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03/07/2005 2:49 PM

As one may expect after reading the intro, magic does not work here. The only weapons that will work here are those of melee combat. For the ones among you that wish to sharpen their skills in writing out detailed man-to-man combat, welcome to my little place of terror.

My character is Caelin, ambidextrous and wielding two swords, comparable to the roman Gladius, but of a very high quality of Mithril. To keep things fair, I placed two metal bracers just to the right of the entrance. These will give you an armor identical to mine, by clasping them against eachother. My character is both strong and fast, but like all humanoids is not perfect, despite countless years of experience.

Any type of melee weapon is allowed, including a shield. No firearms, no magic possible and no shapeshifting, just simple straightforward fighting, with the opportunity to do so against someone who knows what he is talking about. Powergamers and people that refuse getting hit will be asked to leave.

03/08/2005 9:21 PM

Can i use chainswords? A cross between chainsaws and swords. If not then take a look at my char below. Sorry if it ain't original.

Name: Seigfried
Weapon: His Zweihander, Faust
Extra: Very agile and has developed a style for his weapon that allows him to use it gracefully and swiftly. This version of Seigfried is the first, cuz his sword's name is Faust. And he has yet to touch and join with the swords Soul Edge.

Hell or Highwater my kid will fight, my style. Can you like define a powergamer?

03/09/2005 10:18 AM

A powergamer is someone who is bent on winning, acting like nothing can touch him, always avoiding to be hit in one way or another, thus playing a character that is almost god-like, often relying on magic or magical weaponry. These characters have almost no depth, no background and solely designed to be the best at everything. (aka annoying the crap out of everyone else) Generally these characters will defy any sense of reality, like being swift with a two-handed blade, which is a weapon designed to fight horsemen and requires a great strength to wield it, let alone move fast with it. (Note: a two-handed blade weighs around 20 pounds (6 to 8 kilograms) and is severely unbalanced.(much heavier at the blade in comparison to the hilt))

I purposely used the word sword, although maces and other medieval weaponry are allowed. Which means chainsaws, guns, etc are not allowed. I said that all magical abilities would be blocked, which includes the magical properties of the weapons themselves.

03/09/2005 10:21 PM

Cool, okay. Besides Seigfried ain't got one effing pinch of magic or what not in him. And besides the japanese created the kid with a sword one feet wide and five feet tall. What would you expect from the guys that spawned anime? Any way if you think that carrying a large sword swiftly is illogical then i guess you might be right.

but i think your taking it from a European knight's point of view(No offense, if there is please forgive me, i still shudder from embarrassment after wrecking a white wolf thread). But if you happen to see Seigfried fight then he is what i consider swift, from what i can relate to from the Soul Calibur game. And are people that keep on reasoning out why they ain't dead yet powergamers? And does a character that controls darkness(as a matter) to the extent of what he sees to powerful?

03/10/2005 2:21 PM

I am indeed taking things from a realistic medieval european point of view. (no offense taken, azrael. Wrecking a white wolf thread? Would that be the one on these boards by chance?) ;)

Those continually reasoning why they are not dead, yes I consider those as power'lamers'. Controlling darkness would be a magical ability, thus void in this thread, but within the line of his sight it would not be overly powerful.

03/10/2005 5:32 PM

so you don't agree that seigfried can be swift with the Zweihander, a foot wide and five feet long, cuz if you don't i can try and explain why he is swift. Besides, he ain't my character, i just borrowed him from Soul Calibur.

The blades weight is staggering thus great also in momentum, Seigfried uses the momentum to perform swift attacks. one example is that whenever he slashes the blade the momentum of the slash will bring it a full circle around his body to direct another slash at you. Seigfreid developed this style on his own. He grows his strength only to control the direction momentum, if it is to fast however he does lose control. In truth he may not be very fast but his intelligence makes up for it. Besides he was gonna be Nightmare on Soul Calibur II.

03/12/2005 9:04 AM

So... Cael. How many people can join? If you are still looking I may try my hand here.

03/12/2005 2:24 PM

Exile, feel free to barge in, i think that one more will not hurt. Don't forget to post your character. ;)

Azrael, as I do not even know the game you are talking of, your reasoning eludes me.

03/12/2005 4:00 PM

Cool, ok. Then i'll just change my kid. Will you allow special abilities that are not magical but more like adrenaline driven?

Name: Kraven
Gender: Male
Race: Black Tiger
Age: 19
Eyes: Red, black pupils
Hair: Black, White Stripes
Skin/Fur: Black, White Stripes
Height: 5’11
Weight: 250 lbs.
Build: Muscular but in a not superhero way. Think Spiderman build, just slightly bigger
Family Origin: Royal aristocrats, he was treated like a disease
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Rank: None
Magic: Has potential of unknown quantities but has not given much thought to garnering it

Physical Appearance: Black for with white stripes, muscular build and wears a black breastplate of ornate design of some great chivalric order. It is sleeveless showing his muscular arms with its white stripes and he procured it from a killed knight, probably a tiger of his similar physique. He wears sturdy leggings of fine make, again procured from killed adversaries. He wears shin greaves of ornate design again procured from killed adversaries. He also wears a belt with metal tassets and a singular length of black cloth rolling down between his legs (Very similar to what monks may use). The breastplate is black colored and outlined with red as so does the others armaments and clothing except his sword, which is pure black, jet black.

Weapon(s): A black sword he had come to call and love as, Sable Morte. Words that had come to him while in the heat of battle. He got the sword after killing a noble warrior. He did not care who it was. Strangely enough the sword could speak to him as though it was alive. But only in his thoughts and dreams nothing more. Haunting him dreams of gore and death dreams he welcomed and relished. It is as wide as the balm of your hand and as long as an arm plus five inches.

Other(s): Whenever he is in a state of bloodlust his entire vision of what he sees changes. For in truth it should because his eyes themselves burn a fierce red glow when in this state. What he sees include the fact that people turn into gray human like shapes, everything becomes a blur of gray, and some shapes come off as either white or black. He usually attacks the black ones but sometimes the white one. He got this when he was young or maybe even before. He only knew that if ever he were very angry, his vision would change. Another strange article is that some shapes even though they are of any color seem to carry upon their back banners bearing a cross split diagonally upon the middle. The top half was white while the lower was black.

When in bloodlust he is incredibly silent ceasing to chant battlecries nobody understands (Latin Language). He becomes swifter and crueler in killing from any angle perceivable and possible. His strength grows to unknown heights, as does his agility.

03/13/2005 11:47 AM

Name: Jeremy
Gender: Male
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 175
Build: Toned

Weapons: Falchion (Main), two daggers that are sheathed along his thighs

Description: Jeremy is of average human height and weight. His long, black hair hangs down to his neck. His brown eyes seem to pierce into the very soul of whoever he looks at, and occasionally it is rumored that he uses his gaze to intimidate others. Throughout his life, Jeremy has based his operations outside of the major cities, choosing to be free of law and restrictions. While he is not evil, he is seen as calculative, which sometimes tends to lead him down the wrong road.

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