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02/18/2005 6:36 PM

Welcome and Vindaloo! travellers far and wide, this is a pretty damn big undertaking for me but I figured what the hell? Ill give it a shot, so here it goes. A ragtag band of Supernatural mercs go on a quest to get filthy friggin rich! sounds good no? It will take place in modern times and want around 7-9 characters tops m'kay?It will be kinda hellboyish, with whatever cool crap me and anyone else who joins can come up with:D if you have a cool setting our heroes can get into or questions about this thread mail me and ill be happy to tell ya. If your interested well then post your character here! heres my dude.

Name: Krossus Ironarm(awwww yeah!)


Height: 6'7

Species: Demon(this is pretty wide for a class so if your a demon post specific traits)

Appearance: His "skin" is pure black and his eyes glow a demonic green, he has no pupils, his horns grow out from the back of his head and sorta half curl, he likes to wear a dark blue matrix style jacket and a black cowboy hat, he also has a pair of boots and gloves made out of black dragons hide, he carries a bunch of odd crap with him, like archaic symbols around his neck nd a talisman of his "familair" (its a sea dragon) this however is only his demon form. He uses a masking spell and works at the jersey shore on a fishing boat in New Jersey. His human form has long brown hair and a grizzly goatee, he also has an eye patch where he claims he lost that eye "In the war" (even if he looks to be in his thirties, people are just ignorant) he wears average street cloths and earns most of his pay as merc. though he loves shipping and gutting fish becuase he has an affinity for the sea.

Weopons:Two huge four barreled handguns called "Cain and Abel" he doesnt like using firearms except in extreme cases. He also has a long fighting pole from when he trained with Shoalin monks(it doubels as a magic channeling device)

backround; He was birthed from a comet millions of years ago when it crashed on earth, it fell into the sea where he was soon washed ashore, he ened up being in the care of the great philsopher Confucius, who raised him, when he learned all he could he waved goodbye to his surragate father and traveled the world over learning many different crafts,martail arts, survival skills and what not, he was 375 years old(since he crashed) when he realized he could travel to other realms, thats when he first became a merc. he currntly lives in New Jersey.

Ill do an openong post once some peolpe have joined.

02/19/2005 4:21 PM

interesting orion....Guess what ill be joining you! *takes out the rice wine to celebrate*

now on to the info ^_^

02/19/2005 4:37 PM

Name: Zero Kinomoto

Age: 1000+

Height: 4'9

Species:Fallen angel

Apearance: Blue hair,orange eyes scar over right eye,
collar around neck,black tank top with gothic designs on it,wears several bracelets on arms, black pants, wears 2 red and black belts.oh yea black wings. carries around a sony CD player.

Weapons: black sythe which she carrys on her back, throwing knives hidden in a pocket on one of the belts, and a katana

Backround: up until recently she was kicked out of heaven for a bizarre reasons,accused of killing her own comrade.She holds a big grudge on that someone who accused her(that person might come in later on). was sent down to japan but people there were pretty freaked out thinking that she was a demon and tryed to exorcise her so now seen wandering a highway in New jersey.

02/19/2005 5:20 PM

alright bout time man
Name: Elgowin (just elgowin kinda like madana)


Height: 3'4"

Species: goverment made.

Appearance: half monkey half human. Often uses tail for acrobatic feets, has A little vest that protects him from small arms fire. Brown hair, and white skin (carries a cross on a metal chain)

Weopons:small sword and dual hand guns.

backround; created by the goverment as the ultimate spie Elgowin has the ability to use his monkey like anatimy. When the press got cureus aboat rumors they decided to have him put to "Sleep". Elgowin sucseflly escaped and was raised in a church (found on door step... he's very religues). Now he's out to get revenge and have some fun.

Weakness: often too reckless and has a councins

02/19/2005 5:24 PM

sounds... Interesting. Definatly worth looking into.

Name: Arcinus Scott(so humans don't have to pronounce his first name) Marhin

Age: Unknown (likely to be before B.C.)

Height: 6'1

Species: Human and unknown

Appearance: Wears a cloak to conceal his features. Has brown hair, about three inches, and crystal blue, peircing eyes. Has a slight tan and usually looks as if he has seen to much of Earth and is sick of living. His only wish is to die before he sees another millenium, he's bored beyond belief. He has a lean build, but is surpisingly muscular. Carries a travellers pack, wears armor under cloak. Armor is thick enough to stop 50 caliebur rounds, due to magic inhansments.

Weapons: excalibur style Broadsword, an assortment of daggers, and a desert eagle modified with fully auto and magazines able to hold 30 rounds. 50 cal's. It's kickback is like a .22 to most people, thanks to his strength. Also his least favorite weapon- Its messy, loud, and gives away your position to him at least than his other weapons. His spells inlude healing and killing, although he cannot use them often, not to mention he is still learing them- only when he is bored out of his mind does he practice. They could backfire and kill him and everyone around him, so he tries to avoid them.

backround: a dissilusioned soldier of fortune used to fight only battles he thought were right, now hardly gives a damn. His healing and distructive powers date back to usage of the arts from pagan beliefs. His oldest memories were of fighting with his ancestors against the Greeks- But he was over 20 years old at that time. His birth and true age remains a mystery. one of his deadlier enemies had just happened upon him when wandering the state of New Jersy- Darliem, pissed off Arcinus while he was drunk and lost his left arm thanks to Marhin. Darliem is fueled by the utter hatred of all beings, he could possibly be a demon.

Tell me if you spot something you want me to change.

02/19/2005 5:58 PM

you guys....are the best! I think I got an idea so tell me if ya agree. Joe be my roomate m'kay? Zero we'll find you on the road, and Diablo....how about you being my drinking buddy? the idea of losing an arm over beer is intrigueing. if you agree ill do an opening post.

02/19/2005 6:43 PM

i'll be your room mate but just meet everyone else when they join... ok just post the waiting is killing me!!!!

02/19/2005 6:47 PM

okay jeez

02/19/2005 6:57 PM

Man, I'm in need of some funky random RPing - and this sure seems like the funky random place to be. Can I join?

Name: Z'hana
Race: Humanoid in appearance
Powers: Telepath & Morphing into reptiles

Description: 5'7", long brunette hair, green eyes, black leather pants and tank top, with long black leather jacket and laced up black boots.

Weapons: Ninja stars, concealed in her belt and various parts of her jacket and boots.

History: Left behind on the planet when a robbery of Ft Knox went sour - everyone escaped but her - so she's pretty ticked off about being left behind. She's looking for a band of mis-fits to join in with, but knows she needs to watch her back too.

02/19/2005 7:04 PM

Shal you are most welcome! jump in any time!

02/20/2005 7:00 AM

rather interested in joining....need to think on a char!

02/20/2005 4:49 PM


I'm gone for what, a day, and you have 7 post!?!?!

Only one person could pull that off, Orion :D

02/20/2005 8:00 PM

Is it too late to join? If not, I would like to play a cyborg.

02/20/2005 8:38 PM

Name: Sung Mina Lee

Age: 18

Height: 5'9"

Species: human/demon hybrid

Appearance: tall with pale skin. She is lean(tone, but not super buff or anything...). Long silver hair(down to knees) which is usually in a loose brad (like Dou Maxwell from Gundam Wing). wears bagy black jeans, with a tight dark grey shirt stoping at her....(well its like a kind of sports bra) then a black button up dress shirt (buttoning the bottom 3), and the famous Kiss Boots (with the dragon teeth!)

Weopons: a Katana on side(left), a Half staff on her back, dagger in her boots, magick scrolls in her pocket (inside of dress shirt), and Japanese throwing stars.

backround: Sung Mina's mother was a nun in training when she met a stranger who turned out to be a rox demon. With this unholy union fordged Sung Mina. She was raised by her aunt in China. Then just at the age of 16 she came to New Jersey in an exchange program. She like it and never left. She learned that her mother killed herself soon after giving birth to her.

Extras: Her mother in half Chinese half Irish. mothers name: Kathleen Lee.
Her father is a Fox demon who is over 700 years old. est. 780. Fathers name: unknown

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02/21/2005 1:10 AM

Name: Marcus McKechnie

a.k.a: Borne

Age: 21

Species: Human

Nationality: Scottish

Occupation: Necromancer

Appearance: He stands roughly 5'11 ft tall, with a slim and slightly toned build, possessing a wiry, natural strength. No supernatural strength, just the kind that comes from a fit and healthy life so far, (and of course several trips to the gym). Jaw length, highlighted and styled blonde hair, he is often considered a pretty boy, and has piercing blue eyes.

He prefers to wear black trousers, with a red, oriental inspired, short sleeved and fitted shirt, open half way down. Around his neck he wears a pendant with the All Seeing Eye symbol.

Weapon of choice: Although it is rarely on his person, Marcus uses a Scythe (somewhat stereotypical I know), which can be summoned at his whim. Aside from that, he has an assorted of Necromanic spells and abilites. Communicating with spirits, animating the dead, siphoning souls etc etc.


Born and raised in the capital City of Edinburgh, Marcus was always that odd child that stood at the far end of the playground, merely watching the other children with mild interest, never taking part and simply staring blankly at anyone who asked if he cared to join in the games. The uncomfortable silence and blank expressions often led others to just leave him alone, that 'freaky' kid was his common name. However, Marcus was rarely left alone as he grew up, what others could not see was that he was always surrounded, often by ghosts and restless spirits. Af first, obviously, this unnerved him, however he soon realised that the more attention he brought to the matter, telling his parents or whomever would listen, meant that these very ghosts began to recognise him as one who could see them. Many of the dead resent the living, and an oppourtunity to taunt and torment one that could see and hear them was something not to be missed.

For many years, he suffered in silence, knowing very few would give him the time of day when he rattled on about ghosts. So, he kept to himself, pretending to ignore the insults and graphic details of his death, portrayed dramatically and sadistically by his dead 'friends'. He prayed to whatever god that would hear him, that the details of his death were simply creative whims of the spirits trying to break him, and not some prophetic insight...he did not wish to die in the way they described. It was the sort of thing that Nightmares would shy from.

But, as the years prgressed, he somehow managed to.... block...the ghosts, see them when he desired to. Countless hours spent trying to do this very thing had evidently payed off.

Marcus spent a great deal of time in the Old Town of Edinburgh, where in years since passed, many thousands of the city's inhabitants died of a terrible plague, that oddly enough only struck the slums and poor folk as they were eventually bordered in to keep the disease from spreading. Those spirits are extremely hate filled for those that lived as the injusticed delivered on them left a deep and eternal scar, one that would never be healed. He learned much from them though, and in the Old Town, he discovered more about his ability and what it could lead him to. Necromancy. he term was new to him, but he soon learned the Art with a growing and insatible passion.

Little is known of him after the age of 17, only Marcus does, but it was during this lapse in time that he adopted the alias of Borne, again, for reasons only he knows.

Other facts: Not so silent anymore, as he used to be, Marcus can appear very cold and aloof, but he is not evil, despite his Necromanic powers. He is also gay, a further issue of difficulty he had to deal with as he grew up.

02/21/2005 5:16 AM

Exile and Dark Master! you can jump in any time! Exile I really have no idea about the cyborg thing...this thread was meant to be more pagan esqeu.(spelling?) Could it be a guy with like magical body parts?(arm cans stretch, legs run fast) that kinda thing? Oh! it would be cool if he could be a Native American! these are just suggestions though, if ya got any problems mail me.

02/22/2005 10:08 AM

Name: Chibi-Chinlo Miziko

Age: 9,000 years

Height: 9"

Species: Demon

Appearance: Very small (like a doll) with little bat wings. he has long hair (for some one his size) and it is purple. He is dressed all in black. He looks like a little preist.

Weopons: He carries a little scythe. No actual use is capable.

backround: He was created by the King gaurdian gate watcher of this planet (King Yema) to do files but he got bored and ran away. He met up with a young fox demon about 300 years ago. He stayed with him until 2 years ago when he was ordered to stay with Sung Mina.(kind of like a house elf)

02/25/2005 6:46 AM

sorry ive been gone for two days guys...Ive been sick.

02/25/2005 8:29 AM

Hope you get better Orion ;)

02/28/2005 5:02 AM

Allright guys Im back and feeling better so heres the plan. Joe youll lead whoevers in the apartment to the docks, as for the three people who are not with our party, ill either find your character or you can come to the island by your own means, its up to you but email me with the 411 m'kay? thanks for jioning everybody and I hope you have fun on this thread.

02/28/2005 9:07 AM

Yay!! Glad you're back Orion - it's been too quiet around here with you gone!!!

03/01/2005 6:12 AM

How about stalking the monkey?

04/15/2005 6:36 AM

I'm spearheading the creation of an interdimensional RP right now and I need something to keep me busy for a while right now. So, can I enlist Orion. I promise to act like the way I act in the real world, nice and weakling in nature as to not offend anyone.

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