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09/04/2005 2:14 PM

This OOC thread is for any questions, joining requests or general chat. Please try to keep that sort of thing out of RP thread.

Anyone and everyone's welcome to join this RP at any time, so long as you post your character here in the OOC to get him/her approved first. Obviously there may be times when it's impossible for a new character to join in straight away. Post your character here in the OOC and we'll do our best to fit you into the storyline as soon as we can.

Those of you who have already posted characters in the 'Space Traveller Idea' thread may want to copy and paste them here too, for quick and easy reference. Feel free to tweak them a bit if you feel the need. If you want you can also add a brief history, like some of you did, which I failed to mention originally.

* * * * *

Here's my character;

NAME: Cygo

AGE: 17

RACE: HEV-Mining Droid

APPEARANCE:[url:http://www.daryljoyce.co.uk/portfolio/cyberman1990.htm]Here[/url] ( that was lazy wasn't it ;) )



Cygo's primary role is that of a mining droid. He has a vast, uninteresting knowledge of about a billion different types of rocks. Ask him if you like, he'd be happy to tell you about them. ;)

Cygo has the ability to withstand extreme temperatures and most known hostile environments including radiation and vacuums. He is also able to work efficiently in most types of gravity including Zero-G. His feet have a magnetic capabilities which enable him to walk on the outside hull of a spacecraft.

Cygo's internal battery can last up to 30 days on a full charge. There are droid battery points on most spacecrafts and at most starports. If Cygo's battery becomes flat, he will not die, he will simply become unconscious. Cygo's internal memory is ran by a separate back-up power supply which can last for almost two years while he is unconscious and inactive.

BRIEF HISTORY: Cygo was built for use by the mining corporation Zintech in the far away Johan system. Due to federal laws in the Johan system, free-thinking intelligent droids are obliged to serve their creators for a minimum of fifteen years before they become 'free-agents'. After a fifteen year service, Cygo decided to leave the Zintech Corporation and has since worked as a contractor for various smaller mining companies.

EQUIPMENT: Cygo's only equipment is his mining multi-tool. This looks rather like a heavy gun of some sort. It has various setting giving it the ability to vaporise certain rocks while leaving others completely undamaged. Cygo alone has the ability to charge his personal mining tool, by plugging it into himself while he's on charge.

09/04/2005 2:29 PM

For the sake of quick reference:

Name: Roy Langan

Age: 48

Race: Human

Appearance: 5'10" tall, with broad shoulders and a stocky, muscular bulk. He weighs 210 lbs, most of it muscle. His broad, plain face is supported by a thick neck and is lined with creases and worry lines, as well as a deep scar that runs through his right cheek. His black hair is cropped very close, in a military cut, now greying around the temples. His skin is tanned and weather-beaten, very closely resembling old leather. He usually wears thick combat boots and khaki trousers with a white vest and blue sleeveless jacket, his thick leather toolbelt hanging loosely around his waist. He has a tattoo of a rose on his right forearm and a skull on his left shoulder.

Title: Technician

Skills and Special Abilities: Roy was a sergeant in the Terran Infantry and fought in many battles across the galaxy. He is a damn good field techie, knowledgeable in snap repairs without the right equipment, and he has studied extensively on the correct repair and maintainance of ship-board systems. In addition, he is an old hand in battle and rarely panics, and he can handle firearms. He has detailed close-quarter-combat training and served as an instructor for several months, so he is versed in lethal and non-lethal takedowns. Roy's greatest ability, though, is his forcefully good nature - he always tries to make people feel better, no matter what the situation.

Equipment: Roy still has a pulse pistol from his days of military service, fully loaded with .357 full metal jacket ammunition. Pulse weapons employ short bursts of energy to fire bullets rather than chemical reactions. Roy also possesses a toolbelt full of useful items, from screwdrivers, solders and pliers to three-inch cutting knives and a three kilo wrench.

History: Roy Langan's life has always been one of military service. He was born on Terra and lived with both parents serving in the Armed Forces, and grew up in barracks. It seemed only natural he would enlist age 16.

In the Terran Infantry, Roy endured the brutal training with the words of his father in his ears - "Pain and humiliation makes a good soldier." He showed aptitude for close-quarter-combat and was quickly proved quite brilliant at repairing broken equipment. Techies were in short supply, so the young Langan was pressed into service as quickly as was humanly possible.

He served in the Infantry in the campaigns against the Lysonia, the Convent and the Mehcna, fighting in more than two hundred separate engagements across sixteen different sectors. He was decorated twice for bravery and once for courage above and beyond. Roy proved himself time and again a dedicated soldier and an ingenious field repair man, able to make a rifle sing and dance after it had been fried by Mehcna EMP. His record was marred only twice, once for assuming command over a superior when an officer broke under stress and once for fighting with a fellow soldier in a dispute over a woman.

Roy grew up darting from skirmish to battle to dogfight, became a man and lost his youthful ill-temper. He became known as a good man to have on the squad, a level head who had a gift for keeping the youngsters calm even under intense fire. His easy, earthy humour and naturally self-deprecating attitude earned him many friends. But he never did conquer his impulsiveness completely, and at age 44 he was finally thrown out of the Terran Infantry when he told an officer exactly what he thought of him.

Now Roy is looking to set himself up on a ship, preferrably one bound for trouble. This soldier might not be a youngster any more, but he still has a good few adventures left in him...

09/04/2005 3:25 PM

NAME: Awwen Gee


RACE:Geonee-heavy gravity humanoid- looks basicly human,condensed frame and body structure, approximitly 2.4 times as dense as a normal human.

APPEARANCE: 5'5", 425lbs, silver-grey hair, slight asiatic looking green eyes. To anyone who see's him he looks like an average 200lbs man.He is not used to normal g living and it shows. Rather shy and quite once you get to know him you wonder were the off switch is. He will talk about machines for hours if you let him. Has preference for onepiece
jumpsuite with extra pockets and a military style harness adapted for engineering use

SHIP's ROLE: engineer TL10-15 certified, specializing in angine field theory

SKILLS AND SPECIAL ABILITIES: unique spionic ability to machines almost like empathy.
3 years naval college graduated with 4yr degree in ship's engineering.
6 yrs listed as a ships 1st grade engineer. 3yrs listed as junior grade scientist

EQUIPMENT: one standard multi-tool , one micro torch, one laser torch, assorted wires, electrical circuits,fuses, one portable energy/backpack-with cable , one multi-scanner
with adapted engineering pod added, weapon of choice one gryo pistol and one gryro assault rifle with railgun modifacations and superscope

HISTORY: At the age of 5 awwen's planet was attacked by a huge pirate fleet .
One of the lucky survivors awwen was taken aboard as a slave . for two years he washed the decks of the ship he was on, just to survive. The pirate ship he was on had a heavier gravity then his own planet. When he was seven he was caught with a bunch of scrap electronics junk,he would have been punished severly but some of the pieces he had been fiddling with were working again,the pirate engineer said he had the gift and was intuitivly fixing them, for the five following years he was a helper to the engineering department of the pirate ship and learned all kind of way to fix, finangle, jury rigg, and repair most any kind of machine they had. Just as he turned 12 the pirate ship was defeated by a terran naval fleet and its crew arrested. Still only a kid by galactic law and luckily wearing a slave collar, Awwen was freed and put into the naval orphanage. In the orphanage he recieved a basic education. At the age of 15 Awwen joined the Jr navy program and took engineering as his major, graduating in just three years Awwen spent the next seven years onboard a naval dreadnaught mobile repair ship capable of servicing up to 4 ships at once. On the seventh year Awwen was going through a service revue. when one of his mates sabatoged some equipment that failed during his watch. Because of the damage done, Awwen was washed out of the navy. after several weeks of marose drinking. Awwen realised he needed to start over.

09/04/2005 5:38 PM

Name: Elyssiana (Lysa)

Age: approx. 229 (appears 25-30 years to humans)

Race: Faerilian

Appearance: Height is approx 1.4 meters. Weight is 45kg. Petite and lithe with delicately pointed ears and very strong for her size, Lysa resembes the elves of old Earth legend. Perhaps it was her ancestors who sparked this legend, being they are an old star-faring race. She has long silvery-blond hair, and bright lavender eyes that have slitted pupils like a cat. Her skin tone is translucent fair, with a faint silvery sheen.

Tittle (Ships role): Medic/Doctor

Skills and Special Abilities: Can heal minor wounds with a touch, exceptionally useful during a surgical proceedure. Excellently informed on human physiology, As well as the physiology on many other known races. Lysa sometimes seems too hyper to be a serious doctor, but when push comes to shove, she shoves right back.

Equipment: The usual medical supplies, but when it comes to defence, wether it be herself, the ship or her patients, Lysa uses a weapon most other races wouldn't bother with, mostly because of its danger. A Plasma Bow. The bow generates a portable force-field to protect its user. A thin beam of plasma flow is the 'bowstring' when pulled back and released, the bow shoots out an 'arrow' of plasma towards the user's target.

09/04/2005 6:44 PM

For posterity's sake here is my character's char. sheet:

Name: Paitor Lorn (normally just Lorn)

Age: 35 Terran years

Race: Orbest

Appearance: Typical Orbest, of the planet Orr, are humaniod in shape. They appear lanky and gangly by Terran standards, with bodies denoting a heritage of a jungle planet where life was spent swinging amongst the trees. Typical height is 5'6" but that's measured from "hand" to "hand" as their four appendages are equal length, are all double-jointed, can all be used for precise manipulation and extend from their torso like Terran monkeys; like humaniods they have heads where it is expected. Their skin is yellowish in color with a light layer of hair around most of it. Their faces have large round eyes, a flatter profile of the face, ears similar in design to a humans, and a lack of nose  breathing is achieved via pores where the jaws and neck meet. Orbest are also hermaphrodites. Lorn is like typical Orbest, except there is a long cut that extends the length of the upper third arm (where the left leg of a Human would be).

Title: Pilot

Skills and Special Abilities: With four hands and appendages and naturally gifted working in three-dimensions, Paitor Lorn is perfectly suited as a pilot  first piloting or being a helmsman in a couple trash haulers or lumbering cargoships before it was scooped up piloting fast scouts and courier ships. Lorn has a thing for speed and that's what got it in trouble with it's last employer. Otherwise, Lorn is incredibly handy in climbing and bouncing off objects. It has not been through much groud combat with firearms, however, so it is rather nervous and unconfident in a firefight. Hand-to-hand Lorn is not a trained warrior but tends to lean on his agility to compensate for his lack of strength.

Equipment: Paitor Lorn carries with it a pack containing flight manuals and operation manuals for the various ships it has served in; they act as personal trophies. Otherwise, Lorn carries a knife and a pulse pistol of Terran origin.

09/04/2005 9:15 PM

Hedgehog, for future reference, for some reason the site doesn't take well to a copy/paste from a word processor program, all curved punctuations will end up as little blocks.

The best way I've found to counter this is to copy/paste into an email of some sort, hotmail, or Yahoo, then recopy it and paste it here. the little blocks won't show up that way....

09/04/2005 9:53 PM

Kalia, thanks for the information. I'll remember it. Question, and I guess this is a more general one, is there a "Preview" feature or option when it comes to posting? I haven't seen one and I'm hoping it isn't me.

09/05/2005 5:18 AM

No, at least not yet. Chung, AKA Dream_Knight is eventually going to re-work the RP half of the site, and it will include a preview feature like the other "community" half of the site does.

09/05/2005 8:46 AM

Guys, we quickly need to come to a descision about our ship! In case you didn't re-check the 'idea' thread, Chill brought up the fact that the Eagle is not designed for landing on planets with atmosphere.

Check out the thread and take a look at the other ships he's suggested and tell me what you think?

I'm happy enough to just [i]pretend[/i] that the Eagle can land on planets with atmosphere because I really like the Eagle, so long as that's okay with everyone else? If we don't decide on something else quickly we'll just have to go along with that.

09/05/2005 3:37 PM

it works for me, I'm not too picky....

09/05/2005 6:06 PM

How about this were the 4 landing pads are on the eagle, there could be mounted inside 4 dysfunctional anti-grave pods that barely work !

[Edited by Chill1ray on Monday, September 5, 2005 6:07 PM]

09/05/2005 7:33 PM

I'm not so sure as to the dimensions of the "Eagle" itself, so I can't make this argument with complete accuracy. The Capricorn as presented can definatly enter the atmosphere and land on planet. I'll offer up a "plausible" quais-technical reasoning as to why; assuming that the Capricorn travels in Newtownian space.

The way the Capricorn is designed in facsimile to the "Eagle," it has four-way manuevering thruster nozzles at the ends of each landing pod in addition to the main engine cluster in the rear of the ship which provides forward acceleration and motion. Those manuvering nozzles have to be very powerful to counteract the acceleration/velocity given by the main engine cluster so the Capricorn can manuever better than a beached whale, since to stop a moving object in a certain velocity in space you have to apply equal resistance in the opposite direction (in vaccuum, reverse thrust). This only can happen if those four manuevering thrusters together or partially can counteract the present velocity the Capricorn is already moving, which means those manuvering thrusters are rather powerful as to help the Capricorn stop on a dime if needed. Hence, that means the four-way manuvering thrusters are powerful enough to actually defeat gravity and slow down descent of a vessel for a nice soft landing. And they're powerful enough to lift the fully laden vessel off the dirt and to facilitate exiting a planet's atmosphere.

Landing would go as follows: The Capricorn strikes the atmoshphere in a certain angle so it enters it without "skipping off into space" or steep enough that re-entry would burn off the vessel's heat shields. After the hot temperatures ceases, the manuvering thrusters fire up to slow the vessel to make a safe approach and with the downward manuvering thrusters constantly pumping like a Harrier in hover-mode, the vessel can touchdown nicely. In case of emergencies, there can always be parachutes deployable if such a need arises.

As for heating up of the Capricorn's hull, well the hull material itself can easily "in our future" be made up of some type of carbon-composite which has a very high heat tolerance - the vessel can withstand the heat build-up to a certain degree. And it can definately be intergrated to the landing pads. Plus upkeep of the hull and/or fixing it with space "patches" can be done on layovers in space stations or on the spot with a handy-dandy engineer.

I'm very MUCH up to the idea of using the "Eagle." My next suggestion would be Battletech's Union Dropship...I'll try to find a good image if I can.

[Edited by Hedgehog on Monday, September 5, 2005 7:37 PM]

09/05/2005 11:32 PM

Have you all seen the series firefly? that is kinda what I pictured when Flark suggested this RP. again I do not know how to post links! but here is a ship that just accomadates a
six-eight person crew, whitch is by the description about all the owner could afford .

here is a sample scematic of ship ! and its ship picture




[Edited by Chill1ray on Monday, September 5, 2005 11:42 PM]

09/06/2005 5:52 AM

Scematics (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v498/chill1ray/scematics.jpg" target="_blank)

FireflyShip (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v498/chill1ray/fireflyShip.jpg" target="_blank)

FF_Mars (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v498/chill1ray/ff_mars.jpg" target="_blank)

There ya go... and Firefly is an awesome idea.... I'm still waiting for "Serenity" to hit the shelves :D

[Edited by Kalia_Majere on Tuesday, September 6, 2005 5:53 AM]

09/06/2005 6:55 AM

Holy cow, you even have the deckplan for the Firefly. That ship is perfect actually, since it's supposed to be a tramp freighter. I'll vote for that being our ship.

09/06/2005 9:09 AM

Chill you really came up trumps there, that ship's awesome! So the Firefly it is then.
Good work matey! :)

Oh and Hedgehog, nice write up on the Eagle by the way. But taking your vote into consideration, and the cool deckplan, we've just got to go for the Firefly.

09/09/2005 11:27 PM

Who's following the Cyborg out of there? So far, I reckon it's Lorn (myself) and Lysa chasing Cygo out. Awwen, you staying around the Capricorn?

Oh, quick question: This spaceport relatively guarded? Becuase Lysa and myself are running out of hangar guns drawn and looking potentially dangerous.

09/10/2005 4:31 AM

Who's following the Cyborg out of there? So far, I reckon it's Lorn (myself) and Lysa chasing Cygo out. Awwen, you staying around the Capricorn?

That sounds about right, though don't forget Roy, I assume he's going to follow too.

Oh, quick question: This spaceport relatively guarded? Becuase Lysa and myself are running out of hangar guns drawn and looking potentially dangerous.

General rule to remember, unless contradictory to something someone else has already stated, then you can assume or make up whatever you like. :)

So far it's already been stated that there are at least two android guards. Although keep in mind that the 'assassin' seems to have got away easily enough so far, and it's also been stated that the starport is quite small and 'crappy'. Therefore I wouldn't expect security to be too high.

[Edited by Flark on Saturday, September 10, 2005 5:18 AM]

09/12/2005 7:26 PM

Just out of curiosity, how long do these rp threads last , im not used to this style of playing.
I am currently on a naruto based rp site, my charecter there is almost a month old .
There are peaple who have been playing their character for over a year.
I really like this rp thread and dont want to see it die, we havent even made any money yet,
or got the killer of the captain.

meh just wondering out loud it is so quite out there.

09/12/2005 9:35 PM

I really like this rp thread and dont want to see it die, we havent even made any money yet,
or got the killer of the captain.

I'm not seeing eye to eye with you on this. How is this thread dying? I'm sure that this particular RP thread is slower than some I've seen but there's a regular post once a day at least, if not once per two days. Now as a former PbEM-er that's alright by me.

I don't mind if the characters don't get money from this yet, since it shouldn't be more than an hour or two once the group initially met. As for the killer....ooh the possibilities. I say let's milk this thing for all its worth!

09/13/2005 8:30 AM

Just out of curiosity, how long do these rp threads last , im not used to this style of playing.
I am currently on a naruto based rp site, my charecter there is almost a month old .
There are peaple who have been playing their character for over a year.
I really like this rp thread and dont want to see it die, we havent even made any money yet,
or got the killer of the captain.

meh just wondering out loud it is so quite out there.

That's all entirely down to us. It'll last as long as we choose to keep it running.

An important thing to remember which can help keep the RP alive is to keep communicating here in the OOC. For example; letting us know if you're not going to be able to post for a while. I would also appreciate a quick note here in the OOC if anyone wants to quit at any time. That way we're not all sitting around waiting. Although ideally a dramatic death scene would be prefered, but not essential, as I can always do that for you. :)

09/15/2005 6:58 PM

Chillray, can you edit your post so I can figure out exactly which is spoken and which isn't. I might be a newbie around here but I'm also not so tolerating of misspellings and gross abuses of the English language. I'm not out to hang you here.

09/15/2005 7:11 PM

Yeah you are man I can tell I can tell, Im not paranoid the voices tell me so!!!

no problem gettin right on it. sorry I have dyslexia but usually I can manage a normal post.

09/21/2005 9:32 AM

Q) What's worse than a bad post?

A) No post!

Did you get that Tirsan! :P

Come on then guys, let's try 'n get this thing moving again, (if anyone's still around, that is).

11/28/2005 1:24 AM

Hello, Flark...

Looks like this went dead over a month ago... shame. I read the RP (and the other bits), and I have a character that would fit in. Even though the ship has left Arid-6, it's heading for Arid-8, and I was thinking my character could hook up there, since I noticed you were short a gunner, according to your needs list. Though my character is a techie, he would have no trouble with the guns... even though he is also only two and a half feet high. That, and he would be quite desperate, I would think, to leave Arid-8. Only thing is, your RP has given no details on these worlds... I would need to know what Arid-8 is like, to see if my character would have any reason to be there in the first place.

Oh, and I would need to know what rating you want to maintain for this RP, since my characters are fully "fleshed" out... and my chosen character doesn't wear clothing. In fact, he'll be in the middle of his species equivalent of a rut, with all the physical alterations that come with it (third eye, body markings originating from his nether regions, poison spikes on his primearm wrists, libido increased attitude, etc). Don't worry, though... if this RP can be jump-started, and if I do end up being able to join, I'll tone things down... if that's what you require. Still, he might add some spice into the story, even so.

He's a character I've roleplayed elsewhere, with a very deep background history. Given the nature of the other characters in this story, and the murder of the captain, he could definitely fit in to the storyline, as an add-on crewmember... even though he never got the invite or the 1000 credits. Well, if this works out, I think you'll enjoy meeting him... just be carefull not to p*** him off... he bites! (Make sure you wear armored undershorts for "protection"... he'll bite what's at eye-level, and he's about crotch high....)


[Edited by Roose_Hurro on Monday, November 28, 2005 1:27 AM]

11/28/2005 8:04 AM

Hi Roose. I'm amazed that you found this RP down amongst the corpses, I'd almost forgot about it myself.

If you want to try to pick this up, I'm willing to give it another go, although it might prove difficult because the only other player still here at the site is Kalia, and I doubt whether she would be interested since she's probably moved onto other things by now.

Since this would be a resurrection of a dead RP, I'm totally easy going with the plot and any new characters.

As for your question about Arid-8, well we never really did plan anything out like that. The RP was totally free-form and the only thing written is stone was... well... what's already written in stone, if you get my meaning. Basically we were totally making the whole thing up as we went along.

So anyway, do you happen to have a master plan how we could continue without the other players, or a way of killing them off and introducing your own character?

11/29/2005 1:30 AM

Hmm... several possibilities. One, start over... try to recruit more players, so we can fill the crew slots again. Two... have the ship loose its atmosphere, leaving only Cygo alive... might be messy, given the captain has already been murdered. Maybe the ship was sabotaged? Three... really start over, with a different but similar story/concept... the character I mentioned has his own story I created him for (concept for a novel), similar to the storyline you came up with... a down on his luck guy with a starship in need of a crew. From there, my idea diverged quite widely from yours, so...?

Oh, it would be nice to have Kalia back into this... maybe invite her, and see what she says? Part of my story concept NEEDS a female medic (someone my character can "romantically" tease). We could also set this story on Earth, if we decide to start from scratch. Really, it's a shame none of the others are around... still, we might be able to thrash something together from this. Yea, a collaborative mixing of creative hash... brainstorming... idea bouncing... whatever you want to call it, maybe I can help you put something together from the pieces of your storyline....

Let me know what you think. Whack me over the noggin with some ideas of your own, and I'll thwap you upside the head with mine....

11/29/2005 9:14 AM

Hmm indeed... I'm not sure what to do for the best. I agree that the idea of killing off the whole crew and forming a new one seems a bit messy, if not far-fetched. But unfortunately I'm already involved in three other active RP's here at this site, so the idea of starting the whole thing over again is a bit daunting for me...

Unless, of course, YOU want to?...

I'd be more than happy for you to take over the RP yourself. I'd still take part as a player, and you could start again using whichever of the old ideas you like.

If you're up for it, the first thing you should do is post a recruitment thread in the 'RP Ideas Interest Query'. Make sure your title involves something like 'idea' or 'recruitment', and just briefly explain the idea and refer back to this RP if you like. If we can generate enough interest to form up a new crew, you can start up the new RP as GM...

What say you?

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