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07/15/2005 11:46 PM

So thats the prolugue. The story is about the people of Antha rising up against Endra. Now here are the rules for this thread:

1. The thread is open for anyone, but please follow the story and have some experience in RPing
2. There are only humans on Valeria and there are no magical beings. There is magic, but your characters can't have powers.
3.I do expect this thread to be long so dont post if you dont think you'll have the time
4. no character sheets. double posting, short posts, modding, playing the three characters I explained above or characters from different continents, etc, etc
5.Dont try to advance the story right away just introduce your character. Dont get into all the organizing troops against Endra stuff until I do which wont be for a while longer.
6. I need someone to play the main character, Kira, I will have her first post as long as my characters later today or tommorow. PM me after I post for her if you want to play her. I'll PM you a character sheet for her. Also PM me if you need to know anything about the world of Valeria.
7. Have fun

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