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02/12/2005 11:06 PM

Ok, this is my one big huge Mage story I've ran for two different groups and they both loved it. I'll try it again as a PbP story. I've twisted and tweaked alot of stuff to make it a little more action oriented so some details don't match up with the books...
Here's the background...

Garet Jax and Janet Booth are two Project Twilight FBI agents. (If you're not familiar with that module, it's basically the WoD X-files with normal humans.)
They cover the local NW area of the U.S.A. Recently they have been given an assignment that involves the retreaval of an ancient paranormal artifact beleived to have a connection to the werewolves. The location is reported to be an abandoned silver mine in the Pasatin Wilderness of Washington state. The problem is that 4 agents have been lost in the search already. Fearing higher loses Project Twilight has sent it's 2 best agents. Reports state that the artifact has been unreachable due to "Unexplained Paranormal Activity" and additional help may be required. Now they are in the local Mage club looking for the right 2 or 3 people to help them out, and of course are willing to properly reimburse.

~~~~~The Plot Thickens~~~~~

Later, we discover that some time ago DNA from the two agents was extracted and cloned by the Technocracy in an experiment to see if a "normal" human could be awakened. The result.... Mage clones of Garet and Janet that are "Awakened" The clones go crazy after discovering what they are and decide to eliminate the originals. Thus they hunt down Garet and Janet throughout the story.

~~~~~A turn for the Worse~~~~~
When information claiming that their 2 best agents have gone rogue and started on a killing spree, (In fact turning out to be the clones Project Twilight has no idea about) Project Twilight disavows all knowledge of them, deleting all government information involving them; cases, reports, documents, memos, medical information, bank accounts, even birth records. Garet and Janet no longer exist. And to back it up, they send out a special team to track them down and eliminate them, along with their families and anybody that may now them.

Thats only about half of the general idea for the story, please tell me if you're interested before posting, I only want 2 or 3 writers on this one.

02/14/2005 9:32 AM

Am i allowed to role play a technocrat? It's a Void engineer, will probably ne involved in the story when she returns from a mission ofworld and gets shot at or soemthing? i can pm you the bio or post it here what ever you prefer, I have a technocratic verion of the real life me 2 would be fun 2 roleplay. He got arsenaml 5 in hyper tech toys (hoverboards and the like; i just needed to have one i made him up on a long hike:P)... if that isnt okay i can easily invent something else.

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02/14/2005 1:08 PM

Fire frenzy, could you please do us all one favor, before throwing yourself into more threads?

I have a technocratic verion of the real life me 2 would be fun 2 roleplay.

Please do not use 2, if you mean 'to' and make use of punctuation in your writing?

Like this:

I have a technocratic version of the real life me too, would be fun to roleplay.

02/14/2005 8:49 PM


02/15/2005 1:41 AM

Sorry been on msn to long DAMMED GDGW (its his fault for beeting me everytime i didnt use "1337" text)

So then what are we playing? mages or project twilight members? if mages what "clans" are allowed?

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02/15/2005 3:12 PM

Hmmm.... yes I failed to mention that.

I'd prefer almost any clan, diversity makes it funner, but also kinda need a partier or two. Cult of Extacsy is fine...

lol in my last game we had this Cultist that was an explorer fashioned after Indiana Jones.... whenever he used his magic people heard the I. J. Theme lmao it was pretty original. ^^

Pretty much anybody looking for money, mercanaries, people who are looking for glory, mercanaries, people who like to help those in need, mercanaries, or those looking for adventure. (And mecanaries are welcome too)

Try to keep it as an "average" character... my NPC's are pretty jacked, but I do actively downplay that, them being somewhat undercover most of the time I can do that.

Spheres... id prefer no Mind, Life is great for healing, Spirit will honestly be pretty useless, Entropy if you think you can use it.... Correspondence is ok at lower levels, prime is fine, Forces is fine (how can you resist playing a character that doesn't have it?)Matter is fine. Time is ok but at the end of the story it will overlap with one of my NPC's.

Like I said "average" or as close to it as you can, i'd really like it if you could play one like it was just created.

I don't want any technocrats... I know that they aren't nessacarily the "bad" guys, due to varying viewpoints, but in this story they are actively trying to eliminate the clones... and can't tell the diference between the originals and the clones. Hence, they are technically one of the enemies in this story.

02/17/2005 10:35 AM

I fail to get what were going to be doing? we like body gaurds 4 the clones? i need some time to make up a character although i have a toreador i could modify to be cult of ecstacy i'll get on that... i'll post it here sometime soon...

02/17/2005 2:56 PM

.... If you read the damned posts you would understand the story... I don't think I want you in it if your attention to detail is this damned small FireFrenzy.

Ps. A Toreador is a damned Vampire not a Mage don't bother "changing it over" >.<

02/18/2005 1:25 AM

Trust me i know... but the concept can be very easily adapted to cult of extasy its a street race car designer i'll just add the "likes to race" bit and its fine (baring Wraith i played all WoD settings) trust me i can make characters...

02/18/2005 2:52 PM

Dare I ask what you really said that was so bad that Dream Knight had to edit it out??? If you really have that poor of a attitude i'd appreciate you holding your tongue in my threads.

02/19/2005 4:29 AM

I'll explain, the thing i was asked to edit was that i was troleplaying my character and he is a Magic the Gathering player so I set him up and that took a lot of "magic-talk" they asked me to reduce that and while i was planning on meeting them in my second post they wanted me to reach them in my first... that's it...

so would my Cult of Extacy street racer be allowed? if not just delete my posts or get a mod to do it for you...

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02/19/2005 9:29 PM

Yes, as long as you pay attention to all the details you can join with that character. Give me an idea of the quirks of your character.

02/20/2005 5:15 AM

Will do i'll make a sheet somewhere later today, and write a bio... i'm thinking forces and maybe a bit of enthropy... just for general anoyingy ness:P you fire ooh but your gun jammed didnty i tell you?

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