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05/01/2005 9:58 AM

Aside note: If you're curious as to know what Aboleo means; it is Latin for Destroy. ;)

To start off with the basic rules:
1. Don’t act like you are invincible (That’s my job! Just Kidding).
2. Have fun and be detailed about what your character is emotionally, physically, and mentally feeling.
3. To keep in reminder if a character is speaking to itself you don’t have the ability to know or act upon that person’s ability. (For example: Shelia feels a slight irritation as her expression reveals a glaring look towards her brother. Her brother only knows something is wrong from her expression; not her ‘irritation’.)
4. When keeping your power or elemental (if you have one), make sure you include that person’s weakness and vulnerabilities.
5. If you come in later than 2-3 days after this thread has started, make sure your timing is logical. If you have a hard time thinking of a way to join, just tell me and I will make some sort of ‘opportunity.’
6. I’m new to DND but not RPG...keep that in mind :)
7. Please don’t introduce yourself as two people unless I approve, you can be known as something great, grand, ancient, or rather known throughout the land of Mediral. You can play any secondary character (mainly in wars, fights, information...).

Well you know the basics; I mean if you’ve RPGed as much or longer as I have I’m sure you get the jest. The rules are for the ones who don’t really understand RPG and wish to join in. Now, on to the fun stuff...background! Include:

Elements (Optional).
Background (Doesn’t have to be long just make sure it’s informal of your characters behavior in the present.).
Deity (Optional).

~*~ My Character~*~
Name: Katamy ‘Amy’ Aestus
Age: 115
Deity: None
Class: Full Elf
Element: Fire/ Light
Strength: Heat, speed, agility, focus/ concentration, lower body, and fire.
Weakness: Water, strength in upper body, vulnerability towards an emotion connection/ past.
*Weight: 98 lb
*Height: 4’9”
*Skin tone: lighter version of a Caramel Cream
*Hair: Straight, to mid-lower back, strawberry blond.
*Eyes: Usual sapphire blue but when her agitation strikes a hint of yellow crosses.
*Body features: A branded mark on her lower back in the shape of a small flame and two dimples on her cheek.
*Figure: Petite shoulders, toned body, strong legs, hour-glass form
*Clothes: Always in a red uniform of silk. Her top is a red string bikini top. Her bottom is a red leather string to her lower hip holding two floor-length fabrics to the floor with slits going up to the leather thong on both sides. Her shoes are small leather ones that match her skin tone. Covering her body is a black cape towards the floor with a large hood. On the inside is a red silk.
*Weapons: Red Mithril Scimitar, red powder, four small daggers.
*Animal: An all black horse except for the same flame brand on his left back leg (His name is Ande.
Background: She was one of the many elves in the Fire Mountains captured during the Youio War. Branded as a slave Katamy attempted to run away several times with the speed she carried. Let alone, she was caught several times until she was given the opportunity to wait and think of a plan. When her plan almost succeeded she was caught from the lack of rest. Many of the ‘weaker’ elves were being killed one by one until finally a couple of the last evles had ran away. Till this day she had been curious to explore and be known as Amy as nobody knew her real name but knew the ‘great’ Katamy.

05/01/2005 11:49 AM

Name: Xerafina Draconis
Age: 110
Weakness: water, light, lack of concentration, bloodlust
Strength: fire, darkness, agility, quick reflexes, endurance, strength
Elements: fire and darkness
Background: Xera is one of the few purebloods left. Most of the other vampires were once humans who have been blooded by other vampires; this gives her an advantage over other vampires and so she came to be head of her clan, but she found the other vampires stupid and slow and so left someone else in charge and went of on her own to seek out the other purebloods. She has lived her whole life in the shadows, alone. She has known nothing but fighting, killing and feeding. Life itself holds no allure. It bores her, and so she fights. She doesn’t fear death rather she would welcome it, and so often fights battles in which she is almost completely outnumbered.
The only creature she has had any care for is Shadow, who she has been with since he was a young chick, five years ago.
• Height: 5ft 8
• Eye colour: one eye is flame coloured, (red, orange, yellow and blue) and the other is black and silver.
• Hair colour: shoulder length spiral black hair streaked through with red and purple.
• Body features: tattoos of flames dancing up both her forearms, and a tattoo of a circle of flames round her belly button. She also has the mark of her clan on her right shoulder and three faded scars across her back.
• Clothes: normally she is clad entirely in black, with black boots and a long black cloak. She also wears a black belt with various items.
• Weapons: twin blades – one encrusted with onyx stone and a shadow dragon is engraved on the blade, the other is encrusted with a blood stone and flames are engraved onto the blade. She also carries 7 daggers, two in her boots, two up each sleeve and one on her belt and two beneath her clothes.
• Animal: black raven, called Shadow.
Class: pureblood vampire (means that she was born a vampire)

((i hope this is ok))

05/01/2005 12:10 PM

Accepted. I look forward to having this interesting character on board, well during the night at least. Can she be awake during the day; any potions of some sort? :)

05/01/2005 1:37 PM

yeah, she can go into rooms and stuff as long as there's no daylight, also i was thinking of usig her power over darkness to try and create a sort of semi-constant shadow that hangs over her, shielding her from the sun but i wasn't sure if that would be a bit weird and possibly making my character a bit too perfect if you know what i mean.

05/01/2005 2:05 PM

Yeah you're right. Well that's what this is all about; imperfectionists! LOL. Well I guess I will be seeing you in the night time...oo so spooky. :)

05/09/2005 10:39 AM

i shall see. maybe i'll make my character able to walk through daylight.

but that's besides the point. i just want to say, i know it's really stupid but what exactly is this thing that we are seeking?

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