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02/09/2005 8:08 AM

The bustle on the Coruscant surface was constant, a never-sleeping world that moved like a mass of small bugs. At least, that had been Elei's impression from her viewings from the safety of ships and skyscrapers above.

What a profession to have ... Elei thought, and be afraid of heights .... She watched her quarry pass and settle on one of the hovering landing pads. Smoke billowed out from the sleek green ship, and a ramp lowered to the ground to allow the esteemed Senators and body guards to walk to the awaiting shuttle. As the shuttle took off, Elei took a deep breath and leapt, landing squarely on the pad moments before the security field was initiated. She drop-rolled as she landed and then rose to her feet, grumbling about wanting to work closer to land, but brushed herself off and approached the ship regardless.

Some time later, Elei was back on the surface, sitting at the bar of a club. Business was busy, but not overwhelming. Elei's long black hair was tangled and windswept, and there was a smudge of grease on her cheeck. Her expression blank as she sipped on some hard drink that most men avoided at all costs. I need more of these moments. Elei thought as she glanced around at the other patrons. I hate heights.

05/10/2005 4:52 AM

Walks to the bar were Elei is standing. "Are you Elei."

05/16/2005 7:27 AM

"Depends on who's asking." Elei replied, twirling her drink and then downing it, "If you're a member of Coruscant security, than no; I'm not. If you're here on behalf of Denk Thorrin, tell him I don't want to see him anymore on account he destroyed my ship, and if my mother sent you, sorry, I'm not interested. Other than that you'll have to explain." Elei flagged down the bartender and ordered two other of the stomach-eating concoctions and offered one to the stranger. "So which is it?"

05/18/2005 5:14 AM

"None. I am here for you. What I mean is I am rasing a special team. I train them and what not. I have herd your one of the best in your feild and I want you to come and be one of my students. So its up to you."

06/05/2005 7:11 AM

Elei scoffed. "Be your [i]student?[/i] If you've heard that I'm one of the best, then you should know I don't need any furthur instruction. I could offer up a few names that I know, some of which could really use the help."

06/05/2005 10:39 AM

"Listen. I am forming s special team and I am getting the best in all felids so what do you say?" He asked her. "And I am not looking for thoses who need it I am looking for those who don't need it. If you come with me you will understand late on.'

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06/05/2005 11:01 AM

"That certainly is an interesting propsition." Elei said. "I guess the only way to find out just what the heck you're talking about is to join you. Fine, I'm in. Who else you got for this gig?"

06/05/2005 7:34 PM

"There are a few younings some you might know you will find out in a week from now. Meet me here." Draco gave her a piece of paper with instructions to the Training hall.

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