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04/28/2005 12:47 PM

Hey everybody! Welcome to Generation Earth! This is an original thread and is following a very loose idea.

Earth has become a huge battleground. For a number of generations two aliens species have been fighting for the control of this mortal plane. They have now landed on Earth, and are willing to die for this planet to be another tally for their victory tables. Bolth sides have human support, and you can play as three races:

Dartheron: A cenataur-like race of beings that use armor reminicent of the greek warriors on their own troops. They use a form of a crystalizing carbon into a form of armor, sheilding, and weapondry. The Dartheron will usually be seen with the native inhabitants and ruling from the front lines, they are a naturally battle-oriented peoples. The planets they conquer will often be stripped dry of any minerals and spawling metropolises built on the soil, supplied by cloned foods.

Ohomads: Race whose composition is similar to that of octopi (plural for octopus). The armor is a refined platinum, which is expensive and rare, though it does offer more protection than a Dartheron's suit. The ammo is provided by refining more common minerals (rock sediments to organic) into a crystal-like state. They will not often appear on the battlefront, preferring to govern thier warrior natives into attack. The planets they conquer will often use conservation and protection of natural resources.

Though a number of long range teleportals (smaller versions are available on Earth) came six basic elements universal on all planets. The cosimic energies can be harnessed into spells, the elements are nicknamed Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Light and Darkness. The powers are manipulated though the usage of Casters, who are available for any race. These Casters follow thier own heirarchy and usually enchant close combat weapons only, enchantments on ranged equipments mean individual enchantment on each projectile, which wears the caster out very rapidly.

All races use a developed rail cannon device and close combat weapons. The more close combat weapons you have, the slower and less ammo you can carry for your weapon. Plus side? Heavily armored. (Like I said, this is a light thread, so don't abuse it and give your character too many close combat weapons. Above 5 would be a bit excessive, but if you insist and you have a valid point I will consiter it.)

In this universe, there is no good, no evil, only the victor.






MAGIC (optional):

ALLIGENCE (Dartheron or Ohomad):


That is the basic player's characteristics. Tell me any discrepancies and thoughts, everyone is welcome!

04/28/2005 12:54 PM

NAME: Steve Drimlon

RACE: human

AGE: 25


HISTORY: He was unlucky enough to be a first year student at the military academy when the first contact was met, and was facinated with the Ohomads and pledged his allegence to them. While others were sceptical, he fully believed the propoganda they filled him with about the Dartheron. When they came, the others who did not believe the Ohomads fled to the safety of the Dartheron. Now is fighting against the Dartheron in order to secure the planet for his allies. Has only seen the Ohomads though video clips and posters.



CLOSE COMBAT WEAPON: Carries a small sword with him

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Blond hair, Scar down right leg.

04/28/2005 2:13 PM

NAME: Kaia Nighteyes

RACE: Human

AGE: 19

EYE COLOR: cat like eyes (hence the surname), slits for pupils, black rimmed yellowy green eyes.

HAIR COLOUR: multi tonal blonde hair streaked with green.

OTHER FEATURES: Scar that runs across throat, starting below left ear across to just above the right shoulder. Tattoo of a black dragon curling up right side of her face and a tattoo of a tiger running up forearm.

HISTORY: Kaia’s mother died giving birth to her and so from the beginning of her life she lived with her father, he was very strict and was determined to see her grow up and pass on his legacy. So from a very early age she was taught of war. In class she learned maths, 10 different languages, chemistry and physics. She also learned unarmed combat, sword practice, healing, herblore, shooting, and how to use her powers. Her father himself taught her how to use her power over darkness, (having the gift himself) and a personal tutor taught her how to use her power over fire (having inherited that from her mother). And so all her life Kaia knew of nothing else save war.
When the war started on Earth, Kaia chose to join her friend Niko in fighting for the Dartherons.

MAGIC (optional): Power over elements of darkness and fire

ALLIGENCE: Dartheron

CLOSE COMBAT WEAPON(s): Small dagger and spelled twin blades, one is encrusted with an emerald and engraved with the image of a dragon on the blade and the other is encrusted with an amethyst stone with the image of a tiger engraved on the blade.

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04/28/2005 2:44 PM

Name: Alak Nimman

Race: Human

Age: 29

Eye Color: Grey

History: Never knowing who his parents were, he grew up in a secret military base. In this base he learned how to fight completely unarmed, as well as a education in physics, math, battlefield tactics, and complete biology of the three races. He feels that the Ohomads are better suited to rule the planet, rather than the other two races. He also fights for the rights humans should have once the war ended. He now fights for the Ohomads, willing to give his life so that they may rule.

Magic: Some basic controls of air.

Alliegence: Ohomad

Close Combat Weapon: A suit enchanted with air (for melee unarmed) .

Distinguishing Features: His entire face is tattooed with blue designs of birds, clouds, and a single dragon.

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04/29/2005 12:07 PM

welcome Ashlah and orgainres! You are more than welcome to join this RP, and can post at any time!

05/03/2005 11:31 AM

NAME: Serina (seri nickname) Kyubi



EYE COLOR: Sea blue

HISTORY: Was a slave to an emporor a long time ago. She escaped and met a nice old scientist and was put in stasis 100 years ago. She awoke reliveing her life dedicated to the cause of !victory!

MAGIC (optional): Shadow controll to a limit. Can minipulate shadows))


CLOSE COMBAT WEAPON(s): Timeline Halbird ( Wont break). And a Leachgun on each hip. ((plasma Shots.,, no ammo but overheats easily.))

Appearance (armor ect.) Black leather bustier (almost like a bra kinda xP ((just like the idea)) And black miniskirt, both bullet proof. The halbird is strapped across her back and the guns holstered. She wears Knee high boots, and has on a black leather collar that if tried to take off it would shock the person almost killing them. She has black hair.

05/03/2005 1:24 PM

ahhh i am outnumbered three to one. What i really need is another person on my side

05/03/2005 1:28 PM

i'lll see what i can do. (;))

05/04/2005 4:53 AM

Hey! Hey! Hey Slayer! you posted a new thread without me knowing? Mkay then lets see who else is rping here....seems like a new crowd, should be fun no? alrighty lets see what I can do, these centuars sound pretty damn kewl:D

NAME: Shade(real name unknown)

RACE: Dartheron

AGE: unknown

EYE COLOR: black with purple iris's.

HISTORY: Abadoned as child, like many in his home communtity, when a strong Dartheron male is born he is taken by the military and trained to be a soldier as soon as he learns how to follow orders. Being trained in many tactical missions and a skilled warrior, Shade worked his way u quickly throught the ranks, but with a sinsiter purpose in mind. He learned from an old human who took him under his wing, that killing many warriors and to die in batttle was not the most honorable thing to do. The old man in the following weeks of skulking around Shades military base, taught him he has a soul, that he is his own person, and answers to no one. Unfortunately after stowing away for so long, Shades superiors caught on. When Shade went to go meet his surrogate father, he found his body beaten,bloody, and mangled. To this day he calls himself Shade, dropping his real name to take on a more powerful alias. He currently runs an elite group of soldiers called "The Fallen Blades" they are an elite group of mercenaries, working under the radar for assassinations and propaganda. Only going to the frontline when needed, he cosntantly looks for new recruits, to use for a time he and his officers call "Cleansing" his true motives to almost everyone is a mystery.(Ill develop this more as we rp through this.)

MAGIC: Black shadow arts and the ability to conjure a bow of pure energy to use as a long range weapon.

ALLIGENCE: Dartheron?

CLOSE COMBAT WEAPONS: A giant longsword engraved with glowing stones cut in archaic symbols, black on blue. Also he carries a energy shield that sprouts out of his left guantlet on his armor.

Sound good? I think Ill go post now.

05/04/2005 12:09 PM

sounds good. Anyone is welcome.

05/05/2005 2:51 PM

NAME: Fatalis Sicarius ( I love latin hehe)

RACE: Dartheron

AGE: (Human equivalant of 31)

EYE COLOR: Blood red iris with flecks of a light pink, the outter edges transition quickly from the red to a dark blue.

HISTORY: (Two possible, will edit and pick only one when orion mails me back)
Fatalis was born into an upper-middle class Dartheron family, and was placed into a specialized school to teach him more of combat than common schools. Being the second of seven children taught him that if he wanted the favor of his elders and superiors, he must be dominant of his siblings, bullying them into submission. His tactics of dominance carried through his youth and into his military training where he was made an officer immediately and raised through the ranks fairly quickly.(here's where it splits.) 1.) Eventually Fatalis had no where further to rise in the ranks of the common military, for those above him were willing to use deadly means to keep their positions, and had been there for so long there was almost no way for him to dislodge them. After a while, someone came to him with an offer to join a specialized group known as "The Fallen Blades", which he joined and has fought with them ever since.

MAGIC: Practitioner of casting Air related spells.

ALLIGENCE: Dartheron

CLOSE COMBAT WEAPONS: Spiked horshoes on his hooves, letting him use his legs as deadly weapons. Uses a large naginata enchanted with the wind which lends some of it's force to his blows. For more confined spaces uses a rapier and swordbreaker, both enchanted to move quicker than normally possible. Relies on a pair of enchanted three-bladed glaives for non-melee combat.

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05/06/2005 11:52 AM

Sounds good, but you do have a lot of close range weapons. It's fine since you don't have a gun, but that's probably going to be the limit on weapons for anyone else joining the thread.

05/06/2005 1:58 PM

If you want I can get rid of the horse shoes and I'll only have 2 melee weapons, since a sword breaker is more like a shield than a weapon. And I plan to only use the glaives in ranged combat. Actually yeah, spiked horse shoes could be a problem when walking around some places. hehe :P I guess I hadn't put enough thought into that before.

05/09/2005 4:54 AM

Demitrex, I know ya mailed me and all, but my mail is acting funny so Ill just tell ya hear that you are more than welcome to jion my merc group, always glad to have another member aboard! so if ya want just change yer character accordingly.:D

05/09/2005 11:44 AM

don't worry about the weapons. That's the limit though for anyone else joining the thread. Like I said, not having a actual firearm kinda balances it out.

05/14/2005 1:19 PM

this sucks, where are the other ohomads????I'm all alone.

05/14/2005 7:43 PM

to my knowledge (ooc knowledge of course) they were sitting there with the "make out session of healing"... lol :P just yankin yer chain, maybe they are slow posters is all, or busy or any number of things. I'm sure they'll rejoin ya eventually... and if they don't... we'll just train ashlah up and come crush your little ohomad allies into the sushi paste they are... :D hehe

05/16/2005 1:19 PM

srry guys, this weekend's been busy as all hell on a saturday night. :D

05/17/2005 12:03 PM

Gee I wonder why Slayer? *had devilish look cuz he knows what Slayer does offline with his friends and DOESNT INVITE ORION!!!!!* uhhh...I mean me too:D

05/18/2005 12:40 PM

Hey, you want to sit on a VERY uncomfortable bleacher at my brother's graduation and hear hold people mispronounce words, be my guest! ;)

05/23/2005 2:25 PM

Hi Guys - I can't move the posts to the OOC section individually - so I just cut & paste them here, and then deleted them from the RP section. Once it seems like you've all read the most recent responses here, I can just delete this single post so it doesn't clutter up your interaction on the story line. Shallandra

Sunday May 22, 2005 12:50 PM

((what's the point of creating a character if i have no control over it? Shade is your character to control as Nighteyes is mine don't make it any different!))

Monday May 23, 2005 4:52 AM

OOC: Scuse me! damn dude just trying to move shit along, no need to get hostile! This thread was almost dead anyway, me and Slayer are trying to bring it back so I would appreciate it if you would either post whatever the hell you want to do, or get the hell away from my character.

Monday May 23, 2005 11:08 AM

((wtf you need to relax i wasn't being hostile i was just insulted that you chose to role play my character that's all and yes the thread was dying i accept that and i'm sorry that you interpreted it as an insult. i didn'y touch nor insult your character so i don't know where you got that from i was merely pointing out that Shade was your character to role play and so i wouldn't control him as i didn't expect you to control mine. i meant no offence by my words you need to be more careful how you choose to interpret things you're probably a much better roleplayer than me anyway and i was only saying that you shouldn't be able to do that so don't start shouting at me and accusing me of things i didn't do.))

Monday May 23, 2005 12:19 PM

OOC: Ok, everyone just relax. Orion now knows not to take control of Ashlah's character, and Ashlah understands that Orion did it just to keep the thread alive. Does everyone understand?

Monday May 23, 2005 1:05 PM

(OOC: lol actually the only dead part of the thread seems to be the Ohomad side. All three dartheron have been posting pretty regularly as far as I can tell. Also diablo is right, everyone just take a chill pill and we'll roleplay our own characters like good little freeform RPers. Also, if a moderator checks this, could we get the OOC posts moved to the OOC section?? Thankee!)

05/24/2005 11:46 AM

Thanks Shallandra

05/24/2005 12:11 PM


05/25/2005 2:11 PM

whatever Im over it, friends Ashlah
*puts out hand*

Yo Slayer, would like attack my camp or somthing, we gotta bring your squid heads back:P

05/29/2005 2:36 AM

Bring it on, Sushi Brains!!! I'll be dining on California Rolls tonight!!

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