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09/20/2005 6:11 PM

Okay newbies :) This is the thread that will help you get some of your skills down pat. It will also help you gain experiance with the Dragonlance Setting if you are unfamiliar with it. Don't worry about not knowing the setting, that's what we as sages are here for. We will be working with you to help you gain better writing and rp skills.

Only Newbies who have joined the consortium in the last three months are allowed to join.

Availibe races:

Elf (Only three elves exist in Dragonlance: Silvanesti, Qualinesti and Kagonesti. there are the sea elves, the Dimmernesti, but they're very rare)
Draconian(Half-dragon creatures born of corrupted metallic dragon eggs)

Note: there are no Orcs in Dragonlance, only ogres.

Okay, for starters, I want everyone who is joining to post chars here for approval, and then once approved, please post your first post as recieving the notice, then being whisked to Glimmer's Lair....

Also, feel free to ask any questions you want about the setting/races or classes :)


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09/23/2005 3:16 AM

When are you going to start a DL thread for those of us who have been here longer than three months Kalia?!?


09/23/2005 5:39 AM

when someone helps me figure one up ;) mr. Creative Content Team :P lol!

09/23/2005 5:53 AM

Creative Content means I am a muse not a producer, so I will lounge here while I inspire you with cherubic hymns of debauchery while you produce an DL game for veterans... :P


09/23/2005 10:23 AM

Creative Content means I am a muse not a producer, so I will lounge here while I inspire you with cherubic hymns of debauchery while you produce an DL game for veterans... :P


*Giggles and falls over* I knew I missed Aussie-Boy for a reason! *Hugs Arandur* Glad you're back, hun!

09/23/2005 1:32 PM

Kalia, I'll join this thread. I'll bring in Darrel Blackguard. His stats are as follows:

Name: Lord Darrel Blackguard
Age: 42 years
Height: 6'2"
Origin: Solomnia
Home: small unknown town somewhere near Kalaman
Hair: Raven Black
Eyes: Sky Blue
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Class: Knight of Neraka

Personality and Appearance:

Darrel is a former Dark Knight who lives with his wife in a small town outside of Kalaman. He's arrogant and aloof. He doesn't like elves, but has learned to tolerate them to a degree. His sword holds fragments of a broken skull on the hilt, though, it is now unknown what the skull had been.

He stands tall and is well built. He's been known to break necks with his bare hands. His left arm sports a nasty scar that runs from the inside of his wrist to the middle of his bicep, but he generally keeps it covered. He walks around in full uniform, though he hasn't served the Knights since he met Gail.

He's a ladies man and doesn't let his marriage stop him from having a good time. He knows his wife sleeps around as well, so he doesn't think about it. However, he's the jealous type and, when he's caught them, has brutally killed his wife's lovers. (No matter, she's done the same.)


Darrel comes from a line of men who have served the Dark Queen, Takhisis. His father had been a Dark Knight and his grandfather had fought in the War of the Lance with Kitiara Majere. It was only natural that Darrel follow in his father's footsteps.

His father died when Darrel was twelve years old. In a brutal attack by elves, Darrel and his mother barely escaped with their lives. Since then, Darrel had carried a profound hatred for all elves. When he had finally joined the knighthood, he had cut off the head to an elf rogue and melded the elf's skull to the hilt of his sword.

During the War of Souls, Darrel met Gail Silver and Tassana Burrfoot in Neraka. Entranced by the human woman, he followed them. That night, Tassana and Gail had met up with Tass's betrothed. Gail kidnapped Darrel and used him to help them get out of the city.

A knight rogue and kidnapped, Darrel had no choice but to follow the odd band of friends. Including the elf, Garthalas Kalinysas, Tassana's betrothed, and a small kender by the name of Tiger Curlknot. As time went by, Darrel and Garthalas had grown a grudging respect for one another and even a friendship. As proof of his loyalty to the elf and the elf's betrothed, and as a wedding present to his wife, Darrel smashed the elven skull on his hilt and given the pieces to Garthalas for proper burial.

The group eventually split up and went their separate ways. Darrel and Gail went to find their own home and settled in a non-descript small town where they could live in some semblance of peace.

The day of their wedding, Darrel had gotten a message from the silver dragon, Coby, telling him that Tassana and Garthalas had been in a nasty battle with draconians. Garthalas had not survived the battle and Tassana had barely escaped. He held his wife as he told her the horrible news and vowed venegence on the evil dragon-like creatures.

Since his wedding, Darrel has been traveled off and on, leaving his wife at home in safety. He goes to various places, proving to people that Dark Knights are not just brutal killers. Every now and then, his kender friend, Tiger, travels with him.


Darrel's main weapon is his large bastard sword. He also carries a shortsword offhand. His boots hold daggars.

10/02/2005 1:19 PM

I would definetly like to join, but I would like more information about the setting and origins of Dragonlance. I have not yet read any of the books, but am going to soon.

10/03/2005 4:37 PM

The best place to check out is the Library of Palinthas. Just go to Yahoo and type that in. Another good source is www.dragonlance.com

BTW, welcome to the Consortium. My name is Tassana, but most around here just call me Tassa.

10/07/2005 3:10 AM

Hmm, I may care to join, as a human...if itd be in a land I never heard of than I might as well be playing a creature that I know. Gotta get use to rping in these forums some how right?

10/07/2005 5:33 AM

*nod* Good choice ;) oh, and welcome to the boards :D please post character stats here :D

10/07/2005 6:10 AM

Hi, im kinda new to this forum, but i have my own forum (s12.invisionfree.com/evermoon). May I bring in an interdimensional traveler char from my game?

P.S. If you found time, will you take a look at my site? It's not that big, but the basic storyline is there, but i will post more on it later.........

10/07/2005 7:10 AM

May I bring in an interdimensional traveler char from my game?

I'll allow it, as this is to gain familiarity with the setting.... but better come up with a good explanation on why he/she's there :D

10/07/2005 10:29 PM

That's simple. Every now and then, he visits Arania, Lord of Midrodell. When he does this, Arania dials a random sequence into a interdimensional teleporter (LONG STORY) and Tarott ventures forth to explore the dimension dialled. Here is the character

Name: Tarott
Age: 19
Height: 6ft 11"
hair: Brown
Eyes: Grey
Outfit: Metalcloth cloak
Weapons: Outsider's Blade and Nullifying shield
Race: Oldenbreed Human
Power: Outsider's Magic (spells and info on s12.invisionfree.com/evermoon)
Other info: Long story, Basically kicked out of his town, destined to thwart Elken, Lord of Evil. His hystory is only relevant in my forum (above)

10/08/2005 5:23 AM

does that mean i can join? if so my charries are

red hair
was a knight
blue shirt that is belted and splits making it look like a dress. white\brown pants that stop at his knees because of his dark black boots
he carries a blue\silver sword

blue hair
human(larks younger bro.)
simple villager
brown vest, has a scar shaped like an X. the azlen bandets gave it to him......it is there mark. bark brown pants that stop at his ankles because there old and frayed. brown shoes that have 1 or 2 holes in them
has a silver sword

10/08/2005 2:17 PM

Hmm, ok take it to be basicly D&D set up correct...

Name: William (Bill)
Age: 22
Hieght: 5'7"
Neutral/ Good

Typical bachelor always looking out for a good time. Well built from playing sports, wrestling and the like, but one too for drinking so hes thick and heavy reseambling aloit of the barrels of ale he drinks from.
Prefers brawling, hand to hand fights but if need be he has a trusty pair of metal kncukles and a machete type of knife to help out when the fight gets alittle ruff. Not a stranger to hard work out in the fields or on a farm he does what he needs to get by. As he works hard he plays hard and could care less what the law says, its only a crime if you get caught. Though he can be quick to temper if hes drunk or if people are telling him something he doesnt want to hear. He also doesnt like being called anything besides William or Bill, Willy and Billy boy and any other varients end up with the name caller swallowing a fist.

Equipment: Machete, Knuckles, drinking mug, sack with spare clothes, durable pants, leather boots, loose shirt.

Since I dont know the land lay out Ill just say he was born on some farm near some town to a family that some people know who live in that area. And yes typical guy, not sure what to class him as cause hes not much of a rougue as those are mainly thiefs, not really a monk cause theyre spiritual, and not really a barbarian as he holds some intelligence and isnt just about killing things...so Ill go with a cross between those three if that makes sense.

10/08/2005 3:32 PM

Sounds like your basic Ranger ;)

and dragonlance stems from D&D, but it's gods, land, and magic laws are major different ;)

10/08/2005 6:34 PM

so can i or not?

10/08/2005 6:45 PM


10/08/2005 7:10 PM

oh ok

10/08/2005 10:02 PM

lol, I forgot there was a Fighter class, thats basically what Bill would be, the others are too spiritual and deal with magics...Bill doesnt bother with either of that.

Hmm so Bill is good to go?

10/09/2005 2:13 AM

*nod* So far so good :)

10/09/2005 6:16 AM

hmmmmm why am i and kalia the only ones who replyed in the rp part of this board???

10/09/2005 12:54 PM

*shrug* I was mostly gonna play NPC's but I guess I'll bring in a slightly more experianced char into play to help guide.

Name: Kynia Rilisari
Race: Idran Descendant (Kirioyal)
Class: Psionic/Fighter
Nature: Lawful Good
Demeanor: Reluctant leader
Age: 145
Height: 58
Weight: 129lbs

Appearance: Kynia is a elven/ Idran descendant. Her appearance is mostly elvish. with fine features and pointed ears. Her ears are a bit longer than traditional Krynnish elves, and she holds a more ethereal beauty than the elves that most of Krynn is familiar with, Silvanesti, Qualinesti, and Kagonesti.
She has long dark hair that falls past her waist, and she will sometimes braid it away from her face, and leave the rest to flow free. Her eyes are a bright, startling blue.

Ancestral Companion:
Name: Kyel Scalaris
Age: 2,000
Class: Psionic channel
Nature: Lawful Good
Demeanor: Guardian

Appearance: Kyel is an Idra, long dead. He has chosen to watch over his Kirioyal descendants in the form of a white stallion. For short moments he can assume his proper form, but it is always ghost-like and unsubstantial. In his true form, he has long white hair, with pale sapphire eyes. His skin is a pale almost translucent blue, and seems very young.

History for both:
Kynia is a member of a race called the Kirioyal, who live on a continent to the east of Ansalon. Sylfean is a wild, partially tamed land. The Kirioyal are descendants of two races, the Irda, and a race of Elves who called themselves the Kirin.
Eventually the two races became so interbred that very few even remember that their race was once two.

The Idra who died out chose to use their inherent magic and defy the cycle of souls and remained behind to watch over their children. After some thought, they chose to remain in a form that would help their descendents best without raising suspicion. Their color depends on what they were in life, and how they govern their chosens actions. Black Guardians are warriors, strong, and usually thick-muscled. They guide and teach their chosen the ways of battle, sword and psychosomatic power. White Guardians are healers, they are not as muscular as their brethren, their bodies built for speed. They teach their chosen Healing arts, of Herbalism, and of a unique healing gift that can heal just about anything short of a mortal wound.

The Kirioyal Healers are well known among the peoples of Sylfean, and in ancient times they were plentiful, but of late, most Guardians that are calling are black, telling of dark times ahead. Kyel is the only exception at the moment, for his is a silver-gray color, and is well muscular. He was a healer when he first returned to Krynn to guide his descendants, but has darkened as his chosen was called to do more darker deeds than healing.

Kynias story starts in Sylfean, fleeing their homeland with her twin Krystal. Their land had been torn apart by Navarre, the black crystal dragon. He infiltrated the palace during a ball thrown in the twins honor. He used his magic and killed everyone in the great hall. All but for Krystal and Kynia. Kynia had used her power to slow her twins heart and breathing, and then slipped into Kyels protective mind as he raced with Krystals Black Kreel towards the palace. The dragon in his human guise, known to the Kirioyal as Jet Knyte, had overlooked the twins in his haste to claim the Sylfean lands for his own.

When Kynia came to, she and The two Guardians roused Krystal and the quartet escaped on a small sailing ship used for fishing. They didnt know if the smaller craft would survive the sea but they had to try, rumor was that Jet had come from a land three weeks travel to the east.

Kynia and Krystal arrived in Ansalon and then separated, in hopes of finding some way of helping their people. Kynia had gathered a small group of adventurers, a Que Shu plainswoman named Tempest, a nimble-fingered Kender named Clarence, and an ex-Solamnic Knight who went by the name Blade. They succeeded in retrieving the artifact that would save the Kirioyal from total destruction, but at the cost of Kynias twin. Krystal fell under Navarres control, and thinking only of their people, Kynia was forced to strike her down.

Kynia was made Queen as she was the only surviving member of the royal house. Though she really didnt want the throne, she accepted, if only for her people. She doesnt want to be Queen, and longs for the freedom that she tasted during her search for help.

Character Insight/Song: Kynia as I mentioned already is reluctant at being Queen, her only joy is her husband, Blade and her guardian, Kyel.
Kynia is a survivor, even though her gentle nature hardens through her journey. When threatened, She would usually just keep her assailant away, after all her ordeals, especially killing her own twin, Kynias attacks have become brutal, even merciless at times.

10/09/2005 6:16 PM

okay you two. For starters, one and two liner posts aren't well recieved here. Give some dimension to your posts, remember this isn't just RP, we're essentially writing a story, if you don't write and describe your surroundings, char emotions... etc... it won't work well. All you're doing is post volleying with no real substance.

Take my second post for instance, I posted quite a bit about the pair's emotions, working off of it through my entire post.

10/09/2005 11:10 PM

yea yea, typically actions from emotions I post such as a grimace of distaste. As for emotions and thoughts I dont post except for lines of logic in reason for doing an action. As for the land I am not in well knowledge of what the terrain is like so a basic form doing misc work is a gen descrip that many can easily picture. How he came across the notice was different than yours as if it were already formed and such as if part by chance other by fate to be found by him.

I like to leave to the imagination and define later, if not than everything becomes too predictable. And my post was not one line, it was basically a glimpse at a scene which was taking place else where. No offence taken if thats what you think, just stating why I post how I do.

10/11/2005 8:52 AM

I am soooo sorry. I didn't even realize ya'll had started playing... Gotta pay more attention. Course, if [i]somebody[/i] had told me she had started it, I would've joined ;) No worries, I'll bring in Darrel.

10/11/2005 8:57 AM

I can't tell ya if I haven't seen ya ;) sorry, I guess I should've emailed ya, but I figured you'd figure it out sooner or later, and you're not that late anyway ;) No big deal hun :D

10/11/2005 11:10 AM

Is it alright if I stay out of this one, so I can concentrate on mine/Tass's when it starts? I'll read along with this one, though, of course. :D

10/11/2005 1:29 PM

no problem Luni ;)

10/13/2005 9:24 AM

I was going to join into it and post my character. Until I realized I'm going to be gone for a month. So just count me out.

10/13/2005 6:20 PM

"so, what is it?" lark stopped to read it"i'd love to help, but my brother and i are trying to hide from some certain bandats. They are trying to kill me, my brother Rika there probably going to keep as a slave" he sighed, Rika sat up he looked at lark then the new comer. Rika lazely walked up to them "who's that? your boy freind lark?!" he laughed "will you shut up! you know i like girls you lout!" lark yelled hitting him upside the head many times

Kawai, you really need some grammar help.... here's what your post should've looked like to make it easier on the reader.

"So, what is it?" Lark stepped over to read the scroll. "I'd love to help." He continued. "However, my brother and I are trying to hide from some certain bandits. They are trying to kill me, and they're probably going to keep my brother Rika as a slave." He sighed.

Rika sat up and looked at lark, then to the newcomer. "Who is that Lark? Your boyfriend?" He laughed as he lazily walked up to them.

"Will you shut up?! You know I like girls you lout!" Lark yelled, slapping Rika upside the head repeatedly.

Did you notice the changes I did? If you don't understand what I did or why, please ask. This thread is to help newbies with their RP skills/Grammar problems/ and setting familiarity.

10/16/2005 7:01 PM

Name: Anna Kittas
Age: 18
Height: 5ft 9"
hair: blonde
Eyes: Green
Outfit: Dark green tunic and brown leggings
Weapons: Glaive and a long bow
Race: half-elf
Power: Wild Magic
Other info: Other than her love to play jokes and complain theres nothing else to her...
Are we there yet? :P

10/18/2005 5:00 PM

I take it I now have control of the bandits?? what do you want me to do Kawai? Kill them? run them off?

10/18/2005 6:26 PM

hmmmmm kill mst but don't kill the leader, he'll be back for lark.... heh heh

10/18/2005 6:36 PM


10/27/2005 7:26 AM

Hey guys. I know I'v kinda been ingnoting this un ever sence I joined up. I couldnt remember what it was called but I was positive it wasnt this one. But when I clicked on to this its like 'Oh MY GOD. You DA! Its been infrunt of your face the intire time!"

So, the moral of the story is; I dont know. I was just wondering if you would still let me join.

10/27/2005 3:41 PM

*nod* Yup :) no prob :) come up with a character, post it here to be approved before you join in :D

10/27/2005 5:26 PM

Name: Anna Kittas
Age: 18
Height: 5ft 9"
hair: blonde
Eyes: Green
Outfit: Dark green tunic and brown leggings
Weapons: Glaive and a long bow
Race: half-elf
Power: Wild Magic
Other info: Other than her love to play jokes and complain theres nothing else to her...
Are we there yet? :P

I already did...

10/28/2005 5:21 AM

ack...sorry.....I had just gotten home from work, and my brain was still half fried.. :D sorry!!! Anyway, Approved, so jump in :D

11/05/2005 11:20 AM

Hey just posting so you guys dont think I bailed...my character is still asleep. Kinda basically waiting for when you guys determine when the day changes. But dont worry about my one little character, hed contact Glimmer soon enough.

11/20/2005 3:58 PM

Would using magic require any side affects or that completely up to the maker of the character, and could I join?

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