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02/13/2005 4:18 AM

I should probably mention that you're allowed to step out of the ring, it's just there to make things formal. I'd prefer a one-on-one battle, so anybody looking for a sparring partner can advertise for a challenge and join in with their own session (in other words, two or more different battles going on in the one thread). If you want to know more about my character, the bottom of the Training Grounds thread should give you the gist of things. Though I use Elven stuff, my character's human.
Don't go easy on me, I'm pretty good for a vagabond :)

02/15/2005 6:03 PM

Name: Gecko

Age: 70

Sex: Male


Class: Pole Master

Alignment: Neutral

Element: Theta(hope it works with the class)

Appearance: Wears a steel mask to conceal damage done by a theta based magical explosion. Mask has fangs painted on the mouth area to intimidate prey. Wears the skulls of his enemies on his belt and over his armor. Skin is black and scaly with many scars over the visible flesh. Greenish tatoos written in an odd language. Small, beady, glowing yellow eyes. 8'2 and heavily muscled with a thin build. Stand slouched as the rest of his race. Thick, ropey shoulder lengthed, black hair tied with beads and small bones. Gecko is quite tall, but surprisingly thin for his strength. People misjudge his power often. he can lift almost twice his own body weight, as can all Nightwalkers

Equipment: Small medical kit
rags for cleaning skulls
buffers for polishing skulls
various packs and pouches

Weapons: Major:Tow Shi'mar- Double ended spear engraved with odd shifting runes
Minor: Twin serrated dagers Krim Ta and Yej Jen that seem to shift and dissapear when directly looked at
Minor: Small steel/silver alloy throwing discs, enchanted with a homing spell but still effected by wind and gravity.

Armor: Made from bones of enemies and animals and a magicly lightened metal alloy of steel and cobalt. A steel mask to cover the face.

Accesories: Three human skulls and two elven skulls collected from enemies.
Silver pendant that soothes pain.
Bone ring made from a Dragonoid's eye socket.
Various small bones collected from the hands and feet of animals and humans
An earing made from a Nightwalker's claw

Skills: Stealth
Can completely control theta energy but only in a few destructive ways.
Can mimmick voices exactly.
Because of a magical spell meant to enhance Gecko's strength gone wrong Gecko sees the life force(auras) of living things, including plants. Unliving matter is seen as a detailed grey space

Spells: Major: Enhanced Theta Strike(Oskoo Reneikan)- Causes a theta based explosion on impact of spear, 20 minit recharge
Minor: Theta Cloak(Rugeit Des Umbris)- Uses theta energy to bend light rendering Gecko invisible for 5 minits.
Minor: Theta Twirl(Rosken Hanoaa)- When Gecko spins his spear, it creates a theta field infront of him reflecting minor attacks.

History: Born in a nomadic Nightwalker village and left for dead, Gecko was brought up by a wizard who used him for errands, cleaning and as a guine pig for magical experiments.
As a result of an experiment with preformance enhancing spells that went horribly wrong, Gecko can read the auras and life force of all living things. He was also burned in a theta based explosion which was the wizards fault at the age of 50.
Gecko than hid in the mountains so no one would see his hideous face. He at first only killed animals to survive but soon took to killing hunters for their weapons and equipment. After about three years he had found the equipment and the experiance needed to survive and get revenge on his ex-guardian.
He than returned and killed the wizard, whos head he took as a trophy thus passing his villages rites to manhood(defeating a godfather figure in a now extinct society). Gecko was exiled for killing a powerfull village eleder(his wizard guardian) and left the village at 53. He now wanders the world searching for worthy hunts and has discovered that elves and humans (evil or not) make excellent prey.
Gecko recently trained under an elven pole master and while training in deflections he learned he could control theta based energy almost completely, but can only harness it into a few destructive ways. The pole master attempted to take Gecko's life when he surpassed his mentor. Gecko killed him and now trusts few. He also trained under a specialist in the art of Black Grudge, a brutal melee combat style that involves strangles, grabs, breaks, strikes, blocks, nerve depressing and throws.
His weapon, the Tow Shi'mar, is an ancient relic passed down his family's blood line for thousands of generations. One end is pointed and the other end has two parallel blades. The weapon was given to him by his uncle Atropos who had spent most of his life attempting to find him. But Gecko's uncle dissapeared two days later. His two daggers Krim Ta and Yej Gen were stripped from an elven hunter who used them to skin hunts. His throwing discs were a gift from his guardian and are enchanted with a homing spell. Gecko is very hostile and tends to avoid traveling with groups.
Merchants fear his name in the part of the world he once inhabited as he would raid caravans for food, using his theta cloak to kill the soldiers or mercenaries guarding them, but he has since moved into the wider world to search for an ultimate adversary. He has very few emotions but does appreciate anger, fear and depression. Gecko has a tendancy to shoot first and ask questions later but refuses to hunt the weak, unarmed and pregnant.
Gecko also believes a true name holds power over the soul so he goes by the alias Atropos after the only true family he ever had. Few learn his alias and no one on the face of the planet still alive knows his true name.

Weaknesses: Concentrated theta will kill Gecko
Concentrates heavily on hiding his face from others, Gecko will cover his face at almost any cost, rendering him defenseless when mask is removed
Acidic attacks will heavily dammage Gecko

Extras: Because of hardships after the accident, Gecko has no remorse or conscience and at this point in his life he would kill his son for the slightest personal gain

Demonic Rage: Due to a theta experiment in preformance enhancing spells, gecko has a powerful demon entity inside him, that he can only unleash at the height of his anger or fear

02/16/2005 12:22 AM

Here ya go:

[B]Name:[/B] 'Pillage'

[B]Age:[/B] 18

[B]Sex:[/B] Male

[B]Race:[/B] Human

[B]Class:[/B] Mage/Necromancer. A struggle between good and evil dominates his mind, the slightest events tipping him to an alignment. He exists in two different forms, but to say they're different people would be a lie. The Mage is his standard form. Inevitably, someday one will destroy the other.
Pillage is therefore, by definition, also a Shapeshifter.

[B]Alignment:[/B] Neutral good/ Chaotic evil

[B]Element:[/B] Magic (whether white or black depends on if he's playing as a mage or necromancer)

[B]Appearance:[/B] Pillage wears a finely-made white shirt in his mage form, reflecting the pure white energy circling his aura. Jet black trousers line him from the waist down- the sign of his past alignment. His hair was always completely dark, born into evil and learning the ways of the dead since he was able to speak.
Every so often, he falls back into a necromantic state. Evil Pillage wears a loose, black two-piece forged from the very essence of darkness- a state few reach. His eyes glaze and turn seemingly hollow, appearing the same but giving a disturbing feeling- like they follow through to an empty soul containing nothing but uncertainty and shadow. His extremities wear down to bone formed with the blackest obsidian. Well, not all his extremities :P
Both forms wear a belt, the Mage holding two long, elven knives. He's shorter than most, though this improves his mobility.

[B]Equipment:[/B] None. Both forms are free of material desire.

[B]Weapons:[/B] The Mage carries a double Elven knife, forged from unbreakable steel to slice through anything as if it weren't there. The Necromancer confidently weilds a Dark Elven variant: Midnight Black colours the disfigured, razor sharp blades. An internal dark energy can be felt constantly scaling their freezing steel. When they come into contact with another's flesh, they emit an agonising contamination into the victim's soul.

[B]Armour:[/B] The Mage can form a protective barrier from his aura, though this is more of a spell. Other than that, none.

[B]Skills:[/B] Pillage has trained as proficiently in close-quarters melee combat as in magic. He holds expert reflexes, though his mage form can sometimes be a pacifist by nature. The Necromancer happily runs into battle, though he can't sharpen himself through meditation and rational thought like The Mage. He's trained very proficiently with knives throughout his life and frequently hunts in the necromancer form. Both have perfected 100% immunity to illness and unlimited stamina.

[B]Spells:[/B] White Magic- Pillage has worked with White Magic both as a weapon and personal enhancer. The energy can be used to turn his aura to a protective barrier, nullify dark energy, analyse the intricate fabric which composes the universe- including others' souls and minds, see through his eyelids or any other surface (to reveal things the naked eye misses) and surge through himself and others for purposes like assisting meditation, healing and White Magic's other claims to fame. He also uses it resourcefully, mainly for its bright properties- like the blinding light it can produce at its more intense levels.
The Necromancer posesses a range of the darkest spells available, such as wilting the life out of anything his energy touches, creating purely black equivalents of elemental spells like 'fireball' and 'lightning', corrupting less fortified minds with psychoses and mental agony and even raising undead minions when his evil reaches its peak.
Both channel their magic more strongly through their hands than anywhere else. The Mage can surge energy from his aura, keeping a fair degree of white magic circulating around it. The Necromancer has no aura, being almost completely undead.

[B]History:[/B] Pillage was born in a place where time and space doesn't exist; a place of pure darkness, without a name or parents- carved for evil purposes and unleashed upon the world to, as his name suggests, 'pillage' and destroy life- a thorn in the side of benevolence, while evil's very source planned to rise up in its infinite hatred and wipe all life from existance. As he grew, Pillage felt himself sinking further and further into death, his feeling itself turning to numbness. Eventually the edges of his form warped from their human shape and completely died, rotting gradually to their skeletons built from midnight-black obsidian. Entire cities fell to him, opposing life eventually falling dead as he passed by. Their souls wrestled an existance trapped within their own corrupted confines, suffering in a place infinitely worse than hell. They were pushed until they put themselves out of their misery, the opportunity arising when they were turned to a source of pure hatred. Their discarded spirits fueled him and his descent from life, becoming simple energy to awaken more of his power. He continued to scale nations and suck the life from all he crossed until he himself turned to pure evil- shedding his conflicting shape and existing only as a thought, absorbing anything covering the inferior world laid before him like a banquet. Kingdoms instantly disappeared, replaced by a single looming shadow which devoured everything it touched. His evil stretched along continents and hungrily took anything it could. Through this, an apprehending sense of dread filled him. Killing relieved it for a second then lined his mortal wound with further pain. Thousands of voices screamed within him, torturing Pillage to madness. Direction, time and space were lost inside this infinite mist. Agony constantly pounded and tore through his painfully nonexistant mind. Pillage became lost within himself- within Death. His essence enveloped him, sucking him into this perfect darkness he'd seeked. But now he felt something new in its motionless face.
Regret. Fear.
As he approached, Pillage briefly saw a miniscule light among the darkness. This oddly soothed him, returning him to the innocence he briefly cherished a long time ago. He desperately surged toward the light, instantly recognising it. This was the world he constantly tore from the innocent. A new world of harmony and serenity. A place where happiness reigned instead of the constant desire to destroy. He rushed formlessly into the light.
His essence enveloped, compacting into a single, now inside-out darkness. The overwhelming desire and Black Energy faded to nothing replaced by a refreshing source of light as powerful as the darkness, but restrained and perfect. Pillage felt a myriad of new abilities as his once again human fingertips. His black robes were replaced by fine, white garments reflecting a purely benevolent source. Below the waist he still wore black, a forgotten world waiting to return ...

[B]Weaknesses:[/B] The Necromancer wilts in the face of White Magic, though both can have their alignment reversed by seeing suppressed emotions and memories brought out. The Mage bleeds like any human but can nullify offensive magic with his energy- unless it overwhelms his power.

I'll save this so I don't have to write it all again :P It kind of sucks at the moment, but I'm really tired. I'll get around to rewriting it.

All these edits are me discovering the miracle (and by mirace I mean headache) that is HTML.

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