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02/10/2005 5:09 PM

This is an RP for Shalandra and myself. :)

Please, no one else join, though their may be openings in the future.

02/10/2005 5:22 PM

I'm more of a Calishite myself. The shining sands are the place to be. I'll keep my eyes open.

02/10/2005 7:19 PM

Okay Exile - let's see where this crazy adventure takes us. Since I don't know squat about The Forgotten Realms, everything will be an adventure to me. ;) Even though we talked about our characters, how about if we go ahead & post their bios here? Then we don't have to dig through old e-mails to get to the info. I'm not sure yet what her background/history will be - I'll discover it as we go through the RP!

Name: Kylar
Race: Elven (Cleric)
Age: 75 (appears to be mid-twenies by human standards)
Equipment: Healing herbs, various potions, lyre, hooded cloak, silver necklace with a crescent moon attached
Appearance: 5'11", green eyes, long curly brunette hair which is tied back at the nape of her neck

Diety: Corellon Larethian (Greater Power)
Portfolio: Magic (especially high elven magic), music, arts, crafts, war, the elven race (especially good elves), poets, poetry, bards, warriors
Alignment: CG
Symbol: Crescent Moon

02/10/2005 7:30 PM

Name: Randall
Age: 24
Race: Human
Class: Knight
Weapon: Longsword, dagger, and long-bow
Appearance: 6'1" 205 lbs, nicely toned, black hair (hangs freely), green eyes, trimmed beard that runs only along his chin line, silver and black armor.
Class: Fighter (lv.4) Purple Dragon Knight (lv.3)
Alignment: N
Personality: Reclusive
Equipment: Silver armor, black cloak,ring of Purple Dragon Knight Order
BG: Randall is no longer a member of the PDKs. After he left the PDK, he turned in his purple robes, trading them in for a black cloak and other black clothing, feeling as if it would help remind him of his past.


02/10/2005 7:31 PM

An elf of 75 years would be the equivalent of about sixteen years of age I do believe.

It could be that Kylar is wandering the "Lands of Autumn" (Non-Elven lands) to lend aid to elven folk that he encounters and remind them they are always welcome in Evermeet, the island refuge of Elvenkind should they tire of dealing with savages :)

02/10/2005 7:44 PM

An elf of 75 years would be the equivalent of about sixteen years of age I do believe.

Aww crimey - really? Well, she carries her age well then. ;) I've never read any of the FR books, so I'm flyin' blinder than a bat headed straight into the high noon sun!

02/10/2005 7:57 PM

The complete book of elves and other related materials state that an elf hits puberty around 30 years of age and reach their age of majority at 100. Thus... I guess 75 is halfway between the two *grins*

I love elves. Though, oddly my favorite elven character doesn't have any idea of what being an elf is about.

The Forgotten Realms is really just a motely collection of different regions with different cultures. The Shining Sands of the south, a collection of cities along the coast of a vast desert is very Persian style. Mulhorand are basically Egyptian.

It's going to be Exile's job to descrive the significance things in his narratives, pointing out things that Kylar should know. So the first time a guy in a red robe shows up, he's going to have to tell you a bit of history on the Red Wizards of Thay :)

02/10/2005 8:15 PM

Uhh.... LOL

That is what the links were going to be used for. :P

I have only read one author of the FR, Salvatore. As you could guess, that doesn't make me an expert (though I should be fairly familiar with Mithral Hall, Menzoberanzan, Icewind Dale, Calimport, and maybe a few places inbetween.) :)

Are you suggesting something.....? :P

02/10/2005 8:28 PM

Are you suggesting something.....? :P

Hee hee - we're gonna drive these lurkers NUTS with all our blunders & goof ups! Oh well, that'll probably be 1/2 the fun of this crazy adventure. ;) Once you're able to post some links on here, then we'll at least be on the same page. Until then, I'll just keep stalling for time and tap-dancing through my posts. *snicker*

02/10/2005 8:29 PM

No.. I'm just your friendly neigbourhood spider... errr... wait... no I'm not... Ooooops!


You should look at getting the actual Forgotten Realms setting book. It's positively fascinating. The Dark Elves of Myth Drannor amaze me, actual surface dwelling drow. My personal favorite is the Shining Sands region, of which Calimport is just one city followed by Cormyr which is on the other side of the heartlands from the sword coast. Unfortunately it's also so very expensive. The artwork is worth the price all by itself though.

Westgate is also pretty insteresting. It's possessed of all manner of unsavory types.

More interesting is the world of Exalted... oh... my.... almighty lords above... that is the supreme setting of all. That's a White Wolf Game by the way...

02/11/2005 8:07 PM

http://nwvault.ign.com/thegame/area/map.jpg (This is where we are)

http://home.comcast.net/~duckylam/Forgotten_Realms.jpg (This is where Assalya was speaking of)

http://www.nwncityofarabel.com/faerunmap/images/frMap_02.jpg (Near us)

http://koti.mbnet.fi/~cerberus/kuvat/forgotten%20realms%20map%20full.jpg (World Map)

http://www.candlekeep.com/library/articles/pantheon.htm (Dieties)

http://www.candlekeep.com/library/notebook.htm (Source for anything else you may need)

02/11/2005 8:27 PM

Thanks Exile - these will be a great help! I found some additional info on Kylar's diety, but wasn't able to come across any maps/write-ups that were helpful about the lands we're wandering. Now at least I can start talking about specific places in my posts! :)

02/11/2005 8:41 PM

Right now, we are on the High Road, heading south towards Prot Last. As we approach certain spots (citys, ruins, etc.) I'll try to find some background information on it and post it here.

02/15/2005 2:38 PM


Brief background on Port Llast. ;)

02/18/2005 5:34 PM


Here's where I dug up some stuff on The Purple Dragons - just so you know where I'm gettin' the stuff. :) Hopefully it'll match with what's in the book you just bought!

02/19/2005 9:44 PM

I love elves. Though, oddly my favorite elven character doesn't have any idea of what being an elf is about.

Drizzt Do'Urden.

*smiles as if he accomplished something*

03/07/2005 2:13 PM

Anyone interested in joining? If so, e-mail me through the site's e-mail.

03/09/2005 2:07 PM

Guess that was a bad idea...


If so.... just reply. ;)

If you have any questions or comments concerning the thread, do not be afraid to ask.

03/20/2005 12:12 AM

I know, I shouldn't be joining any more threads, but this one caught my attention (that and Exile asked me to join). First of all, I take off my hat to you Miss Shallandra. You are very skilled with words, unlike Exile. Just Kidding. XP

Anyways... Can I join?

Name: Laucian
Age: 36
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Bard/Rogue
Weapon: Shortbow, rapier, and more knives than twenty kitchens!
Religion: As pagan as they come!
Appearance: 6'0" 175 lbs; pale skin; long, dark brown hair tied at the back; dark eyes; mostly wearing light leather garments.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Equipment: Leather armor with an incredible amount of hidden pockets for the aforementioned knives, a small backpack occupied mostly by a guitar, a quiver, a few arrows, an earing, and an enchanted gauntlet.
Background: Laucian was born in Cormyr. He was a friend of Randall's before either of them had really chosen their paths. Since they had last met, Laucian has chosen the way of the outlaw. After a rather unfortunate incident, he travelled West, to the coast. Often, he embarked on trips in infamous vessels with even more infamous sailors. He changed his songs from such that told of heroic deeds of kings to the tales of the death of tyrants. In fact, he has become quite the anarchist, believing that no one has any right to control the people. He is often cast out of towns for his controversial ideals. That is why he became involved with - pirates. But, he is not interested in riches, only in freedom and "swash-buckling". As for his past, little will Laucian accept of it, other than his mother's elven blood and his father's human flesh.

03/20/2005 12:36 PM

You are very skilled with words, unlike Exile. Just Kidding. XP

You can't join...

:P Yes you can, I changed my mind (lucky you). ;)

03/25/2005 3:21 PM

I'd definitely be interested in joining, if there's still any openings.

Name: Thoven Gellantra
Race: half elf
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Height: 5'4
Wt.: 121
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blonde, shoulder length
Facial Hair: Goatee
Class: Swashbuckler, lvl 6
Alignment: Chaotic N
Diety: none

Description: Thoven is at heart a merry fellow, with a seemingly childlike view of the world. He bases his descisions largely on the spur of the moment, and relies heavily on emotion when it comes to his decision making process. Fortunately, he was blessed with a silver tongue to get himself out of any trouble his decisions might get him into. He wears a sky-blue shirt, dark blue trousers, and leather boots, also dyed blue. He wears a large hat with a big plume in its band. He has a dark blue cape which flows down to about his ankles. On his waist he flaunts a rapier with intricate designs carved into the pommel. he also carries a dagger, with equally lavish designs.

Background: Thoven was raised in an urban setting by his mother. He was a bastard child, and so he was generally looked down upon by his peers. He found his aptitude with a blade at an early age, although he usually just meddled with swordplay, never really fighting anyone. Often times he and his friends would put on mock swordfights to raise money. When he was 18, he signed on with the Waterdhavian navy, although after four years of service, he resigned. He has spent the last two years of his life saving up money in hopes of buying a sea vessel and hiring a crew.

[Edited by Damien_Lockheart on Friday, March 25, 2005 3:32 PM]

03/25/2005 7:50 PM

ARRR! I be the only pirate 'ere! Belay!
To 'ell with ye. I don't need an addled lad walking in here and trying to play corsair. I should make ye walk the plank for that swab. Take yer bilge somwhere else, scurvy dog, or I'll have yer lights and liver on me plate, savvy?

Just kidding. Wunderful to have another pirate dog aboard. Come, let's splice the mainbrace.

03/25/2005 9:55 PM


Ahem. Since this is my thread and I have pointed out that you must have permission.....

Bah. What the hell, I don't like being an ass! Welcome aboard (seriously)! :P

Now! Since Damien's entering actually worked to my, uh..., the threads advantage, I allowed it (You thought I would? How perceptive). However, I feel that four is enough for right now. ;)

03/27/2005 7:41 PM

**sniffs air delicately ** Tis this new blood I doth smell? Yay!! :) I'm glad we're able to bring this thread back to life again. We had a great momentum going, but sometimes you just need to bring in the unexpected element of other characters.

I think I'm done with my RL traveling for a while, so I can jump back in here. Catch ya'll in the RP!

03/28/2005 2:36 PM

† (OOC: If you want Shal, you could have the ship's wizard, Garandos, contact you.)

Great way to mix the story lines. I'm one step below a FR Newbie (I think that's the Clueless Class), so can you give me a quick lesson on how the wizards in this land talk to others? Do they appear as a ghostly image? Or are they limited to mind contact? If you'll give me some parameters of the typical contact, then I'll work it into my next post.

In the meantime, I'll head on over to where dear ole Randall is to bail his arse out!!! Of course, it'll only be after an appropriate delay of watchin' him squirm a little. ;)

03/28/2005 3:28 PM

It depends on what type of spell is being used. If you were to use a windwhisper type spell (i don't know actual names of spells, considering I am too dumb for magic), which is a lower level spell, the caster can relay a short message over a certain distance, via telekenetic means. However I believe if you have some sort of scrying device (like a scrying mirror, or a scrying bowl, etc.) and are of a higher level of casting, you can contact others through those means as well. I think that's how it works, but you might want to confirm that with someone who is more experienced at playing a spellcaster.

03/28/2005 4:46 PM

Well... I say that we assume that this Garandus is of the higher tier of spell casting. Therefore... I dunno. You could have his ghostly image appear in your room or just be able to hear his voice while he is scrying on our ship. I'm sure you can think of something. ;)

03/29/2005 10:29 AM

Okee. :D I've got Kylar heading back to her cabin, so she and Garandus can do some IM'ing. ;) But I don't wanna be a power-poster here, so I'll wait until someone else writes something!

03/29/2005 10:45 AM

I don't see how it is power posting since our party is split up and I basicaly have nothing to talk about at the moment. :P

03/29/2005 11:52 AM

Awww come on, don't you want to show us Randall pouting in the corner of his little cell?!?! :P

03/30/2005 11:06 AM

Okee - with respect to the Captains exchanging pleasantries - I have no clue what the protocol is in something like that. Exile & Bard - you guys wanna handle those characters?

And Damien - how are we gonna get yer druken butt into the middle of our mess?? Or is he already in Waterdeep?

03/30/2005 5:37 PM

I'm presently in Waterdeep, and currently sober, thank you very much! :D

03/30/2005 6:40 PM

Okee - with respect to the Captains exchanging pleasantries - I have no clue what the protocol is in something like that.

Uh... neither do I? Wouldn't it just be like... one having the other over for dinner or something along those means?

03/30/2005 8:32 PM

I'm presently in Waterdeep, and currently sober, thank you very much! :D

Ha, don't think those little words of "currently sober" managed to escape my notice! I figured you'd put a loophole in that statement somewhere.... :P

04/05/2005 9:02 PM

What are we waiting on?

04/06/2005 1:32 PM

I assumed we were waiting for the two captains to do an exchange - since they were about to meet one another. :)

04/07/2005 7:12 PM

I thought they shook hands already. Now The Bard's character noticed someting blocking the moon... ;)

04/07/2005 7:26 PM

Ooohh, I guess I missed the 'shaking of the hands' thing - I assumed we were going to get to hear their conversation so we could decide rather quickly whether we needed to 'jump ship' so to speak.

I'll make some sort of reaction to the blocked moon thing & the spell of true seeing...and we'll see what happens. :)

04/22/2005 5:15 PM

Okay Smarty Bardy Pants. If you want to give a homework assignment, you need to be more specific about the age this mage is from. Here's a link that gives the history of Halruaa - where in the timeline are you? http://www.sorcerers.net/Worlds/FR/16.php

(And Damien - glad to see you're still around & managed to work in a post that would connect our characters!)

04/23/2005 1:06 AM

I meant the Mages of Halruaa as a group. Oh well, you all fail! ...Except for Damien.

This is what I got:
"...from the South, from the mystica and near-legendary land of Halruaa... reputed to be controlled by powerful wizards, and wizardry is incorporated into common use... these mages are best known for their flying ships, which are slung beneath great bags filled with volatile gases.. It is said that the Mages of Halruaa seek the perfect components for their mighty spells... every sailor on these ships has magical abilities... the appearance of powerful items of magic. Such artifacts are regularly sought out by the Halruaans..."
(Exerpts from "Volo's Guide to Baldur's Gate" from the Baldur's Gate Game Manual.)

Let's hope Mr. Greenwood doesn't sue me. :P

04/23/2005 7:18 AM

Hey! We get an A for effort! Though it was kinda funny - when I googled for "mages of Halruaa" one of the first few links that came up was the post in the Gamers Corner where I'd asked if anyone here knew anything about it. Yeah, that was helpful.

So I'm taking it that seeing one of these mages here would be a big deal? Or are they fairly well integrated into the society?

04/23/2005 3:34 PM

Your Bardness,

I wasn't sure what you wanted to do exactly with the Mages, so if it's alright with everyone else, and with you, would you want to rp a city official for yours truly to meet with?

04/23/2005 7:37 PM

Wow, we've got a collection of names for him. Your Bardness. Smarty Bardy Pants. Exile - how are you going to address him??

I'm fine with you rp'ing a city official to interact with - I think we're all going to have to take on some extra characters to get the story to work anyway! :)

04/25/2005 3:51 PM

Eh. Been gone a while.

Exile - how are you going to address him??

I have not decided yet.

Give me a day or two to get caught up with the site.

05/22/2005 9:37 PM

Uh... guys, you there? Exile? Shal? Anyone?!

05/22/2005 9:51 PM

Ya - I'm still prowling around the board. :) I'm just kinda havin' to wing it here, since I don't know anything about the storyline we seem to have taken. I feel kinda awkward trying to talk about something I don't know anything about. Weren't we going to try & get ourselves back to the shore? Or was I thinking of something else?

05/23/2005 3:48 PM

I'm still around... give me another week and I'll be back in full force.

05/23/2005 6:07 PM

I'm still here as well, although I'm having a bit of trouble coming up with relevent posts. I'm just waitin' for the rest of you hooligans to get to shore... o_O

05/27/2005 12:34 AM

Okay, my idea was to have Garandos send us with a spell to his tower in Waterdeep in the Government District. Sound good?

05/27/2005 8:59 AM

That's fine with me! :)

05/28/2005 5:16 PM

That's fine. However, I'm going to be gone for a week. In that time, you guys can take over my character if it is needed. Otherwise, he can just sort of stand around. :-P

Also, after I get back from the beach I plan on coming back to the site. I have been absent for a while and I apologize.

06/30/2005 8:32 AM

Hello everyone,

I'd like to apologize for being absent for so long. I had some trouble with my computer, but everything's operating smoothly now, so if you still are posting on this thread, I'd still like to be a part of it.

06/30/2005 2:32 PM

Welcome back.

07/20/2005 11:42 PM

hello? *echo* *echo* *echo*

Just wondering if we're still posting here or not?

07/21/2005 11:15 PM

I think it has been put on hold indefinitely. If you want, you can join What it is to Burn.

07/25/2005 12:54 PM

Yeah - I think it's awaiting resurrection, but the actual time of the rebirth has yet to be determined. ;)

07/25/2005 10:13 PM

Maybe. Depends on if The Bard returns.

08/01/2005 3:45 PM

Wow, how long has it been? I should explain, the original reason I stoped posting is because the page wouldn't open. Must have been the server or something, but the thing is, the doors of the RPGC were closed to me. After a while, I just stopped checking, so I'm not sure when it was that it began to work again. My summer has been... eventful, in the least.

Depends on if The Bard returns.

I'm not sure if he will, friend. I'll decide and post soon.

08/08/2005 1:48 AM

Can my boy Seftneriun join in. Can I also have a sidekick? The sidekick is a Kobold Bard named Deekin. He is also a REd Dragon disciple and he ain't original but I have developed a liking to Deekin.

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