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03/06/2005 4:31 PM

Okay, this story is to take place 20 years after the last story. These are my characters...

Story Arc 1: This will include my char Jadrek and Luni's char Electra, as well as at least one other player

Name: Jadrek Rolan Drache

Race: Asuli (Pureblood Vampire)

Class: Fighter/ Low-level sorcerer

Nature: Lawful Good

Demeanor: Pathfinder/ Berserker

Age: Apparent: 22
Actual: 100

Height: 6’2” (approx 1.9 meters)
Weight: 170 (Approx 77 kilos)

Appearance: Looks much like his father, Aidan ”Crane” Alucardt. Same muscular build, and aristocratically carved features. He has his father’s wavy platinum blonde hair, and his mother’s blue-violet eyes.

History: Jadrek is the elder of Ayeka’s two sons, fraternal twins. His link with his brother (the kind that most twins have) was severed cruelly by Taryn when the boys were only five years old, when the twisted Coriel abducted his twin, Adrian and corrupted the boys’ mind.

Jadrek is a very quiet person, rarely speaks unless he has something important to say. He also has a short temper, and when it rages uncontrolled, very little can stop him. He consciously follows his peoples’ ideals on not killing those he feeds from, but he does have the blood of a few innocents staining his hands, the guilt over this is what makes him such a silent person, to the point of being a recluse.

Stories he has appeared in:

“Nightstalker II: Fate of a child”
“Nightstalker III: Loss of Innocence”
“Kiss of Death”
“Nightstalker IV: final confrontation”
“Nightstalker V: Brother against Brother”

Character insight/Song: Jadrek is another of my more ‘tragic’ characters, but I haven’t really had the chance to develop his character. He is tormented most by the loss of his brother to the darkness of the Coriel. While his brother isn’t one of them, his mind is twisted, and he had proven to be a relentless killer. Jadrek mourns the death of his parents and has vowed to destroy his brother, no matter the cost to his own sanity. His relentless search for his twin and his younger sister leads him to the only one who could ever deter his actions. Electra, a half-Asuli whose compassion helps calm his all-consuming rage. He will attempt to ignore the needs of his own nature, refusing to consume the blood he needs for as long as he can, not caring of the dangers to himself and to his chosen ‘donor’, no matter how much Saia or Electra might chastise him for it.

Story Arc 2: will include, Adrian, Kyri, And Meier... as well as anyone else who wants to join it.

Name: Kyri Leandra Drache

Race: Pureblood Vampire/Asuli

Age: 14

Class: fighter

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Nature: Innocent

Demeanor: Searcher

Height: 5’2 / Approx 1.6 meters

Weight: 98lbs / Approx 41 Kilos

Hair: Blonde, Long with loose curls

Eyes: Amber/gold

Build: Petite

History: Kyri is the youngest child of Ayeka and Alucardt(Aidan) Drache. She witnessed her parents’ murder by the younger of her two brothers, Adrian. She endured her imprisonment that Adrian forced upon her by hoping that her elder brother, Jadrek, would one day rescue her. She had managed to bond with a wolf only to watch the yearling wolf die.

Kyri is unprepared for her change when it rushes upon her when she nears her fifteenth birthday. She is afraid to trust the woman Airiana who helped her when she became trapped within the Greygem. Drawn to her by some unexplainable power, Meier finds her when she is gripped by the blood-lust triggered by her change.

Character Insight/Song: I think that Kyri is terrified to trust anyone again, her parent’s left her (even though she consciously knows this isn’t their fault, she subconsciously blames them...) the youngest of her brothers betrayed her and tried to turn her to evil... and her elder brother never made it to rescue her... she feels triply betrayed and hurt.
When Meier comes she is terrified by him, but drawn to him all the same because they are of the same blood (Figuratively speaking).

Name: Meier Gabriel Velkan

Race: Asuli

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Nature: Enforcer

Demeanor: Hunter, “dark prince”

Age: 237 (apparent: 27)

Height: 6’1” / Approx 1.8 meters

Weight: 187 Lbs / Approx 84 kilos

Hair: Black, worn long, usually gathered in a single tail.

Eyes: Dark Blue (nearly black in low light)

Build: Average

Appearance: usually wears black or other dark colored clothing, blues or grays. He has a dangerous air about him, and though he is an Asuli, he will kill humans with little compunctions... Especially if they get in his way, thus he seems to be evil by most.

History: Meier was raised in a pureblood household, both of his parents were Asuli, though his younger brother was an Asulinsa. He was always treated as though he was a prince, as the Velkan family was second in power under Drache rule. Meier’s father, Alexi, had always despised the Drache family, and now that they’re all gone but the three youngest, and one not even fit to take control, He strives to take control as the lead of the Asuli society, thus making Meier the Heir.

Meier’s change was long in coming; he didn’t enter it till he was 27 years old. His aristocratic features lend him a charisma that most Asuli would kill to possess. He did not bond with a single V'yulsher wolf, but instead has a pack of four at his beck and call.

Abilities: As I mentioned, he has a pack of four wolves at his beck and call... and he is somewhat of a fairly accomplished mage. Though he is most deadly with his sword in hand.

Character Insight/Song: Hmmm... Lets see... I think I intended Meier to be the lifemate of Ayeka’s youngest child, Kyri. He’s cold and cruel at times, but he is exceedingly gentle with Kyri, and will hunt relentlessly and Kill any who would try to harm her. He defies his father’s will to rule by choosing her as his lifemate, bringing Drache Blood into the family, thus he was disowned, and their children would bear the name of Drache, bringing the ancient family once again into power.

I don't have a stat sheet for Adrian, I'll work on it as we go. Also, this story arc will split into two, Kyri and Meier going off away from Adrian.

I will also be posting the start for the second arc as soon as I get some sort of feedback on this :)

Also, even though this is supposed to be set for Dragonlance, I'm keeping it in the General RP for better appeal.

03/06/2005 4:40 PM

information on the Asuli/Coriel races (http://groups.msn.com/threemoons/ayekadrache.msnw" target="_blank)

03/07/2005 4:57 AM

guess I should've specified I'd prefer all characters to be posted here before the regular RP continues.

03/07/2005 8:21 PM

As Kalia mentioned, I'll be using my character Electra in this story. I'll only be playing in Arc#1 with Jadrek.

Name: Electra Shadowmore
Gender: Female
Race: Half Asuli Vampire
Age: 85 years old (look 22)
Eyes: Ice Blue
Hair: A mass of Waist-Length, Midnight Back Curls
Skin/Fur: Pale
Height: 5 foot 9
Weight: 115 pounds
Build: Slender, graceful
Family Origin: Daguaard Keep Area
Alignment: Neutral
Rank: Warrior/Hunter

Background: Electra was born a pure vampire as a result of her mother being taken by a male vampire for his companion during his stay at Daguarrd Keep. Shortly after Electra's birth, both her parents left the Keep. When she reached the human maturity of 18, Electra woke to find her parents had both done battle with 3 Coriel (vampires who were turned) and had been killed. Ever since that time, Electra has made it her mission to find the ones that took her parents from her.

Appearance: Electra is tall at 5 foot 9 inches, has a mass of tight black curls that reach midway down her back, and has eyes the color of blue-tinted ice. She is lightly tanned due to her half human side. Her clothing varies, but she always wears a hooded black cloak and black leather boots. She carries two long daggers in her boots, and a wrist crossbow.

Personality: She cares only for her mission of finding the ones who killed her parents - unless someone or something catches the interest of her human heart. Like the rest of her kind, Electra chooses to not kill the innocent, only taking blood from doners, and then only what she needs. She has made friends in her travels, but her constant companion is her V’ylusar Wolf, Sasha.

Weapon(s): Long Daggers, Wrist Crossbow, Fighting Skills

Other(s): I haven't been able to develop Electra to much, due to all stories I've used her in have went dead. I hope to work on her more here.

Name: Sasha
Race: Female Wolf
Age: Almost 74 in Human Years
Eye Color: Green
Fur Color: Silver, Black tips on her ears and tail
Family Origin: Daguarrd Keep
Rank: Electra's Companion

Background: When Sasha was a pup of 6 months old and Electra was a young girl of 10, Electra's parents brought some wolf pups to their home. As Vampire and Wolf looked at each other, an instant bond and friendship was forged. Sasha and Electra have been inseparable ever since that day. The two of them can communicate telepathically.

Appearance: Even though Sasha is nearly 54 years old in human years, the silver wolf looks no older than a wolf who has just reached adulthood. Covered with brilliant silver fur, Sasha's tail and ears are tipped with black. She has dark green eyes that glitter intelligently.

Personality: Being a wolf, Sasha is a fierce hunter. She is intelligent and fiecely protective of Electra, who she views as a sister.

Weapon(s): Teeth, Claws

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03/09/2005 3:38 PM

Black_Plauge, you've got one more day before I ignore your char for now and move on.

03/10/2005 4:40 PM

Why are some of my words yellow and underlined? They weren't like that when I first typed the stuff. :(

03/10/2005 9:09 PM

sorry, im on intermitedly so.

here is my charachter.

Name: Gecko

Age: 70

Sex: Male


Class: Pole Master

Alignment: Neutral

Element: Theta(hope it works with the class)

Appearance: Wears a steel mask to conceal damage done by a theta based magical explosion. Mask has fangs painted on the mouth area to intimidate prey. Wears the skulls of his enemies on his belt and over his armor. Skin is black and scaly with many scars over the visible flesh. Greenish tatoos written in an odd language. Small, beady, glowing yellow eyes. 8'2 and heavily muscled with a thin build. Stand slouched as the rest of his race. Thick, ropey shoulder lengthed, black hair tied with beads and small bones.

Equipment: Small medical kit
rags for cleaning skulls
buffers for polishing skulls
various packs and pouches

Weapons: Major:Tow Shi'mar- Double ended spear engraved with odd shifting runes
Minor: Twin serrated dagers Krim Ta and Yej Jen that seem to shift and dissapear when directly looked at
Minor: Small steel/silver alloy throwing discs, enchanted with a homing spell but still effected by wind and gravity.

Armor: Made from bones of enemies and animals and a magicly lightened metal alloy of steel and cobalt. A steel mask to cover the face.

Accesories: Three human skulls and two elven skulls collected from enemies.
Silver pendant that soothes pain.
Bone ring made from a Dragonoid's eye socket.
Various small bones collected from the hands and feet of animals and humans
An earing made from a Nightwalker's claw

Skills: Stealth
Can completely control theta energy but only in a few destructive ways.
Can mimmick voices exactly.
Because of a magical spell meant to enhance Gecko's strength gone wrong Gecko sees the life force(auras) of living things, including plants. Unliving matter is seen as a detailed grey space

Spells: Major: Enhanced Theta Strike(Oskoo Reneikan)- Causes a theta based explosion on impact of spear, 20 minit recharge
Minor: Theta Cloak(Rugeit Des Umbris)- Uses theta energy to bend light rendering Gecko invisible for 5 minits.
Minor: Theta Twirl(Rosken Hanoaa)- When Gecko spins his spear, it creates a theta field infront of him reflecting minor attacks.

History: Born in a nomadic Nightwalker village and left for dead, Gecko was brought up by a wizard who used him for errands, cleaning and as a guine pig for magical experiments.
As a result of an experiment with preformance enhancing spells that went horribly wrong, Gecko can read the auras and life force of all living things. He was also burned in a theta based explosion which was the wizards fault at the age of 50.
Gecko than hid in the mountains so no one would see his hideous face. He at first only killed animals to survive but soon took to killing hunters for their weapons and equipment. After about three years he had found the equipment and the experiance needed to survive and get revenge on his ex-guardian.
He than returned and killed the wizard, whos head he took as a trophy thus passing his villages rites to manhood(defeating a godfather figure in a now extinct society). Gecko was exiled for killing a powerfull village eleder(his wizard guardian) and left the village at 53. He now wanders the world searching for worthy hunts and has discovered that elves and humans (evil or not) make excellent prey.
Gecko recently trained under an elven pole master and while training in deflections he learned he could control theta based energy almost completely, but can only harness it into a few destructive ways. The pole master attempted to take Gecko's life when he surpassed his mentor. Gecko killed him and now trusts few. He also trained under a specialist in the art of Black Grudge, a brutal melee combat style that involves strangles, grabs, breaks, strikes, blocks, nerve depressing and throws.
His weapon, the Tow Shi'mar, is an ancient relic passed down his family's blood line for thousands of generations. One end is pointed and the other end has two parallel blades. The weapon was given to him by his uncle Atropos who had spent most of his life attempting to find him. But Gecko's uncle dissapeared two days later. His two daggers Krim Ta and Yej Gen were stripped from an elven hunter who used them to skin hunts. His throwing discs were a gift from his guardian and are enchanted with a homing spell. Gecko is very hostile and tends to avoid traveling with groups.
Merchants fear his name in the part of the world he once inhabited as he would raid caravans for food, using his theta cloak to kill the soldiers or mercenaries guarding them, but he has since moved into the wider world to search for an ultimate adversary. He has very few emotions but does appreciate anger, fear and depression. Gecko has a tendancy to shoot first and ask questions later but refuses to hunt the weak, unarmed and pregnant.
Gecko also believes a true name holds power over the soul so he goes by the alias Atropos after the only true family he ever had. Few learn his alias and no one on the face of the planet still alive knows his true name.
He will always be reincarnated as he is a hero of the ancient Nightwalkers.

Weaknesses: Concentrated theta will kill Gecko
Concentrates heavily on hiding his face from others, Gecko will cover his face at almost any cost, rendering him defenseless when mask is removed
Acidic attacks will heavily dammage Gecko

Extras: Because of hardships after the accident, Gecko has no remorse or conscience and at this point in his life he would kill his son for the slightest personal gain

Demonic Rage: Due to a theta experiment in preformance enhancing spells, gecko has a powerful demon entity inside him, that he can only unleash at the height of his anger or fear

03/14/2005 9:47 PM

I like the way this one is coming along, but I have a major gap in information. As you can read in the rants section of the community forums, I "don't know jack" about the races, about the alliegances, anything. Thus, my participation in this RP is pretty much not a possibility. Too bad, too.

03/15/2005 5:22 AM

as set in my second reply on this half of the thread, I set up a link to my own site that explains everything. take a look there and you may have an idea. I'd prefer a mortal anyway, so you don't need to worry about knowing all the specs on the vampire species of my stories. :)

03/15/2005 2:18 PM

okay, by request, here are the three arcs we'll be running....

1) Jadrek, Electra & Gecko

Okay... at the end of the last story Electra forced Jadrek into a sort of slumber, mostly because his mind couldn't deal with everything that had happened to him. Jadrek is now awake and will continue his search for his sister, and his traitorous brother.

2) Adrian Drache... I need someone here, mortal prefered... if no one takes it I'll do it myself.

Adrian murdered his parents and abducted his younger sister. He was warped at a young age by a cursed vampire who vowed vengence against his mother.

3) Kyri and Meier

Kyri is Jadrek & Adrian's younger sister. In this she'll attempt to escape from Adrian, and be caught by one of Adrian's underlings, Meier Velkan. Meier has always had feelings for Kyri, and is present during her change.... I had hoped to have one more character here, but if not then I'll deal with it...

03/15/2005 3:50 PM

Here's an interesting idea:

Name: Breck Nash (introduces himself, and will in this story be called Nash)
Gender: Male
Race: Human (ish, will be explained in Background)
Age: 129 years old (Appears 35)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Grey (Used to be brown)
Skin: Slightly pale
Height: 6' 1/2''
Weight: 212 lbs
Build: Stocky, muscular
Family Origin: Unknown
Alignment: Chaotic good (is that right?)

Description: A moderate hight, moderate build man. He looks somewhat old, but his appearance betrays his physical ability. He is stronger and faster than most 20-year olds. He always carries around anti-vampire weaponry, his favorite being the crossbow sporting silver bolts.

Background: As a child, his parents were killed by Coriel, and from then on he swore to rid the world of them, claiming they were the creatures of the devil. He is blinded by his rage; unable to comprehend that not all of them are evil. He retains his youth and his vivacity by drinking the blood of the vampires he has slain; in doing so he can remain human... ish. Nevertheless, over the years he has slowly grown older. He will die, eventually.

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04/03/2005 2:51 PM

I'd be interested in joining, Kalia, if it's okay with you.

04/03/2005 3:11 PM

If you're feeling up to it AvA.... and sorry for the late repsonse Jawhun, but your char is fine.

04/03/2005 7:19 PM

Ok, thanks very much. Hopefully I'll have a character soon, but one question: on Three Moons you say that cursed ones are evil, but are all bitten-vampires necessarily evil?

04/03/2005 8:32 PM

it's extreemly rare to not lose what sanity a person has left after such an attack from a Coriel. Coriels like to terrify, and tourture their victims before feeding. Even those they to choose to turn are evil to begin with, that's their nature.....

Combining that and the terror before their "death" would drive a sane person nutty, imagine what it could do to someone already unbalanced, or even cold and calculated. THe Blood of a Coriel is tainted, and unless the person is cold and calculated to begin with, they are turned into little more than blood-thirsty killers.

05/03/2005 10:41 PM

Gecko lives for the thrill of the kill, if its alive, Gecko hunts it. Usually Gecko would be hunting everyone right now (that gives me an idea for a twist it does) but you saved him so.

05/06/2005 6:32 PM

I updated my character imformation to explain his age. If this doesn't work with the storyline, then tell me, and I can fix it.

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