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03/12/2005 5:28 PM

The year is 2457 and civilisation as it is known lies in ruins or in the iron grip of the Imperium. The human race has colonised planets and systems through the use of jump engines which manipulate the minor currents and eddies of space into Wormholes...essentially folding space between two points. The jump technology is unreliable and the destinations are generally only approximate within a single system, using massive amounts of the vessels power.

The human race itself however has also evolved, genetically manipulating itself to survive on certain planets and conditions. From gills to temperature regulation to muscle/bone density manipulation the human race has made itself adaptable to the conditions of their new homes.

Almost 50 years ago the Imperium was formed, a structure of government that rigidly enforced genetic manipulation and the formation of a caste system. The system of rule was quickly implemented and all but the most fringe colonies soon felt the watchful eye of the Imperium. Breeding and access to genetic manipulation soon fell under the regulation of the Imperium and its scientists and leaders ruthlessly imposed their law forcing planets to heed their wishes and reducing the altered human race to slaves to their ideals.

In 2450, a small group of 6 fringe systems decided against genetic resequencing, cloning and genetic manipulation choosing to allow their citizens natural evolution and progression. They rebelled against the Imperium and their rebellion swept through the worlds of the Imperium like wildfire. The Imperium, deciding to make an example of the rebellious systems, brought the full force of their military upon the planets in the form of Sentinels. Genetically bred soldiers bearing the best equipment the Imperium had to offer.

One by one the 6 systems fell until the planet Hryken was the last. It was during this terrible battle that the warriors of the 6 systems made a heroic last stand in both space on on the planet's surface, buying precious time for a few ships bearing the last of the worlds in cryogenic stasis to escape, folding space for destinations beyond the reach of the Imperium.

Rules for this RP Thread
-Must post character here in the OOC thread first and wait for approval before posting in the IC thread. No exceptions.
-Serious characters and posters only. If you think you may only post at the beginning then please do not enter this RP, the background has been left hazy for a reason so that players all have an input in what happens.
-The technology level is something akin to Firefly or Battlestar Galactica. No phazers or tranporters or replicators.
-All starting characters will be in cryogenic sleep at the beginning of the game.

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03/14/2005 11:07 AM

Name: Raymond "Ray" Williams
Race: Human (pure)
Description: Ray stands at 5'10". His brown hair hangs down to his neck but is rarely groomed. His blue eyes seem to pierce even the coldest hearts. He wears a light, black combat suit.

Background: Ray was part of the resistance on one of the first planets to fall. His experience is often helpful when dealing with the Sentinals. As a member of the resistance, he was often sought out for his strategic planning and warfare tactics. Ray made his way towards Hyrken one planet at a time, often leaving one planet just as the Imperium took control. When it seemed that Hyrken would be lost, Ray and others were sent into cryogenic stasis to preserve the pure human race.

Arandur, if this is not what you want just drop me an e-mail.

03/17/2005 10:37 AM

Here cometh das inquisition!

[U]Fringe Worlds[/U]: (Mainly about the 6 rebellious ones)
- Any particular reasons why these worlds rebelled against genetic engineering? Religious reasons? Morality? Had there been great crimes committed only by genetically engineered humans? Government declared such practices illegal? If so, what type of governments had the worlds had?

-Have any races other than humans been found within known space?

-Do these worlds have any specific cultural traditions that are significant or useful to know?

-How large is the Imperium's domain?

-What is the economy of the Imperium like? Is the economy rising or falling? Is the Imperium within a depression? Has it conquered worlds with many available resources for starship building, or has it almost run out of raw materials?

-What is the scale of the Imperium's armada? Is there much unrest to be sated by military forces, or are their forces free to go in full force anywhere they please?

[U]Genetic Engineering[/U]:
-To what extent does this technology go? It appears to induce forced evolution. Does this technology only allow the changing of the genetic makeup of a person, or does this allow cybernetic limbs to be created and applied to wounded people/soldiers?

-If cybernetic limbs are available, how much of a person can safely be 'Cyborg' without great side effects.

-Quick question about these: Are these humans bred to be 'the perfect soldier' with no emotion and an instinct to kill, or are they simply advanced (stronger/faster) humans?


...folding space for destinations beyond the reach of the Imperium.

-Does this mean that the ship has 'jumped' to a different galaxy, or simply a distant part of this galaxy unknown to the Imperium?


the background has been left hazy for a reason so that players all have an input in what happens.

-Not sure how much of my questions are 'up for grabs', so to speak, in terms of possible answers. Just try to answer anything that could be useful.


Besides all that, I'm interested.

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