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06/21/2005 9:24 PM

Notice: Must Read: This is based on a series of books i am writing right now, when you put a new character in this story, i will be able and probably will use these characters as people in my book series. Please post if this is ok with you. if not, i wont use your character in the books, but they will be welcome in thie rp

Character froms are like this:

Hair color:
Clothes style/colors:
unique characteristic:

Here is my character

Name: Kly J'cazu
Age: 17
Sex: Male
HC: black with dark blood red tips
Clothes: A way too big black shirt that covers all his arms and goes down to his crotch area. loose black pants.
Wep: An ancient Nbou Gai spear. Nbou Gai are rendered to be complicated to use considering there large size(approx. 12'3") the spearshaft is shaped black and normal, but the speartip is more of a katana blade
UC:Is pretty fast on his feet and with his spear, but has very poor defence, this causes him to have mnay gashes and bruises
Bio: Born in the town of Cravendir, Kly grew up knowing nothing but how to breathe, eat and sleep. to this day he can only speak few words. Kly began his trip just to search for a man named Turi The Phoenix, who could teach him every language known to man, but his trip has begun to be a journey of battles and making friends and enemies.

here is a list of major towns and cities, feel free to add some of your own

East Gorge
Flood Valley
Kindlers Reefe
Lower Norben
Upper Norben
West Gorge

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btw, in case this might help, here is a list of monsters in this world, and their descriptions

Trollocs: The basic monster unit. 1 horde is 400 trollocs. For every horde is 1 leader (a myddraal). Trollocs are a half boar half horse monster that carry spiked spears and swords.

Myddraal: These Halfmen (another name) are uncommon units on the battlefield, but are hard to kill. But when you think youve killed one, watch out, even without a head these monsters twitch and flail wildly, and can still attack. Before approaching it, make sure it stops twitching. They carry curved black swords and look like centaurs.

Dreadlords: The basic evil mage. Use death spells. They look like ordinary humans.

Gray Men: Invisible assassins. you can sense them before you see them, and not many can sense them. Use black crossbows.

Hellhounds: Possessed dogs that if their saliva or teeth touch you, you get a rash that slowly envelops your body and causes you to incinerate from the inside out.

Dark Ones: The overall baddest sob you can possibly come across. If you happen to end up in a fight with one...Nice knowing you...

***Must Read!!!***
All of these creatures blood is an acid like substance. If your weapon is touched with this, clean your weapon before six hours expire, or youll have no weapon.
It is wiser to wipe your weapon automatically, for the longer you wait, the weaker your weapon gets.

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06/21/2005 9:53 PM

Keep posting chars and RP scenes, im tired as hell, goin to sleep, cya tommorrow

06/22/2005 8:09 PM

im back now, you can join and post still

06/23/2005 6:46 AM

(ok I will join. you can use my person in you story ok)

Name: Damon
Race: Unknown
Height: 5’ 7”
Weight: 119
Age(looks like): 20
Age(actual): 120
Sex: Male
Hair Color: A Really Bleach Blonde almost white.
Eye Color: Blue
Clothes/Noticeable Fetchers
Head: Black Headband
Torso: Black T-Shirt
Left Arm: White wrist band
Right Arm: White wrist band
Left Hand: nothing
Right Hand: nothing
Legs: Black Torn Pants
Feet: Traditional Japanese Sandals.

Primary: 2 Kadochi
Fighting Styles: Ti-qwan-do

History: Damon was born in ancient Japan. At the age of 5 his kind was wiped out. He was meet to die but the people that killed his kind took him and gave him to a farmer. When he was 18 the farmer told him about what had happened 13 years ago. Damon lost it and he annihilated the people that did it. Today he looks for answers to his past.

06/27/2005 9:55 AM

(I'm game. It's alright if you insert my character into the book)

Name: Tia

Age: 25

Sex: Female

HC: Blonde

Clothes: A black leather shirt and pants that fit tightly around her body.

Weapon: Two daggers with an unknown gem encrested in one and the other has an encryption running down the blade.

UC: She is very persuasive.

Bio: Born and Abandoned in the town of Arvendir, Tia grew up without knowing her family. She was taken in by a group of rogues that taught her to all that she needed to know. Unlike her parents, this group of rogues stayed with Tia. They taught her all that they knew so that she could survive be herself. Just as they were finishing her training, the rogues were asassinated by an unknown source. Tia didn't think that it would be very good of her to stay in Arvendir much longer. As soon as she had enough supplies she set out for Cravendir. A place where she could start a new life. It didn't take long for her to reach Cravendir. When she did though, the first thing she did was find herself a nice place to sleep. Tia had just turned 25 when she first saw the town of Cravendir.

06/27/2005 9:16 PM

sorry i ahvent been on for a couple days, i got poed
im back and ill start posting again..just make sure to do the same

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