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02/17/2005 6:16 AM

Im new to DM'ing but I love AD&D and the Forgotten Realms Setting so Id like to start my first game here.

Drop your character description in here and Ill okay ya then you can drop right in to the action.

DIETY (If It Applies):

Game Setting and Background:

The game takes place in Westbridge not far from Waterdeep. With a varied and cosmopolitan populace its open minded with many dieties worshiped. The laws are upheld within the walls by a city guard and a fair but just Lord/Mayor. Over the last few seasons the increase of mysterious people within Westbridge has not gone unnoticed. But with the local guilds keeping very quiet they are unable to discover the reasons.

A secret police force working for the Harpers has been sent to recruit adventurers to look into the matter for them as there presence may stop any information surfacing.

The game centres around discovering there reasons and the objective.

Drop in the game where and however is appropriate to the given story and we'll get it up and running.

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02/20/2005 5:29 PM

Name: Damien Lockheart
Race: Human
Class: Cleric (Exorcist)
Age: 24
Gender: male
Alignment: Lawful Good
Diety: none
Description: Damien stands about 5'9" tall, has green eyes, black hair, and tan skin.
He wears scale armor under his loose, black clerical robe. He wears a red tunic with many pockets containing flasks of holy water. He also wears a black wide-brimmed hat which casts a shadow over his face down to his stubbly chin. Outside his robe, he wears a silver necklace with a ruby pendant. He's a calculating man, but that doesn't make him unlikeable. His job has taken its toll on him over the years, however, making him a manic smoker.
Background: Damien was left on the steps of a monestary as a babe. To this day, he has no idea who his parents are or why they left him. By all rights, he should be a monk, however when he was 16 his monestary was attacked by minions of Grazz't, and virtually everyone was killed. For some unknown reason, however, Grazz't decided to spare Damien, and left him with a six-fingered hand carved into his chest. Damien doesn't know the purpose of this mark, only that it apparently has given him the supernatural ability to force demons out of their indwelled hosts and banish them to the lower plains. Perhaps Grazz't wishes to implement Damien as a tool in his ongoing war against Orcus, or maybe it is just a symbol of impending damnation. All Damien knows as that he has been given a talent--be it a curse of a gift--and he plans on using it to banish demon thralls of Grazz't and Orcus alike.
Ebony Crossbow (+1)
Masterwork Dagger
masterwork Morning Star

If you want the specifics of Damien's Exorcist prestige class, let me know and i'll post them.

I look forward to playing out this scenario.

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