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08/25/2005 10:23 PM

(if you're wondering, the name's from something else of mine, long story)

Well, you guessed it, this is my steampunk RP I've been planning.

It's open for more members, but make sure to post here and get permission before RPing in the actual thread. Character sheets also go here:)

I have a plan in mind, but for the moment, just go with it as you see fit...

Setting explanations:

Races-only human for the moment.

Magic-exists. However, it's generally considered just another type of energy most people don't know how to use and drives scientists to frustration, and magic users to spacy drawn out explanations that explain nothing. Most people don't care as long as it works.
How it is utilized depends, it varies from rocks/crystals to tattooes, or in combination with technology.

Types of magic user

Necromancer - "As there is death in life, so we bring life to death." Necromancers are society's outcasts, and thus generally congregate at hidden schools or hide their abilities.

Gypsi - the most common mages, referred to sometimes as "streets", much of their magic is smoke and mirrors, but also some genuine power mixed.

Techno-mage - some mages mix their magic with technology, improving upon mechanics with magic. Sometimes referred to as "Magechanics"

Element - mages dedicated to an element.


The continent is mostly splintered into city-states that occasionally clash in bloody, brief wars. The land around the city is also generally the territory of the city or whoever can build a house and keep anyone from killing them.


The continent is a desert wasteland, making life difficult for those determined enough to stay. For inexplicable reasons in some areas plants are easy to grow and quite habitable. (also jealously contested areas) Scientists and mages cannot explain this phenomenon, referred to as hot spots.

Some of the older cities also are more habitable for the same unexplained reason. Most of the older cities also have huge apparatus for varying functions run by magechanics. No one is exactly sure how they work, but "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".
Little surface water, a few rivers.
Several mountain ranges.
Two suns, one resembling our sun but a little smaller, one much smaller and reddish.
Four moons, varying in size and appearance.

A few city names to go on, feel free to make up your own:
Windsands City
Van Eyriss

My character: (I have more, but he's my starter)

Name: Zach Graystone

Race: human

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Hair: Dark blackish-brown, short

Eyes: Grey

Skin: Normal

Height: 5'10

Occupation: Thief, most of the time


Originally from Highsands, he became a thief around 10. No real memory of his parents, doesn't really care either. Grew up in the streets and became a fairly good thief. Eventually he left Highsands and has sort of "drifted" ever since.


Generally fairly calm, laid back, learned young in his career. Under stress he tends to get very angry, snappy, and viciously sarcastic.
Likes pasta, dogs, and coffee.


Generally avoids confrontation when he can, but a knife in the back to quickly silence anyone. Uses throwing-knives as well (though his aim isn't wonderful) and a little bit of hand to hand.

08/26/2005 3:24 AM

Name: Edward Francis Montalier III
Age: 22
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 163 lbs

Occupation: Street fighter/Swordsman

Description: Edward Montalier carries himself with aristocratic bearing, his straight posture and high-held head conveying every ounce of arrogance and disdain in his body. His face is classically handsome, thin and sharp with very pale skin. His hair is worn long, tied into a braid at the back and closed with a heavy silver clasp. He wears the best clothes he can afford, which are not always high fashion, but are as close as he can every come. Only his eyes betray that something deeper may lie beneath his foppish exterior - they carry a cold sharpness that takes in every detail around him.

History: Edward Montalier III was born into an aristocratic family, the high-ranking Montalier clan. Unfortunately they had lost all their money, Edward's drunkard father spending most of it on liquor and bad investments until they were destitute. It was difficult for the ten year old to move from his family's vast estate to a meagre townhouse, watching his father die slowly and his mother and elder sister forced to work as seamstresses and prostitutes. Edward vowed to reclaim his family's lost fortune by any means necessary.

Unfortunately the young Montalier had little business acumen and few marketeable skills, a perennial curse of the upper classes. His arrogant, aristocratic manner andhis expensive tastes did not make him any friends, either. All he really had to fall back on was his one real talent - the sword. As a young man now, Edward set about engaging in illegal street fights and taking money by betting on himself. There were no shortage of drunks and commoners ready to lay down a wager and fight the 'Itinerant Lord'. Edward quickly developed into an expert swordsman and began to travel from place to place, taking on all comers and challenging local Salle masters.

He sends money from his victories back to his family so that his sisters no longer have to sell themselves, and he puts the rest of it away aside from that which he spends on sating his own appetites for fine food, wine and women. An arrogant man who firmly believes he is the best in the world, Edward Francis Montalier III is never short of two things - challengers and enemies.

Skills: Edward's main skills lie with his swordsmanship, for he is a thoroughly trained and experienced veteran of many duels, brawls and combats. Though classically trained in the cut and thrust, stylised manner of the aristocrats, he has learned many other styles from various teachers and prides himself on being able to win a fight with an elegant rapier or a barbaric broadsword with equal skill. He is also not above fighting dirty and tends to carry various tools and tricks to help him if he gets into trouble. Other than that, he is an expert on wines and the culture of the Lords, though they would never let him near it.

Tools of the Trade: Edward long ago learned the value of a good blade and nasty surprises, so he carries with him always a firm schiavona, a long blade, heavier than a rapier and both pointed and edged for cut and thrust. The blade has a basket hilt in an elegant wave-like pattern that is good for blocking thrusts and strikes to his hand as well as giving a good punch. Edward wears a glove on his left hand made of thick, stiff leather with a pad of sand sown into the edge and palm of the hand, allowing him catch and deflect sword blows with it. It also adds weight to his punches. He carries a stout flintlock pistol with two barrels, good for shooting and heavy enough for clubbing. As an additional surprise he carries packets of pepper with him, which he tears and throws in his foes' eyes, and a good few extra shot and powder for his pistol.

08/26/2005 10:47 PM

Name: Mark Seiji

Race: human

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Hair: dirty blonde

Eyes: hazel

Skin: slightly tanned

Height: 5'7

Occupation: Technomage- Specializes in demolitions and electricity


Mark was born in an alley but was brought up in an orphanage, where a bully threatened him often with various objects of death and destruction. Eventually Mark managed to swipe some and reverse engineer him. He suddenly found himself obsessed with destroying large objects, starting with the orphanage. He also discovered recently afterwards that he could shoot sparks from his fingertips and eventually figured out he could recharge batteries and eventually electrecute objects he had direct contact with.


Mark has a violent temper, explosive personality, and a forcefull manner. He is also extremely resourcefull and yet sometimes the simplest things evade him. He fears being discovered as a magic user and as such has developed a vaguely morbid sense of humor.


Mark caries three small harpys in his boot, a spring-wrist clip and his pocket, as well as a lighter and various bits of wire. Ranged-weapon wise he carries a small, muzzle loaded pistol. He also relies on a long dagger sheathed on his belt thats excellent for throwing, although his aim is kinda bad. But where would he be without a rewirring kit and a few wire cutters. If you were to shake him, hed rain bits of wire and solder.

Hope thats all fine and dandy.

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08/27/2005 10:40 AM

Excellent character, Sarriya! *applauds*

Hmm, Black_Plague, he looks pretty good. Few questions though,

electrecute objects from a distance.

I don't know about this one, it seems a bit too powerful. Maybe he can do that only to an object he's touching?

Mark caries three small harpys

Are you talking about real harpies or something else?

repeater pistol

Sorry, no guns are allowed except maybe the old-old style ones.

All in all, he looks pretty good :)

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08/27/2005 1:48 PM

Can I join? I'm just wondering whether you have to many people already, but if you don't I'd like to be a part of this.

08/27/2005 3:12 PM

Can I join? I'm just wondering whether you have to many people already, but if you don't I'd like to be a part of this.

Sure, we still have room:)

08/27/2005 5:41 PM

Name: Tia Reaver
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Hair: Black
Eyes: Misty Green
Skin: Heavily Tanned
Height: 5'6"
Occupation: Technomage - specializes in weapon modifications

Background: Having graduated at the top of her class at Tech school, she had a promising future. She was on the way to her first day of work when she witnessed a terrible massacre by a rather large villan. She doesn't remember much about that day, except that she was wrongly accused. She was sentenced to jail for life, and then execution, so she escaped from jail. She has been running from the police ever since.

Personality: She is extremely defensive, never wanting to be wrongly accused for anything ever again. She also is suspicious of anyone she doesn't know, and doesn't often open up to other people. She is rather crafty at times, and enjoys toying with the police before making a rather grand exit.

Weapons: A flail that is really more of a wooden club with 5 circular magical disks of super hot energy, and an artful arrangement of constantly color changing designs. She can turn on or off the energy with a few simple words at any time. She also carries a 6 inch pole around with her. She uses magic to create an energy blade of any shape, depending on the present situation. Finally, she has a few glass tubes which she can fill with extreme amounts of energy to create a small explosive device which explodes upon impact.

Lemme know if anything is wrong with my character, and if I'm allowed to join, thanks!

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08/27/2005 5:52 PM

Alrighty, if everybody comes through, I believe we now have enough players!:)

allowed to join

Sure, no problem.

Lemme know if anything is wrong with my character

She seems fine, except for the

flail that is really more of a wooden club with 5 circular magical disks of super hot energy, and an artful arrangement of constantly color changing designs

Doesn't really fit, or make sense. Other then, that she's perfectly fine:D

08/28/2005 12:25 AM

Terminated the guns and the electricution bit to contacted objects only.

A harpy is a small collapsible knife (think a pocket knife except you can open it with a flick of your wrist, stab someone, and fold it up again in a few short seconds) that can either be curved or straight and serrated or edged. In this case theyre curved and edged. The knife hannibal lecter had in hannibal was a harpy.

08/28/2005 12:45 AM

OK, here is my character:

Name: Calcarn Osidian

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Physical Description: Calcarn is slim, of average height and does not
look particularly strong although he is more so than appearances would
first lead one to guess. He has eyes that are a deep shade of blue,
red hair and he is very handsome.

Skills: Calcarn has much knowledge of the use of the bow, and he is
deadly accurate when he shoots. He dislikes the use of any technology
to fight, and as such will not take up a gun or any similar weapon.

He can channel the power of Fire, and at his touch he can melt certain
substances and can set things ablaze at a touch. Also has a high resistance to heat.

Weapons: He has a finely crafted bow, a similar quiver and usually
carries plenty of arrows. He carries either poison tipped or ordinary
arrows, but no other weapons.

Occupation: Elementalist- he is something of a sellsword, his abilities
of fire being sold to the highest bidder.

Brief History: Calcarn lived in a small town called Lirya until the age of
fourteen. He had practised his fire magic there until he ran away,

At the age of sixteen he returned, with a great deal more
maturity and combat skill. He had being apprenticed under a great
warrior who gave him his bow and quiver.

He left again a year later, finding himself yearning to go out and explore the world again. By nature he is a wanderer, and he is hired by people for both his archery skills and his magical abilities.

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08/28/2005 12:57 PM

Name: Shizuma Narutaki
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Hair: Black and long, tied in a ponytail.
Eyes: Green
Skin: Pale
Height: 6'2
Occupation: Necromancer

Background: Used to live near Karmidan with his mother and father. His father was a great warrior who was a master at wielding a Tai Chi sword. They were able to keep their lands that they had because no one dared to attack his family. Though one rainy day, a group of assassins attacked his family. The assassins used his mother to make his father surrender. They killed his mother and father and advanced upon him.

Something inside of him snapped as he saw the blood pour from his parents bodies. When he left his house, he was drenched in blood and carried his fathers Tai Chi sword with him. After that he met an old Necromancer who taught him everything he knew. When he had learned everything he could from the old Necromancer, Shizuma killed him to insure that no one would learn the same things that he had.

Ever since then he has wandered aimlessly around, killing those who stand in his way...

Personality: He is a serious man who is not to be messed with. He will not hesitate to kill anyone. He cares little for what people think of him and openly uses his Necromancer abilities. He uses those around him like pawns in a game and will not hesitate to sacrifice a person for his own gain.

Weapons/Abilities/Other: His main weapon is his Tai Chi sword but, he has another. And that weapon is his nails. His nails are as sharp as a blade, thanks to his Necromancer abilities. With his razor sharp nails, he is just as dangerous in hand to hand combat as he is with his sword. Usually he will not draw his sword unless he deems his opponent worthy to taste his steel.

08/28/2005 8:03 PM


Thanks. He could still be experimenting with a blunderbuss type thing if you want to keep some element of that in,it's up to you.
Ah, now I know what you're talking about. My brother has one, actually.

I thought you were talking about the mythical creatures...
"Wtf? How could you even fit one, let alone two in your boot?"


Your character looks fine, though, as with B_P, I'd appreciate it if the setting things on fire was contained to touch. Thanks, looks like he'll be fun!:)


Good character, as usual. Necromancer, eh? I was hoping we'd have at least one, variety is the spice of life....
Nice backstory, too. ^_^

Okay, sooo, in the actual thread, anyone's free to post now.

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08/29/2005 8:36 AM

(double-posting, sheesh)

Darkness, sorry if we were confusing, they're not in a city. It's a train car, not a town or anything:)

08/30/2005 8:47 PM

That is alright. I'm sure you will find my next post more to your liking, it kind
of spices things up a bit! (And shows not to get on Calcarn's bad side.)

08/30/2005 10:17 PM

Argh, Darkness, remember what I said about uber-powerful characters? Big no-no.

08/31/2005 4:32 PM

WaH! I didn't know you had already started the thread, is why I hadn't joined in yet! I thought you'd make an announcement in the interest thread that you had started it; I didn't think of checking the rp's...


Name: William Archibald Cornwallis
Age: 19
Skin: White
Hair: Golden Blonde
Eyes: Dark Blue
Build: Average (H 5'9')
Appearance: Wil doesn't stand out from most of his peers. He looks a little frail. He has intelligent eyes, taking in everything he sees as new and always searching for more information. His gaze is gentle and quizzical unless he is working on something. He wears a pair of small glasses which he often has to readjust on his nose by pushing up on the middle. He always looks out of place except for when he is inventing. He works with great intensity and concentration. His hair is a little long. Like his glasses, he often fumbles to get it back into place.
History: Ever since childhood, Wil has tinkered with technology. Wil is very intelligent; given enough time he could probably make anything. Born in a junkyard, he always had the time and resources to make whatever he felt like. He was born an only child; his mother had died in labor. His father was always working, so the only thing Wil could do was make things.

If you have any suggestions or demands (lol) just tell me.

09/03/2005 5:02 PM

Sorry for not posting for the past few days, my computer decided it didn't like the RPGC anymore...

WaH! I didn't know you had already started the thread, is why I hadn't joined in yet! I thought you'd make an announcement in the interest thread that you had started it; I didn't think of checking the rp's...

Oops, sorry about that...

The character looks quite fine, always nice to have a "normal" character too.

09/05/2005 6:11 PM

The character looks quite fine, always nice to have a "normal" character too.

I feel like I can write better if I don't make an outrageous character.

Ugh, I don't have writer's block, but I can't write at all. I know exactly what I want to say, but for some reason my mind is in "Script" mode.

09/07/2005 5:01 PM

Who is Psycho_Tonberry?

09/07/2005 10:36 PM

Sorry, Psycho_Tonberry is me, Im new to RPGC, and did not realize that I had to register in a seperate thread, I'm used to the cookie-cutter phpbb forums.

I request permision to join with the following characters,

Name: Larthin Kartyn

Age: 21

Height: 5 foot, 6 inches

Weight: 126 pounds

Personality: Larthin is the elaborate thinker for the two, although not fond of killing, he will not hesitate should the task call for it, his philosophy is "Work is Work, and Life is Life" what happens at work is seperate from real life. He will always take more money if offered.

Weapon: Two dirks, and a bandolier of short bladed throwing knives.

Profession: Currently taking any job, but trained as an assassin.

Appearance: Shoulder length black hair, dark grey leather clothing, allowing, free movement. Has a pinched look about his face, as if he is constantly squinting out sand.

Background: Larthin was professionally trained as an assassin to work for Noblemen, top of the line training, however when the family he was serving fell from what power they did have, Larthin and his brother began taking odd jobs.

Name: Dramos Kartyn

Age: 25

Height: 7 foot, 11 inches

Weight: 379 pounds

Personality: Dramos is the workhorse, most jobs the two are offered tend to be menial labour, so Dramos gets saddled with the work. Like his brother, he is not fond of ending human life and will avoid it if at all possible. Dramos is extremely focused in battle.

Weapon: Large Greataxe

Profession: Currently taking any job, but trained as a bodyguard.

Appearance: bald, but covered in small scars, Wears a full suit of metal armour with chain mail under any gaps.

Background: same as Larthin, except Dramos was a bodyguard.

If you read my post before I deleted it, My intent was not for the two to attempt to capture the mark, simply to use that as a means to meet up with them.

I hope to be approved, this looks like a very promising RP.


[Edited by Psycho_Tonberry on Wednesday, September 7, 2005 10:39 PM]

09/08/2005 7:47 AM

Ah, it's alright.

The characters look fine, though please try and remember to not make them uber-powerful/strong/skillled, yadda yadda. And that everybody's on a train, not a town.....

Welcome aboard!:D

Oh, and everybody, sorry, I'm gone to an anime convention for the weekend, keep posting though, I'll catch up on sunday...

09/08/2005 5:20 PM

Have fun at your craaaaazy convention! Hopefully by the time you return I'll have shaken from the rusty shackles of my long absense from RPing. Maybe I'll be able to write again! Whoopee!

OH! And when you get back, could you give me some help on Magechanics? Or if anyone else knows a little about 'em? I'm just curious, having a normal mechanic character and all.

[Edited by JawHun on Thursday, September 8, 2005 5:25 PM]

09/09/2005 1:30 AM

Nice post Mr. Tonberry! I like the idea of bounty hunters coming for Edward for his crimes :D

09/11/2005 8:51 PM

*stumbles in and collapses on the floor*

'lo....m'back....soooo much fun....have some pocky on me...

I'll post that for ya, Jawhun-san, once I'm alittle more coherent, in the morning....

[Edited by Avenging_Angel on Sunday, September 11, 2005 8:53 PM]

09/12/2005 5:35 PM

Okie dokes, here's the magechanics/technomage info:

Technomagery was originated by a mage who married a mechanic. The original experiments were disasters, but eventually they were able to provide some amazing working designs, and founded the Institute of Mechanical/Magery.

Magechanics can sometimes seem to be nearly the same as any other mechanic. However, most technomages have completely magical skills as well as their mechanics. Magechanical device generally run partly off of steam/clockwork, but their primary power comes from a magical source, usually runes or a charm/amulet/crystal of some kind.

Any specific questions, feel free to ask.

Another class I've decided to add:


Alchemy, a practice somewhat similar to magechanics, fell into disuse a few hundred years ago, due to a rather unsavory reputation. The founder of organized necromancy was an alchemyst who took the search for "life" too far.

Due to the tendencies of alchemy to lead down a dark path, once magechanics came into being, it was discarded completely, alchemysts became something of outcasts.
While it was an undeniably dark practice, much knowledge was lost as well.

To find a real alchemyst, and not a charlatan, is extremely difficult anymore, though they are undeniably out there....

(first person with an FMA joke is the first person to have their limbs fed to them:))

09/13/2005 3:10 PM

What, you didn't get anything for us? How could you! ;)

(first person with an FMA joke is the first person to have their limbs fed to them:))

Alchemyst... Ah, I like my limbs just where they are thank you.

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