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03/09/2005 11:42 AM

Hello. I would like to welcome you to my new RP, on this site. Yes, I am a noob here (so ashamed -_-;; ) but I am not new to role playing. After being blocled from my prior site of which much work has been done (damnedable parental controls!) I have finally stumbled across this place. I hope to find my presence welcome and look forward to RPing with all of you! Thanks ^^x (Usually Im known as Rose of the Fallen but I chose the name Athyli to add a bit of change in my life *sigh*)

03/12/2005 5:30 AM

If you still need a mercenary for whatever, just tell me, this character is very flexible and can easily be made to fit the role. I won't post in the RP until you let me know though so I will know how to approach the matron.

Half-Drow and Half-Human
Age: 103
Class: Self-Proclaimed Bladesinger
Weapons: Rapier, Dagger
Description: Sigg has the look of a Drow at a glance but upon closer inspection his human qualities are more apparent. He stands at about 6 feet tall and weighs only 150 to 160 pounds. Although somewhat thin, he is decently built to accentuate his innate elf agility.
Sigg has been an outcast most of his life because of his mixed blood, being shunned by elves as well as humans. His parents abandoned him at a very early age, leaving him to fend for himself against nature as well as the unaccepting societies. He goes from town to town on a seemingly endless quest to fill some void within him but, alas, he does not know what he is looking for. However, during a visit to a prestigious elven city he silently spied on a master and disciple of Bladesingers until he had perfected the arts, giving him the ability to use his blade elegantly and efficiently as well as to use an array of basic arcane magical spells. After many experiences of rejection, Sigg has almost lost the ability to trust others and is quickly losing faith in himself as well as the hope he had been using to fuel his perpetually dismal life. He is practically drowned in despair and reaches for even the furthest stars for acceptance. Thus bringing him to the Underdark.

03/12/2005 9:08 AM

I would be honored to have you join me as a mercenary... I believe if you wish you may join the side of house Gallgoth`eri, but if you know anyone willing to do the roile of the other household that would be most marvelous! ^^x Usually I have fueds between Gallgoth`eri and Dehilizon, two of my own made up houses but seeing as no one knows Dehilizon... yea... ^^x Well, just post whenever you are ready.

03/12/2005 6:54 PM

Hello, and I apologize for a premature post...*smacks forhead* Anywho...

Name: Jhaelae'Irr
House: none
Age: 60 (i know it's young)
Ht: 5/4"
Wt: 95 lb
Alignment: N. Evil
Diety: Mask

Description: Jhaelae'Irr is by all appearances a rogue. Most would underestimate his prowess with a blade at first glance. He wears leather armor under a black tunic and low-cowled cloak. He has two white wyrms tattooed on either of his forearms (purely for cosmetic value). His muscles are finely honed for combat, and his light-footedness makes him an adept scout or thief.

Background: Jhaelae'Irr is a bastard child of sorts. He was born without a house, and thusly lives. He has been known to occasionally sell his blades or other services to the highest bidder, but not before gathering a plethora of information concerning the matter. Most drow would consider him a deserter, if they knew his true loyalties lied with Mask. He however puts up a facade of fealty to the Spider Queen so long as he is in her city. Most of the time, Jhaelae'Irr keeps a low profile, although he has been known to attend parties hosted by Drow nobility on occasion. In short, Jhaelae'Irr is the son Jarlaxle never had.

Weapons: Short sword and Dagger combo, hand crossbow.

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05/23/2005 1:21 PM

*casts a ressurection spell*

Is anyone still interested in doing a drow/underdark rp? I'm interested but I must admit that I don't know enough to build an underdark plot. Just thought I'd throw this thing back up to some light and see who responds etc. etc. so on and so forth. :P

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