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06/21/2005 11:37 AM

i was reading a book, called wit'ch fire, (i know it sound cheesy but its really good) and it gave me an idea for this thread. So i thought i'd start a role play sontaining the same themes as that of the book, see what you think:

It has been nearly five centuries since the blood book was created and the dark mages took control of the land. The humans live out their life believing that the dark forces saved them from the barbaric people that had lived in this land before them. However it is not so. The barbaric people are the mages that once lived their. They drew on their Chyric magick from Chi their God however at the rise of the darkness Chi seemingly abandoned them and that which was once filled with light fell to darkness. The mages could not use their powers to stop the darkness as when they reached up to Chi to renew their powers, (an act which turns their righting hand blood red), they find that they’re arm is now marred with a ugly stump were their hand should be. The brotherhood was formed as a scattered resistance but they could do naught to stop the rising darkness.
However now a new power is said to rise. Its time of coming is unknown but the wit’ch who is said to be capable of great destruction is soon to come. The sisterhood, a secret organization, parallel to that of the brotherhood waits joyfully for her coming for they believe that she can rid them of the darkness that plagues their land.

Human: The humans are the most numerous of the inhabitants of the world. They live in towns and villages, living of the land and the small creatures that inhabit it.

Mountain folk: As their name suggests, these people live in the high mountains, amounts the rocks. Truth is revered most highly amounts them and through their elemental magick, rock, they have the ability to tell if someone is lying.
The mountain folk are tall and strong as they live in harsh conditions.

Elv’in: The elv’in were banished from the forests that they had called their home by the nymphai after they were accused of poisoning the forest. For once many thousands of years ago the elv’in and the nymphai had lived side by side, the elv’in using their elemental magick, wind, to help the trees of the forest grow strong and numerous but blight caused the trees to rot. The nymhai accused the elv’in of this foul deed, banishing them and their queen from the forest. However they kept the elv’in king prisoner. Now the Elv’in seek their lost king’s descendants so that they might reunite the queen’s present bloodline with that of the ancient kings. The moon’ falcons are used by the elv’in to find their king’s descendant, as they descendants of the moon’ falcons who were bonded with the ancient king and are drawn to those of the ancient king’s bloodline. They look like ordinary falcons but their feathers trap light which lends them their moonlight glow.
The Elv’in are tall willowy creatures, with pale faces, high cheek bones and long silver hair. They have the ability to control the wind though it often saps their strength and they cannot do it for long.

Nymphai (nymph): Known to many as nymphs they are the forest spirits that dwell in the heart of the forests. After a terrible blight spread through their beloved forests the nymphai whose spirits were connected to one of the tress slowly began to die out. For each nymphai is connected to a particular tree, they cannot travel far from that tree and if the tree is poisoned so the nymphai dies.
A dying prophet prophesized that ‘green life sprouting from red fire – a fire born of magick.’ Those of the nymphai that are left seek this magick that can renew their forest. The nymphai have the ability through the use of their elemental magick, earth, to control a particular tree using its branches as their own arm however this magick often leaves them drained of energy and they cannot do it for long.

Si’lura (shapeshifters): These creatures are often viewed with hate as stories have been created of the dreaded shape shifters who are said to steal babies from their cradles. None of them true, the si’lura live far from the human civilizations. They have the ability to change their form to that of any they choose, though their mass must be the same, meaning for obvious reasons they cannot shift into a mouse.
The only thing that marks a si’lura for what it is when it has shifted is its slited eyes, (like those of a cat). Though they have no true form of their own as they age they tend to find a particular form that they like best.
When in animal form, they communicate through images sent into the mind of a fellow si’lura.

Og’re: Og’res often live in caves and other damp places. They live under strict codes and rules. The most important of these being, ‘no ogre shall kill another ogre of the same tribe’. They hold honor and courage above all else. The og’res are savage creatures, who fuelled with bloodlust kill all those who intrude on their land, including those of neighboring tribes. However the og’res are cursed by the bane because of an act commit by one of their kind many life times ago. Now they seek to kill the bane to free themselves through the use of a heart stone.
The og’res would be tall creatures if they stood up straight but they do not. Instead the more bent the back the better. They have long pointed yellow teeth, claws and hair that bristles down their back.

Mer’ai: The mer’ai are sea dwellers, hunted by humans. They ride their sea dragons beneath the waves.
Mer’ai cannot live underwater without the aid of an air siphon for they do not have gills like the fish that inhabit the waters too. They also have webbed hands and feet to better help them travel through the waters of their homes.

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06/21/2005 12:02 PM

i know its a very long post but if your interested could you post your character information as follows,


though if they're anything else you wish to include that i haven't put go ahead.

i will post my charcter when i get round to it.

There are several rules besides the obvious ones,
* no controlling other people's charcters
* no invincible characters
* if you choose to have half breeds be careful what races they are,
eg, you cannot have a half og're half human as the og're is very much bigger than a human and would crush them way too easily.
* though i have not set out any rules for each race, try to make sure that your character fits the profile that i have set out.
eg, you cannot have a lying mountain man, for as i have said telling the truth is very important more them

If i can think of anything else i will post it.

06/22/2005 6:18 AM

I've read the whole series, think it was like 5 books, really enjoyed them so I might join. Will see if I can come up with a Character.

06/22/2005 6:42 AM

I will join haven't read the books tho. I will post a person later i have to think of one because I think draco would be way to much for this post lol

06/24/2005 11:31 AM

here's my character, i might make several adjustments later on or add a few things but for now here we are,

Name: Asen’kaah (called Kyla Eventide by the humans)
Age: unknown but she looks to be between 18 and 25.
Race: half nymphai half si’lura

•Eye colour: forest greens, flecked with amber and rimmed with black, slitted pupils
•Hair colour: Pale blonde in the winter and dark blonde in the summer with the occasional green streak.
•Markings: Several tattoos of vines and leaves etched into her skin. Scar across her throat, going from just above her collar bone on her right to just below her right shoulder. Three scars across her back.
•Other: Golden brown skin, inherited from her si’lura father.

Favourite animal form: Wolf

•Weapons: Two twin blades embedded with emeralds and engraved with entwining vines and a small dagger.
•Clothing: Wears a simple green robe, with slits up the side and a brown belt hangs loosely round her hips and a dark cloak drapes over her.
•Other: A strange pendant made of jade hangs round her neck on black chord. She also carries her lyre strapped to her back, like her nymphai ancestors her lyre is special to her and though she is not connect to any particular tree being only half nymphai the lyre is said to be embedded with a forest sprite.

History: Asen’kaah is the daughter of a si’lura male and a female nymphai. She lived with her mother at first but the blight that swept through their forest soon claimed her mother’s life. Asen’kaah was then sent out into the mortal world, given to an old widow to be cared for. Though things went well in the beginning but she soon realized that she was very different to the others. When she was thirteen she shifted for the first time but got stuck in her form. The humans hunted her down thinking her an evil beast, one of the dreaded si’lura. Asen’kaah fled back to her nymphai forest. The elders took her back realizing what she truly was. For many winters Asen’kaah stayed in the forest but soon the desire for revenge became too great and so she crept back. That night she killed all the humans that had hurt her, including the kindly widow who had cared for her. When the elders heard of what she had done they were horrified by her barbaric deeds for they did not suit the peaceful forest dwellers. But they did not exile her for fear of what she would do instead they kept her deep in the forest.

Asen’kaah is constantly seeking to prove herself, wandering the forest searching for meaning. She has honed her skills as a si’lura and various other fighting skills but these abilities do nothing to feel the void that seems to grow bigger. Now she has found something to dedicate herself to, to prove herself worthy of her nymphai heritage. The elders have sent her out to find the magick that can heal their forest, as she is not connected to any of the trees, Asen’kaah can leave the forest at will.

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09/29/2005 7:23 PM

Darn you ashlah you took what I wanted to do for my person half si'lura and half nym'phai....

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