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05/30/2005 3:50 PM

1. have fun

2. When you complete a mission you are to check in at the council chambers with the council that are in there.

3. There must always be at least 4 Council Memebers present in the Temple at a time. But, if you have 2 characters on the Council one must always be out doing something.

4 If you want to continue to post pictures and things do it in the OOC board. The ONLY thing I should see in general are questions and statements ABOUT the site.

5. From here on out before a padawan can be requested to be knighted they must have gone on at least 5 missions. And they must complete a mission by themselves after they have been approved by the Council Members.

6. It is your responsibility to think up missions for your characters.


after that post ur player.
like this please

Name Ajel
Age/Gender 18 female
Species Human, unknown what planet, but she lived as a slave on Rattatak for nearly 10 years
Appearance Ajel Appearance 5 feat 11 inch, 154 lbs, lean, with some muscle, brown long hair tied in poney tail normally, green eyes, light skin.
Personality Quiet, and a quick thinker. She looks younger then 18 by her face, but is mistaken to be older by her height. She babies the younglings, and watchs if any masters have a need for a padawon. She only knows the basics of being a jedi, force push and pull, foce jump, force heal, and how to reflect lazors to an extent. She is new at it all, but can handle everything alright except aiming the lazor beams back.
Weapons traditional green saber
Talents Excellent fighter, coming from a planet that's run by war and fighting
Rank Padawon (almost)
Master/Padawan? as said b4 she is a padawan, and she is looking for a master.

Last but not least if a mod would like to join they can choose to be a council member or a master. (hopefully council) Until we have a council they well be npc charactors. Now lets begin shall we.

Guess what I found something out for u guys. Yes you can be siths. You can start out as sith lord or their apprentices. You can not attack the jedi untill I get a master...Which is why my post was cut off...I hope he comes soon other wise you can't attack, unless I decide to get stupid and go off on my own, which I will if it comes down to that.

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05/30/2005 8:39 PM

Name: Ulrich “Major” Konig sometimes as just Major (He earned the rank in the previous war.)

Age: 27

Hair: Medium long, down to his jaw line, kept out of his eyes because it curls by itself at the ends

Eyes: Dark Brown, but light enough so you can discern the pupil in the darkest lighting.

Skin: Lightly tanned white

Midichlorian count: 13,500

Occupation: Jedi Consular

Height: 5’ 11”

Weight: 160 lbs

Alignment: Light side Lawful

Lightsaber Form: Form II
The ultimate refinement of lightsaber-to-lightsaber combat became Form II, advancing the precision of blade manipulation to its finest possible degree and producing the greatest dueling masters the galaxy has ever seen.
Today Form II is an archaism studied by almost no one in the Jedi Order, because it is not relevant to current tactical situations, in which Jedi enemies rarely fight with lightsabers. Even with the resurgence of the Sith, confrontation of an enemy with a lightsaber is an exceedingly rare prospect for a Jedi, so they continue to focus on more practical Forms. Sith expecting to battle lightsaber-wielding Jedi, however, find Form II a powerful technique.

Race: Human

Weapons: A Blue Lightsaber, and a light blaster pistol

Equipment: A Corthosis weave armor vest, and Corthosis weave gauntlets, a Datapad, a Comlink with a video screen, a Medpac, and a toolkit aboard his ship.

Description: Slim and toned, (not heavily), a light brown with dark brown Jedi tunic, dark brown breeches, and black riding boots. The Tunic is opened slightly to reveal the silvery Corthosis armor vest. He may wear his traveling cloak when traveling, it is of a light gray tone.

Background: Born on Coruscant, Konig was discovered by a traveling Jedi Master at 8 years old. He has been training ever since then.

Attributes: Exceptionally quick in combat, uses the Medpac well, a decent Hyperdrive mechanic, and always tries to negotiate when possible. Alternates with one and two Lightsabers depending on the situation.

06/01/2005 6:15 PM

Name Drake Gijin
Age/Gender 30 male
Species Human
Appearance: Wares a black cloke, his saber is by his side hidden. He keeps his face hidden except when in the council chambers
Rank: Council Member
Saber: Duble bladed black blades, may seperate into 2 single sabers
AL: Light nutral, has some dark powers but only enough to have knowledge

06/01/2005 8:31 PM

Name: Havilin Stunpor

Age: 19

gender: male

Species: human

Appearance: 6'2 short brown hair, black cloak, black tight gloves that start from his middle finger then go down to his cloak in a triangular form down both sides of his hands. He wears traditional jedi clothing under his cloak. He always has a light dagger type thing always strapped to his side.

personality: mild mannered but when given enough crap can go out in a rage. Very smart in war tactics. Often thinks of leading an army in an asault upon some evil force such as the sith. Always ready for battle. Likes to joke around a lot. He knows very little of the force and tries not to use it much. He tries to rely upon lightsaber skills more than force to fight. he is in need for a master and often goes looking for one.

weapons: purple lightsaber, light dagger, lightblaster

talents: war stratagist, skilled with lightsaber, limited force power, handle a lightblaster well, skilled with mechanics such as locks and spacecrafts.

Rank: Padawan(once given rank under master)

backstory: His parents were killed in a spacecraft crash that happened in the jungles of a unknown wookie planet. he was raised by the wookies. He was raised after a civil war had ended on the planet so he was quickly taught how to use a lightblaster. After he turned about 15 he started working on machines. One day a man came to the planet and took him back to civilization. He was told that his parents were important figures umong the jedi order and he was to be taught the ways of the jedi if someone would volunteer. Not one person did this. He did not know why. He is now nineteen and he lives near the jedi temple. he goes there everyday to look to become a padawan. He works at a mechanics shop.

06/02/2005 2:34 PM

Name: Soman "Darth Sellith" Soccar
Age/Gender: 19 Male
Species: Human
Appearance: Very Pale Skin, Orange Eyes, Medium length black hair. Wears Black Sith Robes and A heavy black hooded travelling cloak, 5'9ft, 130lbs.
Personality: Quiet, unless he is in a fight, he will talk to the people he is fighting.
Weapons: Double Bladed Red Light Saber (Darth Maul Style:) )
Lightsaber form: Form VII

Rank: Sith Apprentice.

Bio: Born on Coruscant. He did not hav an average life, all his life he was bullied. He discovered he could use the force at twelve years old. He was quickly found by Jedi and was taken to the Jedi Council to see if he was able to be trained. He was accepted and his training began. He did very well, his force powers were improving alot, but his lightsaber skills were not up to scratch. During one of his lightsaber training sessions, the Jedi Master that was training him presented him with a double bladed lightsaber. He instantly took to it he was very skilled with it, he practiced form VII and with it he defeated all of his sparring partners apart from a few Jedi Masters. Since constructing a lightsaber is part of Jedi training hewas not allowed to keep the saber, but he was given the parts to create his own, and he did. When he was 17 he recieved an anonymous message saying his parents had been murdered by Jedi. He left his training to find out more answers, he found that his parents had been killed by lightsabers, he did not even suspect the Sith. He did not sleep for a week and he recieved another message naming the Jedi Masters who did it, It said the names of two Jedi Masters that he had trained with. Sellith asked one of the Jedi Masters to spar with him, fueled by his anger, he defeated the master but instead of stoping when he had won he sliced the master in half. The other Master was away from the Acadamy, Sellith searched for him. While searching he came across a Sith Lord, the Sith Lord said he was the one who sent the messages and promised Sellith enough power to stop the Jedi from killing innocents again. Sellith joined him and after a while had become exceptionally strong. When he was 18 his anger controlled him, he approached his master and his master gave him a double bladed lightsaber with red blades. With his new weapon he killed the other Master not knowing that it was the Sith Lord that killed his parents. Now he is almost a master of Form VII and is doing missions for his Master.

06/15/2005 11:22 AM

Name: Sora
Age/Gender: 19 male
Species: Human
Appearance: 5' 11" White pants tattered. No shirt. Two scares across his chest. White Jedi robe.
Rank: Jedi Padawan
Saber: Blue Double blade saber and a Blue single blade saber.
History: Sora was an orphan when he was 6. His mother was a Jedi and his father was a Sith. They loved each other very much.(his mom was like Anakin but with out doing evil.)But when the Sith and the Jedi found out that the two were together chaos hit. The Sith killed his mom right in front of him and his dad. When they did that his dad's love interfered with his Sith ways he rose up and tried to stop the Sith. after his battle with the Sith his father brought him to Yoda to be trained. After he gave his son to Yoda he died from his battle. Sora was trained as a Jedi but for having a Sith and Jedi parents he knew both ways of the force. Yoda was extremely prod of Sora for he could control his Sith side and not let it take him over.

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