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05/17/2005 12:29 PM

Hey Everybody! If ya dont know what this thread is about, then bounce over to the query forumn and read up, the thread has the word Demigods in it, Im to lazy to type the whole title but hey its there!

Anyway, Post your demigods and what pantheon they represent, some are already taken for the people just joining, so run it by me first m'kay? Thank you all for participating.

Cheers for now


05/17/2005 12:48 PM

Name: Poalo Lipochlti



Gender: male

Weapon: Obsidian spear with decor, the weapon can transform into club instead of a spearhead at the end, as well as just being a simple staff. Also a throwing glace shaped like a sun emblem. He also carries an Aztec longbow. The weopon was given to him by his fathers spirit.

Powers and Magic: Telekinesis, Telepathy, Pryokinesis, glowing tattoos.

Steed/Riding Animal: One of the children of the grat god Quetzoquotl( spelling is off yes I know, no I dont care) A giant serpentine dragon with feathers that feeds off of Poalo's telekineitc energy.

Appearance: 6'2 large and dark skinned with sinewy muscles. He wears a headband around his head with an emblem of the sun on it. He wears a traditional Aztec warrior garb, with tattoos covering his body, which glow when he uses his powers.

Accoutraments/ Magical Trinketts: A Tlachtli ball wich gives him perfect balance(tlachtli is a sport played by the Aztecs) as well as his headband wich helps him focus his mental energies. He wears Aztec warrior beads that let him focus his telekinesis into raw energy focused at the end of his weapon. He carries a water flsk filled with a form of ambrosia with healing properties.

History: He was born during the year of the Jaguar, and quickly became proficient with a spear in military training. His father had died in battle when he was young, and vowed to make himself better so he would not suffer the same fate. He had a wife
and kids, but they died of smallpox when the Spanish started invading thier lands. He lead a rebllion and died honorably in battle. He ascended to heaven where his sun god, Huitzlopochtli gave him a small patch of heaven in which to live on. He would study daily and practice his art, until the spirit of his father showed up, saying how proud he was to be the father of such an honorable son. The two of them have been going hunting everyday since.
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05/17/2005 5:52 PM

Name:Shang Lowu
Pantheon:Chinese Pantheon
Weapon:Thin straight long sword
Power and Magic:Chi control: Can fire bolts of chi lightning, has telekinetic like chi powers, can heal, and is supernaturaly trained to fight, is extremely difficult to hurt.
Apearance:In a green, golden embroidened robe with a noble's hat on. Stands 6'1, thin, with a high stature, has black hair with blue eyes.
Items:His robes would make mortals immortals, or make immortals indestructible by conventional means.

05/17/2005 7:25 PM

RABBIT (Southeastern tribes)
Like Coyote and Michabo, a trickster god. Through a sly trick, Rabbit brought fire to man.

Name: Salali (Squirrel)

Pantheon: South Eastern Native American (Cherokee)

Age: just under a Millenia

Gender: Female

Weapon: Staff with Pheonix Feathers on it.

Powers and Magic: Speed, the Power of the Guise, Hypnosis, Leaping, Stealth.

Steed/Riding Animal: Flying Deer (big antlers)

Appearance: Appears just about 17 or 18. 5'9" Tanned skin, Long Black hair.(down to knees) has it in two pony tales. dressed pretty normal. a white sholder shirt (slides off sholders) with a orange tank over it. Then a pair of bell bottoms with a batik belt around her waist. Then she has a choker around her neck with the symbol of the trickster on it. She carries her staff on her back.

Accoutraments/ Magical Trinketts: She has a bag that she pulls little things out of to add her in a plite.

History: The Daughter of the RABBIT and a Cherokee Chief's Daughter. She lived among the Gods as a child then moved on to living among the humans. She keeps to herself and is now a hermit. Living in a cabin atop a mountain in Oklahoma watching over, what is left of, her people.

05/17/2005 8:44 PM

Name: Seth
Pantheon: Egyptian god of war, desert, storms, foreign lands and chaos
Age: Older then dirt
Gender: Male

Weapon: Flay- a tool used to harvest grain from the floodplain. This particular one is kinda, y'know, powerful
Egyptian scimitar- Crescent shaped sword used by the first Ejyptian armies. Again, powerful

Powers and Magic: Seth has the power to conjure armies at will to fight for him, as well as take over any opposing army and use it for himself. The army he summons is usually an undead legion that is comprised of soldiers who resemble one of his servents anubis. Telekinetic.

Steed: He's a god, he can just go where he wants in like, two seconds.

Appearance: 6'4 heavily muscled. Well tanned (think egypt people) His head is replaced by an indeterminable animal. some see in it the head of an aardvark. He had a curved snout, erect square-tipped ears and a long forked tail. He wears a linen body wrap, bound with a gold pin that resembles a scarab.

Acoutrements: Nope.

History: During the 3rd millenium BCE Seth replaced Horus as the tutelary deity of the pharaohs, but the story of Osiris' murder gained currency and Horus was restored to his original status. The war that followed lasted eighty years, during which Seth tore out Horus' left eye and Horus tore off Seth's foreleg and testicles. Eventually, Horus emerged victorious, or was deemed the victor by the council of the gods, and thus became the rightful ruler of the kingdoms of Lower and Upper Egypt. Seth was forced to return the eye of Horus and was either castrated or killed.

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05/18/2005 12:18 PM

Howdy ho! Mind if I hop in?

Name: Guan-di
Pantheon: Tao (basically Chinese) God of War
Gender: Male

Weapon: halberd- a pole-like weapon which at it's head is a small axe and pick.

Powers and Magic: Can fight extremely well. Also can fight demons.

Steed: War-steed, large, fast and will run you over in an instant

Appearance: nine-foot tall giant with a two-foot-long beard, a scarlet face, the eyes of a phoenix and eyebrows of silkworms. Aften wearing full armor, has broze skin and if not ready for war often wears robes of a chinese philosopher and reads the Chun-qiu, a famous book of the Confucious beliefs. In human form is about 5'6" chinese man with black hair.

Acoutrements: the Chun-qiu

History: Born as a peasant, the being known as Guan-di was orginally born as Zhang. After many years making a living off of selling bean-curd, he slowly felt the power well in him, and one day worshiping upon a rock felt himself being lifted into the heavens. As the influence of Taoism fell, Guan-di fell back to the planet to live as a human for the rest of the Earth's lifespan.

Tell me if I need anything changed.

05/18/2005 2:55 PM

Here's my char, hope she's ok. Changed her profile around a tad, found a really hand encyclopedia of mythology: [LINK]

Name: Kazuki Yamito

Pantheon: Japanese

Age: 1, 463

Gender: Female

Weapon: Katana usually, though she can use many other weapons too.

Powers and Magic: Some wind and storm magic, wielded through her katana.

Steed/Riding Animal: Usually just walks, or blows herself there.

Appearance: Long black hair, silver-grey eyes, wears feudal-era clothing. Look like she walked out of a samurai show.

Accoutraments/ Magical Trinketts: Bag of junk, presumably magical, given to her by the god Kaze-no-Kami, has no idea how to use it. Rosary around her neck, reason she's still alive. (see below)


Kazuki was the daughter of a lord in feudal-era japan. When she was little, on of her older brothers taught her sword and weaponry, which she kept practicing as she grew older.

When she was only fourteen, her father engaged her to be married to an old, cruel lord. Kazuki killed him on the night they were to be wed, and fled into the mountains. She hid in a shrine from her father's samurai, until they finally caught up to her.

The girl was desperate, and threatened to kill an old priestess in the shrine unless the samurai let her go free. The priestess threw a necklace of prayer beads around her neck, and Kazuki was turned into stone as punishment by the gods.

Kazuki's soul was unable to pass on for her crimes, and was forced to guard the shrine for many centuries. When the "nega-verse" army appeared, the god of the shrine, Kaze-no-Kami, god of storms and wind, made an agreement with Kazuki that if she served the gods against the attackers, she would be freed.

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05/18/2005 3:28 PM

Name: Zeus Donum

Pantheon: Greek

Gender: M

Weapon: A longsword that can be immolated at will. Can cut through any non-magical object, and some magical ones.

Power and Magic: While wielding his sword, he can merge it with his arm. He can summon lightning bolts into his hand 5 times/day. He has unhuman strength.

Steed/Riding Animal: A pegasus (can tire)

Appearance: A 5'6" old man with white hair and milky eyes. He appears very weak and looks like he is ready to die. He leans on his cane, coughing and sputtering. In battle, his glazed eyes turn a bright red. His face becomes a snarling visage, not unlike that of a beast.

Accoutermants/Magical Trinketts: His robes can hold and hide any of his items he carries with him.

History: Donum was born in a temple of Aphrodite in the city of Athens. He grew up like any other child. He was particularly interested in the study of the pantheon. When he turned twenty-one, he had a dream, a prophecy. He saw the threat that would come, but not for hundreds of years. He saw that the greecian pantheon, as well as the barbarians' gods preparing for this attack. He also saw himself, champion of the greek pantheon. He never saw anything to do with his prophecy until he turned 76. Lying on his deathbed, he remembered his prophecy. He never died, but got up and left his house and went over to the temple of Zeus. He prayed for answers to the prophecy, when he had a strange urge. He got up and stopped praying and moved around to the back of the statue of Zeus. There he saw a sword, some robes, and a nnote on top. The note told him about the prophecy and his involvement. When he left the temple, his pegasus came down from the heavens to serve as his steed. That is also when he received his strength and lightning summoning ability.

05/18/2005 5:17 PM

Name: Eiliv Niets Arkin

Pantheon: Norse

Age: 2,168 (Spirit who has been living in The hall of the slain, Valhalla)

Gender: Male

Weapon: Mjollnir, the great hammer of Thor (lightning imbued, and returns to hand when thrown. Ranged and melee all in one, oh yeah! )

Powers and Magic: ~The ability to assume several animal forms (taught to him by Loki).
~Has learned magic to enhance physical attributes to aid in battle over the millenia.
~Innate judgement - after a couple millenia of combat, can innately judge physical characteristics and capabilities of humanoids.Also other creatures but not nearly as well
~Supernatural berserk- lets just say it's not pretty to really strike a nerve!

Steed/Riding Animal: Sleipnir, the eight legged mount of Odin, and son of Loki. Gallops across land, water, and air. (will not overuse the air part, so I won't go flying around all over, lets say his powers are diminished in that respect when we leave earth.)

Appearance: Large man, standing at 6'8", muscles all over his body built and toned over many many years of near constant combat. Short blond hair covers his head, always rather spikey, his hair about 1 1/2" long. He has a thick goatee, not long, but very thick and it is a different shade of color than the hair on his head, being more of a dirty blond. Calculating royal blue eyes, small gray cracks in the iris. Fair skin, his well built and toned muscles easy to see.

Studded leather armor protects his torso, with bracers and shin guards for his arms and legs. He wears a bear skin instead of a cloak or jacket, only the pelt and his dark red and black clothing covering him where the leather does not.

Accoutraments/ Magical Trinketts:~ An amulet that allows the Gods of his culture to tell his physical and mental condition.
~Iron gauntlet on his right hand, gives him unnatural aim and distance while throwing Mjollnir, worn also in respect for Thor's style with the hammer.
~Ring that can store limited number of spells and incantations for instant use in a tight situation. (to recharge, must spend three times the normal casting time for all spells imbued)
~ A waterskin that never runs out of the most beautiful, sparkling, tasty water ever!
~A cornucopia that never runs out of awesomely delicious, Valhalla worthy, food.
~A horned viking helmet that will transport him back to Valhalla should he be killed. He will never be able to leave again if this happens.

History: Born into the world as Bo Brand, meaning commanding sword blade, he grew up in a simple family part of a clan of mountain dwellers. He spent a majority of his youth herding goats and sheep, spending his free time practicing with his grandfather's warhammer. Bo grew up and left his home, his three brothers being more than enough help, and joined a group of vikings from his region. Most of his late teen years and early twenties were spent pillaging and sacking, his skill with the warhammer aiding him in becoming a better than average fighter. He was not by any means, however, heroic in any sense. But upon his death at the age of 27, killed by a rival clan's chief in a duel, Bo was accepted with open arms into the halls of Valhalla.

Bo had lived up to expectations of everyone in Valhalla, although people were suprised by his choice of weapon in life, when he did not choose the weapon for which he was named. This fact was inconsequential, and he began his combat in Valhalla, never lasting more than halfway through the battles. But it was a good life, combat until death, then feasting until combat once again.

As the years went by, then the decades, and finally a century, Bo had become increasingly efficient in his combat, learning and adapting to the styles of all his opponents. By the end of his second centure, Bo could last almost to the end of the battles, and in less than half a century, had claimed the victory over all others in the combat of Valhalla. But his prowess didn't stop there, he continued to improve and quickly became a nearly unstoppable force, never finding one on one fights anymore and always coming across groups of enemies.

His accomplishments did not go unnoticed by the Aesir and soon Thor entered the combat of Valhalla under the guise of a simple man. At the end of one of the countless battles, it was only Thor and an unsuspecting Bo. A great battle followed the initial face off, rocking the ground and walls of all Valhalla. In the end Thor unleashed all of his power and finished Bo. Astounded by Bo's power, and the odd choice of his weapon compared to his name, Odin renamed the man Eiliv Niets Arkin, meaning Immortal Champion, The eternal King's son.

Many more centuries went by before the war with the beings beyond the world. It was decided that Eiliv was to be sent to destroy the enemies. Bearing the gifts of his gods, Eiliv was on his way, prepared for the battle with new enemies.

wow we got some actual gods in here... I thought we were just supposed to be champions, oh well.:P

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05/18/2005 6:57 PM

I thought we were just supposed to be champions

So did I...eek.
Very good character by the way, excellent backstory. Norse pantheon always has been interesting.

05/18/2005 7:22 PM

Very good character by the way, excellent backstory. Norse pantheon always has been interesting.

Thanks :) I did a bit of research and I'll probably end up doin more, I know for a fact that I'm gonna post his cursing and what not in norwegian :P. Always nice to know that I do a good job. Although I gotta say preparing my character for the thread thats gonna get started based on the thread in the Ideas and Interests forums "Ground Breaking Idea... I hope" took me a couple hours to research and figure out. I thought he was pretty original.

P.S. I like your character to ( didn't post that the first time round cuz I forgot which one was yours hehe) The story about the priest and the punishment is pretty cool. All my guy did was fight alot :(

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05/20/2005 4:31 AM

Well im glad we al jave gotton acquainted, so I'm gonna try and start the thread, I know its been delayed, just been realy freakin busy. Feel kinda bad, you guys are way better roleplayers than I am, just hope this thread is gonna do well...

On a lighter note about that god business,I think I got to talk to Slayer about that..unless youu guys are cool about it. Could be worse though,my good friend JoeyMadCow wanted to be Jesus! :) could you imagine? antyway Im gonna go try and type an opening post.

Cheers for Now

05/20/2005 6:46 AM

I'm gonna try and start the thread, I know its been delayed, just been realy freakin busy.

No worries. We all gotta have real lives:D

my good friend JoeyMadCow wanted to be Jesus! :) could you imagine? antyway Im gonna go try and type an opening post.

Jesus??? Hehehehehe.....that's hilarious.

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05/20/2005 2:03 PM

On a lighter note about that god business,I think I got to talk to Slayer about that..unless youu guys are cool about it.

It shouldn't be too big a deal, as long as their powers on earth are diminished atleast slightly when we assault the enemies, not too terribly much, but maybe no summoning or taking control of entire armies :P that would be kinda boring if every army raised against us was suddenly a bunch of allies. I'm looking forward to crushing some skulls!

Feel kinda bad, you guys are way better roleplayers than I am, just hope this thread is gonna do well...

What makes you think that we are way better roleplayers than you?

05/20/2005 3:44 PM

I just enjoy reading the descriptive style that some people use, makes my type feel kinda half assed at times ya know? Im over now, guess I just gotta work on it.

Oh!! and about that cracking skulls thing, Im defintely ready for man! :D

cheers for now


P.S. I did my opeing post finally! feel free to jump in anytime.

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05/20/2005 6:43 PM

but maybe no summoning or taking control of entire armies :P that would be kinda boring if every army raised against us was suddenly a bunch of allies.

Oh, but i so do love the summoning! ;)

Yeah, I was thinking that since Taoism isn't being as practiced as Islamic and other religions such as Christianity, his powers have been reduced somewhat. Ok, alot.

Feel kinda bad, you guys are way better roleplayers than I am, just hope this thread is gonna do well...

Yeah dude, I'm not the best RPer either, and anyways it's not the content that counts, its the heart. Or something like that, I dunno, I was kinda fallin asleep when someone told that to me... :p

05/22/2005 4:06 PM

Hey Demitrex is the tan skinned woman me?

05/23/2005 1:07 PM

to my knowledge when I posted you were still on earth, I was actually talkin about the Japanese girl. But I'm sure your fighting style will be equally dazzling ;)

05/23/2005 8:00 PM

I was actually talkin about the Japanese girl

Actually, if you want to get technical, Kazuki would probably be somewhat pale, since pale skin was greatly valued by japanese nobility in the feudal era.

Sorry if I'm being nitpicky^^

05/23/2005 10:34 PM

maybe i should have explained, to an extent. in human dont count. so an army of slugs would just be controllable.

05/24/2005 12:13 PM

ok pale japanese girl, going to fix my post. :) Sorry if that was in the description and I missed it or anything like that.

05/25/2005 2:20 PM

Hey guys! glad eveyone is enjoying the htread but I just wanted to let you know that what were doing now(kicking much abomination ass:D) Is only the first course, we still gotta do that dimension hopping thingy, its our thread though and I respect others opinions, so its up to you guys, you can keep fighting, or you can keep fighting and in I beleive once we make to page 2, Ill post a little end of chapter one kinda thing and well work from there.

Its all up to you though.

Cheers for now

05/26/2005 4:54 PM

I grew up in a think outside the box family. so here goes.

Name: Sarah

Pantheon: Mixed European

Age: 18 (Even imortals are young at some point.)

Gender: Girl

Weapon: A mace that, among other things, discharges plasma.

Powers and Magic: Massive, varied, and inate, but she has no idea how they work.

Steed/Riding Animal: Flys by swinging and thowing her mace and then holds on for dear life. Lands by crashing.

Appearance: Cut off blue jeans, Sneakers, Black t-shirt that says: "2+2=5 (for extreemly large values of 2)"

Accoutraments/ Magical Trinketts: Magic Multitool

History: Great Grandaughter of Thor & Vulcan. Grandaughter of Athena. Was raised in the Seattle area as a mortal with no clue of her ancestry. Took tae kwon do classes at the mall. Is a natural Engineer and values justice.

Action Thread (http://www.rpgconsortium.com/rpgforums/discussions.cfm?forumid=4&topicid=261686" target="_blank)

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06/02/2005 3:27 AM

You do know Athena was "The VIRGIN Goddess of Wisdom" correct?
You could try Demeter or Persephone, Her Daughter....

I could have been very cruel, but most people seem to not know the greek mythologies very well.

06/03/2005 8:48 AM

You could try Demeter or Persephone, Her Daughter....

Demeter only had one child, Persephone, actually. I'd recommend Hera or Aphrodite, perhaps. *shrug* It's up to you.

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