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07/08/2005 5:30 AM

post Occ questions here ok?

Orcs are all over the place
no killing peoples charries unless they say so ONLY!
shapeshifters are ok too

07/08/2005 7:17 AM

Kawai, you seem to be making the same mistake so many others have already made before you. Why don't you ask to join in one of the existing RP threads before trying to create your own? Unless you have some incredibly new idea, entirely different from any of the existing RP's already here? 'in the vally of the Orcs', I suspect is not.

You should gain experience as a player, and get to know some of the other members here first, then maybe people will be more willing to join in with your RP idea.

There are so many existing RP's to chose from, and I'm sure many of them would gladly accept another player with open arms. Why don't you check them out first, and post a request to join in one of the OOC threads of an RP which takes your fancy.

I could be wrong. You might get lucky and a couple of people may join in with you here, but the best RP's, the ones that last, are usually started by more experienced 'proven' members.

Good luck.

07/08/2005 10:18 AM

umm thanks , i think

maybe but i'm rped alot before, not on this site but another but they froze my file and i never got any warnings so i didn't do anything wrong thats what i say

07/08/2005 10:52 AM

maybe i could still try though?

07/08/2005 1:44 PM

maybe i could still try though?

No. I highly doubt with the lack of imagination, grammar skills, experience at the RPGC, and plot that anyone will join. Then again, you could find one or two newer members that will ensure your thread will die quick and miserably.

07/08/2005 4:09 PM

I am sorry but first of all you have no storyline so there goes the entire rp. Even newbs are not going to... much less want to play this. Second they have no idea what kind of creatures they can be. It sounds like it is going to be a whole bunch humans killing a whole bunch of orcs. Wow that was imaginative. Third and Fourth and Fifth and so on are that this has no entertainment value. No one plays rps just for the fighting... well mabye a few but most play because of the storylines and different worlds and ideas and stuff. Pure fighting gets pretty boring after a while. Play some other rps and get yourself known a bit by other members.

07/08/2005 7:45 PM

ok but bring the info down a noatch
it's kinda harsh you know?

07/15/2005 7:45 AM

yeah I agree with all the post. If you want some experience on this site you could join my post. Think about it if you what to its called Flare City2.

07/17/2005 10:59 PM

ok but bring the info down a noatch

Someone mentioned the grammar thing, I understand that you might just have a few typos here or there from typing too fast or whatever, but to fix problems like "noatch" just take a little more time in your typing and reread everything.

it's kinda harsh you know?

I agree that people around here can have some harsh feedback, but even if Damien got ahold of you, just remember that they are giving advice to ensure your success on the site. Even if you feel like they are attacking you try to remember that if no one told you what you should be doing to do a little better, then you'd never have the chance to learn and grow as a player.

Unless someone says something like, "Your stupid you should just get off the site and leave us all alone." or anything like that, they have good intentions and just want to help you. and if anyone does say something like that, they are being a jerk and you should just ignore em. I hope that you find your groove around here somewhere, because different threads have different feels to em.
Seeya 'round matey! ARGH!!

07/18/2005 8:02 PM

I agree with everything but I also think you all are kind of being harsh.

10/01/2005 1:08 PM


10/02/2005 6:27 AM


10/07/2005 1:40 PM


10/24/2005 6:51 AM

i'm here

10/25/2005 2:18 PM

hi dizzy

10/26/2005 7:27 AM

so boss , tell me how do you want me to write up my character

10/26/2005 1:10 PM

basic stuff, name, gender, age ect.

10/28/2005 6:58 AM


Name: Valeria LeBeau
Race: Half elf
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 98 lbs
Hair: jet black
Eyes: light Blue
Religion: God of light (kinda)
Class: preistess/healer
Weapons: quarter staff
Armor: Dancing silk with a little bit of leather
Weakness: Cute boys, ice cream, people in need
Ressistance: Sleep and charm effects, Extreme Tempeture changes

10/28/2005 11:56 AM

ok that looks good

11/03/2005 7:14 AM

sorry i havn't written in a while

things were crazy

where do you want me to start

11/03/2005 1:17 PM

whe ever you want to

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