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04/02/2005 4:33 PM

Please post non-rp posts here, and charcter proflies, thanks again.

Name: Queen Tarra
Gender: female
Age: um... let me think... I think 578, but I'm told I still look like I'm 23 *smiles*
Hair: light blue
Eyes: pink (No other color)
Race: A vampire race(father) and a fairy race(mother)
Powers: Can summon her people to help her, can use fire in anyplace that isn't very wet, can talk with people in thier heads, but can't read minds unless you kind of think it 'to' her... yeah... I hope you get that, and of course the abilities that come with her being of her race of vampire.
Other: Has very light and thin scars on her back, like wip marks and has two scars that run around her wrists, those are also light and almost not noticable. Tarra is queen of a very small group of strange vampires, these vampires are strong and durable, but thier lines were nearly destroyed when thier planet was blown up, a few, however escaped. Her father was King Ascew, but he commited sucide after drinking her mother dry after he awoke from a long sleep. Tarra is not short (for her mother's race is actualy tall, for the most part human sized). She now lives where this story will begin, in a small town in a big manson built by her father. The town might have had a nice big population, but for some reason vampires like to pass through here and the town has a strange dark feeling about it, maybe some dark demon rests dorment somewhere close.

04/03/2005 3:20 PM

My character:

Name: Magnus Armitage Wendt

Gender: Male

Age: 301 years

Apparent Age: Late 20's (Changed at 27)

Place of Birth: North Yorkshire, England

Species: Half Vampire (good guy)

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 160 lbs

Eyes: Dark Brown, but light enough to discern the pupil in the darkest of lighting

Hair: Longish Dark Brown, styled like Anakin's in Return of the Sith (Episode III)

Appearance: Pale and mysterious. Magnus is well toned and remained that way, since he was changed in the prime of his mortal life. His outer garments consist of a black French Highwayman's coat, black fencing pants, and a pair of high grain italian leather riding boots. Under his coat lies a charcoal doublet. He wears a pair of black gloves, and a tricot hat when traveling in the day. Over the doublet lies a polished steel cuirass. Attached to his right boot is an extremely old Venetian Stiletto, just in case he needs to immobilize his meal, and possibly defend himself. Walking with a floating gait, he is calm, and seems apathetic. But he is actually full of emotion and surprisingly, happiness most of the time. The double collar on his coat is kept up at all times when outdoors. He carries a rapier on his belt inside his coat.

Powers and character:

Absurdly Charming and articulate for a child of the night, supernaturally quick reflexes, even for a vampire. With the Vampire Heritage, he can regenerate flesh and broken bones, etc relatively quickly. He can leap ridiculously high. By Telekinetic Manipulation he can unlock any physical lock or bond and bludgeon adversaries with inanimate and in some cases, animate objects. With mist form, he can flow through full, and diffuse sunlight, and sort of fly at low altitudes. And with Electric Manipulation and Generation, he can project high voltages at his foes, vanquishing them with sizzling agony. With the combined powers of the electricity and the sword, he can effectively use the sword as an electrode. Due to the powers of electricity, he is able to completely absorb high voltages.

Highest power output has been documented at 300 million Gigawatts

Details on Magnus' Rapier:

This Rapier was forged in the 1600's, it was the finest damascus steel available. It was reforged four times since then. The hilt is of black carved bone, of a mythical animal, possibly a dragon's tooth, but it's of legend, so it's doubted. The Blade has been polished and is nearly 3 feet long. The sides of the blade have been etched with crosses, if only to ward off and properly destroy upstart vampires that don't remember their place. The handguard looks like a twisting and writhing dragon, probably because of the bone grip. The pommel appears to be a dragon skull carving.

Details on Magnus' Stiletto:

This Venetian Stiletto is old, damnably old, from the early 1500's. It is a purely stabbing weapon, with a triangular blade. The grip is made of wood, a twisted pillar, with short metal handguards and simple pommel. 9 inch long blade, long enough to silence any adversary, permanently.

Magnus' Weakness:

Crosses and other christian holy symbols are an aversion

Open flames of most any kind (against Ishak generalities)

Sucker for the ladies, (very chivalrous)

Loves fine food

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05/13/2005 12:07 PM

Name: Draco
Race: Demon, Angel, Human, and Dragon(mixed-breed)
Height: 5ft 11in
Weight: 128
Age 2000(looks like a teen)
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Head: Hair is short and spiked. Has a headband from a friend named Crow. Googols like Ty, Davis, Takoto, and Takuya from Digimon.
Torso: Black shirt. Black leather trench coat.
L.Arm: Wrist band that haves studs on it.
R.Arm: Blue Wrist band.
L.Hand:Black gloves w/o the fingers.
R.Hand: same.
Legs: Baggie blue jeans.
Feet: Hiking boots.
Noticeable Features: Scare on face like Kenshin’s but just a line not a X. Left ear has 6 Piercing on it.(power limiters)

Primary: Batsuti. A Samurai Sword that he sealed his demon form in.

Primary Secondary: An Axe that is hidden under his trench coat.

Secondary: A hand gun(only in his human form).

Sword Description: Made of Dragon scale, Lava Rock, Hakori Honzo Steel, Mercury, Demon Blood(his Dads) and Human blood(his Moms and Brothers) Only he can hold this sword others who try to are send to a world of chaos and they wish they are dead.

Fighting Styles: Kun-fu, Keate, Jujitsu, Swordsmanship, Alchemy, Mortal Combat, almost every fighting style there is but he doesn’t use then all he does favor Konjionshi(Kon-Jai-OH-She) his own fighting style that he uses speed in his attacks and his opponent hardly sees him move but to powerful so he will never pass it on.

Stats: Bench Press 100,000,000lbs but so hard to do so and can only do so if all his forms are together but if they are they take control of him so he can Bench Press 50,000
Agility: can go up to speeds of light or more when all his forms are together(forgot to add) but in one form he can be as fast as Superman
Intelligence: Not the smartest person but when in battle he is:

Equipment(Besides Weapons):
Armor: Its for the week.

Dragon Fire Twister: Flames come around his sword and the rest is self explanatory
Flame of a Dragon: Goes into a Kamehameha but without the words and shots a blaze of Flame that can melt anything if powered up a lot.
Fire Based Attacks: Self exclamatory

History: When he was 13 his whole family was taken from him by Holy Knights. When he was 18 he rose and killed theose who killd his family. He was a demon for most of his life but knowing all the evil he did he cased his demon side into his sword. After he did that he fell in a volcano by watching two dragons fight a fire and an ice one(the fire one went in to him and cased him to fall in) The Ice Dragon froze the volcano trapped him and the dragon to gather that made him into a dragon. Then he got killed and well he saved a kid and that sent him to haven and made him a angel. Later some how the gods let him have his life back in the form of a human. When he was human all he was, was a angel. Later he went to the barial site of his family and found his sword whaen he did that his human, dragon, demon, and angel forms fused to gether making him go baserk. After years that way he found someone that help him take control.

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05/13/2005 6:46 PM

Your character is awefully powerful, firstly, if you travle at light speed, its impossible you still have clothing, they'd be wherever you last were. Also you shouldn't be able to bench that much 100,000,000 lbs equals 50,000 tons , we're supernatural, not extra-hyper-mega-supernatural. And if you can do all that, why the axe and handgun? It also seems like you just stole every power in anime I can think of. And why are there holy knights, dragons, and baggy blue jeans, wristbands, digimon goggles?? What is any of this stuff doing in the same place? And you're 5'11" yet you weigh 128 lbs? That's extremely unhealthy, there's no way your body could even support 100,000,000 lbs, demon or not...

Sorry for the bashing, but my god man, what the hell!?!?!

05/16/2005 4:48 AM

I should have put the 100,000,000lbs he can only do when all his forms are together. He can do it in other forms but to much power. He wares 6 of the most powerful demon power limiters there is. Hes from the mid-evils and samurai ages. The digimon goggles are just a refrence. Um if your person is a true fighter you know its good for them to have extra wepons just in case!!!!!! If you read fully on his profile he dosen't use all of his power he cuts back alot he only uses his ful power if he must. And what do you mean stoled every power in anime?

05/16/2005 11:47 AM

you have alchemy (fullmetal), Kamehameha (dbz), and Mortal combat (ref to the game), and I'm pretty sure it's Hattori Hanzo, not Hakori Honzo steel. He just seems overpowered, we're fighting witches and vampires here, not gods...

05/17/2005 4:55 AM

dued read its like the kamehameha it yet again is a refrence oh and if you have a big deal here with mortal combat you must bring that up with every one here because they all use it even if its under a difrent style. And alot of people here use alchemy so you lost there. Hattori Hanzo is used alot in most swords(samurai) so you lost there too. Hakori Honzo is a well in my group its she is the maker of our weapons. Oh and dude I told you his power is cut back big time he only uses the full amount if he needs it only because it controls him.

05/17/2005 1:49 PM

I have a strong feeling that neither of you is truely familiar with the setting of WoD.

First of all, there are no such things as a half-vampire, no faeries to crossbreed with, and certainly no such thing as the crap you posted Draco.

I suggest you all read up on the setting first, before trying to run an RP in this forum.

05/18/2005 5:06 AM

and certainly no such thing as the crap you posted Draco.

and what the hell do you mean by that

oh if you want to fight about this why dont we do it in the Ims that way we arnt making this OOC page to a battle feild.

[Edited by Draco on Wednesday, May 18, 2005 5:07 AM]

05/18/2005 1:38 PM

Fight? What do you think this is, a pissing contest?

I am TELLING you to respect the setting, bubba. If you cannot take criticism, then I suggest sticking your head back in the sand. Trust me, it is much safer.

Your profile contains so much deviances from the WoD setting, that is is a miracle you managed to jumble it all up into one profile, where most others would have had to make these mistakes in at least 3 character profiles.

Clear enough?

If it isn't clear enough, I am fully able to 'nicely' point out each mistake for you.

[Edited by Caelin on Wednesday, May 18, 2005 1:40 PM]

05/18/2005 4:40 PM

Excuse me, I dont mean to but in but....Could you specify where one might read up on WoD? I mean....other then a book series...it would be helpful...thanks.

05/19/2005 4:45 AM

First of all, there are no such things as a half-vampire, no faeries to crossbreed with, and certainly

listen there can be any mixed breeds you want its all up to you inmaganation after all this is a place were your saposed to use all of your inmaganation. There can also be falf breeds and maybe havent you thought his person might be half vampire half human
.(just a gess but might be right)
Just like demons and angels cant be one well gess again they can. You seem to forget that its up to us on our carechters backround, their power, what they weare and ect.

So why don't you get it through your head. The close I put on my person can be there, there is no thing that really states what time we are in.

[Edited by Draco on Thursday, May 19, 2005 4:59 AM]

05/19/2005 1:38 PM

Draco, if you do not respect the setting, then i'll have this entire RP moved out of the WoD section. Clear enough?

Vampires do not breed, they bite to gain followers. Demons and angels do not breed either and do not belong in the WoD setting, much less a combination of the four put together. Do you understand or do I need to draw you a map?

Instead of whining about the fact that i am right, try and brush up on the setting and improve your spelling. The least you can do is write your post in a word document first and use a damn spellchecker, which is what they were invented for.

Should you want to read up on it, try the maker of the setting: http://www.white-wolf.com

Playing an RP in a defined setting means you have to respect it and follow the rules/limitations within the setting, otherwise it is not a WoD RP and thus has no place on this part of the board.

05/20/2005 3:28 PM

well what ever if all you agree why dont we just make this into a general post.

05/21/2005 3:46 PM

And proper use of readmarks would be a plus too, Draco. (Not to forget a proper set of manners) There are people on these forums that will be on 'your case' until you stop abusing the english/american language, which do not react as mildly as I have.

The roleplaying Sages (of which I am one) are here to hand out advise and to tell you what goes and cannot go into a certain part of the board. A reaction like "well whatever" is dismissive and plainly considered to be insulting. Think before you post. (in your case: Think before you post, check your grammar and readmarks and then consider if it is wise to treat someone in a dismissive way, like you just have.) The RP staff are the ones that make it possible for you to play here, but do make you aware of the common rules of this site during their work. If that is something you cannot handle, then you'd best seek your amusement elsewhere.

05/25/2005 12:33 PM

Moving this to the General Forums.


05/26/2005 10:41 PM

TD... and draco. What kind of races where you thinking of when you made your characters. A vampire and a fairy and a angel and a demon. That is completely impossible. Why would a bloodthirsty vampire be with a kind loving fairy. And why would they be looking for each other in the first place. Exactly how much do fairys supposedly crossbread with a vampire cause they would have to a lot for people to know how a 23 year old half vampire half fairy person would look like. Also you can tell what people say in their thoughts but can't read their toughts even though they are their thoughts.

Then there is the matter of draco creating a character that is part demon part angel. first off how would the angel and the demon meet? Then why would a demon from the pits of hell that wants to kill people look for an angel that wants to help them. I didn't even want to read all of your post because by that is was so horrible I had to litterly break my tv(litterly I did.) So I already know that you have made more than a few mistakes with the idea. Even without it being in FR.

06/03/2005 11:40 AM

DK did you even read my c-profile.

History: He was a demon at first but for some reason he cased it aside and had the sword made to put it in. After he did that he fell in a volcano by watching two dragons fight a fire and an ice one(the fire one went in to him and cased him to fall in) The Ice Dragon froze the volcano trapped him and the dragon to gather that made him into a dragon. Then he got killed and well he saved a kid and that sent him to haven and made him a angel then he got to be reformed as a angel in a humans body. Later he found the sword that he cased his demon form in.

After that day all his forms were put into his body by a very power full mage and I mean very powerful. All his forms don't get along because of their nature or however you want to put it.

I added a few things to help you understand some more.

[Edited by Draco on Friday, June 3, 2005 11:42 AM]

06/03/2005 1:12 PM

It's still powergaming and its still against the rules... >.>

06/05/2005 10:29 AM


sorry if you look at my other post I don't powergame it might look like it with my characters profile but I don't powergame

06/05/2005 5:26 PM

All I'm saying is thats BS.

06/05/2005 7:39 PM

can talk with people in thier heads, but can't read minds unless you kind of think it 'to' her

and like that isn't right there is mind reading trust me I know. Now all I am saying why don't we just start the post. If I start powergaming witch I don't, I will leave the post ok.

06/06/2005 12:28 PM

A term to describe someone who roleplays a character with too many/much/powerful magic, abilities, or skills defined by one with authority. "

^ Am not making this shit up, your profile IS powergaming you lying foe!

06/06/2005 7:49 PM


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