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02/26/2005 9:36 PM

I am new so um.. tell me if im screwing up. this is a 1 on 1 *(only)


Name: Ves'te (Vest-Cha)
Age: 126
Race: sub(elf/human)
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 171 pounds
Eye C: Blue
Hair C: Silver
Sex: Male
Occupation: Elven Arch Mage Apprentice

A love that was never ment to be, formed between a elven father and a human mother.
When the were forced to make peace with their differences and united to help the world
for the greater good. Vest'te was 34 when his parents went to Uti'A in a stand against evil. destroyed with the city. His hopes to have a loving family to be there for him are shattered by the menace of his world.
A young elf/human that was to become an aprentice mage but called upon in the middle of his training to help the elven/human race

Equipment: dark green robes(*with leaf patterns); has a hood,several pouches inside (5),leather boots,
and a stone staff made of a hybrid of mithril(*new),and a magic book(*forest conjuring for beginners)*(can talk to tree,flower,...ect)

Magic Attacks: *vines of entaglement(hold an opponent),{stone shifting(change stones shape)*(stones: rock,granite...ect)}uncontrolable unless consentrate hard un-interupted.

Anyone plz rate me on my character creation skills and tell me how i can get better,
and my combat skills as well. Thxs.

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03/04/2005 8:34 AM


Name: Fitch Haren
Age: 60
Race: Elf
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 140
Eye C: Electric Green
Hair C: Flaming Red
Sex: Male
Occupation: Elven Drifter

Fitch lost his home in a bloody Orc attack, the only reason he wasn't killed is that he was looking for herbs to heal the sick. After he got back he hunted down the orcs responsible and killed them ruthlessly. Now he wanders from place to place, looking for somewhere to call home.

He was trained in all the ways of magic, short bow and long, and to fight with two swords.

Equipment: Brown pants and green shirt, and a long cloak with a brown and green swirls on it. Huge pack with pockets on it (100). Short wooden bow with a quiver of arrows (50). Two tempered steel swords. And a black obsedian staff with a white diamond on it.

Magic Spells: Elemental Magic and a shape shifting ability.

03/10/2005 2:46 PM

My bro' "Chaos Angel" went to california he asked me to take over..

goto NEWB battle2 to ok? Cool

we are sorry for the inconveince.

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