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02/25/2005 12:08 PM

Hello and moo! This is an rp about the events after Resident Evil 4 if you haven’t beaten the game then you shouldn't rp here unless you want to ruin the ending for yourself. You can either be an umbrella worker (some are infected with the parasite. wich is a weakness and a strength) a civilian, a parasite created monster (big boss monster or what ever you can imagine. But be fair!!), or someone working for the government to stop the escaping monsters (cops, swat, stars). This all occurs in Slint city this all takes place after Agent got back to the US with the infection sample. Umbrella gets a foot hold in Slint city and begins to rebiuld its corperation, until some vandils break in so now umbrella has to go in. The Cops were the first to be called in to "Test" the specimens. Any one can join and you only start with 4 weapons so choose wisely.
Name: Joe O'Shea
Wieght: 145lbs
Height: 5'10"
ocupation:Umbrella Special forces
weopons: a submachine gun, one blacktail pistol with a lasersiting, and a minelauncher. 1 knife and his arm.
Description: infected by the umbrella corps to be an elite soldier Joe has a parisite in his right shoulder, Which allows him to transform his arm into a giant blade (like krouser). When his arm is normal its strength is unsurpast, though he has moments of extream pain when the parisite takes over. He belives becuase of the parisite he is invincible causing him to be very reclass

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02/25/2005 2:21 PM

Name: Carlos Sanchas (No relaton to RE 3)

Wieght: 175 lbs

Height: 6'

ocupation: Slint City Police Department

weapons: Nine millimeter beretta handgun, combat knife

Description: An ex-STAR (Special Tatics And Rescue Squad), Carlos has been on the force most of his professional life. He is an expert and runs things by the book no matter what the situation. He has seen his fair share of horrors in the STARS program and consiters being a police officer his retirement before pension. He is rarely unnerved by anything, and is able to perform under extremly stressful conditions.

On a more personal note, Carlos is currently engaged to a Electra Hassner, and is one year away from marrage. He is an excellent marksman and a jumpy trigger finger when on active combat.

03/02/2005 11:59 AM

Name:Mark Rasputin
ocupation: SCPD
weopons:baseball bat, magnum with a duct tape laser pionter, riot buster(shotgun), pepper spray
Description: Mark is a russian immigrant who is trying to live the "American Dream" he hates his job and his family is always bugging him. hes a tall man with a slim build an Fauxhawk haircut. He wakes up in the morning to realize that his entire family has been infected with the parasite and he must fight his way out of his and out the city.

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