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01/31/2005 2:10 PM

Hi Everyone, the Traveler's Rest has opened it's doors for all characters across the board to be able to gather somewhere. Regardless what game system your character derives from, he/she is welcome inside this Inn, as long as the fighting is done elsewhere.

I hope you all will enjoy this occasion.

A few rules:

*No fights inside the Inn.
*Stay curteous to eachother.
*Keep it in character. (OOC is what this thread is for, right? ;) )

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01/31/2005 2:23 PM

Those looking to participate as part of the staff, can ask their role in this thread.

I have openings for:

*The two chatelaine's (both female and former mercenaries)
*A blacksmith
*A cook

I will ask those wanting to fill the roles to have some knowledge of RPG's.

01/31/2005 2:52 PM

Celin, if this is to be what we had discussed, perhaps this would be better off in the 'training' grounds.... Also, please resize those pics, even on a decent resolution it's pretty big...

01/31/2005 2:54 PM

caelin if its ok i could be a cook or a chatelaine or i can be anything i'm a flexible guy

01/31/2005 3:07 PM

Ok Kalia. I'll resize the pics for you and yes, this is what I had in mind. Feel free to move it to the training grounds.

Joey, consider the cook's job as yours. :)

01/31/2005 3:14 PM

w00t i wana be a cook when i get out of college

01/31/2005 5:09 PM

OOH Blacksmith! Can i be black smith?

01/31/2005 5:43 PM

I'll take on Amara if you like...

01/31/2005 6:03 PM

I'm free as well :)

02/01/2005 12:38 PM

If you want, I could take the part of the other chatelaine.

02/01/2005 2:57 PM

Kalia and Mae, you're both hired. :D

02/02/2005 11:49 AM

Hey Caelin,

Since this is a Newbie Area, can you post a general list of things that need to be posted when introducing a character? Then we can just copy/paste & fill in as needed. :) If we bring in a character from another thread, should that be included in the intro as well?

*warmin up me' fingers*

02/02/2005 12:27 PM

Apparant age:

For the experienced players, please add the specifics of the character.

02/02/2005 1:09 PM

Hey, Caelin, is there any particular way that Maegra is supposed to look?

02/02/2005 1:55 PM

Okay, here we go! Much of it is the same info from the thread - but since I'm a Newbie I figure I oughta be able to cut n paste. ;)

Race: Human (or so she believes)
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Apparant age: No specific age, but more mature than most 18 year olds

Description: 5'10", lithe in form and movement. Her piercing green eyes are in sharp contrast to her shoulder length pale blonde hair (which appears platinum in the moonlight). Although young in age, she carries herself with an air of confidence and wisdom beyond her years.

Background: Arella was left on the doorstep of The Sisters of Mercy orphanage when she was an infant. Wrapped carefully in warm blankets and tucked securely into a basket, a note pinned to her clothing simply said, "Care for my Arella, I hope to return for her one day." Although Arella had several opportunities for adoption throughout her childhood, she chose to remain at the orphanage, in the hopes that her parents would return for her. She carefully searched the eyes of every couple who came into the orphanage, but felt no deep connection with any of them. While the Sisters loved her as best they could, Arella was left with an emptiness in her soul. On her 18th birthday, the Sisters released her from the orphanage, providing her with some money, provisions, and wishes for a happy life.

Equipment: Traveler's Sack with basic provisions, hooded cloak, and a dagger hidden in her right boot.

Gamesystem: General - Symbosis

02/02/2005 2:04 PM

Race: Human
Gender: male
Age: 16
Description: 5 foot with blue hair and not very muscular
Apparant age:he looks like his abaot ten do to his size.
Background:His father was a mercinarie who had him sent to a training achademy were he studied alchemy
Equipment: basic chemistry set for his pass time (Alchemy) and an osortment of herbs and spices from all over the world
Gamesystem: Que?

02/02/2005 2:26 PM

Mae, not really, you can set her up as you wish. :)

Shal, very nice, jump right on in. :)

Joey, can you tell me what alchemy has to do with cooking, unless you want to poison us all? :p Seriously, keep in mind what I advised you before, Joey, read your post before you hit "post reply".

02/02/2005 7:27 PM

Name: Longshadow Dhumrhasksha
Race: Itachi (squirrel variety)
Gender: Male
Age: say twohundred.
Apparent Age: Since Itachi age waaaay slower (dont ask me how, im not a bio teacher) he looks twenty. for a squirrel.
BackGround: A key player in the shadow master wars, he aided in the defeat of Orion the opressing king. After the fall of Shadowland, Longshadow tossed himself into mercenary work. As a reaper he was always good at anything related to war so usually ended up on combat oriented missions given to him by skeptical farmers. Eventually he left Arcalla for a recently discovered continent. Alot of those from his world made the trip before and after him, but he was all alone on the voyage. With his ability to control shadows and therefore anything they are attatched to, he recently discovered he was excellent at making something from nothing, instead of the other way around.
Equipment: His old sword, a double balded synth sword that Longshadow made himself. A basic set of blacksmith's tools, and huge load of shiny stuff he has squirreled away.
Gamesystem: From the sick and twisted mind of mark osborn

oh and did i get the blacksmith position?

02/03/2005 11:33 AM

Okay - total Newbie question here! I wanted to put some of my post in italics, but that little font format thingie isn't in the upper right like it is in the general forums. I tried to play around with the Auto Code, but it looks like it just adjusts size & color. Is there a command I need to type around the text that I want italicized?

02/03/2005 1:18 PM

Black, to be the blacksmith, would a human character not be easier? Might be a tad difficult for a squirrel to wield those hammers. ;) :p

Shal, you use html coding for it. for italics, etc. :)

02/03/2005 1:25 PM

Shal, you use html coding for it. for italics, etc. :)

Egads, I have no idea what html coding is. like this?

02/03/2005 1:29 PM

like this?

OoOOoo it worked. You DO know a thing or two. ;) Is there another one for Bold?

02/03/2005 1:50 PM

Yes dear, just replace the 'i' for a 'b'. :)

02/03/2005 2:03 PM

( Winning Lottery Ticket ) Drat. That last one didn't work.

02/03/2005 3:01 PM

You can also use 'u' to get underlined text, or even colored text, but Kalia knows better how to explain that to you, Shal.

02/03/2005 7:21 PM

acctually that squirrel can lift up some really heavy stuff. Itachi are stronger then they look, but if you want a human ok. I'll dig one up from the deep dredges of my mind. Give me a while thiough, I dont have one ready.

02/03/2005 7:31 PM

There, got one. sry for the double post.

Name: Skrat
Race: Human (you insisted)
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Apparent age: 40
Background: Skrat was born as an apprentice to a great blacksmith and grew up learning the tricks of the trade. His mother was a runemaster (oddly enough) and he picked up quite a few of those too. He has made some exceptional works and rarely makes mistakes, but when he does they are really horrible. He discovered the traveler's inn heading from an expodition on techniques for gold working (as gold is rather difficult to maneuver believe me) and is currenty waiting for a reply to his job application.
Equipment: Hammers, anvils, other blacksmiths tools. And a vast knowledge of Runes. Although he charges extra for these.
Gamesystem: The endless ratrace of my mind

02/04/2005 2:05 PM

Good enough, squirrel, consider yourself hired. :)

02/04/2005 5:51 PM

Name: Tim Thorn
Alias: Bow
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Apparent age: From the way he looks and acts you would think he was a little older then he is.

Background: Tim had grown up mostly alone after his mother had left him when he was born and a father that provided for him with every little and paid no attention to him what so ever. After having not much of a Tim grew on the streets surviving as best he could. He found that he was good at stealing for others, although he didn’t like doing it at first feeling it was wrong but over the years it became second nature to him as his skills grew along with him. By the age of 19 he had maybe a name for himself from all of his stealing he had doen in town. Feeling that he was surely be caught Tim fled his home town and set off on the road. More years pass and Tim decided to become a thief for higher. From then on he became the Bow seeing that his weapon of choice was his bow and arrow.

Equipment: A long wooden bow which looks like it as seen better day, plus a pouch full off arrows. Also have two daggers on the back of his belt around his waist.

Good? Yes, No...Maybe So?

By the way...what I'm a supposed to put under Gamesystem?.....n00d I am...

02/05/2005 9:53 AM

Name: Amara Tenou
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Hair: Blonde, worn short, slightly curly
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'9"
Build: Slender, wiry musculature
Gamesystem: White-wolf: Werewolf Darkages....
Race: Kahn

HIstory: Amara was the daughter of a prominant samuri lord in fuedal japan. She rebelled against her father's iron hand and with the help of a friend, escaped her father's tyrrany before her first change. At 14, the change forever altered her perceptions of herself and the world around her.

A feirce person to begin with, the feline nature hidden deep wtihin her only amplified this warrior aspect. During this time it was considered a great shame and dishonor for a woman to fight in such an aspect, but Amara didn't care. After long battles against the darkness that creeps across her land she finally found a home to call her own....

02/05/2005 10:15 AM

Good enough Dan, enjoy yourself.

Happy to see you made it too, Kalia. :)

02/06/2005 12:52 AM

Bouncer reporting for duty... :p

Before I post my character idea... Kalia are you a Legend of the Five Rings (L5R) player? Is anyone else an L5R player i was thinking of perhaps starting an L5R thread...

Darkness is a tall gaunt form wrapped heavilly in a dark cloak complete with a deep hood that seems to almost drink the light around it and wraps its facial features in an inpenetrable gloom of shadow. Bearing no weapons at all the figure exudes a chill that many find disconcerting, usually the mere attention of the darkened cowl studying an unruly patron is enough to quiet the most rowdy of their ilk.

Somewhat of an enigma Darkness has existed as a guardian of sorts since well before the Tavern was created, it is theorised that the being itself may be in some way connected with the planar magic that connects the tavern with the infinite possibilities of the universe...


[Edited by Arandur on Sunday, February 6, 2005 12:56 AM]

02/06/2005 11:11 AM

OoOOoOo Spooky! Glad you decided to show up for work afterall. ;)

02/06/2005 1:04 PM

Welcome aboard, Arandur. :)

02/07/2005 2:47 PM

Darakielia -

ok my character is a wicked little winged vixen of a womany. she has deep blue-green eyes and waist length raven hair. she is a smart-mouthed trickster that likes to play jokes on patrons and fellow co-workers. her wings are black and she wears a black leather corsett, leather pants and boots. she currently is a serving wench and has no difficulty putting people in their place - especially guys that try to flirt...

ok sorry so rushed i will add more later i promise

02/07/2005 3:10 PM

Hey, mind if i join in?

Name: Marrin Harrows
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Apparant age: 20-30's. Silver hair throws some people off.

Background: A mage-knight mercinary with a strange history. faught great battles in time, but few reconize him.

Equipment: Armor (tight looped henceforth quiet chainmail, normal armor coverings, doesn't use helmet much)cloak covering armor, pack slung over sholdier.

Gamesystem: Dragon Square village mainly, along with a little Training grounds mixed in

Tell me if I need to change anything.

02/07/2005 4:01 PM


OooOo now there's a little creature that could cause a little bit 'o trouble here n there! ;)

02/08/2005 1:37 PM

Hi Diablo, I do not mind if you join in, after all that is what the thread is for.

I do however have a few questions for you.

A paladin mercenary... you do know that this is a contradiction in terms, do you?
A paladin is a forefighter of justice and the faith, thus would not be able to be a mercenary, as the latter does whatever job he's hired for to get by in life. ;)

Fought great battles in time... err, he's only 23, to train as a paladin, starting at an early age even, you would have completed your training around 3 years ago.

You would not need a warp portal, as there already is a portal in the gardens of the Inn. :D

Now don't take this as criticism, as I am merely trying to be constructive, but your background has a lot of holes, which are contradicting. You want me to help and set this straight for you? :)

02/08/2005 2:42 PM

yeah, thanks, I'm still kind of new here. :)

02/08/2005 3:10 PM

Ok Diablo, feel free to use the RPGC mail for this to contact me and we'll work out that char of yours. :) After all, a good char starts with the profile, right? ;)

02/09/2005 2:04 PM

hello everyone! here's my revised character bio (thanks for all the help, Caelin :D)

Name: Marrin Harrows
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 43
Apparent age: 30’ish. Silver hair throws some people off, using holy powers kept him young-looking.

Background: A paladin who is taking a well-deserved break after guarding the Monks of Aggorath from their missionary to the neighboring castle of Masaria and back. Is a seasoned fighter has always fought for what he believes is right. His youthful looks were from helping other people; using his spells of healing and protection keeps him in his prime. Also proficient in usage of the bow and arrow.

Equipment: Armor (tight looped henceforth quiet chain mail, normal armor coverings, doesn't use helmet much) cloak covering armor, pack slung over soldier. Has a normal medieval longsword Carries different healing herbs and numerous miscellaneous items in pouches in his belt.

Game system: Dragon Square village mainly, along with a little Training grounds mixed in, if that’s what you’re asking for.

02/15/2005 4:16 PM

I want to join. :)

Any positions still open?

02/15/2005 4:52 PM

hi i'm posting here to say that Diabloslayers computer is broken so he won't be posting for a while

02/15/2005 5:31 PM

WOOT!!! comp's back online, so thanks for everyone's patience.

02/16/2005 11:53 AM

Feel free you jump in, Diablo. :) And the help was my pleasure.

Exile, post your char here and we'll go from there. ;)

02/16/2005 1:45 PM

Name: Bryan
Age: 27
Class: Ranger
Appearance: Long brown hair, hazel eyes, and forest green cloak. The most noticeable feature of Bryan is the small scar on his cheek that runs almost parallel to his jaw line.
Personality: Eccentric and a bit absent minded due to his absence from civilization
BG: Bryan has been wondering the wilderness of Faerun for the past seven years, basking in the blissfulness of nature. Just recently, he has decided to rejoin civilization.
Setting: Forgotten Realms

02/16/2005 2:36 PM

good enough exile, jump on in. :)

02/21/2005 1:17 PM

Uhmm, how to put this?

I was actually waiting for at least one person to react to Murat's announcement that Arella is joining the staff of the inn.

02/21/2005 1:32 PM

Well, I can make another post and act all shocked again. :P

02/25/2005 6:28 PM

"I'll be back..."

I am only leaving for a few days. ;)

02/26/2005 9:20 AM

Have fun!

04/26/2005 4:54 PM

Can I join?

first name: Aisha
last name: unknown - unmentioned
age: 21
Apparent age: 18
race: elf/human
eye color: brown

Background: Aisha is an outcast from her society for being born with demon wings, so she wanders around looking for acceptable places to live. She doesn't like to be around other people very often, and she is fairly shy to begin with.
Equipment: white wolfhide boots, Money, an ankh, other miscellaneous items.

Weapons: halbred - Black pole with red blade shaped like a dragons wing, including a small horn at the very tip of the weapon, emergency dagger - black with gold trim

Armor: .Platebody - black with gold trim, arm and leg cuffs - black with gold trim. all armor is infused with pure shadow.

magic: shadow sink - able to sink into any shadows to become completely invisible

Game system: Fernwood Festival in Dragonlance Roleplaying. (I'm just assuming that diabloslayer was right.)

04/26/2005 9:45 PM

Well, Caelin is the owner of the thread - but I'm game for keeping my character going & interacting with folks who want to wander in. It's meant to be a place where you can have characters from other threads come in - so we've got all kinds of settings represented. My character is from a thread that's not running anymore, so I was kinda bummed when this thread fizzled out too!

04/28/2005 1:20 PM

Ok then, I guess I will just sorta... shove my character in.

04/30/2005 8:43 PM

You know, this is just from looking at the map, so I may be wrong, but it doesn't look as if there is an entrance to the building. What room do you enter? The bar, the common rooms, what?

05/01/2005 11:10 AM

Ha, you're right! Guess Caelin forgot the door. ;) I always figured everyone entered into the Common Room - the other side of the room from the bar.

05/16/2005 10:00 PM

Howdy all.... mind if I step in? Below is my character. He's not menacing, just road weary, but tends to be a tad short with the obvious questions.

Character Name: Khalad
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Apparent age: 34
Background: Khalad is recently knighted, however you wouldn’t know it by his dress. He looks more like a country squire, or even a farmer, and prefers the look. He accepted knighthood out of respect for his slain father, but his actual duty is squire to Sparhawk, Queens’ Champion and Prince Consort. Khalad is from a farmstead, and is very sensible and extremely intelligent. He has mastered most weapons, so much so, that during his novitiate at the Pandion Mother House, he acted as Drill Instructor for most of the younger knights in training. He is tall, 6’1”, broad shouldered with dark hair and a neatly trimmed black beard, sun-browned skin, and fierce brown eyes. Khalad wears leather pants, and a leather jerkin, and high hard boots. His wrists are cuffed in leather bracers, and he is well muscled, weighing about 220. He has a slight disdain for “the nobility”, and is often sarcastic and flippant.
Equipment: Backpack with the standards, and a battle axe strapped across his pack.
Game System: n/a

For those of you who havent read David Eddings at all, the summary above is pretty terse. Best way to think of him is a Squire with attitude, but not subservient. I am totally open to discussion about where and what to do with him... he could be driving a wagon carrying the steel that was mentioned previously, or just stopping for the night at the Inn. While he has a weapon, he is definitly not looking to fight for his supper (especially since fights arent allowed in the Inn anywho :D ).

05/17/2005 9:34 AM

Looks good Khalad - come on in. :) The rules are pretty easy going here - it's just a place to get used to this kind of RP'ing. You can make up whatever kind of history you'd like - since the Inn welcomes characters from all kinds of settings.

05/17/2005 5:25 PM

Name: Leo
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Apparant age: Due to the heavy body scarring and the somewhat haunted look in his eyes he can appear much older at times.
Background: When Leo was only 15 the small farm he lived on with his family was attacked by a small army of vicious bandits. He was the only one awake when the savage brutes attacked and he irrationally tried to defend his family instead of waking them. He was subdued and then forced to watch the criminals utterly destroy everthing and everyone he had ever loved. They then tortured him for a full night and left him for dead. By some devine miracle or maybe just the gods foul sense of humor Leo survived and took up his fathers sword. After 8 years he had finally come to a stand still in his hunt for revenge. He spilled more blood in dishonor then any boy his age should have and now that his revenge is apparently finished he knows not what to do with himself. For the last few months Leo has wondered the land taking odd jobs here and there and making what little money he can.
Equipment: Leo wears a once quality leather harness plated with steel but do to lack of funds its in a bit of disrepair. He also carrys his fathers bastard sword but it too has fallen into a bit of disrepair.
Gamesystem: It comes from me so....Dizzy, dazed, and confused for the most part...though like most deeply disturbed I have my moments of clarity
((If the mods of this thread feel I have any inadequecies in this just tell me and Ill fix 'er up))

[Edited by SumDizzyFoo on Tuesday, May 17, 2005 5:29 PM]

05/17/2005 8:29 PM

Hey Sum - welcome to the Traveler's Rest Inn! :) Your post is fine. The 'gamesystem' part just refers to where your character might be found elsewhere on the board. If he's not currently active in any other RP, then you don't need to worry about that part!

05/21/2005 6:58 AM

Hey, i'm pretty new here, used to RP on another site so i know the basics....and...well...gettin back into it, thought this would be a good place to satrt
well here's my character profile,

Name: Unknown
Alias: Shadow Warrior, or Shadow for short
Race: Unknown, thought to be the last remaining member of a race that was wiped out aeons ago
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Apparent Age: Physically appears to be in his early 20's, but his knowledge and skills in various feilds will make it cleqar that he is much much older.
Background: Apparently the last memebr of an ncient race, able to travel through any shadows he has often appeared in times of great need to save many innocent people and as such 'sightings' of this man are found throughout the multiverse.
Abilities: Seems to be able to control and travel through shadows, extrmely powerful and a talented swordsmen.
Equipment and weapons: ....must keep.....short....(i'll explain in one of my posts)
Appearence: wears a black, old and withered leather robe...the hood almost constantly up, sheilding his face from the light...(again, i'll wait for my posts to give more detail....)
Game system: n/a (actually he's a character from one of my 'attempted' novels)
well, i'll post when some one gets back too me, just in case there is a problem with my charcter in anyway...

[Edited by ShadowWarrior on Saturday, May 21, 2005 7:38 AM]

[Edited by ShadowWarrior on Wednesday, May 25, 2005 3:46 AM]

05/21/2005 9:37 AM

Hey Shadow - this character looks just fine! Come on into the tavern! :)

05/22/2005 3:01 AM

Thanks, might take a day or two though....i have an overload of work to do...sorry.


05/22/2005 11:18 AM

That's fine Shadow - better to wait until you can stick with your character than posting & being gone for a while. :) Come on in at your leisure!

05/26/2005 6:16 PM

Sorry folks... my computer ate itself yesterday. Im currently reduced to posting from the library near where I live. I should be back up by Saurday afternoon sometime. :| Hopefully.

- Khalad

05/26/2005 8:27 PM

I wondered what had happened to you! Sorry you've been reduced to having to log on at the library!! We'll see ya when you get back online - or at least out of the Store Room. :)

06/06/2005 5:44 PM

I guess I should have posted this before entering the tavern proper. Sorry about the long background, but I figured since I'd written the whole thing I might as well post the whole thing.

Name: Conrad Greycloak
Race: Human
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 27
Hair: short, dark brown (and a mustache)
Eyes: brown
Height: 5'7"
Build: slightly stocky, muscular but not burly
Class: Fighter/Rogue
Religion: worshipper of Pelor, god of light and goodness
System: AD&D (or any generic medieval fantasy game, really)


Conrad's mother died shortly after his birth and he was raised by his father, the notorious highwayman Tarkin Greycloak. The young boy grew up, embracing his father's defiant individualism, although he gradually came to doubt the wisdom of banditry as a profession. As it turned out, Conrad's fears were justified, and he spent his fourteenth birthday seeing his father hanged at the gallows.

Conrad stayed for a time with the old gang of brigands, then moved to the city, where he survived by getting odd jobs and supplementing his income with petty thievery. At eighteen, he found himself drafted into the army of the local baron. Finding the regimented military life intolerable, he deserted within weeks, in the aftermath of a skirmish with a nearby goblin tribe. He was presumed to be among the dead, and was not pursued. Conrad headed north, and spent the next several years variously as a mercenary and as a bodyguard for merchant caravans.

When he was 25, a merchant train that he was guarding became lost in a blizzard on its way to the remote northern mining town of Devon. They were set upon by the armsmen of a corrupt local lord. Faced with superior odds and disoriented in the storm, the merchants and their men were mostly cut down. Conrad fled, but became lost in the snowstorm for many hours. He almost froze to death, but fortuitously came upon a small monastery run by priests of Pelor. The priests took him in and Conrad was so struck by their kindness and evident inner peace that he converted to the worship of Pelor during his stay.

For the past two years, Conrad has returned to somewhat less arctic climes. He does his best to pursue work that will serve the cause of good, but has found that the desire to maintain a clear conscience prevents him from accepting the more lucrative jobs available for mercenaries. More often then not, he finds himself helping poor people for no fee beyond room and board for a few days. Despite his consequent poverty, he maintains his enthusiastic desire to emulate the great and noble paladins of bardic tales.


Conrad is a rather shabby-looking character, wearing an odd suit of patchwork armour, consisting of leather, chain and plate. He carries a sabre and a light crossbow at his belt, with a small quiver of quarrels over his shoulder. A long and prominent scar runs horizontally across his forehead. Although he is rather homely, and his hair and mustache are in a perpetual state of disarray, Conrad is essentially an affable, good natured type. He is almost never seen without his fur vest, an extaordinarily ugly garment of which he is inexplicably fond.

06/06/2005 6:58 PM

Hey everyone, I was just wondering if this thread was still taking new people, if it is i'll join. (if that's alright) :)

06/06/2005 7:25 PM

Hey everyone, I was just wondering if this thread was still taking new people, if it is i'll join. (if that's alright) :)

Well, they let me join. :) As far as I know, you just post a character profile here, then enter the tavern.

06/07/2005 6:08 PM

Hey everyone, I was just wondering if this thread was still taking new people, if it is i'll join. (if that's alright) :)

Well, they let me join. :) As far as I know, you just post a character profile here, then enter the tavern.

Good point Conrad - I guess since we lowered the bar to let YOU in, we can't really turn anyone away....not even Nightmarish. *sigh*

*giggle* This thread is open to anyone who wants to come in - it's actually fun having more folks come in & interact with each other - so the more the merrier! Just post a bio here Nightmarish - then you can go ahead & enter the thread.

And Conrad - NICE bio!! It looks great. And any background info helps when Arella gets her notorious sensations around you - I gotta have something to work with & you've given me plenty! :)

06/08/2005 6:30 PM

Good point Conrad - I guess since we lowered the bar to let YOU in, we can't really turn anyone away....not even Nightmarish. *sigh*

lol :)

Well here it is:

Name: William Short

Age: 25

Height: 5 foot 8

History: Was born in a small village called "Gale". His father was a fletcher and his mother made pottery, having a normal childhood Will always appreciated the simpler things in life. At 12 Will took up Archery, his father being a fletcher he was surrounded by bows and arrows since birth. By age 16 Will was a master marksman, it seemed that he had a natural talent for it. At age 20 Will took up his father's craft and fletched for the village after his father's death. Will spent 4 years as the village's fletcher when he began to dislike all he held dear before, nature, animals, family, and a simple life. It seemed the monotony of life caught up to him. So at age 24 Will left the village in search of a better life, and maybe a woman to settle down with. Will spent a year searching when he came upon the Traveler's Rest Inn.

Personality: Will is usually very sociable and clever in conversation, although a quick temper and loose tongue has gotten him into trouble more than once.

Appearance: Short brown hair, tan skin, muscular. Wears light cloth armor, and a feathered hat.

[Edited by Nightmarish on Wednesday, June 8, 2005 6:34 PM]

06/08/2005 6:41 PM

And Conrad - NICE bio!! It looks great. And any background info helps when Arella gets her notorious sensations around you - I gotta have something to work with & you've given me plenty! :)


Name: William Pelor

Funny he has the same last name as the god Conrad Greycloak worships. I wonder if that's a sign...

06/08/2005 6:45 PM

Funny he has the same last name as the god Conrad Greycloak worships. I wonder if that's a sign...

Ya, I changed it when I realized that was your Char's god, didn't want any confusion. :)

06/17/2005 12:58 PM

Hi all, I'm hoping that the Inn is still letting people in. Here goes my character. I'm totally new to this sort of thing so feel free to let me know if something needs a bit (or a lot) of polishing.

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Apparent age: Acts a lot older than his age

Description: 5'7", skinny. Roman sports a stubble that is several days old. His dull brown hair is tied loosely at the nape of his neck. His eyes stand out in an otherwise nondescript face, dark and piercing. Dressed in a robe that is an indifferent gray, he gives the general impression that he doesn't care much about what anyone thinks about his looks.

Background: Roman found out, while still a child, that he had been born with a gift. A gift to make, change and destroy ... things. He also found out, not long afterwards, that his parents were ordinary folks in every sense of the word. He suspects that he might not have been born of the two who raised him. He hopes, one day, to find out the truth about his birth. Roman does not think much of most people around him. A couple of encounters with some larger kids convinced him that he needed to be subtle about the way he expressed his feelings. He sees the work of a secret and powerful hand behind events that's others, less gifted than himself, dismiss as coincidences. He hopes one day to meet the face behind these ... happenings. He has hence set out on his two-pronged quest although he knows not the way.

Equipment: His pack and a couple of magical rings that he, as far as he can recall, has always worn

Gamesystem: Ooops I havent quite figured out what this means

06/20/2005 4:26 PM

Heya - that bio is just fine! :) Come on into the Tavern. We keep this thread open for folks to wander in and just get used to this type of RP'ing and get to know some of the other players here. You can walk in & do whatever your character would do.

As for the Game System - that's just something to fill in incase this character is being used elsewhere on the RP board. If it's not, then you don't need to fill that part in. Since there's a portal outside, it allows all kinds of characters from various settings to come in - so there aren't really any rules or character traits to follow. Just be true to the character you've created.

Welcome aboard! :D


06/23/2005 10:17 PM

Heya folks... sorry for the extended absence. Something has been :D developing offline. Anwho... can anyone join the fight 'Raven? Or is it just for you and Selvanus?

06/23/2005 11:26 PM

Get in line and take a number, demon fights for everyone!

06/24/2005 1:08 PM

::: reaches up and grabs a number from the red dispenser:::: 1,276,891,432,212............

SHEESH!!! Someone let me know when my turn is up?

Btw... Raven, did you mean the demon fights FOR everyone? Or against everyone? Or some combination of that???

06/24/2005 9:55 PM

My guy vs. whoever decides to get in the way. Of course, I could always just throw a chair, and everyone could start fighting each other, if you could just find Mr. Springer...

07/03/2005 1:21 AM

Hi, I'm new to the forums, so this looked like the best place to start. I don't think I can read all of the posts up to this point, seeing how long they gotten, so I'll act new to the situation. I've read most of the first ones, and I'll read some of the latter in a moment. In the mean time, here's my character

Name: Genkaku

Race: I can't remember, but it's a crow species from D&D......

Gender: Male

Age: 145 (Relativly young for his species, I know that!!!!)

Apparant age: Undeterminable, he's a crow......

Appearance: Very mysterious, his black cloak and protuting beak are the most noticeable features. His crossbow has a very menacing look about, being strapped to his back for use on the go. A deeper look, and his yellow eyes are visible, and glowing.....

Background: Genkaku has no memory of any parent figures since his birth. Raised by a band of thieves in childhood, he grew along the ranks, honing his skills. He was young during those times, so as the gang leaders died and were replaced, Genkaku stayed in the ranks as one of the Elite in the band. After 100 or so years of training in the art of stealth, his skill was unmatched. He's been doing odd jobs ever since he left, from petty thievery to the less mentionable of accomplishments. Somewhat of a mysterious character, it can be noted that his record of assasinations and thefts is relativly high. Not exactly the most trustworthy person to be around, he is useful for his rogue skills.....if the price is right.

Equipment: A black cloak, a punching dagger of considerable size concealed in his right sleeve, lots of blood money, a black steel crossbow and quiver of bolts strapped to his back, and a small custom suit of studded leather under the cloak made from the skin of a boar.

Gamesystem: Dungeons and Dragons, if that is what Gamesystem means........

Hope this works. If not, I can change it to suit the forum. I've had experience playing an assasin in RPs, and this being my D&D character (has yet to be killed....that's something, considering he's a rogue, not a fighter) I think I can manage it. If not, weeeeelll..........

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