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04/24/2005 6:29 PM

Heres mine:

Name:Veronica (Ronnie)
Special: Telepathic, Can reaad minds,Levitate, and Teleport objects.
Fears:Spiders and Hieghts
Strength: 8
Supplies: Snacks, 3 water bottles, sleeping bag, Clothes.
Apearance: (It may not show up..)

Edited, I fixed the picture html for ya :D

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04/25/2005 1:49 PM

Funny thing, I was thinking about making this exact kind of an rp, but with a different beginning. whatever.

Name: Sean
Age: 22
Special: Loves camping, so he has extreme survival skills
Fears: Losing control, becoming unable to do what is nessecary (as in, he is hurt or something.)
Strength: 10
Supplies: Lightweight tent, sleeping bag, groundcloth, lighter, axe, snacks, canteen, rope, clothes, snacks, very small first aid kit (it has the basics), and the hiking pack he took it all in.
Appearence: Dirty blond hair that goes to his chin, fairly muscular, he usually wears a black sweatshirt and jeans with hiking boots. He is about 6 feet tall, and he has a large scar on his hand.

04/26/2005 12:58 PM

okay, here's the basics on starting a thread k? especially a RP thread.

The first post in the actual rp half should be centered around the thread starter's character, or at least a story-style written paragraph or two about the situation.

In the OOC/Recr section, is where all characters, background info and other such things are discussed.

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