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03/09/2005 6:26 PM

Well, here it is my friends (that probably shouldn't be plural)!
Here's my promised present-time-setting RP. Hope you are hooked by that intro (I tried my best). I don't care much if this thread takes a turn for the less realistic, as long as a monster doesn't pop up off the floor with no precedent. Let's get to it then!
Yes, my character is, more or less... ME!

-Name: Anthony Casely (no, that's not my real name)
-Age: 18
-Occupation: Student/Musician
-Physical Description: He has light brown eyes; dark, shaggy black hair; and wears a calm expression more often than not.
-Character History: Only months away from graduation, he is eager to begin his career as a drummer in a music band, which seems to have potential for a bright future. little does he know his path may become a bit unsecure (in many ways)...

PS: Sorry for the bad name, I was gonna change it. "New Chronicles" Ouch! What was I thinking?

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03/27/2005 11:08 PM

WOW! Who could have expected the growing popularity of this thread?

No, seriously, I won't let this thread go, as bad a name as it may have. What I'm saying is: I'm willing to twist the setting of the game to attract more players. I'll make it apocalyptic or something.

So... anyone interested?

03/28/2005 11:07 AM

Name: Rab Williams
Age: 19
Occupation: "College student" (think of Van Wilder)/ Musician
Physical description: Dark brown hair, bright hazel eyes, and is always relaxed
Character History: Rab graduated from high school last year and now attends the local university. He is very intelligent but also very lazy.

*Hey, pretend like Anthony is staying the weekend at Rab's apartment. Just realized you’re in high school. :-P

03/30/2005 3:54 PM

Carlos Vesccunni
age: 37
occupation: "evil genuios"
physical: curly white hair, short, black gloves, white overcoat (your typical evil genuios)
goal in life: wants to dictate the world by creating an army of _____________ that follow every command he makes A RANDOM ANY-

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