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03/28/2005 9:22 AM

Ok I have to think of a really good opening post.

But for now we are questing for the last tears of Morrgaine. The final tears shed for Merlin. They became several crystals. One Red, One Blue, One Green, and One Clear. So yeah we are searching for these little shiny stones. there will be humans, elves, gnomes, halflings, half breeds, mystical animals, and magic weapons such as Swords, Bows/arrows, daggers, staffs, wands, and way.....^^

Name: Sani (last name unknown)

what are you: Half breed. The bastard Child of an elf and human

Age: 20

Hieght: 5'8"

Wieght: 140 lbs

Hair: Red

Eyes: Peircing Green

Weapon of choice: Sword of Gligamesh and bow/arrows

Outfit: Black leather Boots, leather black pants, black vest type shirt, wrist bands, and a

silver bag with herbs and what not.

Special abilities(if any): Visions, can see the future, Randomly...unable to control it

marking(if any): Trible tatoos on her back that spread to the top of her shoulders.

Pets(if any): She befriended the last Pegasus as a child and he comes to her when needed. She also has a cat with her.

Origin: Her mother is was a human, and her father is an elf. She comes from an area with one day will be called Galway (irland).

History: When she was a child about the age of 5 her mother died of the plague. With no other family she wandered the land. Meeting magical beings, and kindly people. As she got older she learned some magics, and how to use herbs to help people. She would be considered a wiccan, cause when she travels she helps those who couldn't afford a doctor. Her father(the elf) is a master of the dark arts and would find no greater pleasure then to destroy all living things in this world except elves.
she heard the legend of Morrgaine's tears and found out that they could destroy the world, or help the world. She is out to destroy these crystals so that no evil may find them. For she knows that her father will try to use them to destroy all life.

So yeah I will come up with an opening post soon.


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03/28/2005 3:07 PM

I read the story of Merlin a looooooooooong time ago - so the details are fuzzy. But it looks like you've got some mystical creatures in there too....were there any centaurs around in this land? I think it'd be fun to try one of those as a character, but I don't want to come up with something that's inconsistent with the story line!

03/29/2005 7:50 AM

I came up with the Tear/crystal thing cause I was bored but Centaurs in The iles I dont believe so. I'm almost 100% that was just Greek but go ahead!

04/09/2005 1:29 PM

Im here to save your ass! and Ive brought friends! he he

lets hmmmmmmmm..............ive always wanted to be gnome, im gonna have some fun with this one.

Name:Willard Fallafal



height: 4'2

weight: whatever a 4'2 gnome weighs

Hair: Brown to the point of looking black, keeps it in a nice ponytail.

Eyes: Crystal blue

Weapon of choice: magic, and his little old walking stick. also carries a mandolin.

Outfit: green vest and blue leggings, small brown boots made from dragons hide, wears a black travellers cloak and a crushed black velvet hat. loves to carry little trinkets from his expisitions.

Special abilities: A tenacious inventor, also quite a talented mandolin player, folk dancer, and histrorian, carries a magic book that gives him everything he needs to know.

Marking: a freak accident causes his skin to grow thorns at random on his body, constant hole in his clothes.

Pets: A big rice ball (I know what your thinking) its shaped like a cow and he uses it as his steed through a simple charm.

Origin: born to a gnome girl and a gnome boy, lived a privledged life, loves to explore and learn knew things.

History: bounces around from place to place, constantly on the move since he left home.
Met Sani on the road and the two became instant friends, they work as a team to get what is needed to be done.

04/09/2005 5:38 PM

Name: Arkan Norrmanas

what are you: Human prince of a small island in Ireland

Age: 19

Hieght: 6'1"

Wieght: 180 lbs

Hair: brown

Eyes: ice blue

Weapon of choice: a longsword (Bravehart styled)

Outfit: Brown leather clothes, enchanted bag that has no bottom. Carries most of his supplies, weapons and armor in there.

Special abilities(if any): is very pretty. Oh yes, and he has mild holy powers (heal and the sort)

marking(if any): has a crest of a gryphon in a pentagram

Origin: Castle in Ireland (South)

History: A young prince that is to inheret the kingdom his parents owned. Wanted to see the world before he was tied down with too many responsablities.

04/09/2005 8:50 PM

Name: Serina kindoro
Age 19
Race: Human/ anicent Atlanta (blood)

Height 5"8

Weight 110

sex Female

weapon of choice : Enchanted Black Halbird

Skin color : Light brown

Eyes: Sea blue

Hair : Black

Armor: Black Shirt and short skirt, tie for her hair and leather collar.

Special ability(s): Can heal minor wounds, Enhance the wepons held, and Slip into the shadows undectected.
History: Was a slave to a powerful Mind "Kindorin" She did his bidding and to do as he said with the power of the Ancient collar around her neck.

Backround: Guardian of the Seaven souls, Assassin for hire.
Markings : The black collar worn around her neck.

04/11/2005 1:04 PM

Name: Swint Darkflame
Age: 1900 (looks aboat 23)
hair: Black long covers his eyes
Eyes: Purple
Outfit: Black armor with a golden flame design
Weapons: Crystal great sword (same strength as metal just looks cooler)
race: Dark Elf
Specail Abilaties: Dark Flame Imolatain
History: raised to become one of the greatest soldiers ever lived he hated his training and ran away from home were he was discoveredby demon hunters who tought him how to use the imolation after that he was corrupted by the last demon he killed.

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04/11/2005 6:22 PM

I hate to be a jerk... but its immolation, not imolatain.. sry, just couldn't help myself

04/12/2005 5:19 PM

several things I have to say.
First off since this is my thread, Don't correct other people's spelling unless you don't understnd what the fuck they said.
I opened it, as did Orion. Now you people have to post.


04/12/2005 5:31 PM

I hate to be a jerk

Libra... do you have a problem with being corrected? I know this is none of my business, but there is no reason to get pissed when someone tries to help.

04/12/2005 6:04 PM

Exile is right dear, no need to get so defensive. also, try to keep the offensive language to a dull roar, if you will. Constructive Criticism should always be welcome. He didn't mean anything by it, he was only trying to help.

04/13/2005 3:30 AM

So I've been a little testly lately, sorry.
...Just the slightest thing can set me off, so forgive?

04/16/2005 12:00 PM

Name: Rackem
what are you: Human
Age: 23
Height: 5’9’”
Weight: 130
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Hazel
Weapon of choice: A Broadsword, or Bodkin
Outfit: A Black long sleeved shirt with some black flowery embroidery. Black tights (real men were those), knee length pants. Soft black leather boots (come halfway up shin)
Extra stuff: Bodkin(boot dagger)
Special abilities (if any): None
Marking (if any): A scar on his right hand from a duel
Pets (if any): Loner
Origin: Banished prince of some random Kingdom
History: He was a prince until a Wizard set his sights on the throne. The Wizard has an army of Mercenaries. A war over the kingdom ensued, the mercenaries, supported by the wizard were able to defeat anyone thrown against them.

Rackem finally got involved when his home was under siege. His father had him taken down to the sally port. If the day was lost the king wanted to make sure his son survived. Unfortunately the sally port was found and attacked. As the few guards tried to fight back Rackem slipped away. He headed back to the throne room. As he entered he found his father and his last remaining Knights slain. The three mercenaries, he surprised them and dispatched one with his bodkin. He then took the dead mans sword and fought killing the second. The third was the largest and strongest. They fought furiously finally Rackem’s sword broke and he was cut across the hand. As the man was going to finish Rackem, The wizard appeared and interrupted the fight. He healed Rackem’s hand but left a scar. The wizard handed him a him a broadsword and commanded him to leave.

Rackem wandered since then waiting for the day he could raise an army and take back the kingdom that would have been his.

04/23/2005 6:08 AM

I like that profile! MY old Multi culture teacher would say: Mr. Filie,"You Did Horri-, I'm just kidding you did great! *hands paper with a 20/20 on it*"

04/23/2005 3:43 PM

(heck i'll join >W< *has nothing better to do now*)

Name:Raine Kinomoto
Age: 1700(looks 19)
Race: Dark Elf
Markings: purple stripes on her cheeks and two black wings on her back
outfit: black dress with red and white trim
Hair: long black hair that is goes down to her waist
eyes: red
Special Abilities:Healing wind, Summoning Demons,Telepathy
History: was abandoned by her mother when she was young.she never knew her father so she was alone most of her life until a human soceress took her in and taught her basic magic

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04/24/2005 1:59 PM

Cool! Welcome Zero! maybe you can get some life out of these stiffs

05/01/2005 4:46 PM

Is any of you guys even going to try? Geez....I feel wierd just contiuing the story alone...

05/03/2005 5:11 PM

Thanks to Orion, slayer, and Zero!
second page!

05/21/2005 7:23 AM

Come on now more posts.

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