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02/13/2005 11:54 AM

Name: Landon Cray
Age: 21
Race: Zabrak
Class: Mercenary
Alignment: Neutral
BG: He ran away from Ithoria when he was sixteen, hopping from planet to planet until he found the ship he now works on. Dontan has spent his last four years on board the smuggling ship.
Weapons: Two blaster pistols
Appearance: Dontan is a Zabrak from Ithoria. On his head he wears a crown of horns and his face is lightly tattooed, as is custom with Zabrak.

Brief and to the point. :)

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02/13/2005 11:58 AM


-players must be familiar with Star Wars
-players must be committed (this killed my last thread)
-mature players
-no power gamers
-a realistic joining of characters
-Wait for permission before joining

02/13/2005 2:10 PM

what time period

02/13/2005 2:40 PM

Old Republic, no certain time during Old Republic though.

Arandur, what would be a good time?

02/13/2005 6:08 PM

That would depend.

If you want few Jedi, then place it just after the Jedi Civil War.

If you want a lot of Jedi but want to see them all get killed, place it between the Mandollorean Crusade and the Civil Wars

If you want lots of Jedi and don't want to see them get massacred set it a few centuries after the Civil War, effectively untouched territory.

02/13/2005 7:20 PM

I'm sorry I forgot to ask *smacks self with large stick* I'll pull out if you want. If not though, heres my charachter.

Name: Crith
Age: 30
Race: Human
Class: Bounty Hunter
Alignment: The side with money
BG: The son of an ex-jedi fallen to the darkside, Crith never cared to recieve the training of a jedi. He has a low mediclorean count and doesnt even know what the force is. The only jedi tool he has is his father's lightsaber. He retrieved it from his fathers home after he was killed by another jedi.
Weapons: A Blaster pistol, a lightsaber and a wrist mounted multi gun. The wrist gun either shoots nets, darts, or weak incendiary solutions that can melt someone if they are unarmored. As well as anything provided to him by his employers.
Appearance: Crith resembles Boba Fett in the fact that his armor is Kaminan but its graey with a black broken circle in the middle. He is also quite big for a human but remarkable speedy.

02/13/2005 7:24 PM

Sounds good. I'll drop you an e-mail when you can "join" join.

02/13/2005 7:55 PM

Time period, after Jedi Civil War, ten years after Revan's departure into the unknown reaches of the galaxy. I'm going to be changing my character since we will pretend like the last thread actually happened, our crew got into the "Outskirts" of the galaxy without much notice. ;)

02/14/2005 1:57 AM

Name: Voren Keridian
Age: 30
Race: Human (Nar-Shaddaa born)
Class: Smuggler
Alignment: Neutral
BG: Captain of the Corellian Witch, Voren comes from a long line of family who have eaked their living out of the 'shady' side of the galaxy. He served in the Mandalorian Wars with the Republic as a fighter pilot but soon deserted after the battle of Xuvan-Dal when he learnt his brother Alec was murdered and fell back on Arms smuggling while searching for his brother's killer.
Weapons: Heavy blaster pistol
Appearance: Voren is a dark haired young man who normally dresses in a worn flight jacket over a dark flight suit. He is hardly ever without his heavy blaster pistol he wears prominently upon his hip.
Smuggling Vessel: The Corellian Witch is a stock light freighter converted by Voren's brother over the years before his death. She is a very tough vessel, built to take a beating but not for her appearance. She is quick and maneuverable but in no way is she a real match for military grade vessels.

02/14/2005 2:54 PM

RPG profile for Jedi Knight Ulrich “Major” Konig

Name: Ulrich “Major” Konig sometimes as just Major (He earned the rank in the previous Mandalorian war.)

Age: 27

Hair: Medium long, down to his jaw line, styled so it barely keeps out of his right eye, dark brown

Eyes: Dark Brown, but light enough so you can discern the pupil in the darkest lighting.

Skin: Lightly tanned white

Occupation: Jedi Consular

Height: 5’ 11”

Weight: 160 lbs

Alignment: Light side Lawful

Race: Human

Weapons: Three Lightsabers, two Green, one Blue, a modified Mandalorian blaster pistol, odds and ends, like a few grenades

Equipment: A Corthosis weave armor vest, and Corthosis weave gauntlets, a Datapad, a Comlink with a video screen, a Medpac, and a toolkit aboard his ship.

Description: Slim and toned, (not heavily), a light brown with dark brown Jedi tunic, dark brown breeches, and black riding boots. The Tunic is opened slightly to reveal the silvery Corthosis armor vest. He may wear his traveling cloak when traveling, it is of a light gray tone. All three sabers are on his belt, the blaster is on the back of his belt.

Background: Born on Coruscant, Konig was discovered by a traveling Jedi Master at 8 years old. He has been training ever since then.

Attributes: Exceptionally quick in combat, uses the Medpac well, a decent Hyperdrive mechanic, and always tries to negotiate when possible. Alternates with one and two Lightsabers depending on the situation.

Ship: 'The Jedi Shield' 30 meters long, by 20 meters wide, by 5 meters high. Custom Constructed light battle freighter, a large u shape with twin class 0.5 Hyperdrives. THe command cabin is located directly fore of the engines, and in the center of the U shape. The interior is spacious and can keep many life forms comfortable for a full year if need be. The inside of the U is lined with concussion missile pylons, 22 panels total, two at a time with 3 per magazine, for a total of 132 missiles. A manually targeted turret mounted on the underside of the freighter holds four blaster cannons, which use concentrated Tibanna gas and a modified X-citer coil to "supercharge" the blasts, for maximum shield penetration. It is equipped with Ray and Particle shielding, but one can be activated at any given time. The frieghter's hull is plated with a thin layer of molecularly bonded armor. Several blaster scores or micrometerorite collisions mark it's otherwise pristine silvery Surface.

'Aethersprite One' 7 meters long, by 3 meters wide, by 2 meters high, this small snubnose fighter comes equipped with three blasters, arranged in a triangle position in the nose, and at the very tip, is a single Proton torpedo tube, with a rotating magazine of 6 torpedoes. The drive consists of quad ion drive engines with a class 0.5 Hyperdrive to match and compliment it's parent ship 'The Jedi Shield' This ship is docked with the 'Shield' between the Hyperdrives and under the 'Shield' The ‘Aethersprite One’ is defended with Ray and Particle shielding along with reinforced hull plating. This ship is also silvery.

'The Flower of Carnage' After discovering the Vorpal Orchid, Major Konig set the course for it's previous destination, it was for a Battle Cruiser. A 350 meter long Capital ship carrier. It was a magnificent sight to behold. 350 Meters long, 90 meters tall and around 140 meters across. The ship's actual armament consisted of 35 Turbolaser/proton torpedo tube turrets, 6 heavy twin turbolaser emplacements near the 'nose' of the ship for frontal attacks. This ship boasted molecular armor, and twelve shield generators. It contained four docking bays near the ship's midsection, 25 fighters per starboard and port side, 50 in the bottom center hangar. for a total of 100 Vorpal Orchid style ships. For speed, this ship was pretty decent, at 500 kmph in the atmosphere, 700 kmph in Sublight, and a class 0.75 hyperdrive. 12 drive engines in the rear of the , and 6 stabilizers, with a total of 32 manuvering jets for more than rapid handling. THe entire aft part of the ship is devoted to the hyperdrive and power generators, the midsection is for living quarters, and droid maintenance, along with cargo storage. THe Fore of the ship contained the bridge and the majority of computer and diagnostics systems. This section was in charge of assigning droids for weapons maintenance, and other tasks. The Jedi Shield and the original Vorpal Orchid now reside inside of this Monstrous carrier, crew are wanted, apply by pm.

02/14/2005 6:13 PM

Name: Gareth Tref
Age: 31
Description: He stands below the average height but is also really stocky. He has dark eyes, and a dark hair and mustache. His demeanor is very much like bulldogs, he doesn’t like people that break his ships, droids, blaster, etc, etc, and so forth.

History: He served in the Mandalorian wars as a techie. He was showed talent and when the Jedi Civil war rolled he was serving as the head Engineer on a Republic Carrier. He ran the ship flawlessly, and beat several pilots silly for touching down fighters to hard on the deck.

However when the war ended the Republic decommissioned a lot of ships and discharged there crews. Gareth was one of those crew men. Since then he has done contracts for several local militias. He is currently looking for a new job.

He is very skilled, he has often bragged that you give him a junk yard and he can build a cruiser and droid crew for it. He is familiar with most technology from droids to hyper drives.

Gear: general toolkit, assorted blaster and lightsaber parts, Mandalorian Blaster Pistol

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