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04/09/2005 4:17 PM

((Mmm..This was originally posted at a yaoi forum, but it died..Anyways, warnings: I am pretty sure it WILL get graphic soon, so don't read if you're not old enough to handle it, or just aren't open-minded. Two, I am a very angst-causingy person, and I LOVE to make my characters suffer..*coughs and looks at broken boytoys* ^-^ I will continue to post warnings, since this forum requires that I guess...Oh, and anyone interested in joining, please mail me or whatever..I'm looking for a demon or vampire, or something that's supposed to be evil, cause my character's going to be an angel. Romance is a definite must, and I can deal with PG-13 or downright NC-17, but...I'm not sure if I'm allowed to...Oh, and others can play I guess, but I'm not sure if other people besides the other main character I will be RPing with will have any other role than playing supporting character, evil bad guy, or something along those lines..Bah..I'm babbling now..Jeez, this is a really long OOC post...Ok, anyways, I'm not going to post my beginning post yet cuz I don't want to get kicked out just yet for the content until I know it's ok (>.<) and whether you guys want yaoi or hetero..But, I can tell you I'm planning on making my character a whore..You know, the whole angst/emotional complex thing..Yummm ^-^))

05/30/2005 8:59 AM

pretty cool. I guess you could count me in, if you want me here, and if you're allowed.

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