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02/16/2005 5:16 PM

--Overview and Welcome
Hello, I'm Sonja Rubachev a minor character in the upcoming Metal Gear: Protaganists game. Thank you for your interest. This is a thread where you play an agent of a paramilitary group bent on protecting the free world and uncovering a gruesome secret.

This is a fresh start for the Metal Gear Universe. There is no Solid Snake. No Big Boss and until now, there has never before been a Metal Gear. This means, none of the protaganists have any idea what a Metal Gear is.

Characters can either be elite level or even decidedly less powerful like a common sentry. (...like me!) As an Elite you are likely to have some minor beneficial implants or abilities but nothing extravagantly science fiction. Characters may also have psionic abilities if so trained but using them drains the very life force of the person using them. (How Psycho Mantis died) Even then, you can't telekinetically lift anything more then office furniture at the most and most signature characters won't be afffected by mind control. (God Moding)

--Style of Play
I'm going to be GMing this endevour so as a player you won't be able to post success on every action. Most minor actions like opening a door or window can be assumed successful but in most cases I would expect you to post the action and not the result of the action. For example, pulling a trigger but not that the bullet hit.

One thing you need never worry about. I don't kill characters unless they do something very very stupid. Even then I warn them a couple of times. (For example, from a fantasy game. "I open the door and see if it's a Medusa there. I'm not kidding. This really happened! )

I encourage communication between players. If you would like to private message each other about plot points, character development and the like. Please do. If there's anything I love best it's a convuluted soap opera...

02/16/2005 5:19 PM

Metal Gear: Technology

Note: Some of this technology is an extension on the existing technology in the Metal Gear series. Specifically the Nano-Adrenal Boost, Nano-Neural Boost and Nano-Eyes. Everything else besides those are pretty much cannon.

When sent out on a mission Foxhound agents have their blood extracted and replaced with an artificial plasma containing countless numbers of machines. These nano-machines increase survivability in the field immensely and allow for the inclusion of some remarkable abilities directly into the body.
Unfortunately these abilities are fueled from the subject's own energy reserves, forcing him to consume prodigious amounts of food and water in order to power them. As a result ultra-high protein ration packs have been designed. These ration packs contain highly concentrated levels of proteins, minerals, sugars and vitamins. Enough to fuel a standard human body for a week and are highly toxic for a regular human without a nano-enhanced physiology to consume more than a single bite.
For security reasons, the agent's original blood is held in stasis and re-introduced post-mission after the nano-blood is extracted.

--Nano-Blood basic: The standard nano-system includes self-healing but cannot stem blood flow in the heat of combat. Activates automatically on injury.
--Nano-Adrenal: Stimulates various glands generating endorphins and adrenal fluid. Increases strength and speed Activated by pressing against the inside of the arm, just below the wrist.
--Nano-Neurals: Stimulates the brain, flooding it with additional neuro-transmitters. Increases Speed and reflexes. Activated by pressing against the inside of the arm, just below the wrist. (opposite wrist if Nano-Adrenals are implanted.
--Nano-Eyes: A recent development. The nano-machines boost sensitivity of the retina in much the same way a starlight scope, magnifying the most minute amount of light. Activated by pressing against thet temple. As of yet there has been no progress in creating a thermo-graphic version.
--Codec- An implant allowing for distant communication via encrypted micro-bursts via a relay device usually implanted off-site. The antenna is wound about between skull and scalp. Communication is totally silent, a microphone implanted in the larynx able to pick up sub-vocal vibrations while the small bones of the ear are directly stimulated to produce sounds only the implanted person can hear. Activated by pressing the curve of skull behind the ear.
--Solenoid Radar: Solenoid waves are energy forms that roll across the ground as if affected by gravity instead of expanding radially. Solenoid Radar waves once combined with a topological overlay of the surrounding area reveals the presence of vehicle and troop movements within one hundred meters. These overlays can be gained via satellite surveillance, before mission uploads of building floor plans or downloaded from enemy security systems. Note: Solenoid Radar is useless without an overlay. It is also easily jammed and will not function in certain areas. Further, once an agent is discovered and an alert sounded the Solenoid Radar will go offline (jammed) making escape more difficult.

The Skull Suit
The Skull suit is standard Foxhound issue. It is a polymerized rubber sheathe that insulates the wearer against extremes of heat and cold for short duration and against electrical shock. It contains a vitals monitoring system that further enhances the performance of nano-healing by transmitting that information to the nano-blood network. Furthermore, the suit has electro-inductive properties which allows the suit to stiffen up in response to an attack, dulling blunt trauma as well as exerting pressure on bleeding areas like a compress. This compression staunches blood flow so that the nano-blood can coagulate, stop the bleeding and attempt healing. The Foxhound agent must remain still for the suit to apply pressure. If the agent makes any sudden movements the suit releases pressure so that he can move more freely. Thus, wounded agents are well advised to lay low for a minute so that the wound can mend.

Weaponry and Security Cards
Most Metal Gear weaponry is bio-metric. They are designed to work for only the person they are attuned to as a security measure against your own weapon being turned against you. They do this by analyzing various biological signals through the palm. These signals analyzed for security can include the heart-rate, skin-conductivity, and even the person's personal electro-magnetic field amongst other possibilities. Almost any weapon and the ammunition magazines for them can be outfitted with bio-metric security systems. Circumventing the security system or attuning it to a new user takes specialized equipment and time.
Security Cards are also bio-metric and though nearly all guards carry them, they work only for the person it was issued to. If you wish to access certain sections of a facility an unregistered security card must be found, often called an "open" card, or one can be programmed by a computer possessing security clearance. Don't forget however, as long as the registered user is conscious and holding the weapon or card one can use them to open doors. An unconscious user's bio-rhythm's change and will not be accepted.

02/16/2005 8:48 PM

If you dont mind, could I use my own tech as Nightmares from a different Agency?

Sound/flash supressor- A silencer that can be dialated to fit different bores of rifle. It bears technology that also muzzles sound and flash.

Door grift- an intensly harsh key hacker that can almost litterally grind the workings of locks into metaphoric dust. But it'll set off alarms if they are connected.

Heater gunblade. a knife with a bullet in the handle and heating coils in the blade. it cauterizes wounds too.

peizoelectric radar-senses vibration and registers it on a screen in Nightmares eye.

nano com- stronger more stable nanocommunixcator. It requires very slight stimulation to be activated so an operative can still focus on the task at ahnd

Suicide molar. A hollowed tooth filled with a lethal toxin. a heavy chomp and a dead NEO

Carbon fibre weapon. Nightmare's gun is made of a specialized fibre that doesnt show up on detectors. The bullet casings are demagnetized copper and the slugs are made of a unique loose fibre that falls apart in the blood stream and simulates blood clots.

02/17/2005 6:43 AM

I do not mind there. Though, the agencies based in the United States have the best of all technology. It might have something to do with the over-excessive military budget.

Sound/Flash Suppressor: No problem here.

Door Grifter: I would suggest something more like a pressurized acid dispenser or perhaps an explosive foam dispenser. Either will gut the mechanism more quietly.

Heater/Gunblade: I think you'd need to use the handle for either the power supply for the heater... or the bullet. I have a hard time seeing it used for both.

Piezo-Electric Radar: Uhm... hunh? Where do the crystals go? What presses on them to make an image, air pressure I'd guess? I'm thinking the Soliton waves make for more sense (Don't ask me how that works. I know what Soliton waves are but how the Foxhound agent produces them... *shrugs*)

Codec: (Nano-Comm) So long as it doesn't turn into telepathy.

Suicide Molar: Sure, why not. They've had these things for decades. Mind you, one good punch to the jaw and the tooth could break. Maybe, like a battery tester you have to hold down pressure on two different parts of your body for three straight seconds to activate it?

Carbon Fibre Weapon: Certainly. I would imagine it to be a pistol then since it's meant to get through airport checks and the like?

02/18/2005 5:15 PM

I'll take the heated blade.

why the boots of course, but The piezo electric thing only works when stationary as it picks up ground vibrations. so a walking agent would set it off.and think he was surrounded.

The door grifters for electric locks that require key cards. Nightmare can pick the normal ones

Nano coms basicly as i said a more sensitive cell phone.

The sides of the molar are encased ina band of surgical steel so only a direct and really purposefull chomp would set it off. So if i were to fall on my face nothing would happen.

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