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03/14/2005 10:49 AM

Fallen World. “The future isn’t so bright…”

So, here we go…

The modern world woke up one day to find a new leader in control of the most powerful nation on earth. It wasn’t such a big thing at the time, and nobody thought any more of it than lower taxes and a stronger presence, a friendly face in charge and their basic needs met. The world turned and nations grew up, becoming rich and powerful in an age of growth and prosperity to rival all that came before. A great technological age came into being, bringing with it faster advancement than ever seen before.

One night it ended.

A war broke out; nobody knew why or how, all that people knew was that they were at war with the second most powerful nation on earth overnight. Within days the entire world was swept up into the conflict. Alliances were quickly formed between the nations of the world, from the smallest, to the largest, most war like and the neutral, eventually leading to only two sides to the war.

Technology was the forefront of the war, some of the most advanced killing machines springing to life from one side and the other in a desperate bid to win no matter the cost. No quarter was given and no prisoners taken. It became a battle to the death, a long and unstoppable war of attrition that consumed the planet in a bloody time of death, destruction and pain.

That was close to a hundred years ago.

Over the hundred years that the war has reigned, there has been no progress, no forward momentum in technology, only destruction of what once was, and battles to reclaim lost technology, objects created by other nations before and during the war that are in the hands of the dead, or at the finger tips of the enemy, great weapons that were in development, pinnacles of modern technology both for good and evil.

Most cities now lie in ruins, and humanity is barely a fraction of the numbers it once was due to the continuous war fare. Only 2 cities remain holding life: the capitals of each side, one in the southern continent, and one in the northern side. Nothing else survived and there have been no movements from either side to rectify the situation, only constant war and destruction. Where once forests stood, ashen wastelands now lie; the oceans are filled with the rusting steel skeletons of great battle fleets, slick with oil and the remains of sailors. Great battlefields lay where cities once stood, covered with craters, ruins and the armoured corpses that were once some of the most impressive armies in the world. The deeper skies are littered with the drifting ruins of massive star ships that never left the orbit of the moon, remnants of a massive war in space, great hulks still littering the landscape where their flaming bodies landed after being damaged beyond recognition and succumbing to the earth’s pull.

At the ultimate battle of the war, the taking of a vital walled and defended city held by the north, possibly the most defining moment of the entire conflict, saw one billion men set against one billion men on both the ground, water and in the sky in the greatest battle ever seen by human eyes. Who won the battle was never known as both sides claimed a great victory over the enemy, as both forces were utterly shattered as they assaulted each other with artillery, tanks, armoured walkers, powered combat armour, ships, planes, space ship and fighters, and war-robots of all shapes, sizes and power. The scars left by the battle still remains on the landscape, bodies and machinery piled dozens of feet into the air, monuments of metal to humanities greatest war.

This is the world in which you live.

The southern city is where you were born and raised in the aftermath of the war, or at least you think so. The thing is, everything up until recently is kind of a blur. You distinctly recall waking up in the medical station a few days ago, shortly after you latest physical; you remember your name, your designation and rank, and your training, but everything else is kind of fuzzy and hard to recall in detail. But you are damn sure you have grown up here, there is nothing to suggest otherwise.

Recently you have either been employed as a grunt in the military serving out your life as a frontline combatant or special ops trooper, a field medic sent into the more dangerous areas to help the wounded, or serving in the Medical Centre in the city, or a technician for the military’s equipment, mostly repairs and maintaining it, nothing more. There is no research facility, the building long dead and unused, and the factories are automated needing no labour to pump out the equipment and weapons that are given to the troops.

The level of technology varies greatly between slightly above modern-day to slightly bellow modern-day. Weapons ranging from superior pulse weaponry to ancient breach loading, single shot rifles. It’s a dark war of attrition, and nobody knows who is winning it.

The social structure is simple here in the southern empire, you answer to your commanders, they answer to theirs, everyone answers to the council, and they answer to the emperor who is located deep within the main palace in the centre of the capital. Nobody you know has ever been there, and nobody ever comes out. The only thing you get is a broadcast on the massive projection screen outside by the high council spokes person now and then, telling people important information on the war, on the victories and defeats, and a whole pile of propaganda.

As stated you begin in the city. The major places of interest here are: The Palace, a huge spike of blue steel that extends into the sky, littered with com antenna and satellite dishes, and huge display screens visible across the entire section of the city. These screens are also placed in many public areas and in all the main rooms; this is where the council broadcast their messages from. You cannot enter this building, the doors are sealed and locked, a set of heavy automated guns guard the entrance to deter anyone stupid enough to try. You have never seen anyone ever go in or out of the building.

The main barracks quarter, where just about the entire city lives in simplistic apartments of white plastic and dull grey concrete, where everything is provided for the occupants. It seems to have been built to house thousands, but you are lucky if there six or seven hundred people there at any one time now. It has been your home during the course of your training and you know it well enough.

The command centre, where many of the technicians work. It is smaller than the palace, but more important in the war. It is the base of operations for the entire war; all communications are broadcast to this building and they co-ordinate a lot of the missions here. It also contains the armoury and your superior officers.

The main factory section, where the machines of war are made. As stated, its automated, and the only people that ever go here are the technicians and that is only ever if the machines breakdown or there is a problem. This place is off-limits to most personnel.

The medical centre, a huge white building that seems to dominate half this section of the city, and almost dwarf the palace in its size. It’s the only place you really remember in detail. It’s kind of strange that for such a huge building, you have only seen a small part of it, and nobody ever goes into any other part of it besides the testing labs and examination rooms. Most of the tests carried out here seem pretty standard.

The ancient Research centre stands abandoned on the other edge of the military zone, long abandoned by its workers, and now succumbing to disrepair and lack of use. Nobody ever goes there, nobody has any reason to. It just sits as a monument to what was, once, a long time ago, the last relic of a prosperous age.

The city itself is walled, and surrounded by some of the most sophisticated anti-air, anti-troop and anti-vehicle defences ever seen in history. Never in living history have the walls been breached, or enemy soldiers actually made it within a thousand yards of the city.

What separates the military section from the rest of the city is a huge wall, blocking out all but the tops of the highest sky scrapers, dulled, dirty, crumbling and seemingly forgotten. Your families live behind this wall, protected by you and the rest of the military forces. You grew up in there, and know it well enough. Nobody is allowed beyond the wall, and a set of four mobile-gun robots, essentially six legged spider like robots that are nothing more than a rotary assault cannon and sensor on legs, guard the gate, a last line of defence that allow no-one through, regardless.

There are the remains of non-military building here, intermingled with the major centres of control, unused and un-needed, testament to what was before war engulfed the world. It is still a city after all.

This is the world in which you have lived your entire lives.

Of the enemy, not much is known. They are similar to you and your civilisation; this much you have been taught. You personally have never seen the enemy beyond diagrams of some of their transports, vehicles and armour. It’s all very similar to what you have grown used to using. All things being equal, it’s a fair fight. But when are things ever equal?

Next, characters:

The basic shape of the character sheet here is pretty restrictive, but not so much so that you can’t have a full character.

Name: Your name must be a common name that you can be called by, followed by a 6 digit, alpha-numeric code that is your designation. You may have full proper names if you wish.
Age: Between 18 and 22. Everyone seems to be in this age bracket, everyone save the veterans and the council.
Sex: Male or Female.
Rank: As a trooper, your highest rank will probably be Corporal but most of you will probably be nothing more above Private to start with. Technicians are Ranked as Specialists and Medics have no rank beyond Medic.
Description: What your character physically looks like.
Occupation: Be it Technician, Soldier, or Medic.
History: Be creative. Not overly creative though. I mean, there are limits…
Equipment: See the list below for details.
And do I really need to write “No magic/mind-powers”?

Equipment wise, all field troopers/technicians/medics carry the same things:

Body armour: The body armour consists of a series of poly-ceramic plates over a full body suit. The plates cover the shoulders, chest, stomach, back, and groin, upper and lower arms, upper and lower legs, knees and elbows, as well as a helmet. Also included are half armoured gloves, armoured only on the backs of the hands, and armoured combat boots. It encompasses the entire body, making it airtight. It is also colour coded depending on your occupation: black and grey urban camouflage for the standard troopers, red, white and black for the medics, and two shades of sandy browns for the technicians.

Most computer components are located in the armoured compartment on the back, the basic HUD controls are found in a small wrist computer located on the left arm. Once the helmet is attached, the suit becomes a completely contained environment. The helmet contains a series of air filters that can be shut off and locked closed for airless environments as the suit contains a small 2 hour air supply in the base of the rear compartment.

Also included in the armour set is a standard issue belt, containing pouches of rations, extra ammunition and other basic field equipment, such as knives, multi-tools, lights, etc.

The armour itself is quite strong, capable of withstanding the majority of small arms fire, and even a direct rocket hit. You on the other hand, might not survive this as the impacts are still felt, and often bruises received from higher calibre munitions impacts.

The HUD details the range to the target your gun is pointing at, in meters, how much ammo you have remaining in the weapon, a small radar pointing out the location of your team mates within a 100m radius, motion sensors, heat sensors, light amplification (AKA: nightvision) for when there is little light around,

It’s not invincible, but it will take a few hits before you go down.

Weapons: Your vocation dictates what weapon you get.

The basic weapon is the assault rifle: light, ergonomic, LED ammo counter on the side for the average idiot. It is your primary tool. Fires standard 5.56mm rounds, at a rate of 650 rpm. A standard magazine holds 50 rounds of standard ammo, and is located at the back of the weapon, bullpup style. It has an effective range of up to 600 meters with single, burst or full auto fire.

You also carry a spare pistol in case you need it in closer quarters. The pistol is similar to the rifle in how it looks, is also very lightweight and very accurate in the right hands. Fires a 9x19mm round, clip holds 15 rounds. You can opt for single or burst fire from it.

Other infantry weapons that the rifle can be traded for:

Combat Shotgun: It’s a shotgun. 12 gauge, pump action, holds 10 shots. Very nasty at close range, very effective in city fighting.

Sniper rifle, because I know someone is going to want one: It is similar in design to the ordinary rifle, only with a large scope on it and an extended barrel. It fires larger ammunition and is accurate up to a high range of 1200 meters. In close combat quarters like most battles are fought, any further is unnecessary. It holds 10 rounds instead of the standard, allowing it to be more compact. It is also automatic. More rounds are armour piercing, and can be used against vehicles as well as men.

The Machine Gun: is a hand held heavy weapon. Similar to the standard weapon in design but heavier, much heavier and feeds via a belt from the side rather than a box at the back. The belt is kept in a small box under the weapon. It requires both hands to use.

Of course, the Gatling Gun: What’s a futuristic RPG without an insane weapon of doom? This weapon cannot be used on the move or without the mechanical assistance of the power armour, and requires a two man team, one man to fire and one man to carry the ammo/battery pack. It fires very big 25mm ammo at a rate of 4,200rpm, fed from the ammo pack via a large thick, armoured belt. One man alone, even in the power armour will not be able to move when trying to carry it all.

Shoulder Mounter Rocket Launcher: Like the Gatling gun, it’s a two man weapon, one for the gun, one for Ammo. Very effective against Air units, armoured targets or emplacement depending on the ammo used. Fires one rocket at a time and takes a few moments to reload. Various ammunitions include High Explosive, Anti-Tank, and Armour penetrating rockets.

Flame Thrower: Just for the hell of it. A one man weapon, big tank of gas, big jet of flame for incinerating things and generally emptying buildings. The risk is that you are a bit of a target with it, and can’t use it at point blank range. Plus if you get shot in the tank, ka-boom.

Grenade Launcher: Can be attached to the Assault rifle or used as a separate weapon. Fires 1 grenade at a time and can use any of the grenade types.

Medics carry a field medical kit, your basic bandages, a drug similar to morphine and other implements for patching troopers back together again in an emergency, and little else. They can do little to help a dying man beyond easing his pain.

They also carry the pistol, and may carry either the rifle or shotgun as standard.

Technicians carry tools for repairing equipment, as well as any specialised scanning or radio gear that the unit needs like artillery markers, air-strike markers or surveillance equipment.

Technicians also carry the pistol, and may also carry the heavier weapons if need be.

Other basic equipment includes radios, scanners, radars, multi-tools, grenades: namely smoke, HE, flash bangs or EMP.

An example or two:

Name: Jade “Missy” Atkins, X121-A1,
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Rank: Captain.
Description: She’s nice looking, trim and fit after years of training. She has dark chocolate brown hair, shoulder length that is usually tied back in a simple pony tail. She is short for her age, with a slightly round face sprinkled with a light covering of freckles that should have faded in her youth but didn’t. She also has very striking sea-green eyes that seem to look right through you to your very soul. She carries the air of command about her where ever she goes.
Occupation: Soldier. Pure and simple. Ranked Captain of the 212 platoon.
History: Her parents were both soldiers, she was raised practically in the military academy and so it was a natural choice for her to join up to defend her country and people after her parents died in the Billion-Man War. She served in two campaigns, encountering the enemy and surviving to become the leader of the platoon today. She is a grizzled war veteran. When off duty she can be a nice person, but when in command she is almost a heartless bitch. She takes the situation very seriously, and expects everyone else to as well.
Equipment: Standard Combat Body Armour, Assault rifle, Pistol, 1x HE Grenade, 1x EMP grenade, 2x Flash Bang, 2x Smoke Grenades.

Name: Jason, K-116A9,
Age: 22
Sex: male
Rank: Sergeant.
Description: Tall and muscular, sandy blonde hair, brown eyes. Other than that, he isn’t terribly striking or standout-ish.
Occupation: Soldier.
History: Born in the city, along with everyone else, Jason was raised like everyone else and eventually joined the military after his father who died in the Billion Man War, much like the rest of the population. His mother was in the medical corps, she was killed on mission along with the rest of her team when her transport was shot down en rout to a frontline battlefield. This did little but spur his hate of the enemy and his drive to kill them. He showed a great determination in training, and extensive leadership skills, and was promoted to Squad Sergeant quickly, a rank he holds with pride, despite not being able to get further up the ladder of command.
Equipment: Standard Combat Body Armour, Assault Rifle with Grenade Launcher attachment, Pistol, 1x HE Grenade, 1x EMP grenade, 2x Flash Bang, 2x Smoke Grenades.

Rules, rules, rules…

No game is complete without a pile of overly restrictive rules.

1) This is a semi-GMed game, meaning that I am more or less in charge. You can still do your own thing, but I insist that you clear any major encounters with me first. If you think you are going to over step your mark, ask. If you do, then you’ll know about it. I don’t want to be as dominating as I was last time.
2) Refrain from God-modding. Not everything you set out to do will succeed. And you can (or will) be hurt/die during the game. Keep a second character in mind…
3) Avoid killing other people’s characters. It really isn’t advised as you’ll probably be needing their help, like it or not.
4) Don’t act like a moron. Morons go bye-bye fast. None of this “I shoot my gun and it dies.” crap. Quality over quantity.
5) Read all the posts. I will probably be putting in important information when ever I post, so it always helps to know what I’m doing to you. And read the other’s posts. I fear no continuity monk.
6) When it comes to posting: 3rd person, past tense please. Not script, not 1st person present tense. 3rd and past. It’s not that hard, plus it runs so much nicer.
7) Act responsibly and remember: we’re here to have fun. Anything that upsets or annoys you, feel free to whine. That doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll listen.

And don’t forget: Characters can, and will, be killed in this game. Nothing like an edge of reality to my insane fantasies.

So, let the characters flow in and the insanity flow out.

To coin a phrase: Here comes fun!

03/14/2005 7:17 PM

While I most definitely agree with the realism, and the toning down of the magic powers, I did not have the patience, nor the will to read all of the rules. Holy crap, that's a lot of rules!

Sorry, I am not going to join unless the rules are simplified for an attention defecit disorder-inflicted cretin like me. Nonetheless, this sounds like a very cool, calculated story here. Good luck.

03/15/2005 6:58 AM

Heh, is it the rules or the setting...

Simplified rules:
Don't be stupid, and have fun.

03/16/2005 8:59 PM

Alright, here goes. I may try to have more characters later, but 2 should do for now.

Name: Nathan "Ace" Janson, J-4B711
Age: 20
Sex: Male
Rank: Private
-Eyes: Left = Pale Blue
Right = Pale Green
-Hair: Dark Brown
-Skin: Pale White
-Body: Somewhat short, pretty skinny. Partially blind in the right eye, but always uses it for aiming. Sniper is his preferred weapon. Not very strong, uses Jack to carry all of his equipment.
Occupation: Soldier
History: He never knew his parents, as he was left on the streets as a baby. He was found, and taken in to a government-run orphanage, where he met his best friend, Jack. From a young age he was interested in the army, and trained by himself from the first time he could pick up a gun. He earned his nickname from being the best in his training group, and having impeccible aim. "Ace" came from his remarkable ability to almost always bullseye any target in the first shot.
-Body Armour
-Sniper Rifle
-High-powered pistol
-1x HE Grenade
-1x EMP Grenade
-1x Flash Grenade
-1x Smoke Grenade

Name: Jack MacLaren,
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Rank: Specialist
-Eyes: Blue
-Hair: Red
-Skin: Tan
-Body: Very tall, very muscular. Above average intelligence. Very strong, able to carry more equipment than anyone else in his troop.
Occupation: Technician
History: Like Ace, he was admitted to the orphanage. He is very interested in the technical aspect of everything, very good at the computer stuff. He spends a lot of time working out, and is pretty good with the knife. A bit of a coward. Always carries around a small silver cross with his dogtags.
-Body Armour
-Rocket Launcher
-4x High Explosive
-2x Anti-Tank
-2x Armor Piercing
-Assault Rifle
-7'' Army Knife
-2x Every Grenade
-Technician Pack
-Radar, Nightvision, Infared scanner

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03/31/2005 2:41 AM

I am most upset about the lack of my name attached to this, since I did write it, and you didn't ask if you could use it.

I think I expressed my rage more openly in the RPG thread. I strongly suggest you ask before going any further with this game, since it is my creation. You might want all the details I kept hidden from the players while running it.

Now do be a good boy Gnome. I don't like raining on people's parades, but I will bring moderation hell down on your ass faster than you can say copyright infringement, or interlectual property if you don't beg for my permission to use my characters and my concept, hell, my fucking posts, in the next few days.

The worst I could say is yes, you can use it.

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