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03/31/2005 9:45 AM

For the live of me I cannot find where I create my signature nor where I apply my avatar.

Maybe it's because I just woke up.. maybe it's because I am not looknig hard enough.. Or maybe it's because I am looking -too- hard.. I don't know..

Eck. Please, please help me. End my dumbness right here.


03/31/2005 12:26 PM

well you've figured out the avatar... the signature part of it is located in the same page "Your RP forums Settings" you can have a signature picture (Like mine... I'll even create you one if you like...just tell me what you want) or just words... basic forum support is HTML, so to control font size, color, italics...Etc... just use HTML Codes...

Anything Else??


03/31/2005 1:32 PM

Yeah, I figured that out like five minutes after I posted it. Heh, but thanks for the advice! As for the signature banner, could you really make me one? What, exactly, would you need? Pictures, obvs., but anything else? ^.^

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