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08/25/2005 4:49 AM

OK, I am starting an RP thread here and I am hoping to get a fair-sized
group going but not too big. I will know when there is enough people, and
so then posting can begin and the story can really get started. But I should start with the story so far, and it is as follows:

The Hall Of Time within the Palace Of Garsei- the place where the stability of the World Of Eldei is kept, and the gateways to the other dimensions kept sealed. And on the Altar Of Time lies the two Orbs that keep this divine balance. Light and Darkness, the two Orbs represent these universal powers and are blessed by the Gods themselves.

Okay, that is the basic outline. But the twist is that the Orb Of Darkness
has gone missing, the King Of Garsei claiming to have seen the Orb stolen by a women in dark clothes. It is a mystery as to how she managed to get in and out of the Palace, but now with the Orb Of Darkness gone Eldei is open to the ravaging, savage demons and alien beings of the other dimensions, the other planes of existence.

Now the capital city of Garsei, Iora is under siege from the Palace-
where the rift between the worlds has occured. Soon the city will fall, and after that perhaps the Kingdom Of Garsei and beyond- the entire realm of Eldei will surely fall if actions are not taken to retrieve the Orb Of Darkness.

And now, an elite group is being formed to retrieve the Orb- using the Orb Of Light, which can sense and seek out it's counterpart through a divine link between them.

And so, if you're still with me- I know that was a little long - you will be a warrior that is travelling to Iora in order to join the group that is to restore the balance of the world.

For those who desire treasure, the reward for returning the Orb Of Darkness is huge, for those who value fame above all else such a deed would make them a hero for all time. And remember, this is a medievil role playing thread and so no technology beyond what would be appropriate.

The character template is as follows:
Physical Description:
Skills: (This will include weapon skills, your magical abilities if any and any other abilities)

OK, so that is what I want for your characters. Sorry if it is too demanding, but I'm new at this and I want something fairly detailed to go by. I will post my character up soon, but for now I just want to see how many people are interested.

Oh, and please wait for your character to be approved and the story to start before anyone posts anywhere but this OOC thread. (By the way, ALL OOC posts are to be put here and only roleplaying will occur in the RP thread.) Thanks.

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08/25/2005 5:04 AM

You should have posted this in the Interest forums FIRST. Find out if anyone actually wants to play and -then- post the RP, don't post the RP and just hope people join up.

08/25/2005 8:43 AM

Well I like it and I might join but all I have to say is before you start a rpf by your self you should join one of the other ones first that way you can get a hang of some of the rp here.

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