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04/08/2005 10:09 PM

This RP takes place in feudal Japan, (about mid-Edo period). Because I don't know more about Japanese history than that, this RP will be strictly fictional.

About ten years ago, the Uyeda clan performed a coup d'etat and took over the government. In a single, bloody night, they attacked and wiped out the current ruling clan, Enomoto. Before the coup the nation was peaceful and prosperous, but the Uyeda have made the conditions terrible through their greed and tyranny.

Luckily for the people of Japan, one Enomoto ended up surviving that night. Through these ten years, he has organized a militia, preparing to rebel against this governent. You are part of this militia. There is a small pub in the middle of town; the Masahiro Pub. This pub is the base of operations for the militia. Around the nation there are similar pubs controlled by the militia.

Enomoto Shirow, the sole survivor of the Enomoto clan, leads his militia to the capital; Edo, to reclaim his throne.

If you want to have any part in this, post your character parameters here (Example below), and [i]please don't start until I give permission![/i] Chances are you'll get it anyway. Patience, grasshopper.

Any questions, and I'll be sure to answer them.

Example Character:

Name: Enomoto, Shirow
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 120 lbs
Build: Slim, but toned. Medium height. Delicate features. Very good posture.
Personality: He has the air of an aristocrat. He speaks with authority and with great persuasive skill. He is quick to anger, but uses the anger to his advantage rather than having it use him. He is a bit pompous, but has the qualities of a true leader. He is very courageous, sometimes bordering on foolish. A very strong feeling of justice.
History: Born to a ruling clan, he was tought proper speech, proper posture, proper sword skills. His family was slaughtered when he was 14, setting a deep scar in his psyche. He has little respect for life, and has the uncanny ability to kill without remorse. This does not mean he cannot exhibit pity, but he can (usually) choose whether or not to.
Skills: Exceptionally skilled with the Katana, as well as many ninja arts. He has a control of words that few other's have.

I also have a small request: I would prefer if good capitalization, spelling, grammar, etc. could be maintained; I have a big pet peeve of people who don't take the 3 minutes to read back over what they typed to fix the errors they might have made. Thanks a lot!

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04/09/2005 7:13 AM

Im in JawHun! sound like a good time. these are my characters stats, any problems let me know:D

Name: Gyano Kirikawa(sounds japanese no? he he!) but most call Mushu

Age: 32


Height: 5'10

Weight:130 lbs

Build: Toned and muscular, but flexible, he has a long ponytail and a dragon tattoo going along his right arm and down his side.

Personality: Loves to fight, is a bit of a brawler when antagonized, however loves to read and dreams of being scholar one day, is skilled in many languges. The ladies love him but his only love is his child, Toyo , whom he adores and wants only the best for.

History: Raised by mother who taught him Martail Arts and Bushido, he loved it so much he has attmpted to learn every fighting style there is. In his local village one day a scholar came to town to preach and spread good news, Gyano grw a close bond with this man and was inspired to write a book about the many fighting styles he had learned. By the time he was a happily married man, with his wife, he had almost finished his book. The goverment saw to it that it would never be published, his wife was assassinated and his burned in flames, he only managed to rescue his son. He has vowed revenge on them. Since revealing secrets of a dojo was restricted, he became an outlaw and met Shirow at a pub one time. He and his son have joined the militia, and they give lessons to the soldiers on proper technique.

Skills: Is a master with the tanfas, bo staff, and nunchaku, but has secretly developed hiw own fightng style "Wind Marrage" which allows him to create living, breathing, illusions. He and his son hold the knowledge and keep it between themselves.

Hope ya like him my freind! cant wait to rebel. fIGHT THE POWER! :D

04/09/2005 10:32 AM

Bounce to top of post; a little new stuff added.

Sounds like a cool character, Orion. I just have a couple questions:

How old is the son?
Are there any special reasons that he joined the militia?
What is his upbringing? (Having had learned martial arts as extensively as you say, it sounds like he came from a wealthier family.)

Other than that, you most definitely have permission. I'll start the RP when we have at least 1 more person.

04/09/2005 12:21 PM

M'kay JawHun Ill give ya what you need.

How old is the son?

15 years old, teenage agnst and what not.

Are there any special reasons that he joined the militia?

Well, he believes in freedom of speech, he fights for what he believes in and realizes that if things stay the way they are, no one can be a free person. Also he wants a better life for his son, before they joined up, the were basicaaly runaways and street thieves. He trys to show his son that war is never the answer, and there are more peacful ways of solving problems(yes, hes a fighter, but he doesnt enjoy taking life)

What is his upbringing? (Having had learned martial arts as extensively as you say, it sounds like he came from a wealthier family.)

Yes, actually I was gonna redo that part to make it clearer. His father was a shogun and his mother was a handmaiden to him, they fall in love, out pops Gyano! His father, unfortunately, was forced to commit Seppuku(think thats how you spell it) after losing in a fight with another shogun, another reason why he goes to war, what is honor?, did his father do his duty?, for a cause not his own? yeah so something like that.

So how was grammer? ;)

04/09/2005 12:26 PM

So how was grammer? ;)

Hehe... it's actually spelled 'grammar'.

04/09/2005 12:36 PM

Hehe... it's actually spelled 'grammar'.

I fucking new it!, stupid brain injuries! *slams head* Exile are you planning on joining up? or are you just a friendly spellcheck? :D

04/09/2005 12:47 PM

Of course I'm joining. :D

JawHun, set the scene for us.

04/09/2005 1:00 PM

Right on! JawHun lets get cooking!

P.S. what yer character Exile?

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04/09/2005 1:12 PM

P.S. what yer character Exile?

I am thinking of a good one.

04/09/2005 5:15 PM

Alrighty then. This sounds like a good start. I'll set the scene. Before we start the actual story, I want to know what characters there'll be.

04/09/2005 6:48 PM

Name: Rei
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 150
Build: Medium build. Exotic features.
Personality: Rei is very wise. He thinks very hard before saying anything, feeling that if you say something it should be worth saying. Rei tends to keep to himself and only speaks when spoken to. His intelligence is also above average and he poses a curt wit and sharp tongue.
History: Rei was orphaned as a child and never knew his parents. He was taken in and raised by an old, wandering swordsman. Rei's master taught him the way of the bushido, not only the art but the way of life also.
Skills: Rei is skilled in the use of the katana, wakazashi, and shuriken.

*Eh... I sort of ran out of ideas.

04/09/2005 7:01 PM

I plan on joining, I'll post a char tomorrow.

04/09/2005 11:35 PM

count me in too, im just too tired to make a new char right now. do it tommorow i will says yoda.

04/10/2005 1:02 PM

Actually BPman, I think that 4 RPers would be enough for now (there may be room for another later, in which case I will contact you, but I don't want this to become another Sea Devil with 100 different players). Sorry BP.

04/10/2005 1:32 PM

You have a thing for small RPs, dont you? I think that in at least 8 out of 10 of yours, there have been no more than 5 people. Oh well...

04/10/2005 2:51 PM

It's just that it's harder to control when there are lots of people, and if one person doesn't update everyday they get caught behind the curve. Everyone goes on without them. T-T

In the other one we are in together, CRS (The Children Of The Red Sun), I set up a situation where, to continue, we have to wait for BP to respond. Otherwise, there is no real way to get out of that situation, other than to control his character. If there were too many people, they'd all be waiting for him, rather than our 4 people.

If I get more character openings, I'll message you guys. I suppose a militia would have lots of people. Otherwise it wouldn't be a militia, it would be more of a... group. Maybe I can throw in a second arc, too, to help accomidate more people. Post characters anyways, in case I have a spot for them.

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04/10/2005 3:28 PM

Name: Umisaisei Kieiko (given name means "Spirited Child" Family name means "Reborn of the Ocean")

(Please note, Japanese say their family name first, and usually address each other as such unless directed otherwise, it's the polite and honorable way)

Age: 17
Hair: Black
Eyes: Jade green
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120 lbs
Fighting style: Ninjitsu

History: Kieiko is the youngest child of her family, and the youngest daughter as well. In turn she is doted on and allowed to do pretty much as she wishes. Her father, Umisaisei Kuroryu has allowed her to study the ninja arts with her brothers. She has managed to surpass all but the eldest in her lessons, so she has joined the milita on two reasons, to prove that she can best her eldest brother, Kokutan; as well as to help restore the land to it's proper order.

04/10/2005 4:40 PM

Please note, Japanese say their family name first, and usually address each other as such unless directed otherwise, it's the polite and honorable way

In this light, I will be changing my character's profile as well.

04/10/2005 4:48 PM


this is the siggy I did for this char :)

04/10/2005 9:16 PM

Name: Diagon Hajimaro
Age: 27
Gender: Male Height : 6'5
Weight: 150 lb
Build: Rather tall but thin. Well defined muscle mass. Heavy features, ramrod straight postur.
Personality: Quiet and collective, and terribly anti-social. His temper is about as short as a firecracker's fuse and burns even quicker. Quite violent.
History: Born in a nomadic clan, he was trained in the arts of the samurai at an early age. He left the clan and threw himself into mercenarie work for a living, as most of his ancestors did.
Skills: Swordsman-ship. need I say more?

thats there in case of opening.

04/11/2005 4:22 AM

JawHun, dont be ripping into my thread man! I dont like to bitch, but I rather enjoy rping with lots of people.

04/11/2005 6:17 AM

calm down, no need to bicker back and forth, he was merely stating a truth that happens with many rp threads. He just happened to pick yours as an example.

However, it's even happened in mine, and I only have three people in it so far, (As I"m controling the majority of the characters, four of them to be exact...) So having an RP with only a few people doesn't always work the way you'd want it to.

04/11/2005 10:33 AM

Orion, I wasn't ripping on your thread. I wasn't really "ripping" on anything. I just get frustrated when someone gets left behind (especially me), and it seems to happen often to me in larger rp's.

04/11/2005 11:39 AM

Okay then, sorry emo moment :D

04/12/2005 2:12 PM

(i think i'll join o,o)

Name: Tsukishiro Akina
Age: 18
height: 4'9"
weight: 100
Build:small, wears hair in ponytail
Personality:hides in the shadows,shy most of the time but is serious when it comes to missions.

History:raised to be a diplomat,but trained in secret the art of ninjutsu, but when she was seventeen she disgraced her father, the local daimyo, when he found out she was learning ninjutsu.the only way she can regain honor is to work for her lord.

Skills: can easily remove her presence,skilled in the art of silent killing

04/12/2005 2:24 PM

What are some Japanese weapons?

04/12/2005 3:40 PM

lessee....These here are hand-to-hand weapons...

Bokken -- sword-- a wooden sword that mimicks the weight, and dimensions of a katana.

Kama -- Developed from the scythes used to gather crops by peasants, the kama is a short wooden handle with a tapered blade curving slightly downward. Monks can use the kama with their unarmed base attack and improved number of attacks and all relevant modifiers.

Kusarigama--A kusari-gama is a length of chain with a kama at one end. It can be used either as a double weapon or as a reach weapon. You can fight with it as if fighting with two weapons, incurring all the normal attack penalties as if using a one-handed weapon and a light weapon. In this case, you can only strike at an adjacent opponent.

If you use the kusari-gama as a reach weapon, you can strike opponents 10 feet away with it. In addition, unlike other weapons with reach, you can use it against an adjacent foe. In this case, you can only use one end of the kusari-gama effectively; you cannot use it as a double weapon. You can choose which end of the kusari-gama to use.

The manrikigusari 6 consisted of a short length of metal chain, about two to three feet long, with weights on each end. The chain could be used to parry a strike from sticks, swords, or other weapons. The weights were also swung to strike an opponent or to entangle a weapon. Once a weapon was trapped by the chain and weights, the samurai could easily disarm their opponent. Finally, the length of chain could also be used to temporarily restrain an attacker once he was subdued.

a sword-like weapon, similar to the European halberd or glaive. While originally a weapon of war, the naginata now has both a form appropriate for modern competitive sport as well as a wooden form (somewhat less lethal than the original steel one) for the safe study of the ancient forms.
Nunchaku-- Flexible weapon-- Two short sticks bound together with chain or a leather thong, the nunchaku was originally used by peasants as a wheat flail. Monks can use the nanchaku with their unarmed base attack and improved number of attacks and all relevant modifiers.

Sai-- tri-pronged defensive weapons, can be pointed for offensive movements, excellent usage against a sword.

Shikomi-zue--Staff+--This ninja weapon appears to be a stout bamboo or wooden staff, but a quick twist or press of a button causes a spearhead to spring from one end. Without the blade, the shikomi-zue deals the same damage as a quarterstaff, and can even be used as a double weapon, like a quarterstaff

Katana--sword--For a samurai character, a katana is more than just a sword it is part of his honor and the honor of his family. It is his personal weapon, not to be used by others. To touch the scabbard of a sheathed katana is to insult the samurai. To draw the blade without permission is a grievous insult.

A single katana may have been in the same family for generations, becoming a treasured heirloom. Katanas often have individual names, reflecting the deeds of glory in which they have been used. To lose such a weapon is a shameful disgrace that can only be swept clean by recovering the weapon and punishing those who took it. Many samurai have given their lives to recover the family's weapon.

The importance of a samurai's katana is reflected in the ancestral daisho ability of the samurai class. A katana is the only honorable weapon for a samurai to use in combat against another samurai.

Ninja-to-- blade-- an assasin's weapon, usually a long knife

Wakizashi--short sword (Usually trioed with the Katana and the Tonfa)A samurai's wakizashi is part of a matched pair with his katana, and-like the katana-is an important part of his honor. Samurai rarely use it in combat, except among the Dragon clan, whose members have developed a style of two-weapon fighting. Its most prominent use is in the ritual suicide called seppuku.

Tonfa-- Long knife--A basic knife, the tanto is the standard weapon for all samurai after their daisho.

These are the ranged weapons.

Shuriken--throwing stars

Fukimi-Bari--a type of blow-dart

Hope that helps :)

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04/12/2005 3:57 PM

Arigato. :D


Very interesting... though it appears my character's history would not support the usage of such a weapon.

04/13/2005 7:23 PM

Here is some more ninja weaponry, as well as my knowledge of Japanese weaponry. (Ninja stuff taken from www.IlluminatedLantern.com)

The Samurai were the only people allowed to carry weapons in public, literally having a lisence to kill. If a peasant so much as bumped into a Samurai, they could be killed.
Other than the traditional Katana, Wakazashi, Tanto (from biggest to smallest), wartime Samurai would use [u]longbows[/u] with deadly accuracy from extremely long distances, as Kalia said, [u]Naginata[/u] were used often by Samurai to get the added range on their enemy. A less celebrated Samurai (nonetheless, one of my favorites), is the No-Dachi Samurai. They used the [u]No-Dachi[/u], a HUGE version of the celebrated [u]Katana[/u]. The No-Dachi samurai would charge into battle with little to no armor, (only enough to block arrows), and swing the huge sword in arcs in front of them, slicing through the ranks.

Clawed Weapons: There are two principal kinds: the neko-te or "cat's claws," and the shuko or "tiger's claws" (image right). The neko-te consists of sharp pieces of metal extending from the end of each finger, like the claws of a cat. This is supposedly a defensive weapon, used mainly by female ninjas. The shuko, on the other hand, has many applications. In addition to use in combat, they can also be used to assist in scaling walls and climbing trees. A matching pair can go on the feet.

Sickle Weapons: The short handled sickle, or kama was a weapon that could be put to good use by ninja operatives. Since owning a weapon was banned to all but samurai, a ninja walking around with a utility belt full of swords and shuriken may stick out a bit. But the kama was a common farming tool, and a ninja carrying such a weapon would not call attention to himself. It can also be attached to a chain and becomes a much more complicated and dangerous weapon then, with greater range and utility.

Shuriken: No discussion of the ninja is complete without mentioning the famous shuriken, or "throwing stars." There were many different styles of the weapon, but all of them would still look pretty nice on top of a Christmas tree.

Invisibility Weapons: The ability to disappear or become invisible is one of the legendary traits of the ninja. To aid in this ability there was developed metsubushi, or "sight removing" techniques. A powder concoction would be created, the recipie of which differed from clan to clan, ninja to ninja, but usually included a variety of eye irritants (like our modern day pepper spray), and placed into an egg shell or nut shell for quick use. Combined with small explosives, the shock and suprise and itchy, running eyes should have been enough to allow a ninja to make his escape.

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04/13/2005 8:04 PM

Kieiko will probably be carrying these weapons.....


Shikomi-zue (disguized as a walking staff, stands 5'7")

Ninja-to (Forgot to mention that the scabbard of this knife can be used as a Fukimi-Bari)

Shuriken (X10)

(as well as various other little forms of weapons, mostly chemicals and irritants. She can use the blow dart as a type of directed assult with such chemicals, to direct the substance at a single enemy... she also carries a few vials of more deadly stuff, used for the darts. Three vials to be exact, each color coded to mark its contents. One is a fast-acting sedative... the other is a poison, the third being the antidote if needed. Most of this is used for the blow-darts, though I'm sure I'll find other ways for her to use it as well :D)

that okay? or too over the top?

04/14/2005 4:57 AM

So...many...big...words.....I think Ill go post know:D

04/14/2005 2:56 PM

I'm updating my character with weapons now.

04/17/2005 7:21 PM

Hi can I join. If you have questions about my fighting style just check the internet. Its Eskrima and Siningkaran.

Name: Atienza Yoshimitsu
Age: 16
Hair: Black, short and unkempt
Eyes: Brown and dull
Height: 5'8
Weight: 180 pounds
Fighting Style: He's a farmer, go figure, and he was taught by an old man but doesn't even know what the art is called. Eskrima at Sininkaran, ASTEEEEEEG!!!!

Weapons: a pair of two ornate black bamboo sticks lacquered to a mighty sturdy strength and each is three feet in length.

Appearance: Well toned body which is tanned to a hispanic darkness resulting from countless hours working on his Daimyo's farm. Has a strong jaw line a testament to his peasant lineage. His hair is unkempt and even though he is from a poor family he always seems to find the time to bathe and smell nice. He's not attractive but heck, he doesn't need to be, to live.

He is an easy person to be friends with as long as he likes you, which is pretty easy because he like anyone willing to take the time to talk with him. He's happy the way he is even though his parents are dead from old age while his brothers are wandering fools trying to change their fate of being farmers. He does not seem to hold the angst most his age have since the only thing he sees every day is the farm and his peers, older farmers. He loves the sight of the setting sun and the sight of stars. He loves working on the farm and drinking a fine swig of sake everytime the farmers come home to rest. He does not have a fine concept of beauty so does not have any plans on love for a very long time. He is also very wise and intelligent.

He was born to a peasant family with seven brothers born before him. He spent most of his life on the farm and shared his parents' contentment with it. Unfortunately they died of old age at his tender age of thirteen. He was pitied by the farming community and was invited to stay with several families when he shockingly declined with a smile. They all knew that his brothers left at his parents death to seek their fortunes and whatever destiny changing they were going to do so they were puzzled. When they asked him why he would not live with others he merely answered, "My home still stands and I still see all of you everyday. I know how to cook and everything else to survive in our little slice of heaven. My parents are dead but they are now in a place better than this world. Before my father died I already worked in the farm with you all. The least I can ask from you all is to join your farm work and the sake afterwards."

They found it hard to see such maturity at such a young soul. They laughed with him anyway and found him to be a very easy person. He worked hard and lived life like them. They found his intelligence to be even more staggering. His words of wisdom at such a young age were all so true. It only took one year for them finally see a grown man in him. Since then, he was always among their sake sessions after farmwork. After his fourteenth birthday, after a good deal of sake drinking he went over to the farm to check the crops. He liked sake but didn't drink that much, that is why he did not overreact when he saw an exhausted small man lying in the grime and mud upon the rice fields. He merely smiled when he carried the man to his home and nursed him to good health. The others were wary of him but after three days they found him to be quite the entertainer. The old man was short and had gray hair of what was left of his hair, sporting very dark brown skin. They found him to be quite the jester whenever he spoke in broken Japanese.

They knew he was a complete outsider but enjoyed his company anyway. Their assumption of him as a jester grew even more when the old man tried to teach Yoshimitsu a martial art they found hilarious and strange. They often ridiculed the old man after seeing him vainly speaking and dolting his lessons into Yoshi's head. The boy being a goodhearted person merely saw it as a way of thanks and explained this to the others. Even though they still laughed everytime Yoshi practiced what he was taught, the boy merely said it was a great exercise. The art consisted of using two nunchuk like sticks but much longer than what old passing monks held. There was no chain or thread between the bambo sticks and it was used kind of like two swords. The old man kept calling them Arnis and Yoshi merely nodded trying to understand his broken Japanese. He grew better at it as time passed though and that was when the old man gave him a pair of ornate black bamboo stick. Yoshi smiled in accepting them but saw no proper use in them. He used it to beat away dogs and that was it. He kept them under his bed when the old man died after his sixteenth birthday.

Something very odd passed the old man's lips upon his final breath, something he could not understand. They were, "Isa ka nang mandirigma." He regarded it not and buried the man among the dead peasants of his village and resumed his farming work. Until the coup d'etat of the old ruling family however life changed. He heard his brothers were killed for being outlaws and thought as much when the crier passed. But then he heard the knew rulers were cruel and only thought it was merely jealosy springing. Until of course a very evil mercenary visited the village and took over saying it was the new decree. Life became hard and he was still content, until of course he saw his country men slain at the hand of the mercenary's friends. He knew them to be old friendly men. He spoke out against the injustice and was beaten by a Katana scabbard for it. He grew angry at such a deed and lashed out with a well aimed strike at the mecenary. That was when everyone learned it was a Samurai under the knew ruling family's lordship. He was bowing in pleading of forgiveness but the evil Samurai minded it not and contiued to say that ten men including him will die of such transgression.

His fury was picked again and this time, he ceded no mercy. He leapt into the air and kick the man unconscious.He cried for the villagers to run as he himself ran for his home to recover his sticks. He prayed to the gods that what the old man taught him was worth something as he faced the evil men bearing sharp katanas. When he fought he saw his movement to be fluid and quite swift. What shocked him more was that when the sticks never broke in half or were sliced in half against the mighty katanas. He fought hard and the rest of the villagers fought with him. Soon victory was his. One man managed to run and he saw a dreaded future from it. He asked the villagers to run and that he must now go to wreak no further bad luck upon them. That was when they told him of what the death of his brothers actually was. They were serving under the last remaining member of the former ruling family. His brothers fought valiantly to regain the peace when they died. That was when he resolved to search for this person and join his crusade to regain his former life of simple peace.

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04/18/2005 7:26 PM

I would also like to join too..Umm, maybe later in the story though? I want to cause mischief here..teeheehee ^-^ Here's my character's bio:

Name: Yumi [[beautiful]] (Haru [[born in spring]]) Furufuku [[means old fortune]]

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Height: 5'6''

Weight: 115 lbs.

Build: slim, toned, with a feminine beauty and grace

Eyes: black (to stick with Japanese eye color...but if the RP's not too strict on authenticity, I'll probably change it..)

Hair: Black, and rather long, she keeps it tied up or braided most of the time

Personality: Quiet, keeps to herself, but can be counted on if needed to fight. A bit of what could be called a feminist, as she despises weak women, and most men. Unlike the Japanese view of a perfect woman, she is quite strong, and her usually pale skin, although does not tan very well, is tanned more than what would be called 'beautiful'. She has a sharp mind, both witty and also sarcastic at times, though she seldom flaunts her knowledge.

Background: Yumi is the twin sister to her brother Haru, who unfortunately died at birth, while she lived. Her parents, secretive in nature as befits their station and prestigious family that stretched back as one of the first families to rise out of the clans, kept the fact that the twin brother had been born, but had died, a secret. Instead, they decided that Yumi would take the place of her brother, since, after years of trying, her mother still wouldn't conceive. A warrior was important in that family, and to have a generation of Furufuku not become a warrior was unheard of.

Yumi began training when she was five, as any other young male warrior would've been trained, with all the garnishes of the rich. Her ability to keep a cool head when fighting, and the fact that she was not arrogant gained her much respect. But 'Yumi' did not gain that respect. It was 'Haru' that did. Since she was five, she became known as Haru, as her earlier years as Yumi became but a distant memory. No one knew she was truly a woman, a fact that made Yumi strive even harder to make herself better than all the men in Japan. She thought that even if she could never reveal that she was a woman, she could at least laugh at those that were fooled by her in her own mind...

Skills: She is well-versed in the uses of a katana, as well as the sai, which is her preference for a weapon, but is an excellent archer and swordsman. As she believes a person, not the weapons, make a warrior, she is also learned in different styles of martial arts. Ninjutsu is her own personal hobby, as she finds being stealthy very amusing to her, ironic as it is to her life.

Okay, that's it...It's kind of choppy, and it's not the best I've done, but oh well..It works as a basic profile for my character...The basic thing I'm trying to get across is that Yumi is a guy, to the world's eyes...So no one's supposed to know about that little secret. As far as I know, since it's Edo period (though I think most of feudal Japan as well), women aren't allowed to be samurai. Hope she'll be an interesting charry to add to the mix! ^-^

05/02/2005 3:41 PM

The thread is extremely inactive as of late, so I now invite everyone who has posted a character up til this point to participate. I feel retarded writing all by myself...

If you guys think this thread should die, just say so. I'll just take it back to the drawing board.

05/02/2005 10:07 PM

I was just waiting to see if I was allowed to RP ^^ I'll start in my post when I have time to, which should be tomorrow evening/afternoon...And I kind of like the thread ^^ I've never done a coup d'etat kind of thing, but it should be interesting =D

05/09/2005 3:19 AM

So you mean I can play now?

05/10/2005 4:09 PM


05/12/2005 10:26 PM

Cool lemme just read on your thread and then post something creatvie.

06/06/2005 11:07 PM

Does anyone still want to continue this thread? I have a few ideas on where to go, but I'm not going to put in time and effort if it's not going to catch anyone's interest.

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