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01/31/2005 10:33 PM

Maximum people per band will be 6, you can play anything you want. everything has to be original. Or you can do covers do. You do not have to write out the lyrics to a song if you dont want. So i think there will only be one band fill out the template change it your likeing. And have fun music fans. you can not start off with marshall stacks and gibson les pauls. Start off with a beginner instrument. You also may be a rapper or a solo artist.

Name: Nikki Nyne
Date of Birth: May 6 1980
Height: 6,1
Weight: 150
Hair: Long and Black
Eye Colour: Brown
Type of Music: Rock
Instrument: Epiphone Les Paul 100
Instrument Colour: Black with whit pick guard and white trim around the body
Strings: Dean Markley Blue Steel (10-46)
Amp: 200 Watt Yorkville
History: Nikki has listened to music since he was very young. He knew by the age of 9 he wanted to be in a band. He has an everyday job and never went to college, he wnated to be a rockstar. He's been in in his share of bands. But dropped guitar when he turned 18 due to working two jobs, but he picked it up again half a year earlier. Now he is looking for a new band.

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