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06/30/2005 12:21 PM

All OOC posts in here please.

06/30/2005 3:23 PM

Name: Darria Starcatcher
Race: Moon Elf
Age: 258 years old
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Silver
Skin Color: Light Blue
Height: 5 foot 5
Family Origin: Silverymoon
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Rank: Wizard

Background: Darria Starcatcher was born and raised in Silverymoon under the girth of the aristocrats. When she decided to become a Wizardress, her family was very happy, since they were all Wizards. Darria didn't like all the pampering she received from her family, so with her families blessing, she traveled to Waterdeep.

Once in Waterdeep, she met a drow family, Talas and Utica Bo'Lilthe. Seeing she had been attacked by road banits and had no food or home, Utica suggested to her Father that thet they take the Moonelf in. At first, Talas didn't like the idea, hating surface elves. But, then a plan formed. Since the drow pair had to go the the elven island of Evermeet, why not take the moonelf with them as the wife of Talas? So, upon Darria agreeing to help them, Talas and Darria married. At first, it was a fake marriage of convience, but soon the two actually fell in love.

Utica hated the moon elf loving her father, and vowed to kill her stepmother. She almost succeeded in Evermeet, but Talas intervined. In a hard fought battle on a cliffside, Talas defended his wife from his daughter. But, that's when the tragic happened. Utica slipped. Talas tried saving her, but the female refused, saying she was a child of Lolth. Utica O'Blithe fell to her death.

So, with sadness in in their hearts and the Sacred Moonsword in hand, Darria and Talas headed back to Waterdeep.

Personality: Good hearted. Being raised in an aristocrat household, Darria Starcatcher is used to being soft-spoken and polite, though she has a fiery spirit in her and has learned to fend for herself on her travels.

Appearance: Darria stands at 5 foot with an elegant grace about her, and has sharp green eyes and flowing silver hair. Preferring to cover her light blue skin in clothing in shades of white, green and brown, Darria also carries a longbow with her at all times.

Weapon(s): Elven Longbow, Elven Long Sword, Daggers

07/01/2005 5:56 AM

Name: Silas Dysis
Age: 226
Sex: Male
Race: Lythari
Skin: Pale White
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Yellow
Height: 5'7
Weight: 134
Job: Druid
Lycanthrope Form: Animal/Wolf
Lycanthrope Hair: Black
Lycanthrope Weight: 90
Lycanthrope Eyes: Yellow

Dispostion: Chaotic good, he's the type to work hard for those around him, though he preferes nature's enviroment over city's and communities of humans the beleif that all are part of nature brings him moments of peace on his journies.

Description: Natural Lythari, born in the southern Moonwoods, his druidic skills are mainly to use the world around him as a weapon or for healing. He does not beleive in using his goddess's power but he will do anything to protect her ideas. A priest when he is home, a wanderer when he is given some time. With his knowledge of nature he is reliable when trying to find your way through to wilderness. Silas looks like an elf but is a bit muscled. He is average in height and his hair is unlike his mother or fathers. His fathers is black his mother's blonde. He is the perfect combination of the two being a light brown. He wears earthly color's like green and brown. He is always wearing a shawl ontop his shoulders and hooding over his head.

History: Silas was brought up by a loving family with a sister who was a shrine priestess to the goddess Elune. Though his independence caused him to seek out a new way of life away from being dependant on those who he cared so much for. He was 13 at this time.
He found his path with Elune, his sister had brought this path to him. Soon after learning of Elune Silas journied to become a druid, as a druid he thought he could use the powers of nature to help his goddess acheive what she needed for good. Well that was his goal. Living a sheltered life though made the next part hard for him, when his village was attacked one day from the northern Lycanthropes, he was unprepared. Though his parants where skilled as were many of the other villagers. They had been able to push the attacking force away with little casualties. This forced Silas to reconsider his method of training under the way of the druid, he took up defensive and offensive spells while learning small amounts of mending magic. He wasn't powerful but nature responds well to him making him swift in a fight.

Weapon: Silas rarely needs to use a weapon but he does walk around with a staff. Trained in the arts of the sword at a early age he can use one, just not as masterfully as others in his area.

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07/15/2005 10:51 AM

Name: Korel Awa'snei
Race: Drow
Sex: Male
Age: 463 years
Eye Color: black
Hair Color: white with silver highlights
Height: 5 foot
Family Origin: Chad Nasad
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Rank: Cleric of Eilistraee

Background: Korel was born the third son of a wealthy Lolth priestess in Chad Nasad. Before he could be put to death, his older sister kidnapped him and brought him to the surface. They came to Waterdeep looking for help. They found the Church of Eilistraee. Korel had never known life in the Underdark. His sister died from multiple wounds shortly after they came to the surface.

He became a priest when he turned 150 years old. He is known for his generous help with lost drow for years. He is a skilled warrior as well, being taught by many drow warriors who had come to the surface, including his friend Talas Bo'Lilthe.

Personality: Korel is kind-hearted. He deals with evil swiftly and painlessly. He does his best to help with all situations and enjoys laughter.

Appearance: Korel stands about 5 feet tall. He has long hair that falls down to his waist. This hair is white in colour, with silver streaks throughout the hair (gifts from Eilistraee.) He's slender in build, with slight muscle tone. He usually wears his silver robes.

Weapons: A sword at his hip and a daggar in his belt.

07/21/2005 1:45 AM

Can I still join? I just went through neverwinter nights so watch out.

07/21/2005 10:53 PM

is it too late for me to join? if i can still join , what Ranks( classes ect.) are accepted?

07/23/2005 7:22 PM

Talas Bo'Lilthe is a drow who came to the surface with his daughter, Utica, a few years ago. They lived in a small apartment in Waterdeep. There they built a small jewelry shop where merchants come and give them their jewels and the two drow make commission on the pieces while giving the merchants a good bit of what they make.

The Followers of Eilistraee found the two drow and introduced them to the church and the Dark Maiden. Talas and Utica were enthralled with all they learned and wanted to become part of the church. So, to prove that they were pure of heart, the Followers gave the two drow a mission to retrieve the Moonsword, the sacred sword of Eilistraee, in Evermeet.

While pondering how they were going to get on the surface elf island, they met a moon elf who had been attacked by bandits. They gave her a home and a small job to pay them back. However, Talas saw her beauty and knew how the people who lived around the area would react to her. So, he had her pretend to be his wife.

The Vhaerun priests found out about this deception and two of their priestesses went out to find the moon elf's father. They found her father and threatened that if the drow and moon elf didn't marry for real, they would kill him.

Fearful of her father's life, Darria agreed to marry Talas. And Talas agreed to marry her. And so they did in the Church of Eilistraee. It was one of the rarest times a drow had ever married. But, Talas didn't care. He had already grown to love Darria.

However, the Vhaerun priestesses decieved Darria and killed her father anyway.

All the while, Utica did not like the idea of her father getting married. When they finally sailed out to Evermeet, Utica began plotting her stepmother's death.

To make a long story short, they went to Evermeet, got the sword, and then Utica went about her plot. She almost had her stepmother when Talas stepped in and fought with Utica. It was a hard fight and both had suffered slash wounds. But, in the last instant, Utica had tripped and slid off the side of the cliff. So, Talas went to save his daughter. Utica looked up at her father and told him that she couldn't be saved, for she was in Lolth's clutches. She let go and died on the sharp rocks below.

With heavy hearts, Talas and Darria made their way back to Waterdeep.

And this is where our story will begin...


With that said, we are going to the Temple of Selune currently. This is a lycanthrope temple composing of good lycanthropes. Talas and Darria are bring Salis, a lycan Selune priest, back to the temple. He is carrying what's called the Moonstone. It's a sacred stone that gives the carrier the ability to control lycanthropes. The Temple is going to use it against the evil lycanthropes who control the northern reaches of Moonwood.

So, whereever ya'll wanna go from there. Just make sure you get your character approved first. I have a friend who's going to be playing a drow who worships Vhaerun. He should be posting soon.

So, anyone who worships Vhaerun, Selune, or an evil lycanthrope would be awesome. Remember, they are coming from Waterdeep to the Moonwood. It's a long journey.

Just lemme know what ya'll are interested in.

07/24/2005 2:03 AM

Name: Seftneriun Kahmahl

Race: Half-Drow

Appearance: You will see before you a tall man, about 6"2 in height, of onyx black skin and evil red dreadlocks a testament of his heritage. He is of great muscular phisique and his eyes bear a glowing red evil. He is constantly glaring and other than the black skin he is through and through, a human in form. He has ears with a bit of pointy semblence to them and he wears his blood red dreadlocks in long fashion reaching to his upper back and it sways upon the air when ever he is swift in movement.

Alignment: Lawful, Evil

Personality: He is a monk assassin of the Order of Darkmoon until he left as an adventurer. He is also thinking of joining the Order of Longdeath. He hates demons as much as Champions of Good, being that a demon named Mephistoles almost killed him.

Class: Monk(30), Assassin(10) , haven't been through a Pale Master.

Robes of the Darkmoon, He is granted permanent Haste. This robe is a copy created in honor of a once Darkmoon disciple who grew to fast for her own good and left for a faster pace of life only to give special "Favors" for a lonely mage for a new set of robes.

Gloves of Hin Fist +6, He is granted an improved magnitude of sonic damage. These gloves have been pilfered by Seftneriun during his time as a dead soul in the 8th circle of hell, Cania. The gloves is a testament to the Hin Fist(or Quist, I forget) order of powerful monks who bore down grave charges from their fists upon their enemies. Those that wear the gloves bear an intimidating aura about them from anyone who may see.

Gloves of Long Death +5, He is granted improved Cold Damage. This is similar in fashion to the Gloves of Hin Fist. He procured this one from a passing merchant on his way to Waterdeep after being spwed out the Shadow Realms.

Death's Handmaiden, This is a powerful scythe named thereafter from the Original which wrought great pain and greif upon many. It has been upgraded by the Drow smith Rivovler to deal Fire Damage, Magical Resistance, and a powerful magical enhancement.

Potion of Death Armor x5, this grants the user an aura of fear about him for 3 seconds.


He was born of Geidreik Kahmahl and a Drow who only called herself Nathyrrein. His two parents were evil wariors, one was and adventurer delving through Undermountain and the Perils of Halaster when he still ruled before the Waterdeep Incident. Nathyrrein was a Red Sister who had wandered forth into Undermountain. Both had battled each other then began a pact to leave the dreadful place together. They wre fortunate enough to survive Halaster's peril and together they ventured forth as adventurers. As time passed both began to dread the loss o the other and consequently love blossomed. A thing foreign to both.

They had fallen for each other and a babe was born between them, that babe was named Seftneriun. They lived in a village not very far from Hilltop when some band of renegade Slaadi attacked the said village. They were living a simple life and owned a small strip of land near the village, yet their stigma and reputation of evil adventurer's still swam through the villages. Some Paladins and Champion's of Torm came to quench the evil but found them instead. His parents had pladged their life to good since then and the name of Lathander, yet they were burned at the stake for the name of Lathander. Seftneriun could only watch as his parents screamed. He fled the village and was soon found by a wandering company of monks of the order of Darkmoon.

He was taken in as a pupil and grew in prowess as his age. He began to show skill in speed and power and soon left the order as an accomplished Monk at the age of 18. Eight year after his parents were killed. He was to driven to learn much in a long time. He wanted to venture forth now against the servant's of Lathander and Torm under no god with merely his fists to serve his purpose.

Quest Info:
A small tidbit of what he has been through but I'll just supply that as IC info. He has also been through the entire Neverwinter game from start to the second expansion.

This is in kind of a hurry so I'll just finish this some other time, please bear with me. I was busy watching Happy Tree Friends. Ogrish is to brutal for me.

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07/24/2005 11:03 AM

Hey, Azrael! Nice character.

Some key points, though. The race would be a Half-Drow. And, aside from skin colour, he would at least have pointed ears, like other half-elves.

Also, all monks belong to some deity. Remember, clerics are the healers, monks are the warriors. Both are priests/esses. Is he following Vhaerun, then? Considering his drow heritage and the fact that Vhaerun is known for having his followers mix blood.

Otherwise, I like him. I think he'll be interesting to see in the thread.

07/24/2005 12:50 PM

I like the character as well. I am looking forward to seeing some other data though. Like height, weight, hair length and the such. This will help me get a good picture of the character. ^^ But take your times.

As for happy tree friends.... I have mixed feelings about that show... it's awesome and repulsive at the same time. ^^ but I am hoping you'll be a good addition to the RP. ^^ Best of luck!

08/03/2005 1:42 AM

So is he a good to go.

08/03/2005 3:38 AM

Class: Monk(30), Assassin(10)

Odin's wrath! Your character could kick just about anyone's ass in the Forgotten Realms!

08/07/2005 7:32 PM

One more tweak. (Yes, I can be a perfectionist at times.)

Class: Monk(30), Assassin(10) , haven't been through a Pale Master.

Robes of the Darkmoon, He is granted permanent Haste.
Gloves of Hin Fist +6
Gloves of Long Death +5
Death's Handmaiden
Scythe +3
Potion of Death Armor x5

You don't need all those numbers, even in the level section. This is freeform, so we really don't do leveling here. And as far as the equipment goes, it's a lot easier just to describe what it is rather then say "longsword +3". People have to be able to visualize what kind of longsword you have. If it has special powers, say what those powers are, because I have never heard of Death's Handmaiden. And it's not that I don't agree that such a weapon would exist, but what does it look like? What kind of weapon is it?

If I had to catergorize Talas's weapons, I'd say he had a +5 longsword and a +4 longsword. But, in this case, I don't have to catergorize them, so I don't.

Like I said, it's freeform. So, most of it is just writing. Describing. I don't have dice, so it's just cause and effect.

08/08/2005 1:23 AM

Cool okay lemme just edit it then. By the way the monk assassin is capable of all assassin skills without quivering palm though and the health isn't as large as the pure monk. I tried a 20 monk 10 assassin and 10 blackguard but it was pretty pathetic. The blackguard skills and spells were nice but very unneccesary if you have a Healer and a Warrior as henchmen. If you walk around with a scythe and cast darkness on yourself plus ghostly visage and you char is waering a hood with glowing red eyes the effects are cool. Too bad only pirated versions of Neverwinter ever reach me shores though, it would have been fun to play online.

I just wanted to put in numbers for the sake of not having to explain very much.

08/08/2005 7:43 PM

Well, your character looks great, Azrael. Just post when you're ready. Right now, the thread is kinda dead, but I'm about to make a post to change that.

08/12/2005 7:51 AM

Hey, not meaning to sound annoying or anything, but could someone post please? Anyone? We have four players to this thread. [i]Someone[/i] could post...

08/15/2005 1:19 AM

Done, lemme just read how far you guys have gone so far.

08/28/2005 10:55 AM

I may be joining the thread soon, so WATCH OUT!

09/01/2005 7:38 PM

Name: Dune
Race: Human / Lycanthrope
Age: 23
Eye color: Grey
Hair color: Brown
Hair style: Short, messy, umkempt
Body build: Very skinny, outline of ribs able to be seen, yet still
slight muscle definition
Skin color: Lightly tanned
Weight: 125
Height: 5' 11"
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Class: Commoner/ Peasant
Origin: Unknown

Background: Dune cannot remember his lifetime: his past, his
childhood, or his teen years. He cant even remember one month ago. One
month ago, exactly, is when he finally awoke from a nightmare, filled
with gutted rabbits and other small animals, and a few brutally
mutilated drows and humans. He found himself on cold, damp stone, in
the mouth of a dark cave. He had been fully nude and small cuts and
scrapes decorated his body. That was the earliest thing he could
remember, and he's been running around the forests near Waterdeep
ever since. He had acquired clothing by killing wounded animals, such
as wolves, rabbits, and a bear, and combining their skins with
leaves. Instict had taught him how to make the clothing, and he often
wondered if he was a clothier before his memory left him.

One month ago, a full moon had lit the sky.

09/09/2005 9:53 AM

Sounds like that No Name guy from that game "Planescape Torment"

I like him, has potentiel as he is a lost person "so to say" meaning that he can do a multitude of things, from moving on in life, to finding out his past, or being haunted by it. ^^

09/09/2005 10:09 AM

I like him, has potentiel as he is a lost person "so to say" meaning that he can do a multitude of things, from moving on in life, to finding out his past, or being haunted by it. ^^

Pretty much what I was going for. I need to brush up, so making an open character would help if I change my mind on what I want him to do or something.

09/09/2005 7:15 PM

which is why he is promised. ^^

09/13/2005 5:57 PM

Where did Azrael_Adross's opening post go? And I just noticed my last post when I told Talas about seeing his character, that part was edited out by Kalia. And, Tassa has completely redone her last post. Did Azrael_Adross leave the thread?

09/16/2005 12:52 AM

I had Kalia delete and edit everything because Azrael hasn't posted. Nor have I seen him on the boards for quite a while. If he comes back, he can let me know and I'll be happy to have him back in the thread. But, waiting for him to post was making me anxious. I don't like it when someone posts and then deserts the thread.

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