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05/04/2005 7:38 PM

A brief description


EPS- Earth Protectorate's Service.

FTL- Faster then Light

Neutron re-assembler- essentially long distant matter-to-energy-to-matter transfer. teleportation.

Ion beam- signiature human beam weapon, capable of destroying just about anything in one hit, although it's incredibly inaccurate and the ships they are mounted on are slow, as the acceleration ladder runs the length of the ship.

Arcolite- Small human fighters, travel in flights of thirty. Ten flights to a squadron, five squadrons to a Carrier. Armed with small yet powerfull burst laser generators, which can shredd most metals known to humanity in mere microseconds. Dissipate at long range.

Mass driver- a machinegun, only advantage is the fact that they dont dissipater and are great for long range raids on star cruisers and carriers.

zeon- a massively powerful chemical reaction, stronger then a nuclear blast by far.

Pulson- weaker then zeon, stronger then nuclear.

Have fun, dont power game.


As the archondrite was the first large ship to be destroyed by the aliens, the beings are known as Archondrites. They are about the size of a human, although distinctly reptillian with leathery skin claws and tails.. They have existed longer then our universe (they would have had to to get where they are with light drives) and develop technology slower then snails. What advanced tech they do have comes from reverse engineering and pirating of vessels. Their strentgth is in their massive numbers however.

This story will go from space, to air, to land and even to below the ground (archondrites are subterranian). Your charachter will be a human captain or an Archondrite Elipsor.

Human ships are Snakeir Class Battle Cruisers and have, 3 weapon slots, 2 squadrons of Arcolites, 10 flights of corvettes (heavy, light, minelayer, your choice) And refractor sheilds which slow mass drivers and misiles, but take damage from energy weapons. All human ships bear FTL assemblers , light drives, and sub light drives, and FTL communiques.

Archondrites will run Heavy Class Assault Blizors and have five weapon slots (pirated, let your imagination run free, but not god moddish mind you) 5 squadrons of Battle Craft (arcolites with mass drivers) 5 flights of Raiders (balistic missile corvettes with frontal mass drivers) And angled shields, which deflect most solid objects like misiles or bullets but they lose energy from energy weapons. Archondrites all have light and sub light drives, and light speed communications.


Name Captain Connor
Ship: Snakeir Class Battle Cruiser Leviathan
Arms: Zeon missiles, Heavy laser pulsors(guns) ranged Ion cannon.
Squadrons: 2 Arcolite, 10 flights of multi gun corvettes ( six rapid fire mass drivers which can track separate targets. Battle Craft shredders.)
Personal fighter: Heavy Arcolite fighter, armed with balistic missiles, laser pulsors and angled sheilds.
Home planet: Jupiter moon Io.

05/10/2005 9:17 AM

Are you recruiting?

05/10/2005 6:55 PM


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