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07/15/2005 12:36 AM

This is after the whole galactic empire deal. The rebels have united into a new galactic senate, and believe the sith to be wiped out. The jedi have begun to reappear on the scene and have opened the old temple on coruscant again, despite its disrepair. However the sith refuse to be eliminated and remain far from thge senates reach. A few millenia later the sith have decided to take the jedi on again. And this time they brought quite a few sith lords along for the ride. Their infantry forces are even stronger it seems. They are, you see, clones from the original era, and they are armed to the teeth with the latest equipment, vibroblade bayonets, harmonically reinforced blasters, and of course the handy dandy lightsaber.

But the jedi have a few tricks up their own sleeves. They realised the abilities of massive droid armies and took up what they could. They are built to kill sith and nothing more. And the jedi also have their choice weapon. I'll give you three guesses but you only need one.

Charachter, describe them in the thread.

Ok, I want,
Group: Sith/jedi
Class: (Sith lord, jedi master, sith troop(or variations on that theme ie, demo, shock), droid infantry (variations on that theme ie demo, shock)
Weapon: If I see a sith soldier with a dual bladed lightsaber.... keep it in your class
Art: How your charachter uses his lightsaber. if he doesnt have a lightsaber, its a specialty troop skill
Force ability: Jedi master/sith lord only. this is a focus group, no anakin skywalkers please. Sith lords get these two with one extra (force lightning. Force Push) Jedi get (Force stun and force push) and one extra. you can have anything, although sith are more offensive. Force abilities can be blocked by other force abilities or lightsabers.

Like so.

Name: Darth Athros
Race: Human
Age: 49
Gender: Male
Group: Sith
Class: Sith lord
Weapon: Twin short sabers, they reach about to his elbows when he holds them underhand.
Art: Offensive underhand combat
Force ability: Force Lightning, Force Push, Force Drain (sucks energy from living targets and depletes a droid battery)

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