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04/30/2005 8:50 AM

Ok this new thread is based in the forests owned by the tribe of wild elves, know as the Shayndel Tribe. I haven't thought of a plot yet but i'm thinking.
Intruders are not welcomed in this part of the forest, occording to the elvin rules but the spirits of the forest have their own ideas on who should and shouldn't come through.
Anyone's welcome. I have already started several threads, most have failed but there all the same thing so i thought i'd try something different.
ok here's how i'de like you character descriptions to be set out.

Physical description:
Powers(max of three):

but you can alter them if there's other things you want to add or things you consider unimportant.

- sorry forgot the name

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04/30/2005 8:51 AM

Name: Xylona Treesong
Age: 110 ( looks about 18 )
Gender: Female
Race: Wild elf

Personality: Xya is very secretive but also very territorial. She does not like it when others threaten the peace of her forest. Her mental bond with animals lends her, her rather savage side. She is also very quiet and often prefers the company of the animals to other immortals and the like. Though she is quick to hate she is slow to love, but those that she does care about she will risk live and limb to save.

Physical Description:-
• Eye color: forest eyes that change depending on the season, (light green in the spring, dark green in the summer, red, gold and brown in the autumn and black in the winter.)
• Hair color: bright gold streaked dark red and brown and tipped with green.
• Other: she has five tattoos; one of a vine winding down her left arm, the second of leaves down the right side of her face, the third is of a huge willow on her back, the fourth of a vine twisting round her right wrist and is also of a vine which twistes round her left ankle. She also has three scars, like claw marks across her back.

Items: She carries a fine bow made of yew and arrows. She also carries, many throwing knives hidden amongst her clothing and a spelled sabre encrusted with jade with a blade engraved with many entwined vines.
She also wears a long green cloak, knee length brown boots, and a rough brown belt which contains potions, a water flask, poisons and other such items.

Powers (max of three): power over the element of earth (being a wild elf), ability to talk to all animals through her mind, the ability to uses the senses of the animals around her by bonding with them

History: Xya is the daughter of the high priestess and as such has had her whole life dictated for her. She was instructed to learn the ways of the wild, the names of every single living creature and plant ever recorded, how to call upon the spirits of the woods, herblore, healing, armed and unarmed combat, archery, how to fight with a blade, how to use her powers, and other such skills that a future high priestess should know.
But as time passed by Xya rejected the people of her clan, seeking out instead the creatures of the forest. As a young woman she befriended a young wolf cub, named streak. And she would spend hour after hour hunting with him, using his senses as her own. However one day whilst out hunting they were attacked by 10 shifters, streak was killed and Xya was seriously injured, she went down with three gashes on her back but not before she had avenged streak by killing every one of them.
After that encounter she went back to her people and so she has been ever since. She has bonded with several others but not as she had done with streak.

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05/25/2005 11:31 AM

Personality:Montier, like most of his kind, is very solemn and proud. He's honest, and kind, and over all a playful guy. He likes to joke, and teases most. He'll carry a joke for a long time, and won't let up on it. When it comes to a fight, however, Montier is brave, and will never back-down.
Physical description:A tall fellow, with the hind-quarters of a great black quarter horses(Very big animal) and the torso of a very well built man. His stomach(Human) ripples with muscles, and his arms are very strong. They have to be because he carries such a strong sword. His body is covered with scars. His hair is black, and long, and his face is clean-shaven. He's a handsome fellow, though all centaurs are.
Items:Great Bastard sword.
History: Montier is one of the few left of his kind. He's lived for a good long years, and has seen his tribe dwindle down to nearly nothing. He grew up, as any Centaur does, deep in a forest, hidden from humans. But then, his brother, Korbin fell in love with a human woman. He visited her often in her village, but the people of her village destested her love for this "monster" so they set out to slay Korbin's tribe. Montir was only about 50 at this time, and was off with several of his mates, playing in a river. They heard the screams of the woman, and quickly fled, for they were still just young lads.

The 5 others that Montier was with, and Montier himself, started their own tribe, though only about 15 of those remain. Montier now is searching for aid, and other's of his kind.

05/25/2005 11:47 AM

Name: Sage
Age: 14
Gender: male
Race: human
Personality: Shy
Physical description: slim, but taller than Geyli, he has brown hair and eyes, and freckles cover his face
Items: a pack, filled with any notebooks or
Powers: none
History: uhhh, its in my posts...

((sorry I'm being lazy right now...))

05/25/2005 11:47 AM

Name: Sage
Age: 14
Gender: male
Race: human
Personality: Shy
Physical description: slim, but taller than Geyli, he has brown hair and eyes, and freckles cover his face
Items: a pack, filled with any notebooks or
Powers: none
History: uhhh, its in my posts...

((sorry I'm being lazy right now...))

05/25/2005 5:21 PM

((OOC: Hi. Been roleplaying for a while here and there. First time on this site though. this thread seems to be the most intresting. Is there some sort of backstory Im missing out on? Is this already an established world? Or is the backstory kind of being made up as you go along? Also... Do you mind If I join?))

05/26/2005 9:56 AM

hey sure you're welcome to roleplay just post your character description and start posting. No there isn't really a background story per say, all you need to know is that it's set in a large forest which belongs to the wild elves. So you may choose to be an wild elf or someother creature just make sure that you have a reason to be there.

05/26/2005 9:57 AM

hey sure you're welcome to roleplay just post your character description and start posting. No there isn't really a background story per say, all you need to know is that it's set in a large forest which belongs to the wild elves. So you may choose to be an wild elf or someother creature just make sure that you have a reason to be there.
I'm planning on making up the stpry as i go along and let the others contributed their ideas, i find it works better that way.

05/26/2005 11:43 AM

Name: Sevril
Age: 113
Gender: male
Race: Grey elf
Personality: Secretive. Quiet, stealthy and subversive.

Physical description: slim and rather short. About 5'7" With long black hair that reaches his shoulder blades. His skin is very pale and his eyes are a faded yellow. He has boyish looks, innocent eyes which penetrate deep into the most secret of places. His features are smooth and unblemished his limbs long and skinny.

Items: He wears a grey hooded cloak which blends easily with the shadows of the forest. Most of his body his hidden under this cloak and the hood casts half of his face in shadow. He carries a poison dagger on his thigh

Powers: Nothing magical. he is skilled in the art of stealth, subterfuge and silence. He maintains all of the natural abilities elves have. (a communion with nature, an innate ability with animals, etc.)

History: The grey elves are a scattered nomadic tribe of elves which have no real home of their own. They are very secretive and often hire themselves out as spies, mercenaries, assassins and thieves. They can move about in the day but they prefer the darkness of night and so their skin has become pale and fair. among other elves, they are known but often looked down upon. They get no respect from other elven races. They know they are no match for the wild elves who are a much larger force and way more organized, so they stay away from their territory as much as they can, they know the penalty of tresspassing is death. However something out of the ordinary brings this particular young grey elf, to the wild elves' forest.

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06/30/2005 7:48 PM

Name:Father Remy Rendium
Personality: Father Remy is freindly and caring man.He loves his brother monk verymuch.Since most of his life he has lived as a monk he has never had a love of matial Objects. He also a cursader for love of fellow people. He never turn's his head to any race that is hurt. He is highly devout to his god: Demous: Demous teaching are of Peace love taking arms to those who threaten peace, Also of hard work. Which Remy take in stride.

Physical description: Remy looks bigger then he really is when he is in his armor and habit. In fact he quite lean man with very white skin and some rinkled skin streched from days of intence Pyhical training. The reason he habits and Armor his big on him is because of his huge shoulders compared to the rest of his lean body.He has grey eyes and and white hair that is balding very slowly which gives him a extream widow's peek. His face is weathered and kind.
Items:Monk Habit,tome of Demous teachings,Small utillity Dagger
Powers(max of three):Major healing, Demous Stamia( spell that increaces casted stramia),
History:Father Remy Rendium never knew much about his past beyond his monkhood. There are few bits here and there. From he can put togather is that he was the son of a rich man. Who was chased out of town for being married To remy mother. Who was either an elf or half elf. This is where he get his window's peak from. He dosen't know this for certin so he just calls him self human.He knew that the monstary took him very young.In the monstary he became a monk and then father.He has fought many holy wars in the name of Demous. After the many long years of fight and living for Demous he has finlly begun a quest of self discovery. He has heard this forest has elves living in it he has the intent to find out who his mother was.

07/12/2005 5:48 PM

Sorry I wasn't on lately I've been partying and working.

07/13/2005 12:26 AM

that's ok. Though partying and working sounds good, hopefull with a greater emphasis on the partying part. It's good to see your not letting this site become you're life, meaning you are still capable of doing other things other than this

07/13/2005 1:53 PM

how do I put an avatar picture up?

07/14/2005 3:42 AM

you need to click on [b]YOUR FFRP FORUMS SETTINGS[/b] at the near the top of the screen, then scroll down the the avator bit at the bottom. Here - if it isn't really obvious - you either type in the shortcut to your picture or browse your file for a picture you like.

I hope that helps, but i'm notr very good at explaining things as you might have gathered.

07/15/2005 6:54 AM

thanks for the help. Okay so here is my overall view of what has happened so far and maybe some ideas for future events. this is your forum Ashlah so feel free to bend, warp, cut, twist, chew up or spit out any of these ideas.

Here are the kingdoms we have already established:

Wild elves
high elves
Grey elves

I also want to introduce the sea elves a little later on.

The wild elves are very territorial and secretive. nobody really communicates or trades with them, but they are a very powerful race and control much of the great western forests. they despise strangers and stick to themselves.

the high elf kingdom lay to the north across the mountains. they have a very structured, very magnificent society based on protocol and propiety. They are sophisticated and a bit snobbish. they are engaged in open trade with the human kingdoms and have no qualms about clasiming their superiority.

the grey elves are a small nomad race who are also very secretive, but have relations with just about every other race on the map save for the wild elves until now. they are used as spies, assassins, advisors and just about everything else. they are looked down upon by the other elves but are very good at what they do. the grey elves are currently attempting to organize an alliance between the elven kingdoms as a defense against whatever Lord Curtis is concocting.

Manhelm is a large human kingdom which lies to the east of the wild elf forests, across a great river known as the black river which flows from the northern mountains. Manhelm is currently governed by Lord Curtis who has long out lived his lifespan. Before him, King Veruun ruled Manhelm. when he died, his son was supposed to assume the throne, however Curtis killed him and took the country for himself, turning it into a militaristic state. He rules with an iron fist, his people are oppressed, but his military is put on priority for everything. his castle is on eagle peak in the southeastern region of Manhelm.
Lord curtis is currently said to be making plands against the elven kingdoms.

Soris is a smaller nation to the southwest of Manhelm. they are a trade nation, Marketing just about everything to neighboring countries. currently, they are manufacturing and supplying weapons to manhelm in large quantities.

To the east is the ocean. The sea elf kingdom takes up almost the whole coastline. they control the ocean trade routes.

As far as future events are concerned, I am pretty sure there will be an open war between Manhelm and whichever elves decide to join with the grey elves.
I'm not sure What Curtis has to do with Xya's past, except that he hurt her in some way.
I tried to draw a map earlier but failed miserably. If I ever succeed Ill try and send you one if you wish. Let me know what you think so far.

07/16/2005 4:38 AM

Ok this is good. I'm not sure how we'll introduce the sea elves, i have a few ideas which i'll post when i have more time.

I decided to draw up a chracter sheet for Lord Curtis, and i've changed his personality slightly, see what you think. i was feeling very dramatic when i wrote it which might show.

Name: Lord Nicholas Curtis
Age: 126 (looks 26)
Race: thought to be human

Appearance: He has very aristocratic features, with wavy brown hair flecked with red and cut short, his soft amber eyes hide a hidden malice. His flawless skin is tanned brown by years in the sun. He is very tall and stands at well over 6ft and though he has a strong build he is not stocky, but slim with toned muscles just visible beneath his clothes. The only flaw in his perfect appearance is a long scar which runs down the left side of his chest starting just below his shoulder.

Personality: He is very charismatic which explains why most people are instantly drawn to him. He inspires loyalty in his ‘subjects’ and they obey him without knowing the full extent of their actions. But his charming personality also hides his darker nature, closed and secretive he trusts no one and cares for almost no one. No one truly knows him and he is happy to keep it that way.

History: Nicholas Curtis is the son of an ambitious Noble and the Queen. From his early years he was taught politics and other such skills in preparation for the day that his father believed was soon to come, the day he would become Lord.

As a young man he loved to travel and spent most of his life in the forests near his home, which was where he met the young elf and her wolf. At first life was great, the young elf taught him about the forest and its creatures and in return he told her about his homeland and the mortals that lived there. He began like a older brother and she his little sister but his father soon discovered there friendship and sent the shifters after the girl. Nicholas after finding out what his father had done fled to the forest in an attempt to warn her but arrived too late. He comforted her as she grieved for the loss of her wolf, leaving only as her people arrived. Many years passed, but Nicholas did not age, he remained as a young man of 26 but his half brother did and soon the age gap between them grew from 2 years to 20 before he was finally slain by Nicholas’ own hand. Nicholas then took up his brother’s position of King to be, waiting only 3 months before the old King Veruun died.

Driven by his father’s ambitions, Nicholas began preparing for war. But it was not he who desired the changes that overtook his new home, but his father. Nicholas still longed for his old life in the forest before his father took it all away. And by some twist of fate his desires were realized as he met a figure from the past, a figure he had not seen for 40 years. The young elf from the forest had aged by 8 years and now look like a beautiful young woman. Nicholas soon discovered that she had left in search of him and with this knowledge came her true name, Xylona Treesong future High Priestess. Once again life was great and Nicholas loved her as much as his cold heart would allow him but as before his father discovered, not only that Xya had survived but that she was seeing his son regularly. Enraged he forbid his son to leave the castle. This ban lasted a month and at the end Nicholas was a changed man. The next time he saw Xya was to be their last meeting.

The next year his father died after living an impressive 95 years. No one could understand how he had survived that long but they suspected that it was the same magick that had kept his son looking so young. Nicholas seemed unaffected by his father’s death but continued with his role as Lord with even more vigour having lost all distractions, including the young elf.

i also want to kill off Lyvia, but i haven't decided how to do that yet.

07/16/2005 8:39 AM

That's good. a little less evil than I had first imagined him but a great profile nonetheless. I like the idea that his subjects obey him because of his charisma and charm rather than because he's just a tyrant. It's also intresting that you made his father the one who wished to wage a campaign into the forests and change the nation rather than just him.

As far as introducing the sea elves... much will come together in the grey elf camp. There we will learn what the high elves have said and what the sea elves have said.
The way I had it in my mind, was that the high elves were going to accept and the sea elves were going to decline, which would be a strategic downfall because they control the sea.

However the decisions could be reversed, with the high elves declining because of their pride and unwillingness to disrupt trade with Manhelm, and the sea elves could accept.

Let me know what you think

07/17/2005 6:29 AM

Hmmm, i agree with you in that i tink it best that only one of the two races agrees to join. In my oppinion i think that we should have the sea elves joining rather than the High Elves.

08/21/2005 8:29 PM

Hope you dont mind if I join this? This is pretty much my second post on this site, though Ive rped elsewhere, but am nowhere near as good as either of you. Hope this is alright, though please tell me if I should make any changes, especially about the fact that she is Xyas cousin:

Name: Siale Nightsong
Age: 117, looks 19
Gender: Female
Race: Half Wild Elf, half High Elf

Personality: She is willful and sometimes stubborn, and has a view of right and wrong that cannot be swayed. She loves to travel and live out in the open, under the sky and beneath the trees. She does not tend to show her emotions or pain to anyone, and does not take advice easily. However, she can be a faithful companion and will fight for her friends and the helpless. She is almost fearless but for the death of someone she knows or an innocent person, which she takes extremely hard. Although she does not smile often, she certainly enjoys doing so and is not adverse to humor. She enjoys companionship but does not always show it, being often silent and withdrawn.

Physical description:
Hair: Long, black, silky and wavy, glorious generally, but she keeps it pulled back and pinned up
Skin: Mostly pale, with a light tan.
Body: Slim, but shapely, tall, muscular but not visibly so, until she has reason to use her strength. Certainly has never been described as delicate.
Eyes: Her eyes are a brilliant, somewhat dark blue, but when she performs light magic they glow with silvery light.
Clothing: She usually wears tight leather breeches and a tight, short top laced in the front, which is her fighting/traveling gear, but often wears more modest and decorative clothing when formality is needed.
Jewelry: She wears very little jewelry when traveling, but for the intricate silver bracelet with small pearls and sapphires cupped in its decorative work she always wears on her left wrist. She enjoys wearing more jewelry when it is practical though.
Other: She has many intricate silver-blue tattoos on her face and body, but most of the time keeps them covered with a dye the shade of her skin, as they are High Elf made. She carries a few scars from her frequent battles, the more painful ones perhaps from her past. She has a dark, jagged line across her lower back, burns on her left shoulder, parallel white scars on her right arm and a raised, puckered stab mark at the base of her neck, as well as several other light, minor marks of swordplay cuts and scratches.

Items: She has a slender but powerful sword with pearl inlay scrolling up the hilt to a large blue star sapphire in the pommel. The blade is of silvery, blue-rippled steel that is double-edged and extremely sharp. She also carries a slim silver flute embossed with ornate symbols and studded with pieces of sapphire in a small case hung from her swordbelt.

Powers(max of three): She has power over light and music. She is able to weave light and create illusions. She can also enchant and heal with her songs, whether played on flute, harp, or voice. However light magic more powerful than a simple circle of light for illumination is very hard to sustain, especially the illusions. The song-magic takes a good deal of effort and concentration as well, and cannot be used to heal much more than deep cuts or broken bones without dangerous exhaustion.

History: Mostly unknown but gives her occasional nightmares. Let it be said that she resents her High Elf blood and has a vicious hatred for human men. Her mother was Ilyra Treesong, the sister of Keelia, Xyas mother, and her father was Jirak Nightblade, a High Elf. In High Elf custom, the names of the parents were combined and so Siales surname became Nightsong. Ilyra died under unknown circumstances and Jirak disappeared shortly afterward.

Don't know if anyone's going to answer this . . .

Edit: i hope that's better . . .

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08/22/2005 3:53 AM

This looks great, very detailed.

There is just tseveral things, however:
1) Xya's father's surname isn't Treesong, it's her mothers. I'm not sure whether I explained this earlier on. Hence the fact that Keelia is Keelia Treesong. The fathers surname is Morningstar. Therefore you can either change her surname or make it so that she is Xya's cousin on her mothers side. I leave that up to you.

2) The fact that Xya's eyes change colour is because of her control over earth, her connection with the forest if you like, not because she's a wild elf. So you'll need to change that, i don't mind if it changes shades of blue however it is a bit extreme all this colour changing for various reasons.

3) There isn' anything from with this just bare in mind that you do not have unlimited magicks and that it can become taxing if you use them for too long. In other words if you continue to use your magicks for too long you will become weak and tired but i think you already knew this.

4) Xya is not aware that she has a cousin. So they can't know each other. I do not mind if your character knows it's related to Xya but i can't be the other way round.

Also if you going to join make sure that you actually stay for long enough, as there have been three players now who have come on posted a bit and then left. Which is getting a bit frustrating. And please make sure that you read, even if briefly, what's already been written so that you get the gist of the story line.

Other than that youre welcome to join, post whenever.

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08/22/2005 9:09 AM

All right, Ill edit those bits, i was wondering about the eyes particularly. I know about the magic bits, its dead boring if someone has this invincible, all-powerful mage character. I was planning that she would only think of the relation when she heard Xyas name, and yes, i promise to stay with this rp; i doubt i could resist. And yes, i read most of the storyline, which was no small feat might i say. Both of you are amazing, in length and detail If there's anything else you'd like to point out please do, ill be happy to change it

08/22/2005 9:46 AM

Welcome to the RP. sorry I haven't posted all weekend. In any case Im happy to see someone else take an intrest in the story. I look forward to your additions to the story, however where Ashlah had some issues with your character herself, I have an issue or two with her background.

1.) In my head at least, the wild elves have been isolated for centuries if not thousands of years. It was in the ancient past that a rogue group of elves split from the high elves and actually became a whole spereate race, being the wild elves. So i'm not sure if that was clear in the storyline, but if we continue on that theory then it would be very odd for a wild elf and a high elf to have relations as the mother and father of your character have. This is because the way i imagined it, all of the elven races rarely interacted with eachother. the grey elves kind of worked with everyone but the wild elves, nobody interacted with them until now.

2.) How did she come to live amongst the grey elves? How long has she lived with the grey elves and why has she followed the path of magic when the rest of the grey elves kind of lead mercenary lifestyles? what about her views on morality and their relationship with the grey elf views on assasinations, spying and whatnot? does she now consider herself a grey elf? where do her loyalties lie?

Okay that's all. this isn't at all meant to be discouraging or bashing of any sort, I just would like a little clarification.

08/22/2005 1:59 PM

No, it isnt discouraging; i appreciate it beacuse it will help the charry fit better in the story. Also is making me think of things I hadn't bothered with before, which is certainly good.

1) That's how I though of it as well. Unfortunatly im now going to be stubborn and create a story of the relationship between Jirak and Ilyra. Ilyra was an archer, a tall, tanned, whip-hard Wild Elf who guarded the border of the forest more on her own whim than any order. Jirak, at the time, was part of a escort of nobles and their guards traveling in embassy from one of the High Elf cities to a human city. They turned down the wrong path, got caught in mist and mire and thickets until they were all leading their mudstained horses through the wild trying to find some sort of known landmark. They came to a river, on the other side of which was a forest. As their supplies, meant only for a three day trip now stretched to a week, were nearly gone, they sent the guards into the forest to gather whatever they could. Jirak, the head guard for Lord and Lady Redmeret, killed a few squirrels and gathered some berries, muttering between clenched teeth all the while about the dishonor of peasant work. Ilyra, meanwhile, had shot three other guards and now had her arrow trained on Jirak, and probably would have killed him had a bird not called a few branches above her and he turned to look. He saw her, pulled her out of the tree, broke her bow and brought her back to the convoy, gaining a few dagger wounds and bruises on the way, but he was stronger and taller than she was. They though Wild Elves were more a myth than a reality, and as Ilyra knew they would likely kill her had they known, she told them she was a rogue Grey Elf. She looked enough like one, with black hair, dark eyes, and fair enough skin for a Wild Elf. Not exactly averse to a Grey Elf hostage, they brought her with them, eventually finding their way back to the elven cities. By that time Jirak was in love with her, in his own savage, cold way. She was not exactly impartial to him, considering he was extremely handsome and probably her only chance to be returned to her people. When the convoy reached the city, Jirak and Ilyra disappeared, and stayed with a small camp of Grey Elves, in exchange for a good deal of gold, which Jirak had stolen off Lord Redmeret. They stayed with the Grey Elves for two years, and Ilyra became pregnant. Shortly after Siale was born Ilyra told Jirak that she was really a Wild Elf. Jirak sent Siale away to one of the High Elf Cities, where she was adopted by an herbalist and his wife. Ilyra turned up dead, and Jirak disappeared. Siale was raised by the herbalist, trained in a little magic, eventually found out about her parents and left to travel at the age of 19. She spent 98 years in the wild, occasionally living in High Elf cities when her fortunes were good. When she was 84, she left the High Elf territory for good and eventually, when she was 115, ended up in the main camp of the Grey Elves, and has stayed with them since.

2) She's lived with the Grey Elves for two years. She came to be trained in her magic previously, most likely in the High Elf cities. She is a fighter herself, so does not exactly disprove of the ways of the Grey Elves, but occasionally sees their acts as wrong. But she realizes that there are many worse ways of life and does not try to act against it.

whew, that was long and incredibly boring, probably full of mistakes and incongruities as well. I hope it helped, although i doubt it did . ..

Edit: I've reconsidered Siale being connected with the grey elves at all, so that makes most of this info incorrect, 'cept about the parents i guess

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08/22/2005 2:33 PM

Nice. I like the story alot. Plus another thing I thought about which was inconsistent with what I said was this, I forgot that in a previous post I mentioned that the grey elves had been intermittantly spying on the wild elves, though not often and it was rare that spies ever returned. (Actually I had to make this up because I had to find a reason why sevril Called Xya "Xya" instead of "Xylona" Which was the only name he had heard in reference to her up to that point)

Sooo... that would mean that the wild elves haven't been completely isolated. Which also could explain a reason why Ilyra ended up a wild elf or grey elf or vice versa. In any case, The background story is good enough for me.

Feel free to use any of my characters. If I used all of my characters in every post, they would be way too long to be intresting, that's why I don't write alot about Haemon or Haavel (Or Venn, but she was more of a cameo) but they are characters I would like to develop more. I don't like making up characters for just a post or two, but often times I have little choice.

08/22/2005 2:41 PM

yes, you do have a lot of Grey Elf npcs . . . should i post in the rp now or are you going to?

Oops, sorry, didn't see your post . . .

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08/23/2005 6:23 AM

Youre character description looks much better. Dont worry about length, just make sure that you try and write at least two descent sized paragraphs each time, and eventually youll get the hang of it. The only reason mine are so long is because I have lots to respond to. I think that once you start your posts will be as long as ours.

As for how good the actual posts are I think from what Ive seen so far you could be a valuable contribution. And youve role played before which is a plus. Besides Im fairly average anyway.

Its good to see that Marion is content with your character as am I. How do you plan on entering and when? Or if you want we could create an opening for you.

Also youre welcome to control any of my old characters of course; however most of them are in Lilunya so they are of little use to you. Xya and Nighteyes are of course solely mine to control as are Nicholas and Fardale or at least for the moment.

Oh and Marion, i think Lord Curtis origionally started out as Lord Coritus, but i think i accidently changed his name over time. Do you think we should pretend they are two different people, cary on with him as Lord Curtis or switch back to Lord Coritus?

08/23/2005 9:16 AM

Nah. I always just kind of brushed off the "coritus" incident as a typo. Lord coritus and Curtis are the same person, from now on known only by the name Lord curtis.

08/23/2005 1:50 PM

yeah, i thought so too Curtis is much better

Actually, I'm considering having Siale not being connected with the grey elves at all- i was having trouble fitting her in there. Might mean editing my character posts once again... An opening might help, or at least some idea of what might happen next, as I'm horrid at introducing my characters in probable circs

08/24/2005 2:45 AM

Great Lord Curtis it is!

Ok at the moment i'm not entirely sure whats happening. I mean I know whats happening in the long run but as for where were going next I think Marions deciding that.

Sooooo if you tell me, us, where you are exactly, i.e. the grey elf camp or Manhelm or with the High Elves or whatnot then that would help.

Or Marion could tell you where were going and we arrange for you to be there  if we are going somewhere that is  Sevril has an assignment as far as Im aware and Xya may or may not be going with depending. But thats about all I know. Which really isnt much help.

But Im all for waiting for Marion to respond and deciding then how were going to bring you in.

Also whos side are you on? As in are you fighting with or against Lord Curtis? Stupid question but I thought Id just check.

08/24/2005 4:08 AM

Okay big battle scene. I was gonna have melliv send Sevril to the front. whether Xya goes or not is Ashlahs decision. Faedra will probably go since the two of them are kind of joined at the hip now. As far as what happens from there im not entirely sure. it might be there that Sevril and Fardale have their showdown A la "the patriot" at the end scene.

Im really kind of dissapointed with how Sevril turned out. He is quite bland... no real personality. but that's off topic.

but yeah, its important to know where your character is and on whos side shes on AND
whether or not she will be associated with the grey elves or not.

There are two sites where battle is going to take place.
to the southeast of the wild elf forest is a huge battle involving everyone except the high elves. it is near the border between manhelm and the wild elf forests and that is where the bulky army of men is going to be met with the joined army of the elves.

There is another site, on the northern border of the wild elf forests. the wild elves must defend their northern borders from the high elves. The wild elves will have no help in this but the high elves will not be able to use the majority of their forces because the forests there are too thick.

Im not sure yet which one Melliv will send Sevril to.

[Edited by Marion on Wednesday, August 24, 2005 5:05 PM]

08/31/2005 7:52 PM

sooo.... what's going on? I guess Saiarose changed her mind. its too bad too because I was kind of excited to have another PC. Oh well.

Eh... Couldn't get on the site until it was too late to post. so until tomorrow...

09/12/2005 3:53 AM

Okay... uh, Kiros isn't there. At least not if we're going with where I put him. Sevril, Xya and Keelia are at the southeast end of wild elf territory. Imagine Lilunya is at the exact center of a large forest then draw a line southeast to the edge of the forest, that's where they are. Now if you draw a straight line north of lilunya, that is where Kiros is. I'm sorry I didn't want any confusion and this is your thread so if you want to change things you can.

10/15/2005 6:20 AM

Sorry for not posting in so long. I'm leaving for Germany today for 5 weeks.So I don't think I'll be posting any more. But I think it would be a good idea if we both gave one last post to just kind of wrap things up. I'd like to see what ending you will give to the story and then I can post to just kind of go along with things. If this is what you choose to do feel free to use all of my characters including Sevril to write your ending.

10/16/2005 8:22 AM

will do when i have more time. I'll probably skip a huge section out in the middle and go straight to the end so it might not make a lot of sense but we'll see.

10/17/2005 2:37 PM

Okay sounds good. I'm sure it will be great and I look forward to it. My regret is not being able to continue in the same fashion as we had been. But I simply was unable to devote the time to it. now I'm in Germany... and in a spot nothing short of paradise.
The surrounding forests and mountains compel me to write more. But were I to write then I wouldn't be enjoying the surrounding forests and mountains now would I? Oh yes... and theres school and soon homework. well... I look forward to your conclusion.

11/22/2005 12:20 PM

Brilliant! I enjoyed it very much. however... it's not Sevril and Xya's baby is it? I mean.. isn't Curtis's child? I know you never came out and said it, but naturally that's what I suspect. Perfect segway into a sequel, now that I'm back if you are starting a sequel I'd love to be a part of it. Hopefully we can get a few more players this time.

12/01/2005 2:07 PM

Thanks! Yeah it is Curtis' child, i kind of figured that was pretty obvious and sooned better if i didn't opennly say it. I think i managed to tie everything. That's also why there was a lot of Xya thinking back, to explain how things happened.

I'll probably start a sequal but not for sometime. I also need to actually think of a plot this time instead of seeing what happens, which so far i've only got ideas for.
Yeah i hope we get more players as well because last time it ended up being just us as everyone else left.

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