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06/03/2005 8:18 AM

Serenity. A planet in the Merida galaxy has been attacked by the Veriad planet. The inhabitants of Serenity are outraged at their once sister planet betraying them. Veriad's new leader has ordered Serenity to surrender the 5 Garnet Orbs, each orb holds a special power that controls each of the elements; earth, air, fire, water, and spirit.If the Orbs are united in the Silver Septor of Light the person in pocession of the staff has all control of Merida Galaxy and the Dragons.

Serenity's leader has sent out notices through out the land for the ancient guardians. They were said to be able to destroy anything that opposed them or save anything that was in great peral. The Guardians must find the Orbs and the Staff and destroy them to make sure that peace remains.

To join please fill out the form below:

Charactor name:



Other information:

Short history:

Charactor name:Middy

Appearance: brown hair pulled back in a ponytail with a few braided strands hanging loose, dark green eyes, brown long skirt with slits up both sides, light brown spaghetti strap top, bow and arrow wrapped around her shoulders


Other information:has a green/blue dragon named, Mally. Mage in training.

Short history: Her parents sent her to the Great City to train with Zayla, a powerful mage. Mally is to watch over her and protect her. Middy hopes to fight in the war and help the guardians find the orbs.

**We are going to need some people to play the "Big Bad". I'll play some various people that will enter and exit at points in the story but we need someone to play the people from Variad that are after the Garnet Orbs.**

***If you want to join by all means do. You doj't need my aproval to start posting. All i ask is that you are willing to post more then once and then forget about it. If your going to rp please just post once.***

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06/03/2005 8:34 AM

Charactor name: Hunter

Appearance: brown hair spiked, green eyes, lean and tall, brown leather tunic and pants, black cloak is always worn

Age: 17

Other information: sword with black dragon shaped hilt is sheathed at his side

Short history: Hunter was sent to the Great City to become a warrior in the upcoming war. He is a skillful fighter and had a need to prove himself to his family and to uphold the family honor. He doesn't want to fight in the war, he feels he has to. He learned of the legend of the Guardians but never really believed it. If they had such great power why hadn't they appeared recently?

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06/03/2005 8:45 AM

Ok, Middy, you kinda need to work on this. You've got a very good start (better then most of the newbie's first threads floating around ;)) but it does need help.

For instance, why is this planet being attacked? What's the planet like? Who or what lives on it? Who or what are the attackers like? What are the characters in the thread supposed to do about the planet being attacked? Some kind of quest?

All in all, though, it's not a bad start. Hey, you spell and use capital letters! That's better then many on here ;)

06/03/2005 9:04 AM

thanks for the tips.

06/03/2005 7:15 PM

Charactor name: Kyro Star

Appearance: 5"8',asian, short silver hair, medium body build, silver rune cape, blue shirt with long sleeves tucked in his silver guantlets, silver vest, dark blue pants, blue belt to carry his sword and wand,
brown travel boots.
Age: 15

Other information: A Magic Swordman. Uses a rune sword, also uses a magic wand to cast powerful spells.His wand also can cast a force field energy-shield at the tip.
Kyro masters all Magic elements: Fire,wind,water,earth,thunder,ice,light,dark. He is silent towards his companions and other people when it comes to a sociable conversation. But he sometimes talks to his companions to discuss plans to where they should move on or a battle plan. He talks to people when only danger happens and needs info about anything. he is cold hearted when he fights enemies and say no word after he defeats them. When theres trouble around, Kyro will stop it.

Short history: Kyro was trained from the heroes guild as an orphan. He was trained to become a strong warrior. After he graduated and set out, Kyro heard about the war and sets out to try and will try to do anything to stop it. Kyro is very powerful using skills of sword and magic. He mastered all Magic elements of nature and forces: Fire, wind, water, earth,thunder, ice, dark, light.

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06/03/2005 7:32 PM

Very interesting I will join.

Name: Lexain Derangha

Appearance: Short Black hair, he is about 5'10 in size, he has a pretty good body build(mainly upper body), he wears a white shirt and black pants, he at times wears a short black robe over his other clothes, also there is a dagger that he always wears tucked into his pant waist.

Age: About 23

Other Information: He jokes around a lot and does not really pay attention to important matters much. But when confronted with a problem he will try to figure it out.(even though he is not the smartest guy around) He also basically consume anything in his reach. He is very friendly and does not try to get on anyone's bad side but yet it happens to him a bit.

Short history: He lives in a normal family a mom, a dad, and one younger brother. He did serve as a gaurd in the capital for a while but got fired soon after they found him letting almost anyone in. He learned at an early age how to fight as a result of a civil war that had happened. His master died when he was 15 and from there on out he tried things on his own. he never really liked crowds or even being with his own family for a while. Now he just lives his life.

06/04/2005 5:41 PM

Name: Flame

Appearance: Long, light brown hair, about 5'3", light blue eyes, wears dark clothing, has a pentagram on her forehead, carries two double blade dragon made swords.

Age: 17

Other Information: She is a shapeshifter. You can tell who she is because of the pentacle on her forehead.

Short History: Flame has been an orphan most of her life. She likes to wander around and doesnt like to be in one spot for too long. She has lots of traing. She has had the pentacle on her forehead since she was born. She only fights when she needs too and doesnt like to hang around in crowds.

P.S. I'll become one of the big bad during the plot, sometime, but shhhh.

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06/04/2005 6:23 PM

Name: Sen

Appearance: 5'8'', Blue eyes, Black hair, Lightly tanned skin, muscular.

Age: 26

Other Information: Wields a battle-axe.

Short History: Sen is a simple blacksmith, who loses his memory when he is injured in his burning house.

06/06/2005 7:38 AM

Charactor name: Keriuri

brown hair half up in a pony tail, crystal blue eyes, cat ears and cat tail, 5'4", always wears black t-shirt with black flare pants with red flames at the bottom, long black cloak


Other information: has a long sword that has a sun engraverd on the hilt. and a staff that has a quartz crystal on top, has the ablilty to see the future but tries to repress the images

Short history: parents died when she was young, an only child, had to take care of her self since parents death, she can't stop what she sees in her visions

06/06/2005 2:24 PM

I'm going to play Zayla.

Age: old, that's all that's needed to know

Appearance: long, graying hair, light blue eyes, deep red rodes and a tall mahogany staff, always carrying a magic book of some sort

History: Zayla is a mage and is highly respected. To be his apprentice is a great honor and anyone who takes such an honor lightly and for granted doesn't ever become a Mage. His current student is Middy from the town of Traylee. He writes most of his own spells and to become his apprentice you much already have the abitity to practice magic and the will to succeed.He isn't a very kind person but is willing to give advice to those who ask, even if the advice isn't what you want to hear. He can be very straight-forwards but most of the time he prefers to speak in riddle to get people to think of what is ment.

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