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03/02/2005 2:26 PM

I know, I know... people didn't respond too well to the suggestion I made - possibly because it was too complicated... but I decided to give it a go anyways... I need people. Need people! Email my name here on this site to ask anything if you need to. 'K?

03/09/2005 5:15 AM

Please, I'm begging you guys, almost. Do this with me. Would you perhaps rather I played several of the characters first, so you get an idea of how they are?

03/09/2005 7:38 AM

I think part of the problem was that you generated the characters yourself, even named them. Most people don't like to attempt an RP when their character is already created for him, it limits their imagination....

I'll join... as Spark... But spark is female. I dunno if you're combining elements or not, but I'll use spark's element as literal as I can, Electricity, a combination of Air and Fire. if this is okay with you, I'll join once I hear a response.

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