relatives perished, if not in the initial chaos, then the lingering grip of death after that horrific night. Famine and disease, eternal night that had reached even the fabled Elven Kingdom of Silvanesti. After a few decades, still living with the pain of losing his family, Du'Kuli became the product of a black robed mages experiments of fusing entities. An air elemental was forced through the darkest of magics, into the elf's soul, combining them both into one being. Mind and soul, body and heart, all became flesh and power in a truely agonising nightmare.

He was not the only one, elementals of tempermental fire, placid water and sturdy earth were torn from their planes, shrieking in protest and fused with the mortal flesh of humans and elves and even the odd Kender. Many were not as lucky as Du'Kuli, dying or becoming disfigured terribly in the process. He supposed those that died were actually the lucky ones.

One night, the elf broke free, finally realising the full extent of his abilities. Such a night may have matched the storms of the Cataclysm! (or so the elf thought)

Such has been the elf's grief and suffering that he has aged in appearance before his time, though still stout of heart and arm!

Years passed into more decades and he spent that time wandering aimlessly, never stopping anywhere to settle.... though he did share one passionate night with a fellow elf and fathered a Son. (another story) Yet he seemed to be forever ill fated, as his son was taken from him, and to this day he still searches for him. For a time, Du'Kuli had vanished from the eyes of men, dwarves and elves, retreating to only the Gods no where, for it is a time which he will not talk about..perhaps he himself does not remember!

Now it would seem Fate is to turn a cruel eye in his direction as he becomes caught up in a War of Dragons, one that may see the final end of the Elemental Elf.

Favoured weapon: Elven scimitar. He uses the blade with swift precision, using his increased agility and speed with amazing effect and deadly results.

Abilities: Control over the weather in localised areas, increase wind speeds and focus his abilities into singular attacks. He has had many years to train with his powers.

11/15/2005 8:14 AM

OMG!!! FURY!!!!!


Man..this seems to be calling all the older veterans out of the woodworks... ;) now we need Mirror and Pyranthas, or even good ol' Joe_Ghostbuster... even Mertonious would be an interesting addition. :)

Great to see ya Furanthas, missed ya, didn't know if you'd ever come back!

11/16/2005 8:11 PM


I've been very busy lately getting a whole new career in Game Design going. Man it feels good to be able to write with you guyz again. I missed all of your individual styles and "senses of humour." I have checked in on you guyz as often as possible and it has been torture not jumping in.

Everyone has gotten so damn good!

In so many words "I have been waiting to walk through that wooden door again, smell Otik's spiced potatoes and see all my old freinds together again."

PS: I missed everyone :)

11/16/2005 10:03 PM

glad to have ya back. Glad to see you've chosen one of my threads to join as your debut ;)

I've really moved up the ol'totem pole ;) and am struggling with my team to keep the rp section alive and coherent

02/21/2006 7:14 AM

is anyone still interested in this??

02/27/2006 6:25 PM

hey darlin - now that i am up and running at home i can actually dedicate time to this if you still want to run it?

02/28/2006 5:11 AM

yes I would actually... but I need to hear from the others as well...:(

03/16/2006 6:32 PM

okay peeps, I'm going to try to revive this... *Glares at those who have been inactive* AvA has offered to help and I'm taking her up on the offer... Fury? Dan? Mertty? Airi? Ya'll still here???

And Dawnie please feel free to join in whenever you like hun :D

03/17/2006 1:35 PM

*raises hand*

I'm definitely in, I should have the character sheet ready at some point this weekend:D

05/06/2006 6:15 PM

Woo... looks like not a whole lot has happened while I've been gone... at least in this thread, anyways. This one dead, or will there be a revival? If lights are on green, I'll be here! May 11th is my last day for this semester, and I'll have a lot of free time after that, so I was hoping to jump back into a few things...

05/22/2006 12:31 PM

yes, I want to keep this one going....*sigh* but without Darknessfalls, I'm not sure how to continue on....any ideas? anyone?

03/27/2007 6:56 PM

FURY!! :) *hugs* good to see you again man... thought you dropped off of the face of the universe again ;)

Well looks like this is back up and running... anyone else interested? remember I'm looking for EXPERIANCED Dragonlance players.

03/30/2007 9:39 PM

Life has been...interesting. Im back and determined to get this going.


Name: Furanthas

Race: Silver/Human mystic

Age: 300

Nature: Lawfull, Nuetral

Dragon form:
When Furanthas takes on his natural form he becomes half man half silver dragon. His skin is covered with the finest silver scales which protect him from most elements. Crowning his head are two large silver horns curving back over his head. His eyes as in any shape are a soft green when he is relaxed. Although when he becomes agitated they change with the mood from a deep night blue when he is sad to a brilliant emerald green when he is happy. His legs are similar to a dragons in they are hinged at the knee. His hands remain humanoid except for the large razor sharp talon that pretrudes from his forearms. He is blessed with the wings of a silver and they function as well as any of his silver family. Standing 10 feet and weighing around 500 Lbs, His wing span is around 20 feet from shimering silver tip to tip.

Human form:
Having spent his entire life living among humans this form is as natural as his birth form. Standing around 5'7 and weighing 150 pounds he has a physic of a fighter. His hair is a golden yellow that spikes up and away from his face. His face is well defined and quiet handsom. His eyes are the same as in dragon form except for in human form he can express love thru a turqouse colour. In his left ear is a silver hoop with a small emerald embeded within. Since the discovery of his heritage he has worn the magical Silver dragon armour. This armour was created back in the age of dreams, made as a gesture of freindship by reorx to the silvers. Reorx had said then " Your kind has a love of humanity and one day they will need your strength. Let this armour defend yours and theirs from the darkness." Reorx had created everything except a breastplate, when the silvers asked him why he had left such an important peice out he replyed " The one who wears this armour must be forged thru many generations of your kind, worry not my freinds for your honor and love will one day create the last peice." When fully equipped Furanthas resembles a solamnic knight except his armour is a bright silver and isnt as incombersome. Covering only the essential areas of his body he is far more agile than a knight. Under his armour is a silver and green leather tunic with matching leggings.

Furanthas has been searching the world for peices of his past. His mother and father were killed in an orc attack when he was a young boy. When he came back to his village to find everyone he loved murdered it triggered his dormant powers. He hunted down the raiding party and tortured them before killing every last one. The blood lust left him and he was alone, for a year he travelled krynn until he reached the beautifull city of Palanthas.

He was adopted by a kind mage named Orion Brightblade who raised him and in time helped Furanthas discover his true form. Since birth he has felt magic like no other being has before, As if he where a lightning rod for all of krynns power. When his mentor passed away Furanthas received his books of magic and began a journey in search of answers about who he was and where he belogned in this world. On this journey he made many freinds and a home in the peacefull town of solace. For a time he was at peace, having many great adventures around krynn.

Throughout the adventures he learned more about his origins which brought him to the frozen lands of the north. One day he came across an old man while deep in the tundras of northern krynn. He saved the man from the bitter cold and in turn he made Furanthas an offer. For this old man was more than he appeared to be. He was Glacier from the third generation of Chromatic dragons and having studied the magic's of ice and time he became a nuetral dragon.

In admiration of the youths struggle and kindness he offered to teach him, all the while knowing what furanthas truly was. Accepting the ancient dragons offer Furanthas spent many years under his new Shalafi's tutalege. As the olf dragon lie dying one night he gave Furanthas the answer's he had been seeking.

Immediately he left for the Dragon Isles to meet part of his family. When he arrived he found all the dragons of metalic in a deep slumber. Having made a pact with takhisis they had grown tired and fell into hibernation. Travelling to the Silver dragon isles he found a shrine dedicated to his ancestor Darlantan. His hybrid silver blood triggered an ancient spell that passed the silver dragon armour to Furanthas. Part of Furanthas was combined with a scale from Darlantan himself and the dragon man breastplate was created.

Returning to his late shalafi's domain he studied hard and one day learned how to displace himself from time. Furanthas has been in a state of waiting ever since....Waiting for the battle he was born to end.

I havent written one of these for years.. at least not this kind of character bio :) Hope its effecient.

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03/31/2007 3:37 PM

good and quite informative Fury...:) Okay peeps! Lets get this going again!!!!

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