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03/29/2005 10:53 AM

I need to recruit some people first, but.

03/29/2005 11:18 AM

i didnt do this right did i?

03/29/2005 11:50 AM

No, not really. You did not supply anything that would interest someone into joining. You should have at least a little bit of information on what the thread is about. Otherwise, you should have posted this in the Interest forum saying you wanted to start a thread.

03/29/2005 11:57 AM

I want the first little bit to take place in a very large city called Tibbetelle. It is inhabited with a bunch of people guards and stuff like that. Is that what you were looking for because im new at this and i dont know exactly what im doing.

03/29/2005 12:19 PM

That's a start. Now, give some details about the city and the basic plot or background of the story. Also, what sort of characters do you want to join (elf, human, magic users, etc.)?

03/30/2005 9:41 AM

The city would be in a dome. On the inside it artoficcialy produces rain, sunlight, night, blizzards (pending wich part of the city you are in). It is very, very large (im planning on it being as big as America), not really, but you know, for the game. Anyway I have already made one character, Blade, I also have all his stats and stuff sorted out so.. He is going to be the main character. He is a human. on the game im planning on the player to pick what he wants the character to do. You will gain levels. Blade would be like Cloud, he has a sword called the Trinity Edge, and he keeps it through the whole game.

03/30/2005 10:43 AM

Oops, I didn't notice the OOC/RECR section. Seems that Exile's already helping you. Guess you can just ignore the post I put up on your main RP section. Sorry about that.

You're making progress, and your idea's interesting enough. I'm sure things will work out for you. :D

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