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03/16/2005 6:03 AM

Ok here is the deal:

Setting: 50ft diameter ring
20 ft high walls
There are no obstacles

Rules: No power Gaming
No god mode
Plenty of waffle bats
2 battles at a times

Post Characters:

Name: Athos Calibur
Age: 26
Height: 5'7" *(4'3")
Weight: 170 *(448 lb.)
Eye C: Blue *(Yellow)
Hair C: White
Race: Artic Flame Wolf / Human
Occupation: Rogue
Alignment: Chaotic good
Gender: Male
Personality: Shy about humans, Bold when he is confronted with a rude stranger

*While in Wolf form
****(Only when life is in imminent danger)

When his Father, the leader of the Flame Tribe, left to civilization to find a way of keeping humans from discovering their existence. He then fell in love with a human woman named Zhaneel. All that the Tribe had told him is his father succeeded in masking their whereabouts but at a great cost. And that one day a eagle brought him back to them but he had the mark of Origin which meant his father had sacrificed himself for his only son. On an unrelenting journey to find what happened to Father and Mother he also longs for a place to call a real home.

Equipment: (Forest green cloak, leather boots, leather gloves, leather pants, and belt shirt)
(Tempered steel short sword)

****(Can breath fire X 15 ft.)
****(+4 inches to teeth, +100 to weight, + 3’ to height)
*(Deadly Jaws 5-inch deep bite, enough jaw power to tear through any crudely made armor)


****(+15 to jumping, + 15 mph to speed,)
****(If injured to the point of unconscious he reverts back to wolf form)
*(Can hear the thoughts of other canine)
*(Can jump incredibly [heights /35ft], {Speed 75 mph/with nothing in the way})

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