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05/12/2005 5:27 PM

Eyes of red, gleaming in the night. Girls scream and men hide in fear. Demons.
The demons have arrived. Taking flight, they ruin parties, steal babies, mutilate bodies and leave them in the street; so his daughter would look apon what he had become.
Who is brave enough,
stupid enough maybe,
To try and stop these hellish beasts?

Are you? It would pay well, surely.
Maybe they've kill some one you know?
Or, are you one yourself; even if you haven't done anything wrong,
they still hate you.

So the question isn't; who the hell are you?
But; what the hell are you?

"Please state your;

Full Name:
Your Age:
Your Gender:
General apearance:
Are you a Demon, or not?
A hunter?
What was your occupation?
Now, what are your tools of the trade?
And, if you will please, a short bit on your history.
Thank you."

((If you have any questions, ask...and as soon as you post you filled out profile, post!))


Demons are usaully bad at magic, so if you want to be a mage, humans are the way to go. No there aren't any dragons, and ALL demons have horns, and/or wings.

Full Name: Geyli Gloryfeild
Your Age: 14
Your Gender: male
Eye color: Red
Hair: brown
General apearance: he is tall, 5'9" and has a pair of small red feather wings.
Are you a Demon, or not? yes
A hunter? hells yes.
What was your occupation? none, but he was a student
Now, what are your tools of the trade? A broad sword, and basic magic.
And, if you will please, a short bit on your history.

Full Name: Sage Gloryfeild
Your Age: 16
Your Gender: male
Eye color: Blue
Hair: blonde
General apearance: tall very slender, 5'12" (teehee)
Are you a Demon, or not? no
A hunter? yes
What was your occupation? hunter
Now, what are your tools of the trade? a rapior
And, if you will please, a short bit on your history. his father died and his mother marryed into Geyli's family. He was only three, his mom had an afair with a demon, resulting in the devorce of her second husband, and her own death at Geyli's birth.

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05/13/2005 2:41 PM

Full Name: Kacela Hunter
Your Age: 16
Your Gender: Female
General Appearance:
Eye colour – Black rimmed forest eyes, (one is different shades of green, the other is a mixture of golds and reds – think of autumn colours. Both are shot through with streaks of silver)
Hair colour – Bright gold streaked with dark red and brown and tipped with green.
Other – she has three tattoos, one of a dragon across her back, the other of red and gold flames that dance up her forearms. She also has two small horns one on either side of her forehead but they are hidden beneath her hair and a pair of midnight black tipped with red and yellow wings.
Are you a Demon, or not? Half demon
a hunter? Yes
what was your occupation? Hunter
Now, what are your tools of the trade? Two doubled bladed swords, (you know the weapon where you hold it in the middle and there are blades on either sides, can’t remember its name). Control over the shadows (element of darkness) and fire.
Bio: Hunter is the daughter of a powerful demon and a female human. Hunter never knew her father and her mother died during childbirth. As a result she lived with a foster family who brought her up to believe that Demon’s were bad. They taught her how to hunt and kill them. Though they never truly accepted her for what she was they never neglected her and so Hunter lived a reasonable life, learning from a very young age what it was to be a hunter and how to be a hunter. When she was fifteen both her foster parents were killed in a demon attack and so she spent the next year of her life hunting them down. Making them suffer for the pain they had caused her.

((hope this is ok))

06/16/2005 7:09 AM

ok one thing you do alow half-youkai right and do the youkai have to be evil or what I am just asking

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06/21/2005 9:57 AM

Full Name: Zev Idion

Your Age: 15

Your Gender: Male

General apearance: He is a bit on the short side, only about 5'6" and very skinny. Although by first looks he may seem like a joke, once you realize how stern his face is you know you don't want to cross him. He has black eyes and hair and wears dark colored cloaks.

Are you a Demon, or not? No

A hunter? Not offically

What was your occupation? None

Now, what are your tools of the trade? Bow and arrow, saber, and throwing daggers

And, if you will please, a short bit on your history. At age four the demons attacked his village. He and five others survived and fled into the woods to fend for themselvs. One by one the others were picked off until only he was left. He is profficiant in a range of weapons because he was trained by many people from many villages and kingdoms. He is a wanderer and now seeks revenge.

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